Kala, The Single Mother

Female Ejaculation

My name is Sahebji. I am a commercial artist by profession. I am 6 feet tall, slim and well built. This incident took place while I was still going out with Nisha, the little one.

One morning I was discussing my work with a client, when a young woman walked into his cabin with tears running down her cheeks. Alarmed the client asked, ‘Kala what is the matter?’

She said, ‘Sir I have to go home right now. I have just received the news that my Ashoo is seriously sick’.

‘Of course you can go home’ replied the client.

After she left my client turned to me and said, ‘Poor Kala, she is intelligent and a very good worker but she has been dodged by bad luck all her life. She lost her husband six years ago even before her son Ashoo was born and now this. Ashoo is her whole world and if anything happens to him then I am sure she will loose her mind’.

I looked through the glass partition and saw that Kala was still sitting at her desk making no effort to leave. ‘Sir I think she is in shock. If you don’t mind we can continue our discussion later. At present Kala requires someone to help her’ I said.

My client agreed with me and said ‘Yes Sahebji, I think you are right. She deserves all the help she can get. I don’t want to loose her’.

I walked up to her ‘Come Kala I will take you where ever you want’. She just looked up blankly at me. There was no time to reason with her. I grabbed her by her arm and picking up her purse pushed her out of the office.

Once in the car I asked her, ‘Kala where is your son? Her mind was blank but after some coaxing she told me the name and address of Ashoo’s school. While driving to the school I looked at her more carefully. She looked very sensuous and desirable. She was in her late twenties, very pretty, big boobs with an excellent figure.

When we reached the school she ran to the principal’s office. Ashoo was lying on a sofa groaning. It seemed he was in acute pain. Kala ran to him and started to cry. I asked the principal, ‘Ma’am what happened’.

‘In the morning Ashoo complained of a stomachache. The school nurse gave him some medicine. The pain did not abate but got worse. I then called up Mrs. Kala. He has been like this for the last ten minutes’ she replied. Ashoo looked serious. There was no time to waste. I picked Ashoo up and drove him to the nearest emergency.

While the doctors were examining Ashoo a nurse came to collect some details. After inquiring about Ashoo’s present illness and past history she asked for his father’s name. Kala did not respond immediately then she said, ‘Won’t the mother’s name do?’

‘I am sorry ma’am it is government regulation. We must have the father’s name’ was the response of the nurse. Kala still hesitated.

I said, ‘The father’s name is Saheb Sahebji’. Satisfied the nurse left.

Kala stared unbelievingly at me and said, ‘Why did you give your name to the nurse?’

I said, ‘You seemed lost and it was important that Ashoo got immediate attention so I gave the nurse my name. Don’t worry its nothing’.

She continued to stare and said softly, ‘You are a strange man’.

A young doctor came and told us that Ashoo is suffering from an acute attack of appendicitis and requires to be operated upon immediately. For the operation he required the ‘no objection’ form signed by next of kin. Kala exclaimed, ‘Oh my poor Ashoo’ and started to cry again. I explained to her that this was standard procedure. There is no need to worry and to sign the form. She signed the form and we went into the waiting room to wait.

The waiting room was quite empty. We sat in a corner away from others. Kala kept staring at me then suddenly she said, ‘Sahebji you are a good man to have given your name to a child you don’t even know’.

I laughed and said, ‘You are making a mountain out of a molehill. Any man would have done the same’.

‘No. No man would have done it. Men are usually very selfish. I think I owe you an explanation’ she said.

‘Forget it you owe me nothing. Just pray that Ashoo comes through this ordeal and is all right’ I told her.

‘I have hidden my sin for a long time. This is my punishment. May be God will forgive me if I told you the truth’ she said.

‘Really you don’t have to’ I said.

‘Yes I know but I want to. Please listen’ she replied.

She started her story by saying, ‘I am not a widow actually I was never married. This makes my Ashoo a bastard doesn’t it?’.

I wanted to stop her but she said, ‘No don’t interrupt me. Just hear me out before passing judgment. This is all I ask for’. I kept quiet.

‘I am not from this city. I hail from a city far away from here. Many years ago when I was in college, I met Amit, Ashoo’s father. Amit was tall, slim and handsome. He was the son of a well to do local businessman. I fell in love with him. We went out on dates for several months. During this period Amit told me that he also loved me and wanted to marry me. We did some heavy necking together. We kissed, Escort Eryaman Amit squeezed my tits and on occasions I handled his lund (cock). I never let him touch my choot (cunt). That is all we did.

One evening Amit said, ‘Kala I have to go to the hostel to pick up some important notes from a friend then we will go to the movies’.

I did not attach any ulterior motive to this so I accompanied him. When we reached the hostel the friend was not there but the room was open. ‘He will be here soon let us wait’ Amit said. You know how sparsely hostel rooms are furnished. Papers and books were piled up on the only chair. So we sat down on the bed to wait.

After some time, Amit locked the room and started to kiss me and fondle my breasts. Still not thinking much I did not object. Amit got more and more aggressive. His hands roamed all over my body. He started to press and caress my choot but when he wanted to lift my sari I stopped him.

I thought something was fishy and said, ‘Amit tell me the truth. The story about notes was just an excuse to bring me here. Tum mujhe yahan chodene ke liye laye ho (You have brought me here to fuck me)’.

‘Yes Kala you are right but I love you so much. I can’t sleep at night just thinking about you and your beautiful body. I will die if you say no’ Amit replied.

Frankly Sahebji I was also feeling horny. We were in love and would soon be married. I did not see any harm in it. I asked him, ‘Have you told your friend whom you were going to bring here?’

Amit said, ‘No but everyone knows that we are going together they will assume that it is you’.

‘What are you going to tell him tomorrow? I asked.

‘Whatever you want me to’ he replied.

‘Agar tum mujhe chodena chahate ho tau vada karo ki jab woh poonche tau kehena ki maine aane se inkaar kar diya (If you want to fuck me then promise that when they ask you, you tell them that I refused to come here). Remember if you even breathe a word about my being here, I will never see you again’ I told him.

‘My word of honour if they ask then I will say what you have told me’ he said.

‘Don’t worry they will ask. Have you got any protection?’ I said.

‘Yes, yes I have’ he said eagerly. He had come prepared. Then I let him have his will. We fucked several times that evening. After the initial discomfort I really enjoyed it.

I found Amit kept his word, as there was no change in the attitude of our friends towards me.

There after we fucked whenever we went out together. Not having a place to go we did it in the car and sometimes in a secluded spot near the woods outside the city. It was not comfortable and the fear of being discovered robbed us of half the pleasure.

I told Amit if he wants to continue fucking me then he has to find a safer place. One evening Amit told me that he had found a nice place, which is comfortable and safe. ‘It is the Inspection bungalow few miles outside the town. I have told the caretaker that we are newly weds but live in a joint family. Our flat is small and we are unable to have privacy. He has agreed to let us use one of the rooms when no other guest is there. Naturally some money helped’ he clarified and laughed.

After that day we went there regularly. We not only fucked but also sixty-nined and I let Amit fuck me in my ass hole. I reminded Amit about our marriage. He said, ‘Darling let me graduate first’. What he said made sense so I did not press him.

Three months after he had graduated I reminded him again. He said, ‘In a weeks time I am going on a two week holiday with my family. I will talk to my parents then’. I waited. After the holiday I asked him again. He said, ‘Kala I have been thinking. What if my parents say no? Then how will we live? I thought it was best to wait till I get a job’. This also made sense.

We kept meeting and Amit continued to fuck me. After a few months he got a job. On reminding him again he said, ‘Kala darling my job is still new and my pay is low. After marriage I want to support you in style. In six months I will be confirmed and get a substantial raise then I promise I will definitely talk to my parents’. I thought, since I had waited so long another six months would not be the end of the world.

Six months also went by. One evening he told me that he had been confirmed in his job and had got the promised raise. He also told me that his company was sending him abroad for three months training and as soon as he came back he would talk to his parents.

Three months later we were again at the inspection bungalow. We were both very keen to fuck. Amit was very eager and impatient. As Amit got ready to enter me I noticed he was not wearing a condom.

‘No Amit no not without protection’ I told him.

He said, ‘Darling in my eagerness and impatience to be with you, I forgot to buy condoms’.

‘No protection no chudai (fucking)’ I said.

Amit begged and begged me. Sahebji my choot had also been fasting for the last three months Eryaman Escort and I wanted to fuck as much as he did. In the end I relented. Amit fucked me four times that evening. Sahebji I tell you I had seldom enjoyed a fuck as much as I did that day.

Within a fortnight the result of our indiscretion was before me. I was pregnant.

Immediately I met with Amit. Amit wanted to go to the inspection bungalow but I told him that I wanted to talk to him first. So we parked in a deserted side lane.

Then I told him the bad news. I was shocked at his reaction.

He said, ‘It is impossible. It can’t be mine. I have always been careful. Kala you have definitely been fucking some one else in my absence’.

‘Have you forgotten that when you returned from your training, in you eagerness and impatience you forgot to buy condoms. Yaad hai maine chudai ke liye bahut mana kara tha. Maine kaha tha agar kuch karna hee hai tau meri gaand maar lo lakin meri choot main laurda mat dalo. Nahin tumhari zid tau choot chodene ki thi (Remember I had refused to let you fuck me. I told you if you have to do anything then fuck my ass hole but don’t put your cock in my cunt. No you were adamant to fuck my cunt). Now that the fruits of you forgetfulness and impatience are before you, you have the gall to say that I have been fucking some one else. How dare you accuse me of such a thing?’ I told him seething with anger.

Amit apologised, ‘Kala I am extremely sorry. I did not realise what I was saying. Now there is only one course left. You must abort the child’.

I refused point blank. I said, ‘Under no circumstances will I abort the child. You are right there is only one course left and that is you talk to your parents and marry me’.

‘No I can’t do that. They will kill me’ he wailed. ‘Why should they do that? I am beautiful, educated and from a respectable family’.

‘It is not that. I should have told you much earlier but I was afraid to lose you. You see I am already married’.

I was aghast.

I asked him, ‘When did you get married?’ He said, ‘Remember when I told you I was going on a holiday with the family. Actually I went on my honeymoon’. I was livid.

Something kept nagging at the back of my mind. Then I got it. I asked, ‘Amit agar tumhari shadi ho gayi hai tau tum jab vaapis aaye tau tum mujhe chodene ko kyon aaye apni biwi ko kyon nahin choda (Amit tell me if you were already married then on your return why did you come panting to fuck me and did not fuck your wife?

Main apni biwi ko nahin chod sakta tha kyon ki usske do hafte pahele bachcha hua tha (I could not fuck my wife as she had given birth to a baby two weeks ago)’ was his reply.

I lost my cool and shouted at him, ‘You despicable bastard. Amit you are a spineless weak-kneed son of a bitch. I don’t want anything more to do with you. Take me home immediately’.

Amit kept pleading that everything would be as before between us. All I had to do was to get rid of the baby. I got fed up of his sniveling and said, ‘I will see you in hell first before I let you touch me again’ and got out of the car. He shouted after me that if I tell anyone then he would deny everything.

In the days that followed I had a lot of thinking to do. I explored my options.

The first was that I could go to his parents and confront them with the facts. Amit would naturally deny everything. My only witness was the caretaker at the inspection bungalow but he had been bought once and he could be bought again. Amit had enough money. I came to the conclusion that other than being insulted and labeled a slut nothing more would come out of it.

Second option was that I could commit suicide. No I was too much of a coward to do that.

Third was I could have an abortion. Destroy a life? No I couldn’t do that either. Only course left to me was to go ahead and have the baby.

Few days later I told everything to my parents. Poor dears they were crestfallen but supportive. Sahebji my parents were popular and well respected in the community but when my pregnancy started to show people started to avoid them. They could not bear it too long. When Ashoo was one year old they both died within two months of each other.

I sold the house and all other assets for whatever I could get and came here. I bought a small house and started a new life. Now I am quite happy. I have a good job with terrific colleagues and an understanding boss.

‘Well this is my story. Sahebji what is your judgement’ she concluded.

‘Who am I to sit in judgement? You met the wrong man and had a bad experience. You have done well to put it behind you but remember all men are not like Amit. The world is full of good men’ I said.

‘Yes you may be right. Meeting you has given me fresh hope’ she said.

At this moment a doctor came and said, ‘Mr. Sahebji’. When I went up to him he smiled and said, ‘Sir your son will be fine. There is nothing to worry about. You did well to bring him here so promptly Eryaman Escort Bayan otherwise….’.

‘May I see my Ashoo?’ Kala cried.

‘No, not yet ma’am. He is still in the recovery room. I will instruct the nurse to inform you as soon as he is shifted to the ward’ he said. That day I remained with Kala till Ashoo had regained consciousness.

During his stay in the hospital I kept visiting him. On his insistence I became a regular visitor at their house also. Ashoo was a delightful child. He insisted that I continue to visit them. I also enjoyed being with him. He loved his ‘Sahebji uncle’ also very much.

During one such visit Ashoo said, ‘Sahebji uncle why don’t you have dinner with us some evening’. I hesitated not wanting to inconvenience Kala.

Ashoo said, ‘Please Sahebji uncle mummy is really a good cook. Mummy why don’t you ask him?’ I looked at Kala.

Kala nodded and said, ‘Yes Sahebji please we would be happy to have you’. I still hesitated.

‘Please Sahebji uncle say yes’ Ashoo pressed. I said,

‘Of course I will love to have dinner with you both’.

‘Yippee’ was Ashoo’s reaction.

On Saturday I rang the bell at the designated time armed with a bouquet of flowers, a large box of chocolates and a bottle of wine. Ashoo was delighted to get the chocolates. We talked and played for an hour.

Kala announced that the dinner was served and added, ‘Sahebji I hope you don’t mind, we are having an early dinner as our host Ashoo wants to eat with his Sahebji uncle’.

‘Not at all’ I replied.

The food looked good. I said, ‘Kala the food looks great. It has been a long time since I have eaten such delicious looking food’.

Ashoo laughed and said, ‘Dig in Sahebji uncle it tastes much better than it looks. Mummy is really a great cook. Don’t worry you won’t get poisoned’.

After the delicious meal Kala said, ‘Sahebji you smoke your cigarette and in the meanwhile I will put Ashoo to bed’ and pulled a reluctant Ashoo behind her.

She returned in about twenty minutes and remarked, ‘Poor boy was so sleepy that I had difficulty in getting him to change’. We then opened the bottle and sat chatting. After an hour or so Kala said, ‘ I have a surprise for you. I will be right back’.

When she came back she was dressed in a near transparent nightie. I could clearly see her large tits and their brown nipples. The slit of her clean-shaven choot was also plainly visible. I immediately got a hard on.

She was right I was surprised. I asked, ‘Kala w…what does this mean?’

‘This is an invitation for you to spend the night with me’ she replied calmly.

‘No, no what I mean is why are you doing this?’ I asked.

‘That day you gave your name to my son. As his father you have full right on his mother’s body’ she said without turning a hair.

‘Please Kala don’t do it because you feel indebted to me in any manner’ I said.

‘No, that is not the reason why I am doing this. The moment you said ‘His father’s name is Saheb Sahebji’ I got wet and wanted you badly. All this time I was waiting for the right opportunity but if you find me unattractive……’

‘No I find you very attractive and desirable’ I said interrupting her and kissed her tenderly on her red lips.

She smiled and said, ‘It won’t do for Ashoo to see what we are doing. It would be better if we go into the bedroom’ and led the way.

She took off her nightie and lay down on the bed and with open arms she said, ‘Sahebji please hurry up I want you inside me urgently’.

As I was entering her she said, ‘My god Sahebji you are huge. Oh dheere se dalo. Lug raha hai. Haan, ab thorda aur. Theek hai issi terah se dheere dheere. Thank goodness poora ghuss gaya. Ab mujhe zor se chodo (Oh slowly. It is hurting. Yes now a little more. That’s right, like this slowly, slowly. Thank goodness it is fully inside. Now fuck me hard)’.

I started to fuck her with long and slow strokes and kept varying the length and the speed of my strokes. But Kala was very impatient she shouted, ‘It is so nice to feel a hard lund inside me after such a long time. Sahebji I want to cum in a hurry. Fuck me faster and harder’.

I fucked her harder. Her bottoms started to move in rhythm of my strokes and she moaned loudly, ‘Oh it is heavenly. I am nearly there. Fuck me harder. H..yes faster. I am there h..yes I AM COMMMMIIINNGGgg’ she cried and fell back.

I did not stop but continued to move my cock in and out of her fuck hole. It was not long before Kala again started to moan with pleasure. I increased my speed and shortened the strokes. ‘My god I have never felt like this before. Haan aisse hee chodo. Aur zor se haan chod kar meri choot ka keema bana do (Yes fuck me like this. Still harder make mince meat out of my choot)’. I was also not too far away. I was now moving like an express train.

Kala was ecstatic, ‘SAAHEEBBJIIIIII I AM COMMMMINNNNGGGgg’. At that very moment I shot my seed inside her waiting choot and fell panting on her breasts. Her lips sought mine. We lay kissing for several minutes.

As I lit a cigarette Kala panted, ‘Sahebji you really know how to use that big lund of yours. I envy the girl you marry. Someday you will make some girl very, very happy.

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