Late Night Tutor


She smiles as she rises to answer the knock at the door. It’s him. Finally. He’d made her wait but she didn’t care. Opening the door, she meets his gaze and giggles at the smile on his face – part choirboy, part bad boy. Opening the door wide, she moves back into the apartment. He follows her through the main room to the balcony, where she’s already poured two glasses of wine. Taking her glass, she moves to the railing, gazing out over the bay. He follows, stopping just short of touching her. They chat; an attempt at small talk while each one mentally assesses how the next move is going to unfold. A sweet tension exists as they continue to discuss the common events of the day, with a raging pulse of electricity traveling between them. Each draws alternate slow swallows from the wine, taking a moment to gaze across the glass and pause.

A cool breeze wisps across the night, suddenly changing the mood. She motions for him to follow her inside and join her on the large, overstuffed chintz sofa. He does, but first refills each glass. They sit facing each other, their legs ever so slightly touching from time to time. Neither one makes any effort to pull away, letting their bodies connect just a little longer each time. Realizing they are sitting in silence, she moves to select her favourite music. Satisfied with her choice, she is about to join him again when she feels his presence behind her. His large, strong hands rest on her shoulders, then slowly move down her arms and under her breasts. His breath caresses her ear and neck, as he asks how they should proceed. Her head tilts back onto his chest, exposing her neck more to his mouth. They both know they shouldn’t be together, but it just doesn’t seem to matter. It is a physical attraction that neither one of them seem prepare to ignore, regardless of the risk or error in judgment.

His hands find their way back to her shoulders, and slowly begin to knead the taut muscles. She falls back onto him, surrendering to the sensual massage. Her small groans trigger his whispered suggestion. She smiles and disappears, returning moments later with massage oil and no blouse or bra. He gazes appreciatively at her full, round breasts, but motions for her to turn around, giving him access to her shoulders and neck. As if reading his mind, she draws a clip out of her jeans pocket and gathered up her wavy, auburn hair. A few tendrils fall, caressing the tips of her shoulders and she leaves them there. He moves a large pillow onto the floor between his legs, and draws her there to sit. Warming the oil in his hands, he waits while she gets settled and then starts his gentle assault on her tired shoulders. The warm oil makes his motions fluid and soothing, and she feels her body melting under his strong touch. His hands roam down her arms, a little further each time. With long strokes, he draws the tension out, even while her anticipation builds. His hands graze the sides of her breasts, causing her to gasp in delight. Moving quickly to her back, he repositions himself behind her as he slows down the pace a bit before wrapping his hands underneath her ribcage, gracing the fullest weight of her abundant chest.

Again she gasps, but this one is slow and more similar to a hiss followed by a low moan. He lowers his lips onto her neck, at first just applying the most delicate of kisses, but then searing her skin with his hot, wet tongue while Escort Etimesgut gently nipping at it. Pushing her forward for just a moment, he quickly removes his own shirt and then presses his near hairless chest against her. For just a short moment, they do not move, letting their bodies adjust to the warm embrace of skin on skin, cushioned and warmed by the oil he’s sensuously applied. He slowly moves his hands up under her breasts, cupping them and lightly rubbing his thumb on the underside of the nipples. They harden quickly with his touch, and she feels a shiver race over her body. She lifts her arms up above her head to wrap her hands around his neck as she leans back on his hard chest. He carefully takes advantage of the clear access to her whole upper body, moving his hands deliberately over the full expanse of her lusciousness, pinching in the most delicate manner. The shear touch from him, coupled with the element of a forbidden act is sending her pulse racing. She releases her arms, and turns to face him.

Placing her small hands on the tops of his crouched legs, she moves in to lightly brush her lips against his cheek, inhaling the hypnotic scent of his rugged maleness. Her tongue darts out, licking the bottom of his earlobe before it trails to the underside of his chin. The sensation is like nothing he’s felt before – he can’t resist the addicting temptation of risk.

She stops, staring at his face with a look of lust-filled desire that needs no explanation. Grasping his hand, she moves to her feet, pulling him up as well. He refills the wine glasses, following her to the bedroom where she quickly creates a soothing mood with some candles and quiet music that whispers easily around them. Both of them feel an eagerness to surrender to their lust, but at the same time there is an ease and comfort that warrants some exploration. How far can they take this mutual interest? Neither knows and both want to find out.

He passes the wine glass to her, his hand lightly touching hers. His eyes glimmer with a twinkle that sends a shiver down her spine. Why is it that the mere presence of this man is so disarming? Even in class, she has a hard time concentrating on the day’s lesson. She’s certainly been in the company of attractive men before, but he is someone different. The way his gaze roams seductively over her body sends the most delicious tingles down to her toes. It is part leer, part admiration for her very feminine form. Curves and womanly fullness described her body, and men are drawn to her presence. Especially this one. Especially right now. She can feel his lust – it matches her own.

Playing the aggressor, she places her wine glass on the nightstand and moves to him, one hand on his chest, the other around his neck. Her lips press against his, her tongue lightly dancing on his bottom lip. He leans down, returning the ardour, and moves his arms around her near naked body. Their lips and tongues snake around each other’s, hands roaming over smooth skin. She can feel her own pulse racing, building an incredible desire. Breaking the kiss and taking a deep breath, she deftly moves her hands to the front of his jeans, playfully fingering the button atop the firm bulge forming in his pants. A firm tug and the fabric pops open, exposing the top of his boxer briefs. Her nails scrape lightly down the fabric, pulling the zipper to its Etimesgut Escort lowest point. She holds his gaze as she slips her hand inside his jeans, cupping the large, thick bulge under the cotton shorts. A low moan rumbles from his throat, a clear indication of the pleasure he is experiencing. His own hands move to his jeans, stripping them and his shorts to the floor. He stands fully exposed to her, totally confident in his stance. This self-assuredness is an even stronger magnet for her, and she wraps her arms around his waist, her hands lowering to rest on his tight butt.

He feels her breasts crush against his chest, and moves his hands up her back. Their bodies fit tightly together, a warm comfort cleverly mixed with lust. His whispered voice comments on her abundance of clothing – she is still wearing her jeans. With equal deftness, he undoes her pants and pushes them to the floor. Stepping out of them, they both trace each other’s bodies with their eyes, drinking in the beauty each possesses. He brings her to him, leaning back onto her bed. She lies beside him, tossing one leg over his hips, just grazing the base of his cock. Her one hand teases lightly over the tops of his thighs, moving back and forth from one side to the other. Another groan escapes, as he grows impatient with her playful teasing. They kiss again, deeply. Passionately, like desperate animals. He moves his hot mouth to her cheek, then her neck. In a soft, seductive voice, he utters one word – “please.” He doesn’t know how much longer he can hold out.

As if reading his mind, she carefully wraps her hand around his cock, smoothly stroking it. Without realizing it, she stares at his thickness moving so slick in her hands. Her lips moist with anticipation, she breaks her stare and turns to him. He has his eyes closed, completely engrossed in the rhythmic milking. As if feeling her gaze, his eyelids lift, meeting her face on. They move deliberately to kiss, her hand never leaving him. Again, their tongues intertwine and dance, sucking and teasing each other’s mouth. The tempo is increasing, and each of them feels a heat and passion that can’t be quelled. She pulls away; smiling seductively at him, then moves in and starts kissing and playfully licking her way over his muscled body. Still she continues to pump his hard cock, never quite letting him get to the end. Her mouth moves closer and closer to his rigid display, her tongue pointing the way. In one swift yet gentle way, her mouth closes over the bulging head of his manhood. A loud groan bursts from his chest, unable to restrain the reaction to her hot, wet lips on him. Her mouth soon replaces the rhythm of her grip, and he feels himself harden even more. Yet, he doesn’t want to rush this night. When will they have another opportunity to be together for any length of time….alone? He doesn’t want to miss out on any chances.

Changing the focus, he brings his hands to her head; drawing her from the unbelievable sensation she’s applying to his cock. He moves her body so that she straddles his waist, her wet pussy nesting against his lower belly. His hands reach up and lovingly caress her full breasts. Her nipples harden quickly, and he teases them repeatedly with playful pinches. The breath catches in her throat, her passion so overwhelming. She leans down, bringing her breasts to his face, his mouth. He finds his way Etimesgut Escort Bayan instantly to her rose coloured nipple, his tongue lashing it, leaving it wet and hot. Moving to the other one, he repeats his assault with equal fervour. Back and forth he goes, each time sucking or biting a little more. He seems instinctively to know that playing with her diamond hard nipples and heaving breasts will also result in a very wet velvet hole. His hand moves between them, his fingers inching further to her wetness. First one finger, then another finds their way into her love canal. She almost squeals in passion, unable to contain the sensual bath she finds herself in. Sucking on one hard nipple and cupping her breast with one hand, he pulses his fingers in and out of her pussy. Her hips rock back and forth on his hand, building up a momentum that indicates she is close.

His fingers wiggle inside her, teasing her even more. Low gasps emerge quietly from her throat, moaning her oncoming orgasm to him. With each breath, her voice gets a little louder, a little more desperate. He moves his thumb onto her clit, and she can’t hold back any longer. Arching her back, she presses herself hard onto his hand, his thumb directly on her throbbing clit while she rides over a wave of sexual release. Almost sobbing, she moans out his name in a breathy gasp, and collapses onto his chest. He strokes her hair, holding her close while she recovers from her ride.

It doesn’t take her long. Lifting her head up, she brings her lips up to his, kissing him with as much passion and fire as she had before. Whispering that it is now his turn, she lightly nips at his earlobe before moving deftly down his body. Her tongue sears its way along his muscled shoulders and chest, lightly dancing a path to the hard erection that is bobbing in anticipation. She willingly engulfs the long shaft, sliding her mouth up and down in earnest. Placing one hand around the base of his cock, she moves the other under his balls and begins caressing them. He moans his approval while his hand rakes through her hair. She maintains her oral attack, but also moves a wet finger to the rim of his ass. He adds a louder groan – she has hit a nerve (and a good one). She slowly pushes her finger inside his ass, and he feels himself close to exploding. Clutching her hair, he pumps in and out of her mouth, while she meets his rhythm. Pressing firm with one finger in his ass, and holding the base of his cock with the other hand, she increases her rhythm on his hardness. Her tongue teasingly licking in a counter rhythm, he lowly utters his approach to her. His voice increases with each pulse, moaning her name as he explodes his load. With his fingers still caught in her hair, she laps up his seed and slowly removes her finger. Moving back up, she tucks herself under his strong arm, nestling into the crook of his arm. They had both met their passion, and are now quite comfortable collapsing in each other’s arms. Their breathing soon matches, a calming quiet enveloping the room. It seemed complete.

After some time, and some small talk, they acknowledge that he has to leave. With no regrets or remorse, she watches him dress, herself gathered in a robe against the now cool evening breeze. There is no awkwardness or discomfort resulting from their escapade, even though they know it is a forbidden encounter. He smiles at her, confirming the ease that always exists between them. Fully clothed again, he moves in and gathers her in his arms, pressing his lips to hers in a gentle sweetness mixed with lingering lust. She walks him to the door.

“Goodnight, ‘professor’…..” He nods, smiles and closes the apartment door behind him.

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