Just Now


This section of the parking garage is empty. I see you instantly as you approach on foot.

There is no time for romance, foreplay. Neither of us needs it anyway; there’s an underlying tenderness even in our urgency.

This interlude was unexpected, hastily planned. We have so little time together before you cross oceans, worlds.

You drop your duffle bag and backpack. I step into your embrace, wrap my arms around your waist.

I press my hips against you; you’re rock hard already and we’ve barely touched.

You look into my eyes, kiss me, pull away.

I run my nails across your back, under your flannel shirt, then turn and lean into the open back of my Explorer. I hear the low growl I’m not even sure you know you make as you flip up my long silk skirt to find I didn’t bother with panties.

I tense slightly in anticipation of the light slap to my behind I know is about to come. I didn’t know how much that would turn me on until the first time you did it. This time, it includes Escort Sincan a caress that makes me shiver.

I barely hear the zipper and rustle of your pants, but I can feel the heat from your body as you expose yourself for me.

You thrust into me in one swift motion.

Seconds pass with you buried deep inside me, not moving. I push back, grinding against you. Your hand moves along the curve of my hip.

You grab a fist full of my hair and pull, exposing the side of my neck to your mouth, tongue.

I raise up on one arm and reach behind with the other, clutching at your back, your thigh. You wrap your arm around my waist and start to move. You use your free hand to stroke me, spreading my wetness around us both.

You speed your movements. I anticipate the climax, dread it. I’m not there yet. But you seem to know and stop suddenly, pressing hard; again, not moving.

I realize you’re teasing me, us. I should have known.

Another slap, a little harder. Somehow Sincan Escort I get tighter, more wet. You’re enormous inside me.

Then you slowly slide out of me. So slow. I expect you to pound back into me, but you surprise me again.

You slip your hand under my shirt, up my back, shoulders. Your touch is gentle, a whisper of a caress. I feel your breath hot in my ear, on my neck.

You cup my breast, over my bra, then run your thumb inside. I shiver, my nipples stiffening in response to your slightly roughened skin.

“I want to see your face.”

So I turn, rising to my knees. We gaze at each other.


You are the essence of man, masculinity. Your scent, your shoulders, your hands, everything about you demands the core of my feminine being. I give it willingly. Eagerly.

I have to smile – that I still find you utterly irresistible is both amazing and amusing.

I pull you down beside me, give you a gentle push. You lean back on your elbows, waiting Sincan Escort Bayan for me.

I pull off my shirt, shaking my hair free, straddle you.

You run your hands over my ribcage, pull down the straps of my bra.

I guide you back into me and sink down. I can’t believe how deep you go inside me. I’m so full.

I like that I can see so much of you, touch so much of you.

I reach back between your legs and cup you. Gentle at first, I squeeze more firmly as you close your eyes and moan. I feel you pulse inside me. God.

I begin to move. Slowly. I lean back, and you push my skirt out of the way to see us joined. You use your fingers on me again. I’m wet, so wet. The sight of our coupling takes my breath away.

I’m riding you faster, harder. You grab my hips now and add your strength, control to our rhythm.

I’m so close. I feel the climax building through my whole body.

“Babe. God, baby. Come for me. Come inside me.”

You tense, muscles straining, holding me tightly to you. I feel it all, every pulse, as you find your release, and it sends me over the edge. My body responds, clutching you still inside me.

I collapse in your arms. We rest together, sweaty and sated.

There is no before, no after. Just now.

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