Lady Jane Ch. 01


Note: This is the first part of a two-part story with possible further parts to come. It is set in the past. It is not intended that the setting be a clearly identified era or that any detail is historically accurate.


It was a chill evening in the great hall at Halden Manor. The December wind whistled through the doorways and battened windows. The roaring flames in the vast fireplace did little to relieve the creeping cold, gamely fighting a losing battle. Guttering candles threw wildly leaping shadows across the grand room, the tapestries looming suddenly as the light played across them.

William had been summoned to an audience with Lady Jane. Only a short while before, he had returned from the marshes on a scouting mission for her ladyship. He was tired, cold, hungry and in the mood to murder a flagon of ale. He waited with the patience of duty, edging closer to the fire; hands open behind his back to soak up the radiated heat. He flipped up the bottom of his doublet to feel some of that warmth on his hose covered behind, still numb from a day in the saddle. The only others present were a couple of footmen waiting near the doorway into the private apartments. They looked half-frozen.

Into this somnolent, frigid space burst a sudden flurry of colour and energy. Lady Jane swept in, resplendent in flowing skirts and close fitting bodice. William found his eyes admiring her form. The bodice emphasised her trim figure, the swell of her pretty breasts, dipping to show just so much as decorum would permit. The pearls set in the neckline drew the observer in with a delicious entwining of modesty and suggestion. The flare of the skirts revealed nothing yet spoke volumes of womanly charms, hips, derriere, and concealed treasure.

“What news, Sir William?” Her voice commanded his attention with ease.

William stepped forward and dropped to one knee. Taking her proffered hand he dropped his lips to the backs of her fingers. He wondered whether his lady’s personal servants noticed that there was actual contact, contravening social etiquette. He felt the tingle of static. The tension between them was palpable. William hoped that he could read the unspoken signals correctly.

Lady Jane stepped onto the low dais and sat upon the grand chair waiting there. Her face remained inscrutable. William stood before her and delivered his report of the growing encampment out beyond Appledore. Yet, despite the threat of those disenchanted rebels so close by, William’s mind kept wandering even whilst he spoke. His eyes lingered on his Lady’s cheekbones, her ears, the fine line of her neck as it flowed out to her shoulder, the pale skin seemingly luminescent in the dim room. He followed the line of pearls and felt himself stir at the tantalising curves they traced. His mind taunted his hands with ideas of plucking at the laces tying the front of that bodice. A small movement caught his attention; there from beneath the hem of her skirt peeped a slim, pointed shoe and the pale skin of an ankle. Mind racing, William dragged his eyes back to Lady Jane’s face. The sparkle in her eye and the faint hint of a smirk at the corners of her rouged lips told him that the unladylike revelation was no accident. She was playing him, playing him like a puppet on a string. He faltered on but his mind filled with lewd thoughts. He wondered whether or not his submission to her publicly would be mirrored in private should such time ever occur.

“Sir William, is that all?”

He blushed at being caught dreaming, hoping the poor light would hide his sudden embarrassment.

“Yes, my lady.”

“Thank you for your attentiveness today.” Her words were accompanied by a wry smile, leaving little doubt in William’s mind that they weren’t actually a reference to his arduous day in the field.

“I may need to call upon you for your advice a little later, once I have digested your report. Please stay close. I shall have you called to my chamber as necessary.”

“With pleasure, my lady.”

“I do hope so.” And with that she was gone in a whirl of skirts.

William strode off, mind awash, to seek out the kitchens. First things first, he couldn’t think straight on an empty stomach and he had a feeling that he needed to have his wits about him if he was to walk the tightrope seemingly stretched before him.

William sat at the heavy oak table in the kitchens at Halden Manor. He had managed to persuade Her Ladyship’s cook to serve him some of that evening’s leftovers and just as importantly a large tankard of ale. Even better it was warm there, wonderfully cosy compared to the great hall.

Just as William emptied his second tankard a maid came into the kitchen and approached Escort Çankaya him. Standing demurely before him she spoke in a quiet voice.

“My Lady’s compliments and would you please attend her chamber at once.”

“At once?” William repeated with heavy sarcasm.

The maid simply looked at her feet, face burning with embarrassment.

“Not your fault. Lead the way.” The maid looked relieved that she wouldn’t become stuck between two strong wills and bustled off with William striding in pursuit.

They went up a cold, stone, spiral staircase and across the gallery of the hall before finally reaching an iron studded door. The maid knocked timidly. A second maid, somewhat prettier than the first, William observed, opened the door and let them in. As he took his bearings, the two maids left and closed the door behind them leaving William standing, looking at the silhouette of Lady Jane before a tall, narrow window, silvery with moonlight. She had her back to him as she spoke.

“I need your help Sir William.” It was a statement that invited no response.

As she turned in the moonlight piercing the uneven glass panes, her form was picked out. William realized, with a peak of interest, that she had divested some of her apparel. She walked in a wide circle past him. He kept his head and body still, looking straight ahead, unsure where this was leading.

“Do we have allies?” Her voice was a whisper from just behind his right ear.

“Yes My Lady. Lord Marsham of Romney and Lord Finch of Winchelsea are with you.”

The rustle of silken fabric betrayed her movement, so close, her scent filling William’s nostrils. Then she was directly before him and his eyes widened. Lady Jane wore only her corset and a flowing demi-slip. Whereas her décolletage was chaste before it was now demanding attention; whereas her legs and derriere were hidden by flared skirts they were now accented by the shimmer of clinging silk. If he managed to keep his features straight his response to the visual stimulation would be evident to the most cursory examination lower down.

“Not the finest two specimens of men.” She placed heavy emphasis on the last word. Her face was now so close that William could feel her breath upon him. He remained silent.

“Do we have the strength to prevail?”

“Yes My Lady.”

“What makes you so sure?”

“We have your leadership My Lady.”

“Flattery Sir William, flattery. Are you a fine specimen of a man, Sir William?”

“I will fight for you My Lady, if that is what you mean.”

She looked directly into his eyes and watched with delight at his reaction to her next move. Her elegant fingers were drawn up the front of William’s hosiery; tracing the long, thick bulge that had formed at the first sight of her revealing attire. The sound of her nails dragging across the rough fabric filled the room.

“I should say that you are quite the upstanding soldier.” Unable to think of any suitable reply, William stayed mute. His equilibrium further disturbed as Lady Jane’s hand flattened across his manhood and then gripped firmly.

“But you must be my man, loyal only to me.”

“I will be that My Lady.”

“So you say now, whilst in the palm of my hand.” Her smile did not throw warmth.

“Take off your doublet.”

William was stunned into immobility. Lady Jane squeezed his cock. “Do I have to repeat myself?”

He struggled out of the heavy jacket.

“Your undershirt too.”

Bare chested in the pale moonlight, William felt vulnerable but not a bit less aroused. His Lady was a feisty one for sure, that had been one of the attractions for quite some time.

“Do you trust me Sir William?”

“Implicitly My Lady.” Said with a confidence he didn’t quite possess.

“Then remove your hose.”

She was behind him now, the back of her hand brushing across his bottom, the warmth of her breath upon his neck. She circled his naked form, studying the firmness of his thighs and buttocks, unashamedly appraising him from head to toe and back up to stare lasciviously at the rampant rod of his erection. It bobbed gently with his thumping heartbeat, the crown smooth, swollen and dark pink. From behind her back, Lady Jane produced a crop. Its long, slender shaft tipped with a flap of shiny black leather. She lifted it up under William’s balls, presenting them for her inspection. She slid the supple tip up the underside of his shaft and then over the engorged plum of a head. With a sudden flick the crop struck the side of the straining phallus eliciting a stifled gasp from William. Repeatedly the crop flicked his upright cock, up and down the shaft until it was red with lust and a bead of Çankaya Escort milky fluid oozed from the slit. Then Lady Jane ran the crop up William’s chest, stinging his nipples with cruel blows, before trailing it lightly across his skin as she circled, he could hear it whistle through the air just a fraction before the cutting pain seared across his buttock. Then her body was pressed against his back and a hand slipped around his hip to grip his staff.

“I trust you will always stand tall and fight for me.” William bit back the snort of nervous mirth that threatened to burst forth.

“I will My Lady. With pleasure.”

“And with pain as necessary?”

“Yes My Lady.”

Lady Jane, still gripping his cock, led William to a long, low upholstered bench that ran across before the fireplace. The light from the flickering flames dancing over them.

“Lie down on your back.” William did as he was bid, submissive to his Lady’s command.

As he did she pulled his arms back behind his head and he felt the hard, coldness of metal clamp around his wrists. A flash of fear raced through him tinged with an erotic thrill. With his feet on the floor either side of the bench, his arms secured behind and below his head, William was stretched out. His erection obscenely exposed.

Lady Jane stood between him and the fire. She hooked her thumbs into the top of her slip and shimmied her hips. The silk pooled at her feet. Gone were the dainty shoes from earlier. Instead Lady Jane wore long, supple leather boots that reached above her knees. William let his eyes wander up the line of her long, encased legs and over the pale skin of her naked thighs. He could, between them, see her lips, garishly pink and glistening in the firelight thus betraying her own arousal. The short curly hair on her mons looked soft, inviting, he wanted, suddenly, to taste her. She strutted around him, trailing the crop over his body occasionally flicking him with it leaving his body marked with small welts. Then she stepped across his torso and stood astride his prone form. The suede of the boots rubbed the sides of his chest and William pulled against his manacles in an involuntary bid to take hold of those thighs, to pull the treasure between them to his hungry mouth.

“All in good time Sir William.” It wasn’t hard to read the lust on William’s face and in his body.

“I need to be sure you will provide satisfactory service.”

“Have I ever failed you My Lady?”

The tip of the crop traced the contours of his face, his nose, his lips, his chin, down his throat and his chest until it was angled back between Lady Jane’s legs. She drew it up, running the thin, ridged shaft between her pouting lips. The polished flap of leather pressed deep into the furrow of her sex and emerged shining with her juices.

Lady Jane stared intently into William’s eyes as she presented that wet tip like a sweetmeat at the end of a banquet. She thrust it forward and William’s taste buds flooded with the salty sweetness of her as the leather slid over his tongue. He felt his erection throb insistently with the eroticism of the moment.

“Not as yet, no.”

William was in no position to speak. Lady Jane’s crop remained in his mouth as she stood astride him on the narrow bench. He watched entranced as her knees bent and her smooth thighs flexed as she lowered herself slowly. William could detect her scent and felt his mouth water in anticipation. Casting her crop aside Lady Jane put the palms of her hands on his forehead to steady herself.

William’s senses were now overwhelmed. Smooth, silken skin brushed the rough stubble on each side of his face contrasting with the pressure on his forehead. The crackling of the fire, the faint whistle of the wind, faded behind the roar of the blood in his body. The aroma of Lady Jane’s heated sex assaulted him to the extent that he could taste her on the cool air. And there, inches from his eyes, was the lewd glory of her most intimate place. The flesh of her labia a shocking deep pink, taut and turgid, glistening with a sheen of her juice. He had time to view the folds from which her clitoris peeked, the plump lips still clinging together all the way back to the puckered ring of her anus.

Then he could feel her heat on his lips, instinctively his tongue flicked out running along the crease of that ripe fruit. Her lips sprang apart and William was rewarded with a little rush of the nectar he had first tasted just a short while ago. He heard Lady Jane’s long drawn out moan before her engorged vulva mashed into his face. Fingers clutching his hair painfully hard, she rubbed her hot, wet sex across his mouth, his nose, his chin. He could scarcely Çankaya Escort Bayan breathe but opening his mouth and thrusting out his tongue William tasted the delicious flesh. Lady Jane’s hips slowed as his licking, sucking and biting began to have their desired effect. She adjusted her position to allow him access to different parts as she desired. For a while delighting in the sensation of his squirming tongue probing her arse to feeling her lips sucked and her cunt teased with that ceaseless muscle before settling with his mouth clamped around her aching clitoris.

“Oh William! Yes, there, there, more, don’t stop, don’t stop… coming, yesssss…”

He felt her thighs shudder, her fingernails cut into his scalp and his mouth fill with her come. She stood shakily and he gasped for much needed oxygen.

“I need you inside me, now.” Lady Jane reached back and grasped his iron shaft.

With little hesitation she lined up the angry looking head and sank down on it until her buttocks rested on his thighs.

“Arhhhhh…” Both of them exhaled simultaneously with the shared pleasure of penetration.

The pause that followed seemed to stretch out but in all probability only lasted a few seconds. Then Lady Jane began to ride. First leaning forward, hands spread across William’s chest, scratching him in her bid to gain the purchase necessary for her to rise and fall the full length of his pole. Then she sat up straight, wholly impaled and pulled open the top of her corset. Her pale breasts shone in the moonlight from the window. As her hips circled and bucked, her fingers pinched and pulled at her own nipples until they stood dark and erect. William thrust upwards with all the power he could muster in his thighs, making sure the blunt head of his cock bumped high up inside his Lady’s clutching cunt.

“It’s coming again… there, there…”

A flush swept down Lady Jane’s neck and across her bared chest in wonderful testament to her impending orgasm.

William grunted with the effort of every vertical lunge and was soon rewarded with the keening cry that announced Lady Jane’s surrender to a crashing climax. Then she collapsed forward, crushing those pretty tits against his chest. Her lips close to his left ear.

“And still you have not failed me,” she whispered.

Lady Jane soon recovered her air of dominance once the aftershocks faded away. In resuming an upright posture, her movements inflicted an exquisite torture on William’s highly sensitised phallus. It was still painfully hard and aching. Lady Jane looked down at him and let a ghost of a smile play across her face as she squeezed it deep inside with the muscles in which Kegel would take an interest in the distant future.

“I think, maybe, you have earned your reward Sir William.”

“As My Lady thinks fit.”

She abruptly stood, letting William’s cock slap wetly against his abdomen before springing defiantly back. The crop reappeared in her hand and she began to lightly tap the tip against the tight balls and turgid prick, working up and down with a maddening rhythm as she circled. Eventually she dropped to her knees at the end of the bench between William’s parted thighs. Placing the crop under his thick shaft she took both ends and pulled the swollen, ridged length upright, inches from her face. He could see her eyes examining it minutely, from flared tip to aching balls. Arching her back to thrust forward her exposed breasts and pulling the glistening cock yet further toward her, Lady Jane rubbed the slippery crown against her taut nipples. Her eyes closed and a low moan escaped her lips as she did so.

That moment of reverie was broken with a swift, decisive movement. She engulfed that smooth plum with her mouth, swirling her tongue around the ridge and sweeping it firmly across the slit in its centre. William let out a loud, deep-seated groan. Head flung back, arms straining against their bonds, he felt her mouth move down his shaft, licking and biting on the way. Then each heavy ball was taken one at a time, sucked, licked. He felt a hand wrap around and begin to stroke him, then the head was engulfed once more. He watched, entranced. Lady Jane’s eyes locked with his. There was no going back. The tell-tale tingling began in his toes, feet, calves, thighs. His heart pounded and his breaths came fast and shallow. He could feel the surge starting behind his balls. Lady Jane lifted her mouth from him and using both hands pumped his shaft firmly. Once, twice and then, pulled hard toward her, his cock swelled and jerked. His seed exploded from him and hit her neck and chest. Two gouts of the thick fluid escaped before Lady Jane again took him in her mouth capturing the continuing eruptions. He could feel her swallow as the spasms died down.

Lady Jane stood. Leaning over William she surveyed him with an inscrutable expression before unclasping his wrists.

“You may leave now. Be ready to ride out at 6 tomorrow.”

[To be continued…]

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