Kate and the Randy Boyfriend



With this story I continue to explore the male experience of sex; helped immeasurably by the honesty and openness of the person who appears here as Luke.

I usually write in the first person because that more intimately conveys the sense that one is reading straight from the author’s diary.

But to give Luke his voice, in this case I’ve written in the third party.

Kate has been invited by a couple she is friends with to join them for a day out on a Hobie Cat sailing boat they own. Luke is invited along.


From the day he’d moved in as a flatmate, Luke had discovered that first seeing Kate dressed for any sort of event was a not to be missed moment of discovery.

Whether it be the spray on leggings and showy crop top she wore running or the mini, deep plunging dresses she seemed to wear any time she went out at night, her sexuality was always on display; which on a body like Kate’s was guaranteed to leave any nearby guy in cross legged frustration.

When they’d gone to do laps in the heated Uni pool, she’d worn stringy one pieces that always seemed two sizes too small, the v of the top pulled down to breast popping lows and the legs pulled up over her hips, the crotch seemingly stretched to bursting as it was pulled tightly up against and into everything it was trying to cover.

Following her in the laps was a joy in itself; comparable with running behind her while she was wearing those leggings. Once a couple of guys had started to chat her up while Luke was doing his first lap. As he finished his first 100 metres and was breast stroking back to the starting point, Kate dove off the blocks into the water, the rush of water pulling the top of her swimmers off Kate’s breasts and exposing them to his view.

At least now they’d hooked up Luke felt her had an outlet for that frustration; but she could still play with his brain in the right circumstances.

She emerged for the sailing day dressed in a translucent, long sleeve, white beach cover up over a tiny bikini. The knee length cover up was lose fitting and split to the top of her hips; a v neckline plunging to below her breasts at the front with a zig zag string tie binding the v in a loosely open shape.

Her bikini was clearly visible underneath. A fluro-salmon pink colour, the pants were low slung, a narrow hip band supporting the front and back of a strip of material that conformed closely to the contours of the crotch it covered. At the back, the centre seam had been drawn in to pull the material into her bum crack.

But it was the top that was doing Luke’s brain in. A string tie slide tri, the triangles were, relative to the size of her breasts, much smaller than the average bikini top; sitting on and over the peak of the breast, rather than embracing it. Luke had observed enough bikini tops to know that the bottom of the triangle normally sits at the base of the breasts. These couldn’t. If you tied them on down there, it looked as though the nipples would be almost popping out at the top. Instead Kate had them tightly bound by the top and bottom strings to sit mid breast.

Luke had seen – in the flesh or in pictures (especially pictures) – enough ridiculously small bikini tops to normally be non-plussed about such things. Postage stamp sized triangles or little strips of nipple covering material held together with too thick strings really weren’t that sexy. They normally just looked silly, even if the prospect of a nipple exposure might attract the eye. But this was different. These were somehow perfectly proportioned for Kate’s breasts, and moulded as they were onto the breast itself and secured with delicate string ties, gave the impression of being a second skin, just waiting for some lucky guy to be allowed to peel them off.

Even under the beach cover up, Luke could see the feint outline of Kate’s nips, sitting flat in the centre of the triangles. Her long hair was bound up in a ponytail and clearly visible just over the neck seam of her cover-up was the bow securing the top strings of the bikini; the strings cascading down in a twirl outside the cover-up tempting him to pull them.

Luke decided at that moment that the pulling of that string and the peeling off of her bikini top at the end of the day was high on the list of his objectives. It was a decision that was to prove a constant source of distraction through the course of the day. But then, he had a chance of doing it. No doubt there were a lot of guys distracted by Kate that day who weren’t to be so lucky.

By comparison, Luke felt positively frumpy and conservative. To make it easier to change into the shorty wetsuit he thought he’d be wearing sailing, he had a pair of speedo racing swimming briefs on under his Bermudian shorts with a long sleeve button up shirt.

Canberra was delivering a lovely spring day as they met Kate’s friends on the shores of Lake Burley Griffin. The cool morning had warmed to a reasonably hot sunny day; although in typical Canberra Escort Eryaman style, the wind was little more than intermittent zephyrs – better perhaps than the other Canberra alternative which was a full on gale.

After rigging the cat they decided to take turns on the boat; the friends first and then Kate and Luke. Kate was a good enough sailor to carry Luke’s lack of ability; although she was somewhat amused by Luke’s determination to wear his wetsuit – Kate donning her lifevest and trapeze belt over nothing more than her bikini.

Kate found enough wind to get them both on trapeze occasionally. While Luke enjoyed the sailing – not least because it was with Kate – the neck tie of her bikini top continued to distract him; blowing in the wind together with her hair as she laid out on the trapeze. Looking back at Kate skippering behind him, the muscles of her near naked body pumped with the work she was doing, her nips pushing up into her bikini top in the cool breeze and that string tie just inviting him to undress her was enough to give him a boner. He decided he should just look forward and concentrate on the sailing.

Kate got the boat back to shore with the last breaths of a rapidly dying wind; a glassy calm descending on the bay shortly afterwards.

With sailing presently pointless, the couples decided to have an early lunch waiting to see whether any more wind would eventuate. Setting up their rug between two small trees, each of the males rested his back on a tree to let the girl in turn sit with her back on his chest; passing food up to him on request.

Luke quickly realised he’d come under prepared. Both girls were in their bikinis, the other guy in a pair of boardies (#board shorts). Unwilling to sit just in a pair of speedos, Luke put his shorts on over them. That turned out to be fortuitous, because Kate resting against him dressed like she was gave him a full on erection. It was a somewhat ball crushing, cock bending one, given it was trapped within the confines of his heavy unyielding shorts and pushed into Kate’s back to an extent she must be feeling; but that was better than the public exposure of it that the swim briefs would have resulted in.

It wasn’t just the contact with her that was doing it to him, although that didn’t help; it was that bikini. Looking down over her shoulder, the beautiful orbs of her breasts were just under his eyes, the second skin of the top sitting ever so neatly, the seam running over the inside of the breast just inviting him to slip a finger under it and play with the nipple now pushing out the material covering it.

The neck tie was straining under the weight it was supporting; forming a straight line between the turn of her shoulder and the point half way out on the breast where the top of the triangle peeled itself off her flesh just enough to join it. On his chest he could feel the curls of the string ties play against his chest hairs, just inviting themselves to be pulled. Further down her bikini bottoms bridged across between her hips, letting him follow the firm muscles of her abdomen well down inside what little there was of her pants.

He was surprised how sensitive he was to all this. After all, they’d been rooting each other silly for the last week and a half since they’d first hooked up. He’d seen her naked, played with those breasts (and every other part of her anatomy for that matter). And yet, this bikini was driving him wild with desire.

He knew that the other couple would be able to see where he was looking. But even with the entertaining sight of a deep camel toe being visible in the crutch of the other girl’s bikini as he looked straight up between her legs, and with she herself being something of a sight in her bikini, he could barely tear his eyes away from Kate. It was only by the greatest effort he managed to keep it somewhat normal, substituting long stolen glances for a prolonged stare.

After lunch, with the lake still in a state of calm, they hired a couple of two person surf skis to muck about on. This time Luke surrendered to the fact he was stuck in a pair of racing briefs. He didn’t want to get his shorts wet and when everyone else was in swimmers, going in a wetsuit seemed a bit silly.

With Kate upfront and Luke at the back, they paddled out ahead of the other couple.

Even as he paddled, Luke was captivated by the sight of Kate sitting ahead of him. Her back was ram rod straight, her muscles rippling under her crystal clear olive skin with the paddling action. Kate’s surf iron woman competitiveness meant that was second nature to her and she was delivering far more powerful strokes than Luke could.

Both her pony tail and the curly ends of her bikini top ties rocked seductively from side with her paddling action; teasing Luke. As he gazed down her back, he could see the top of her bum crack peek temptingly over the top of her micro bikini bottom.

Even as he paddled, he became aroused again; the blood filling Eryaman Escort his manhood, which in turn pushed into the material of his swimmers, stretching it out so that it eventually rose, sheathed in the Lycra, over the waistband. It was an unusual sensation; one he couldn’t remember feeling before. The contact with and its embrace by the fully stretched Lycra made it strangely sensitive. More than sensitive, it was arousing of itself; reinforcing the testosterone flooding his body from the sight in front of him.

He could feel himself weeping pre-cum.

For a minute he’d forgotten the other couple on their ski until a cold splash of water cascaded down his back and side. With Luke slacking on the paddling, they’d come up behind and from a range of a few metres, skipped their paddles across the water surface to splash him.

A few drops had landed on Kate too, who now alerted to their intentions, turned the ski broadside to seek revenge just in time for the other couple’s next splash to catch them both full on in the side. A part of the spray of the cold water scored a bullseye on the top of Luke’s erection; soaking the material sheathing it and causing it to pleasurably surge.

Kate now had the board facing them and was deluging the other couple with her paddle; ignoring their not wholly unsuccessful effort to reciprocate. Trying to ignore the pleasure his cock was feeling with each cascade of water that spilled over it and his embarrassment at his visible state of arousal, Luke joined in; mostly sending jets of water in the direction of the others, but at least one miss judged shot soaking Kate’s back.

The water continued back and forth until the other couple, in their enthusiasm, lost their balance and capsized towards Luke and Kate’s board. Instantly the guy launched himself swimming towards the front of Kate’s board. Kate couldn’t back-paddle fast enough to stop him getting a hold of the tip of it where he shook and twisted it violently. Short of whacking him over the head with a paddle, which Kate conceded afterwards, would have been going too far, there wasn’t much Kate and Luke could do. Eventually he managed to tip them in and turn to swim satisfied back to his own still up turned board.

The water was freezing. Kicking and paddling about as she came back to the surface alongside Luke and turned towards the board, several times Kate brushed against Luke’s still prominent erection; Luke knowing that she’d felt it surge to her touch.

As she reach the board, Kate put one arm across it and turned to Luke, thrusting her hips forward so that her legs were outside his, her crotch pushing hard down on the tip of the erection.

“We’re a little bit excited today, aren’t we?”

Luke blushed. Far from settling it down, the cold water was making it more sensitive. Kate was bouncing slightly up and down on it and he could swear he could feel it penetrating her to the extent permitted by their respective swimwear; the tip seemingly in a warm embrace.

The cold water meant her nipples were fully projected; stretching and pushing out a deep cone into the material of her top which itself had become translucent enough in its wet stretched state that a ring of darker brown colour could be seen through it. With every slight movement up and down, the nipples were emerging out of the water, a cascade running off them and dragging the top imperceptibly lower, before dipping themselves back in.

“I can’t help it.”

“Is it me or Casey?” Casey was the friend, whose cute wet arse was even now pointed straight at Luke as she struggled to remount the board.

“You of course.”

“Can you get it under control or do I need to do something about it?”

Luke had only a moment to wonder what the hell she could do about it here in the cold water with their friends just metres away. He’d love nothing more than to slip himself into her and pound like crazy; but that wasn’t going to happen. Before an answer could rise in his throat, Kate’s free hand slipped between their thighs and wrapped its sensuous fingers around his swimwear encased cock below where it was in contact with her crotch. Then she started jerking him up against her.

Whether it was optimism or reality did matter; Luke was sure she was pushing him deeper into herself millimetre by millimetre with every jerk, fighting the resistance of their swimwear. The tip just seemed to get warmer and warmer. The whole length of his cock felt wonderful under Kate’s skilful touch, using the movement she induced in his own swimmers to pleasure any part her hand was not in direct contact with.

It was only moments – their friends had only just settled themselves on their board – before he went off; suppressing his usual grunt as Kate moved the tip away from her crotch.

Then as if nothing had happened, Kate, with an expertise born of practice, lifted herself onto the board in a single action, brushing her arse on Luke’s face as she did so. Luke Eryaman Escort Bayan was left inverting the top of his swimmers to release his seed into the lake and smear any residue staining into something invisible before he too climbed on the board – far less elegantly than Kate.

Luke let the others get far enough ahead he could talk without being heard.

“How did you know I’d go so quickly?”

“You’ve had a hard on since I walked out of my room this morning. And I figured you’d probably not had anything like that before, so you’d go more easily. Anyway, if it didn’t work, you couldn’t have been any more aroused than you were – just a bit more frustrated. So there was nothing to lose, was there?”

With that last line, she turned around and grinned at him. The trouble was, she might have made the erection go away for the moment, but even that cheeky cute little grin and the profile he’d got of her breasts as she half turned was already causing the first feelings of another stirring in his loins. The only slightly jealous point was the fact she’d clearly done that with a guy before. His concern was somewhat ironic. She clearly hadn’t been a virgin for some time and yet he was somehow put out by the fact she’d jerked a guy off in the water before.

Still, his curiosity was piqued.

“How did you know I hadn’t had anything like that before?”

“It only really works with racing briefs. You only wear speedos in lap pools and under wetsuits. You’re hardly going to do it in a public pool and you can’t access it under a wetsuit.”

“Who do you know who wears speedos in the surf or just swimming in public?”

Kate turned around and winked at Luke.

“A woman never tells. There’s quite a few in the Iron Man comps. Whether I’ve jerked them off is another matter. Anyhow, some guys wear them under boardies, so all you have to do is drop the boardies.”

And then with a look of complete innocence, she added.

“Of course, I’m only guessing. How would I actually know these things?”

Putting on some speed, they caught up with the friends, paddling around the edge of the lake to let themselves warm up and dry off in the sunshine for a couple of hours. It was late afternoon when Kate and Luke got home to an empty house.

Luke was desperate not to let the moment pass or let her change into something else.

Following behind Kate, transfixed as the gossamer back-flap of the cover-up billowed up as she walked, revealing more clearly the cuteness of her arse in that bikini, Luke undid the top button on his shorts; leaving them held up just by the fly zipper holding the waist band together. The he came up behind Kate and put his arms around her.

She spun in his arms; her body quickly pressed against him face to face.

“Are you after something?”

“What makes you think that?”

Even as Luke answered her question with his, he was pulling her cover-up up over her head; Kate compliantly lifting her hands up to let him. Dropping the dress to the floor, he pulled down the zip on his pants to let them too fall under the effects of gravity to land around his ankles next to the dress. Then wrapping his hands around her bum cheeks, her pushed his crotch more intimately against hers; taking a step forward as he did to free himself from his pants.

For what might have been the hundredth time that day, Luke felt his cock fill with blood; rising, pushing into and stretching out the material of his swimwear. He pulled himself away just enough to give it room to rise vertically, before pressing it back against Kate; pushing it firmly enough against Kate’s crotch that he could feel the lips of her front bottom embrace the base of it.

Kate lifted his shirt over his head and started backing up towards her room. To cover the distance more quickly she broke the face to face contact and pulled him into the room with a hand firmly wrapped around his erection. Then when they reached her bed, she pushed Luke down on it face up; taking a moment to be amused by the sight of the way his swimwear moulded around his cock, his erection pushing a tightly stretched cone of it well up over the waistband as his two balls sat flattened out either side of the base of it like ping pong balls.

From the moment Kate had seen Luke grow a boner when she first walked out in her bikini that morning, she had a fair idea how the day would end. She knew he would want to take her in her bikini and very likely be reluctant to take it off first.

Kate had seen enough of male obsessiveness with items of clothing over the years not to be surprised by it; even if she found it strange. Indeed she had a very benevolent view of it. She liked the touching, fondling, fingering and general handling that seemed to produce. She knew from what guys had told her that some other girls have a “get on with it” attitude to these things. Not Kate. To her it was much better than the “I just want to stick my dick in you” approach too many guys have. They could take their time.

Kate knew that, in part, that may well be because it gave her an illusion of intimacy; something all too lacking from most of her life. But even if it was an illusion, it didn’t matter. Kate was happy and the guy was happy. That was no bad thing.

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