Last Ride for the Bride


My husband never noticed the rumpled bed in our honeymoon suite. We came in late and drunk. And he spent the night fucking me so good that it never crossed his mind, even had he noticed. Earlier though before our wedding ceremony, his best friend and our best man had been alone with me in our suite.

“In a few hours you will be a vowed wife, but right now you are a free woman.” He had said. “Any last requests?”

Early on in my relationship with my husband when he first introduced me to his friend, before we were serious, we all went on a double date, B had a cute little thing. After the bar we went back to the boys place and kept drinking. At some point we were all kissing in the kitchen and then I was kissing B’s girlfriend. Then B and I started kissing, while H and her kissed. I went on like that for a while switching back and forth kissing my man and then his friend

After a while she disappeared and I guess I figured she was going to the bathroom and would be back. I just kept kissing both the boys. Then I got down on my knees and sucked off my boyfriend. Eventually I was jerking his friend off too. When my boyfriend cummed he disappeared. His friend was so hard. I was so turned on. I began sucking his cock.

It was bigger than my boyfriends. It filled my mouth so much that I had to keep my hand wrapped around the shaft so I wouldn’t gag. I thought he would cum too, but he didn’t. As I sucked his cock, my pussy got wetter. He wrapped his fingers in my hair and I moaned. After a few minutes he pulled me to my feet. He started kissing me again. His fingers quickly found my wet pussy. We kissed some more as I cummed on his fingers. He was so hot, his cock hard in my hands as I kept jerking him off.

When he turned me around I saw my boyfriend passed out on the couch. His head was back, mouth wide open. His fly was still open too. I arched my ass as he slipped my skirt up around my hips. I wasn’t wearing panties. I never do. I turned and watched as he slipped his cock inside me. He fucked me there Escort Keçiören against the kitchen counter for a bit. I was trying to be quiet, but it felt so good.

He took me to his room, but his girlfriend was passed out on the bed. He took me into my boyfriend’s room and had me climb on the bed. He fucked my pussy for a very long while and I cummed many times.

In the morning I was ashamed and left without saying anything to anyone. I avoided my boyfriend for several weeks and when we reconnected he had his own place and his friend was moved to another city. So I mostly forgot about that night. It was just a wild fling. As our relationship progressed I was faithful and happily so. Sometimes I would think back on that night as substance for fantasies, but overall our sex was satisfying.

After he proposed and we started planning he informed me of our best man. I really thought I would be okay. It seemed like a long time ago and mostly a dim recollection, but when he landed at the airport and we met him sparks went off inside of me and he saw it. I tried to ignore it and he seemed to as well.

But this morning the wedding party all went to the Honeymoon Suite to take shots. My bridesmaids took my fiance aside and gave him good luck shots. I knew they planned to have him drink the shots out of their cleavage. I had no idea what his boys planned for me, but two of them needed to help out with last minute situations. That left ** and me alone in the Honeymoon Suite.

Then my fiance’s mother called with a car breakdown on the way. He left immediately knowing it would make it a close call to begin our ceremony on time. Well, that left me with an hour. *** and me took another shot. Then another. Then we started kissing.

Maybe it was the liquor. When I think about it, the transition between us taking shots and making love is blurry. I remember having his hard cock in my hand as we made out. Then I was sitting on the edge of the bed sucking his cock. I remember going into the bathroom. Keçiören Escort He was behind me kissing me, lifting up my dress. His fingers found my wet yoni and he rubbed on my clit until I orgasmed, my hands resting on the sink top.

He guided me to the bed and pushed me back on the bed. His hands raised my wedding dress up and up, exposing my thighs until once again he found my pantyless yoni. All last night I had been up thinking about him. Now he put his lips on my pussy and licked my clitorus. Moments later his fingers were fucking me as he ate my pussy. I cummed again. Then he was spreading my legs and climbing up on the bed to fuck me. It was so hot. He was so hot. I didn’t want him cumming on my dress though. I pushed him off and told him to lie down.

I pulled his pants down around his knees and I climbed on him. Reaching behind my ass, I guided his hard cock into my wetness. So slowly, I lowered my hips downward letting him slide up inside of me. I clenched my pussy tight as I sunk down on him. I could see that he had been thinking about me a lot over the past few years. The desperate satisfaction was revealed in his face as I engulfed all of his thick hardness. We still hadn’t kissed and I wouldn’t let him. My lips hovering above his as his cock entered me and filled up my pussy. “You like that?,” I whispered. I felt tight around his shaft as my ass settled fully on his thighs. My white stockings highlighting my tan thighs. My brown patch of hair resting on his naval bone.

“Uh huh,” he managed.

I rose and fell a few times keeping my lips from his kisses. He slipped my shoulder straps off and freed my nipples. I let his hungry lips find satsifaction there. I let out a low moan slowly rising and falling. It felt so good to have him inside of me. I felt my yoni filling with squirting sensations. I felt so naughty, but so sexy. His cock needed my pussy and I was satisfying him fully. My dress was spread out around me on the bed top. I felt very powerful riding him. Keçiören Escort Bayan It felt appropriate too, somehow. I was going to be married in a few hours. This was my day. And this is what I wanted. It was actually calming me down. As I fucked him, I got focused and all the stress of the past few weeks melted off of me. And as it did I fucked him harder and harder. Somehow though I kept myself from being too loud.

My nipples in his face, suckled by his lips. I wouldn’t kiss him. I looked deep into his eyes as he slipped up inside of me. He was more mature now. I could feel it in his body and see it in his eyes. I slid up and down his shaft looking deep into his eyes, my lips hovered just above his. When he tried to kiss me, I maintained the distance. As his cock went deeper though I couldn’t help it. I started kissing him. And when I did his cock surged inside of me along with the tempo of his hips. Now his thrusts up inside of me came faster and with power. I felt like a rag doll as he fucked me. His hands were locked on my hips, his tongue deep in my mouth. I moaned in ecstasy as I cummed again. And this time my orgasm kept going until he pulled me off his lap and put me on my knees and elbows.

Then he got behind me and kept fucking me. His cock was deep inside of me. I was trying to look at him, but I couldn’t barely keep my breath and my eyes were closed. It felt so good. My dress was know pretty much bunched up around my midsection. His hands were tight on my hips as he pulled me backward on his thrusting hips. His name escaped my lips and he fucked me harder. His cock surged with power and I whimpered, feeling fresh juices wrap around him.

It went on for a bit like this. I was in heaven. Then he pulled out and lifted me backward onto my haunches. He stood on the bed and I sucked his cock until he cummed. I swallowed all of it.

Just as soon as I finished I heard the gaggle of bridesmaids coming down the hallway. I jumped up grabbed my things and raced into the bathroom, while telling him to straighten the bed and pour shots.

A moment later he opened the door and I heard the excited mutterings as surety that none were the wiser. I pretended to be deeply engaged in fixing my make-up, which I was. I came out looking incredible and refreshed, as every bride should be.

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