Laura and Josh


Even as she heard the custodian working his way toward her reading room, Laura refused to give up on her last five minutes of naptime. She had much more studying to do before she could leave the library, but she was starting to feel the delirium of too much caffeine, too little food, and the obscenely uncomfortable chair she’d occupied for the last seven hours. Her eyelids gave into their heaviness, and she was just starting to feel her mind let go when the custodian yanked open the door and the sound of his music blaring through his headphones overwhelmed Laura’s already fragile senses. Her headache reverberated each time he bumped the vacuum into her table, but, ever polite, she managed a smile and a “thank you” before he left. The door closed, but the buzzing continued. She looked down and realized the invading noise was her phone.

“New Text Message: Josh” read her display.

Laura felt her teeth unclench and her shoulders relax. Thank god for Josh and his sense of timing, she thought.

She looked at the message: “Tapas place too noisy.”

Laura couldn’t help but laugh out loud. Months ago she and Josh had been working in the same library. Their stress was running high as they each toiled to complete the research their advisor needed for her study. Josh’s phone had buzzed, and his laughter had broken Laura’s already-waning focus. He’d gotten another random text message, just one in a series from some stranger. The message itself wasn’t that funny, but the interruption to their frantic work was sorely needed and they laughed long and hard.

Now Josh sent Laura that text message each time he knew she was probably working too hard and too long. It was a reminder to loosen up, to take a break if she needed one. She looked at the clock and realized it was almost midnight.

She messaged back: “You’re right. I’m going home.”

Josh shot right back: “Good. I’ll walk you. At the east entrance. See you in a few.”

Laura couldn’t help smiling. Josh always brought her out of her head. He had an uncanny ability to maintain his party-boy status and his academic success; it was a good balance to Laura’s much more structured approach to their research. They’d developed some of their best ideas after Josh had dragged Laura to the bar late at night, but those theories never would have found their way into serious research if Laura hadn’t forced Josh to sit with her to write and submit the abstracts.

Laura finished packing up her notebooks and selected the books she’d check out that night. By the time she reached the east entrance, she was bent over with the weight of her load. Josh just laughed when he saw her.

“Who’s surprised right now?” He mock questioned, as Laura shrugged off a book bag and handed it over to him. He feigned weakness under the weight, but Laura caught sight of his well-honed arm underneath his thin shirt.

They chatted lightly on the way to Laura’s apartment just a few blocks away. Laura loved that they could let their work rest and just enjoy an entirely superficial conversation.

“How was the bar?” Laura asked as they approached her front steps.

“Not nearly as hilarious without you to make fun of,” he answered. The last time they’d gone to the bar, Josh had laughed at the guys who’d approached Laura, and after they left, alternated imitating their awful lines and Laura’s awkward responses.

“Haha, you know your scene is getting dull when I’m the life of the party,” Laura said. She laughed at her own joke, pushing open her front door and dropping her bags on the floor. She rubbed her shoulder, sore from the weight of her messenger bag and looked back up at Josh, whose face reflected a new pensiveness.

He caught her inquisitive stare and asked, “Are you going to bed right away?”

Laura laughed. “You can come in, Josh. You’re always welcome. Your roommates probably have your place pretty occupied by this time already.”

“Excellent,” he said with a comic raise of his eyebrows.

Laura Escort Bayan headed for the kitchen. “You want anything to drink?” she asked, as she removed some vodka from the freezer. “I’ll have what you’re having,” Josh answered. His voice was farther away than she thought it would be. “Josh? Where are you?” Laura called, grabbing the screwdrivers she’d quickly mixed and heading down the hallway.

Of course, Laura thought to herself as she caught sight of the light falling into the hallway from her bedroom. “What are you doing in here?” she asked as she entered the room, finding Josh bent over, furrowing his brow as he perused her bookshelf. Laura sat on the bed and took a drink as she waited for him to speak.

“I was just seeing if you had anything I wanted to borrow,” he said.

“Nothing new since last time. And I still need that book back from you,” she said.

“Wait! Waaaiitt…what is this?” Josh asked, eyes already smiling, as he pulled a well-worn paperback from the shelf.

Laura blushed a little, more embarrassed that she owned that trashy romance book than over its subject matter.

Josh sat on the bed, too, opening the book to a random page. Laura watched him as he scanned the page, eyes widening.

“OH. My. God. Laura Hutton. You are waay naughtier than you let on,” he exclaimed.

“Whatever! It’s nothing,” she said, her embarrassment now mixed with other sensations.

“This book is seriously worn! You must have read this more than–“

“–than you read LOTR?” Laura jumped in.

“Haha. But yes,” Josh replied. He continued thumbing through the book, landing on a page that was dog-eared several times over.

“Laura! Dog-earring a book?! What’s gotten into you?” He asked. Laura hadn’t responded before Josh started reading the page long enough to understand what it was about. He looked at her again, eyes wider than ever. “Well, what the hell, Laura. I had no idea you were into that kind of thing!”

“Shut up, already,” Laura said. “It’s not like it’s anything you aren’t familiar with. Probably several times over, if I’m guessing correctly.”

Josh was always pretty frank. “Well, actually, I’ve never had a blowjob,” he said.

Laura suddenly felt the alcohol hit her just a little harder. The shocked look on her face must have said enough, because Josh continued: “Katie didn’t want to, and I just haven’t pursued it with other girls.”

Laura took a moment to consider this. She was fairly certain this was the only area in which she was more experienced than Josh. She spoke with a confidence he wasn’t quite used to. “Do you want one?”

This time it was Josh’s facial expression that did all the talking.

Laura caught her mistake. “Not what I meant, you cad. I mean, is it something that you’d like to try someday with someone?”

Josh laughed and uncrossed his legs. Laura couldn’t help but look at the way his jeans were pulling just a little tight across his groin and she wondered why on earth the girls in Josh’s life hadn’t been as turned on by the thought as she was.

“Of course,” Josh said matter-of-factly. Laura had that look on her face — the same one she had when she was puzzling through a complex problem. Josh waited patiently for Laura to solidify her thoughts and words.

Finally, she spoke. “I just…I’m trying to put myself in Katie’s place…I can’t imagine…why not? It just seems like a warped asceticism. Denying yourself the pleasure of…” her voiced trailed off and she bit her lip self-consciously at her inadvertent admission of what they both already knew: she enjoyed sucking cock. She waited for Josh to tease her, but when the silence between them extended, she glanced up to meet his eyes.

Josh was looking at her with a mix of wonder and admiration. Laura felt herself blushing and noted that even in his speechless thought, a smile — that smile! — played upon his lips.

“What?” she asked.

Josh shook his head Ankara Escort gently and kept looking. Laura would have to take the lead on this one.

She unfolded her legs and moved closer to him on the bed. She pulled her long, dark hair back into a ponytail, almost subconsciously. She was vaguely aware how her breasts lifted with her arms. She felt herself choosing her words, crafting what she wanted to say with her usual precision and purpose.

“Just say it,” Josh said.

Laura shifted to rest her hand on Josh’s thigh, maintaining eye contact as she turned to face him more directly. She was surprised at her own boldness and the certainty with which she spoke:

“Josh, I want to suck your cock. I just…I want to be the first one to give you that sort of pleasure.”

When she first said it, Josh was frozen with attraction.

Laura started moving her fingers slowly over Josh’s thighs. She let them find their own rhythm as she tapped and massaged through the fabric of his pants. Josh shifted with the sensation of it, and Laura felt herself turned on by the knowledge that she was making him hard and that she was about to give him an intensely pleasurable experience.

She paused, realizing Josh still hadn’t said anything. Laura looked at him expectantly. Josh felt overwhelmed with the idea of it. He wanted her so badly, and she seemed okay with the idea, but he knew Laura, he knew her tendency to overthink things…

“Listen, Josh. If you don’t want to, that’s fine. But don’t you dare say ‘no’ on my account, because — for whatever reason, I’m not going to question it — I feel certain that this is what I want to do,” Laura said. She was calm, direct, and sure.

Josh looked at her and smiled broadly. “Well…okay, then. Let’s do this,’ he said.

“Perfect. I’m going to start slowly,” Laura said. “I want to make sure that each moment, each technique and touch is entirely memorable.” By now Josh was sitting fully on the bed, leaning back against the headboard with his legs spread.

Laura shifted so that she was on her side, lying next to Josh. She let her fingers lightly graze over his right thigh and worked her touch up his leg, skipping over his already-hard cock to the waist of his pants. Laura sharply drew her breath as she felt her pussy quiver in excitement. She found nothing more titillating than running her fingers over, around, and just inside Josh’s waistband. She felt Josh shifting, following her movements with his groin.

Laura made solid eye contact as she reached down and unbuttoned his pants, sliding them off and dropping them on the floor. She let herself break her gaze only to stare lustfully as she released his throbbing cock from his boxers. She inhaled sharply. Josh’s cock was perfect. Fucking perfect. She looked up briefly at Josh and realized she’d been licking her lips. He stared at her, waiting for further pleasure.

“So I’m thinking we should start with an anatomy lesson,” she said. Josh’s brain was already numbing. “Hmmm, yeah,” he moaned. At that point, anything she wanted to do was fine with him.

Laura bent down, allowing her ponytail to sweep across Josh’s stomach as she brought her lips to his cock. She gave it a long, delicate kiss right at the tip.

“This is the meatus,” she said, wiggling her tongue in the hole at the tip. Josh groaned and repeated the word.

“And this is the corona,” this time running her tongue around the ridge between his head and shaft. She let her tongue linger on the underside of his cock, where the corona rose in a peak. She buried the tip of her tongue in this piece of hardened flesh, tracing its minute outlines over and over again. “That’s your frenulum…my personal favorite,” she instructed.

“Your meatus, your corona, and your frenulum are the parts of the head of your cock.” She once again highlighted each area with her tongue as she named them, finishing by placing her lips firmly around his whole head and gently twisting Ankara Escort Bayan her mouth from side to side.

Josh’s moans had increased in intensity. He was running his hands through Laura’s hair, pushing her bangs aside so their eye contact was clear and direct. Laura still took her time, relishing the slowness. The anatomy lesson continued as Laura ran her tongue up and around Josh’s shaft and then back down again until she hit the very base, at which point she dropped her head further, flattening her tongue to massage each of his balls, letting just the tip of her tongue dance in between them as she shifted from one to the other.

She raised her head and looked at Josh. “That’s pretty much the anatomy lesson. I don’t think I can go this slowly much longer. I just want to feel your cock in my mouth. Let me know how you like what I’m doing.” And with that, she shifted down, lowering her body so that her breasts landed right below Josh’s balls. As she lowered her mouth, her tits were pushed up against the base of his cock. She hungrily took the head of his cock in her mouth, holding it there as she moved her tongue around and over it, always landing back at the frenulum. After doing this a few times, she began to bob her head, slowly taking more and more of his hard member into her mouth, making sure his cock was plenty wet. She could feel his hardness. As she took him deeper, his cock head hit the roof and the back of her mouth, each time leaving her with a distinct and specific understanding of its shape inside of her. Laura reached up, using the fingers of one hand to lightly massage around Josh’s cock. She couldn’t believe what a perfect fit it was. She reached the base of Josh’s cock; held the whole thing in her mouth and throat. It was remarkably comfortable and she felt herself getting wetter just knowing that she had all of him in her at once.

She took him into her mouth all the way several times, each time running her tongue along the underside of his cock and then whirling it around the head. Eventually she brought him out of her mouth, and then took her tongue — just the tip — and ran it slowly from his sac, up the ridge on the underside of his cock, ending (always) at the frenulum. Just a long, slow, lick. Hearing Josh groan with pleasure made Laura so hot. Her pussy was contracting involuntarily, and the combination of feeling her own pleasure and hearing his made her even more eager to continue. Josh grabbed her head and began grinding into her face, helping to set the rhythm. With each thrust of his hips, Laura opened her throat to let his cock all the way in. She could feel Josh growing even harder in her mouth. As he eased up on fucking her face, she once again took control of his cock, using her tongue to explore his shaft and head, making mental notes every time his cock twitched or jerked.

Josh’s pre-cum was flowing generously by now, making his cock even wetter than it was already. He felt himself getting closer and closer to cumming. Laura noticed it, too, and began to shy away from the variety of techniques she’d been using, focusing more on the single, fluid motion of taking him halfway into her mouth and then pulling her mouth off his cock with suction and a rotation of her tongue around the head. She did this over and over again, noting Josh’s moans and heavy breathing. Finally she felt it: his balls jumped every so slightly and she felt his head quiver and swell just before ropes of cum exploded into her mouth, hitting her throat and the roof of her mouth. Josh’s hot cum immediately filled her mouth. Laura simultaneously swallowed the first few shots and kept licking and pumping his cock, wanting every last drop he had to offer. She felt the wetness in her mouth, around his cock, grow more viscous and sweet as he continued cumming. As she swallowed what was left, she used her mouth to clean what was on his cock, feeling him jump and throb as she finished him off completely. Slowly, reluctantly, Laura released Josh’s cock from her mouth, looking up to make eye contact with him as she did so.

Josh looked down at Laura. “Holy fuck. Jesus. That. Was. Incredible,” he managed.

Laura just smiled, wiping the corners of her mouth as she slid back up to lay next to Josh on the bed.

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