Lightly Touched


She trembled quietly as she felt his finger tips glide lightly over her taut stomach. She pulled on her bonds as he lightened the pressure until it became ticklish. His finger tip gliding up and around her aching nipple, not stopping to touch, but rather to tease before disappearing into her darkness brought on by the silk cloth tied around her eyes.

The sharp sting of something lightly slapping that same nipple jolted her back into sensation and she groaned. It didn’t hurt, but the lack of site made it seem intense and flaring. Soft warm breath caressed the tiny bud until the warmth replaced the shock and again the slap was felt. This time the object remained slowly sliding across scratching exquisitely as Sandy twisted at her bonds trying to lessen the sensation coursing through her body.

The sensation was taken from her and after a few minutes she missed it. She called out to her lover and got no response. Just as she was about to call out again her lips felt a smooth cock like object against them. She could tell it was the realistic rubber toy she kept in her drawer. She smiled yet opened her lips allowing it to slide into her mouth.

Her lover said nothing just worked it in and out in a slow fucking motion. Sandy tried to imagine what she looked like; arms tied to the sides of the bed, panties tangling her ankles together as Escort Bayan the thick cock plunged in and out of her lips. She pictured a porn movie she had seen one time and tried to suck the phallus like the girl in the movie had. She swirled her tongue around the tip and let her mouth juice up until the cock was glistening wet and slick. Her lover pulled it just beyond reach and allowed the wet toy to slide along her cheek before deftly playing keep away from her cock hungry lips. Again she imagined how slutty she must look as she chased the cock around her face before he relented and slid it deep inside again, waiting patiently as she took it just a tiny bit deeper than she thought possible. He fucked her lips slowly again and she felt his hardness poking against her side.

She knew by the cold spot he was dripping pre cum at the site of his girl sucking cock like a professional. She felt his other hand slide down her soft tummy seeking her, knowing he would find her wet, aroused, and ready. He played more games as he felt all around her sex, to the side, above, even sliding along the crease but never touching where she desperately wanted to be touched.

He pulled the cock to the side and again slipped her from her lips. There was silence again until something smaller touched her lips. It took a moment but she soon realized Çankaya Escort he was brushing them with the strawberry lip gloss he had bought her on Valentines day.

He paused again briefly and she felt the bed move until the un mistakable feeling of his cock brushed her lips. He leaned over her and felt her thick saliva soaked toy slowly part her damp pussy even as she sought unsuccessfully to pull her lovers cock into her glistening lips. The phallus spread her open as he gently worked it in and out until she accepted it deep inside her. She groaned and closed her eyes despite the fact she was blind folded. She arched her back and gasped and he took that moment to slip into her mouth, the sweet taste of his wetness on her lips mixing with the strawberry. He pumped her mouth gently in time with the cock in her pussy before slipping free and again playing keep away with her lips. He began to fuck in with solid deliberate thrusts, his thumb bumping lightly over her clitoris with each one. She knew she wouldn’t last long and concentrated on sucking his cock hoping she could get him to cum first. It simply wasn’t to be. He could pull free with his arousal peaked and she could not. She felt the sensations sweeping up from within. Her nipples tightened she felt the moment of heat and the waves raced from her center out through the rest of Ankara Escort her body. Her hands clenched into tiny white balls as she strained at her bonds. her pussy gasping the thick cock refusing to let it go as it struggled to milk what it could from the veined rubber.

As her orgasm subsided he slowly slipped free of both her mouth and pussy, taking care not to over stimulate the hypersensitive button.

She felt the bed shift again and just as she was able to stand being touched again he slipped inside her. She arched her back taking him as deeply as she could as he began to fuck her rhythmically. The phallus, glistening with her fresh cum pressed at her lips and she sucked it briefly imagining being taken by two. The second was faceless and she actually imagined having two of her lover at one. The sensations returned at the naughty thought and she quickly built toward another orgasm even as she heard his breathe tightening toward his own. She became lost in her cum as he let go of the phallus and it slipped free, she felt his fingers lock into hers and immediately felt her pussy flush and the rush in her ears as she came once more. She felt her lover groan then pull free as her head tossed side to side. Warm drops splashed her cheeks and neck and she imagined each pearly drop as it arced from his cock to cling warmly on her smooth skin. She opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue catching a few tastes or her lover’s sweet cum.

She felt him relax and lay beside her, his fingers once again lightly caressing her taut stomach as the sheen of exertion slowly cooled on her skin.

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