Letters to Sue: Cora

Big Tits

Hi Sue:

I’ve been thinking about you again. I hope you are still thinking of me. Do you dream of how hard I am?Can you feel my hands slide over your ass? Do you hear me whisper in your ears? Can you feel my wet tongue in your pussy? Can you taste my cum?

I’ve already told you about fucking three moms of friends and former girlfriends. I told you about Lois and how she seduced me on her son’s (my roommate’s) wedding night.I told you about how Rose, the mother of one of my high school friends, offered me cookies and instead gave me her pussy. And, I told you about Carol, the mother of an ex-girlfriend, and how she picked me up at a bookstore this spring so that she could release her angry passion on me. I suppose I should mention that she invited me over next Thursday evening. First time that I’ve seen her since that hard balling I gave her last spring.

Now I want to tell you about how I fucked a woman’s mother before the woman became one of my other lovers.

I first met Cora at her house the beginning of summer of one of my grad school years.Her daughter Melanie and I had become friends in college and she invited a few of us to spend some days at the end of the school year in the big city with her at her mother’s place. Along with me were two other students named Craig and Tom. Also, one of the college volleyball players named Brenda joined us.

I was immediately taken by Cora when I first laid eyes on her.She was warm and friendly with dark eyes that sparkled. I had already developed a taste for older women and Cora’s nice ass and large tits got my blood flowing. I never dreamt anything would come of my little lust so I just behaved in my normal charming way.

All of us (Melanie, Brenda, Craig, Tom and myself) arrived in early evening and Cora was there ready with refreshments. She had put out quite the Martha Stewart spread. We had a real good time. I talked a bit with Brenda since I didn’t know her very well and joked around with the rest of my friends. I offered help to Cora at any chance that arrived. I just wanted to be around her to flirt and make her laugh.

When we had arrived Cora directed us to put our bags in various rooms.Brenda and Melanie were to sleep together in her basement bedroom. Craig and Tom took Melanie’s sister room, also in the basement. Melanie’s sister, Bethany was spending the night at a friend’s house. I was assigned the small room upstairs that had a day bed. At first I was a little disappointed about the accommodations but, after I realized that Cora’s bedroom was just across the hall, I was more pleased.

Finally the night wore to a close and we made our way to our various rooms. Cora asked if I’d be all right on the day bed and I said “Sure, as long as you tuck me in and read me a bedtime story.”. She just smiled at me. I hadn’t bothered to bring any pajamas so I decided to just sleep in my underwear. I turned off the light and crawled into bed. A few minutes later I heard a light knock on the door. It was Cora. “Is everything ok for you tonight?” She Escort Bayan opened the door slightly and I could see her silhouetted in the doorway. “Yes, except I haven’t had my bedtime story yet.”

“You’re so silly. You make me laugh.”She entered and turned on the light. “Ok, if you want a story I’ll read you one.” She was wearing a red fluffy bathrobe pulled tight around her. I loved the way her ass filled out the back of the robe and how her pale knees poked out from under it.

“What do you want to hear?” She walked to a shelf filled with soft covered books.”My ex-husband left behind a bunch of westerns and spy thrillers. I think if I looked I could find some books from when the girls were kids.” I picked up the book that was resting on the end table by the day bed.Apparently Cora was in the middle of reading it. “This one will do fine,” I said. I looked at the title and smiled at her.It was called “Virtual Warrior” and the picture on the cover was of a well-muscled man with a woman draped across his legs. Cora blushed.

“Ok, I guess that could be interesting.” She took the book from me and sat on the edge of the bed next to me. My legs were now pinned by the covers. She reached into her robe pocket to take out a pair of glasses. As she did this I caught a glimpse of one of her large breasts. She wasn’t wearing a bra. I could feel myself get hard.

She put on her glasses. They were the half-rimmed style of glasses. I had never actually seen anybody wear them.For some reason they made me even hotter for her. Cora looked at me over the top of her glasses. I looked back into her dark eyes.”Where should I start?”

I took the book from Cora’s hands, opened it about two-thirds of the way through. “Here, this’ll be fine.” I fluffed my pillows and propped myself up on them waiting for her to start. The covers were pulled down to my stomach showing my bare chest and well muscled arms.

Cora started reading “The warrior loomed over her. His leather jerkin, open to his waist, revealed a bounty of chest muscles and a corrugation of abdominals. Tight buff breeches hugged lean hips and well shaped thighs. Maggie O’Brien’s gaze jumped from his belt buckle to his jewel-encrusted boot knife, avoiding the obvious indications of a man well endowed. Clear thought fled.” I flexed my chest when Cora was reading about the leather jerkin. She couldn’t help but laugh. She playfully put one of her hands on my chest and held the book open with the other.

Cora continued reading “Maggie paused at the entrance and stared up at the warrior. ‘He is beautiful. Arrogant, I would think, but . . . powerful.'”

I put my hand on Cora’s and again flexed my chest. She could feel the strength of my young body and paused from her reading. She glanced over the top of her glasses, “I think you’re being a bit arrogant.” I smiled and ran my other hand up her thigh slightly loosening her robe.She looked at me again over her glasses. “You better behave, or I won’t finish reading your bedtime story.” “Go on”, I said, “read Ankara Escort some more.”.

Cora looked in the book again and read “Maggie didn’t know what came over her. She threw out her arms and let the dress fall to the floor. The warrior suddenly raised his head and paused, one boot poised to step over a tree root. He looked right at her.”

I opened Cora’s robe revealing her bountiful breasts and the fact that she wasn’t wearing panties either.I could tell she was wet but she didn’t stop reading. “And smiled”, she continued.

I let my fingers roam to her pussy lips. I knew for sure now that she was wet. Cora continued to read as my fingers entered her. She moved her hips and gasped. She stopped reading and looked at me again over her glasses. She whispered “I can’t honey. My daughter and your friends are downstairs. They’ll hear us.”

My fingers flicked across the top of her clit.”Are you sure you don’t want me to be your warrior, Cora? They won’t hear us. They’re asleep. I want to be your warrior tonight Cora.” I slipped the covers down showing her my hard hard cock. It was peeking at least two inches out of my boxer briefs. I saw her eyes widen at the sight.

I heard the book drop on the floor. Cora pulled the covers off me and said “I need a strong warrior.” My fingers entered into her wet pussy and she gasped. Cora pulled my boxers off and then took my cock in her hands.”You’re very strong. You must be a warrior.”

She stroked my cock while I fingered her. I pulled her leg over me while she kept talking as if she was still reading from the romance novel. Cora said “Their loins parted as they embraced.”My cock entered her on the word ’embraced’. She arched her neck back and opened her mouth. Her short dark curls fell off her neck.

Cora peered at me again over her glasses. I grabbed her ass firmly in both hands and thrust my hips up rapidly into her. She posed over me. I watched as my cock quickly went in and out. I heard Cora whisper “oh my god, you are such a strong warrior.take me honey, i’m your slave.take your captive slave”.

Cora leaned forward as I thrust harder into her. Her breasts started rubbing against my chest. She grabbed my hair and started to scream in pleasure. I covered her mouth with my hand and Cora pressed her hips against me.She looked at me through the half glasses with a combination of surprise and lust. I think she was surprised that she had let my cock into her and she was surprised that I made her cum so hard.

“Oh, god, honey. That was good.” She relaxed in my arms.

My cock was still hard. I rolled her over and entered her again. She put her arms around me. I gently took off her glasses and placed them on the night stand.I kissed her for the first time that night and drove my stiff rod into her and held it tight against the top of her pussy. She came again but this time even harder.

“Do you want to be my slave tonight Cora?” She smiled at me vacantly through her orgasm. I love fucking while a woman is contracting Ankara Escort Bayan around me. I drove into her again and again while holding my hand over her mouth.

“Do you want to be my slave Cora?” “Oh yes, my young warrior, my captor. I want to be your slave. Take me.” I pulled one of her legs around. Cora was still on her back but I had twisted her so both her legs were on one side of me.I watched her round ass as my cock slid into her.

“Get on your knees Cora. Bend over. I want to hear you beg.”I entered her doggy style. My hands pulled her hips into me. I started fucking her hard. “You’re my master. Do what you want with me.” I lightly spanked her. “Take me master. I want to feel your hard justice master.” My thighs were slapping against Cora’s ass. Cora’s chest was rubbing on the bed. Her arms were thrust forward. Her hands clenched the pillow as she came again. I pulled out and shot my cum on her ass.

Cora caught her breath and turned around to look at me. “It’s never felt that good before, honey. You’re so strong but I’d like to make you beg next time.” She got up and kissed me. “I hope you have sweet dreams.” Then she went back to her room.

I slept in late the next morning. When I got up I wandered down to the kitchen. Cora was there wearing the red fluffy bathrobe she had on briefly the night before. She turned around and smiled.”Melanie and your friends went downtown for breakfast.They decided to let you sleep.Melanie said you looked like an angel. I think she’s right.” Cora smiled at me again.

She opened her robe revealing her breasts and pussy to me again. “They won’t be back till noon. Would the young warrior like to fuck his old captive slave again?” I got hard immediately. “Come upstairs to my room. It’s got a much nicer bed than that old day bed.”

I followed her up the stairs. Cora took off robe and sat on the edge of the bed. She spread her legs and started fingering herself. “I’m so glad they’re gone. I can still feel how you were in me.” She smiled. “You shouldn’t fuck old women, honey. They never get enough.”

“I want you in here again but first I want you to eat me out.”I knelt down before her and kissed her thighs. I worked my way in and let my tongue lick her pussy lips. I reached my hands up and started playing with her breasts. Soon Cora was moaning.I could feel her hands on my neck and tugging on my hair. “C’mon honey. Time for your cock.” She groaned “I want it hard again.”

I started fucking Cora but this time slowly. She looked at me “Honey, you can fuck me hard. They’re all gone.” I caught a glimpse of myself in her dresser mirror. Her legs were wrapped over my ass. I started thrusting hard.

“You make me scream.” I could tell Cora was near coming. “Fuck me honey. That’s it. Oh ohh ooh yes yes that’s it YESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!” Cora embraced me as I came in her. “YEEesssss!!!” She shook her head back and forth. She kissed me hard, then gently. “oh, that’s what I needed. You were so good.” Just then we heard noise downstairs. “Mom? Where are you?” “Oh, my god, that’s Bethany. Quick. Get into the bathroom before she sees you.” I dashed into the hallway and slipped into the bathroom. As soon as I softly closed the door I heard “I’m up here honey, I’ll be right down.”

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