Right from the first time we met there was a strong attraction between Krystal and myself. It was an unmistakably sexual aura that caused the air to become so electrified that sparks almost arced between us. We could hardly keep our hands off each other much to the amusement of Danny, Krystal’s husband and my best friend.

If not for Danny then Krys and I would have been constantly tearing the clothes off each other. But while we openly spoke light-heartedly of how good it would be if we were to have sex and often discussed the things we would like to do to each other nothing could or would happen. Danny was one of the planet’s nice guys. He loved my visits frequently telling me how Krystal would drag him off to bed the moment I left. There would be a look of glee on his face as he said.

‘The second bang was the door closing behind you.’

Now let me make it clear on what was happening between Krystal and I. It was a wholly physical thing that was born of our similarities. Krys and I were physical people; she had a tennis player’s body, broad of shoulder, firm-full breasts and a flat stomach that rippled as she moved. I had been a boxer and was still a keen swimmer.

Danny had installed a 30-metre pool and a tennis court at their home. Clothing was optional so that Krystal and I often saw each other nude, and were both excited by what we saw. For myself the sight of Krys on the court leaping to return service was totally erotic, Her breasts were so firm that they hardly jiggled, her thighs that rippled as she moved met at the cleft of her sex which for me was nothing less than perfect, Twin sweet pouting lips moist and kissable. Often Krys would play dressed in her short tennis skirt minus panties, this was so erotic that involuntarily, much to Krystal’s delight, I would get an immediate erection

When she sat on the side of the pool with her legs and those delightful lips parted there was no way that I could hide my erection. Krys would hug herself with delight over the power that she exerted over me as her shaven pussy became hotter and wetter.

Time passed and we went our separate ways and distance formed a barrier that made meeting difficult. Communication came down to somewhat steamy e-mails. On the occasions when we spoke over the telephone the very sound of her voice would leave me hard. When I told her this calls became totally sexual as we both masturbated to shared fantasies. These fantasies always started with her describing that she was wearing a short skirt with no panties; the vision of which always-succeeded in making me iron hard. It would end with Krys begging me to come inside her then describing how she was licking the honey from her fingers.

I was overseas when Danny was killed in a car crash. Krystal had no way of contacting me so that it was over a year before I discovered what had happened and more than 2 years before I came back Escort Çankaya home.

Krys had been devastated by her loss; David had been around to comfort her. By the time that I got in contact with her they had become an item. I didn’t know the guy but had no doubt that if Krys were serious about him then he would be OK. She made it clear that she was not able to be so overtly sexual with me in front of David so that to my regret things began to cool between us.

However fate has a way of arranging things so that what must happen will. Che sera. After all this time my business had turned full circle and it became necessary to return to the town where it all began; the town where Krystal still lived.

The very thought of being in the same location as her brought memories surging to the surface, memories of Krys playing tennis, of her laying back in the pool naked with her legs wrapped around my waist; memories of phone calls when Krys would be describing herself as wearing a short skirt without panties. With these memories came a certainty that if Krystal and I were to ever make love then now would be the time.

It was mid-morning when I reached town. I gave Krys a call; she was ecstatic to discover that I was around again. ‘You don’t have to stay in a motel’ she said. ‘There’s a bed here for you.’

‘I know that’ I replied, ‘but I will be staying here at the motel. Now it’s up to you. You can either come round later and bring David with you or you can come now wearing a short skirt with no panties.’

I heard a sharp intake of breath then a silence that filled the air with electricity before Krys replied ‘I’ll have to think about that.’ Then she hung up.

The motel was about a ten-minute drive from Krystal’s home. After twenty minutes I began to think that I’d be seeing her with David. About then her car pulled up outside; I watched as she got out she was wearing her tennis clothes.

‘What kept you?’ I asked with a smile as she entered the room

‘I had to think about it as I got changed.’

No other words were spoken or needed I pinned her against the wall as for the first time we kissed with passion. No longer the hello-goodbye kiss of friends our lips mashed together our tongues entwining. Her heaving breasts were still as firm as ever; I could feel small nipples pressing through the fabric of her shirt against my chest. She was not wearing a bra.

There was one thing that I needed to check. My hand slid between us over her skirt I heard Krys gasp as my fingers touched bare smooth thigh muscle then I slowly drew them up the inside of her legs till they touched the hot wetness of the sweet pussy that I had desired for so long. No panties! The cleft of her sex oozed moisture coating my fingers as I caressed the small hard nub of her love button. Briefly I stopped kissing her as I raised my fingers to my lips for another Çankaya Escort first; to taste the sweet muskiness of her till again our lips met so that we could share that sweet honey.

Her hips thrust forward to grind herself against me, my rock hard cock, feeling the heat of her, Krys was making her needs clear. I wanted nothing more than to be laying on her, to be inside her, to feel the hard thrust of my cock inside the hot moist core of her. But we had waited so long; this deserved to be done properly. Instinctively I knew that we both wanted this, our first time, to be something really special.

We parted and without speaking I led her to the bedroom. Beside the bed she raised her arms as I peeled her top off. Her breasts stood proud and full on her chest, oh how well I remembered her light pink areolas capped with tiny nipples that were now standing proud and hard. I unfastened her skirt and allowed it to pool around her feet as I took one of her nipples between my teeth and gently rolled it to and fro. It grew harder and bigger, I sucked it into my mouth as Krys threw her head back and groaned in pleasure. My hand travelled down drawing circles on her smooth-firm abdomen as I moved my mouth to her other breast.

The art of sucking a breast is simple. Just suck, suck hard and deep then swirl your mouth around the breast sucking as you do so.

Krystal was letting me know that I was doing everything right by grasping my head between her hands and pulling it hard against her.

I moved Krys over to the bed, she lay upon it with her legs apart allowing my fingers to caress her sex, she was hot, she was wet and she was ready for love. My fingers trailed along her pussy, I allowed one digit to enter her she felt tight around my finger. How tight she would be around my cock. My fingers were coated in her juices as I lightly circled then tenderly pinched her clitoris, Her whole body was taut and humming like a musical instrument as I lowered my head and allowed my mouth to take over from my fingers. Her juices covered my chin as I lapped sucked and nibbled her. Her hips began to buck as I flattened my tongue and vigorously lapped her clitoris. I felt her legs clamp around my head her hands pressing me, urging me. I could feel her orgasm building, taking over her whole body then ripping through her, shaking her like a leaf in a storm.

It is normal that relaxation should follow such an orgasm but not for Krystal. Her eyes were alight as she said.

‘That was incredible. But I expected nothing less from you.’

She squirmed out from under me, her fingers were frantic as she tore off my clothes, and my rigid cock sprang free to strike her on the cheek as she ripped my boxers down. She looked at it then for the first time took it in her hand. It was as hard as Toledo steel as she caressed it and said.

‘This is every bit as beautiful Çankaya Escort Bayan as I remember it.’

This lady knew exactly what I liked; she stroked my cock firmly as she kissed my lips, my throat, my chest, to linger as she lightly nibbled my nipples then continued down; her tongue drawing a small damp trail along my abdomen.

The art of sucking a cock is simple. Just suck, suck hard and deep then swirl your mouth around sucking as you do so.

Over the years we had told each other exactly what we liked and what excited us. Krys had remembered every single word. Her right hand circled that part of my cock that wasn’t in her mouth, her left hand cupped my balls so that she could feel them tighten as I began to come, Each time this happened she would back off slightly just enough to stop my ejaculation and yet keep me right on the very edge of orgasm. It was the most tantalising and exquisite thing that had ever happened to me. Every fibre of my being longed for release but still Krys kept me teetering on that very edge till I could stand it no longer.

‘Krys I’m going to come’ I somehow managed to gasp.

She released my cock and my balls to say.

‘No way boy! The first time you come with me will be inside me’

Krys scooted up the bed to lie on her back beside me. She parted her legs as I moved over her. We kissed long and deep I raised myself onto my elbows leaving room for her hands to move between us, I looked down to see the fingers of her left hand parting the lips of her sex while the right took my rock hard cock and guided it into her.

O God she was hot, she was wet, she was smooth and yet oh so tight. The feeling of being inside Krys was like nothing I had experienced before. I could actually feel her pussy sucking me even harder than her mouth had so recently and beautifully done. Impossibly my cock grew even harder and bigger as I plunged deep into her. Krystal reared underneath me; her clitoris pushing against the base of my cock each time I thrust into her.

I believe that I could have come within seconds of being inside her but now it was my turn to take control over my orgasm. Somehow I managed to keep myself on that tantalising edge that Krys had kept me at. My body had gone utterly taut; my balls ached for release yet still I kept plunging deeper and harder into her. I knew that I could not possibly last longer when I heard Krystal’s voice keening.

‘Pleeeease pleeeease come in me,’

Her orgasm reached its peak, her whole body stiffened beneath me as my cock ejaculated into her. It felt as though I would never stop as my seed kept pumping into her. I could feel our combined juices coursing around my cock as they poured out her.

It was without doubt the most powerful orgasm I had ever experienced and instinctively I knew that the same applied to Krys. There is a point where pleasure is so intense that it becomes scary. We now both understood why an orgasm is sometimes referred to as the ‘Small Death.’

As we lay in that beautiful afterglow we both knew that we could and would do this again and again. The great pity was that we hadn’t done it sooner.


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