Lisa Gives Me a Surprise Birthday Gift


This story contains water sports and bi activity. All characters are over 18. All characters were clean and disease free.


Last week I got an email from my lover, Lisa. She said she was flying down this weekend to celebrate my birthday. She said she had flyer miles that she had to use and this was a good excuse to use them. She also said there would be a surprise for me.

She said that she already spoke to our friend Vern and he would host us for the weekend.

Lisa said she was flying into the Melbourne airport on Saturday morning and leaving on Sunday, late afternoon.

I told her I couldn’t wait for her to come down. The last time she was here, the three of us fucked the whole time and it was incredible. I couldn’t imagine what the surprise could be.

Saturday finally arrived and I headed to the Melbourne, Florida airport. Her flight landed right on time and we soon headed to Vern’s place in Melbourne Village, which was about 20 minutes away. All the time Lisa was smiling and telling me she was glad she came down.

When we got to Vern, the temperature was already in the upper 80’s with the sun out strong.

Vern greeted us naked, as usual and Lisa gave him a great big hug and kiss and even bent down to give his cock a big hello.

Lisa went right to Vern’s bedroom and put her stuff away and in seconds was as naked as Vern. I followed and the three of us headed out to Vern’s backyard.

Vern had lounge chairs all set and the pool and hot tub ready.

By now, it was around 11:00 a.m. and the sun felt good on our relaxed, naked bodies.

Then, we heard a car drive up to Vern’s garage. Instinctly, Lisa covered herself. Vern told her it was ok. It was his newly hired housekeeper who comes in weekly.

Vern yelled out, “Maggie, we are in the back. Just go inside and do your thing.

As the temperature rose, we decided to jump into the pool. As we enjoyed the cool water, we talked about the Valentine’s Day time we spent together. Vern said it was the best time he ever had. Lisa seconded that and said she was sore for a week from all the fucking she got and we all laughed.

I started a conversation by asking Vern, “So, when did you hire this housekeeper?”

He said, “After you guys left, I figured it was time to get the place tidied up and I couldn’t do it, so I asked around and found Maggie.”

He told us that he called Maggie and explained what he wanted, she agreed to come by for an interview. I told her that I was a nudist and was always naked in the house. She told me that wasn’t a problem.

He continued, “Maggie interviewed and I gave her the job.”

He then told us that Maggie comes over once a week to tidy up, do some wash, fix meals and freezes them for me.

He said Maggie was 25 and has a one year old baby and that her husband was killed in Iraq.

She was upbeat though and said her families help with the baby so she can have some sort of a life.

Then, my beloved lover suddenly asked Vern, “How is she in bed?” Vern sat there stunned and didn’t respond, just smiled.

We staid in the pool for awhile and it was almost time for dinner. Vern said he had ordered from a restaurant and the food was being delivered in an hour, so we still had time to relax.

That being said, Lisa came over to me and gave me a kiss. Her tongue finding mine. Our wet bodies pressed together. My hard cock pressed up against her body.

After that, we got out of the pool and dried off and the three of us headed to the lounge chairs.

As Escort Bayan we relaxed, I asked Lisa about my surprise. She said I would be getting it soon and smiled.

Just then, Maggie peeked out from the house and told Vern that she was done and that we could go inside now.

We got up and as we started toward the house, Lisa told me to get her cell phone in the bedroom.

I went into the bedroom and my eyes bulged and my jaw dropped. There was Maggie, naked in bed with bows on her nipples and pussy.

“Happy Birthday, Tony,” Maggie said.

I looked at Vern and Lisa and Lisa said, “Maggie is yours until tomorrow. She has a special talent you will definitely enjoy. I hope you enjoy your gift.”

Then Vern said, “Enjoy Maggie. We will come back and join you two later.” Then they left.

As soon as they left, I joined Maggie on the bed. She was gorgeous, about 5’6′, red hair, green eyes, full round tits, a nice round ass and her pussy was as smooth as Lisa’s.

We kissed and then I removed the bows from her nipples and pussy. Then I noticed that there was a little milk oozing from her nipples.

“Maggie, are you lactating?” I asked.

“Yes, I am. That was a requirement when Vern contacted me. He said that Lisa insisted on that talent for your birthday.”

Still stunned, I asked her, “Are you really Vern’s housekeeper?”

“Yes, I am. We also enjoy sex and nudity. He told me a lot about you and Lisa. By the way, I am bi and hope that Lisa is too.”

I told her that Lisa isn’t bi and that she always said she would not play with a woman.

Maggie said she will see if she could change Lisa’s mind and smiled.

After that, We must have fucked for an hour before we became exhausted.

I drained both her milk filled tits dry and it was terrific. I told her she was the best present I ever received.

Maggie told me that her tits will be filled again in a couple of hours and smiled.

Just as Maggie and I finished, Vern yelled out that dinner was delivered. Maggie and I joined them, naked in the dining room.

I kissed and hugged Lisa and thanked her for my gift. I also thanked Vern for helping out and told him that Maggie is a terrific woman.

At dinner, we chatted and I asked Vern if his bed could accommodate all four of us. He said it should but it might be tight, but it will be enjoyable.

After dinner, the four of us went outside and jumped in the pool. I noticed that Maggie cozied up to Lisa a few times as their bodies touched each other.

It was nice to see their tits floating and touching with Lisa never shying away.

Then Lisa said she was going into the hot tub and Maggie asked if she could join her and Lisa told her it was fine. Vern and I watched as the two women walked over to the hot tub, two visions of beauty.

Vern and I watched the two lovelies, hoping for the best.

Even as Maggie sat closer to Lisa, she never moved away. We heard Lisa ask about her lactating and Maggie said something and the next thing we saw was Lisa’s hands feeling Maggie’s tits.

Vern and I just looked at each other. Then we heard Lisa yell out, “Hey guys, relax. I am just checking her tits to see if they are full of milk.”

Vern yelled back, “Let Maggie check your tits for milk too. We want to see that,” as we laughed.

Smiling, Lisa told Maggie to give them a thrill. Just then, Maggie put her hands on Lisa’s big tits and squeezed them. Then she sucked on her nipples, as Lisa didn’t move and seemed to enjoy it. We applauded Sincan Escort them.

Lisa let out a yell, “Tony, this is part of your surprise. Enjoy it as it will be the first and last time,” laughing all the time.

As the heat of the day was waning, we decided to head inside. We all dried off, as Vern and I watched Lisa and Maggie drying each other off. Our cocks were both rigid and hard as we entered the house.

Maggie put on coffee and we discussed the evening plan. Maggie started first by saying she wanted all four of us swapping and playing together. Vern said he was ok with that as did I. Lisa said she would be ok with that as well.

After coffee, we all headed to Vern’s bedroom. Vern and I were on the outside and the women were in the middle, their asses touching.

Lisa faced Vern and I faced Maggie as we started our mini orgy.

I wasted no time in sucking the milk from Maggie’s tits. As I was doing that, I told Lisa to join me. She hesitated and then turned toward me and Maggie. As Vern watched, Maggie laid flat on her back and gave me and Lisa complete access to her body.

My mouth found Maggie’s nipple and I started the milk flowing. I pushed Lisa’s mouth to Maggie’s nipple and soon Lisa was sucking the milk from Maggie’s other nipple.

All the while our hands were all over Maggie’s nakedness. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Vern now taking video of our performance.

It didn’t take long before we emptied her tits of milk. When she was dry, Lisa went back to Vern and started kissing and feeling him up, playing with his hard cock and balls.

I was all over Maggie and it wasn’t long before I mounted her with my cock at her entrance.

She spread her legs as much as she could and I was able to slide my cock in her easily.

Vern was already fucking Lisa as I started fucking Maggie.

As we were fucking them, their hands were touching each other’s tits and playing with them.

Then I told the women to get on all fours. Me and Vern got behind them and started fucking them doggie style. Soon, Vern and I switched women.

My fantasy of Lisa playing with another woman was coming through as I could see she was getting into it with Maggie.

I told Vern to cum on Lisa’s tits and I would do the same to Maggie. We told the women to get on their backs.

Soon, Vern and I were both cumming. We pulled our cocks out and shot our cum all over their tits.

As we finished shooting, the women faced each other and scooped up our cum and fed it to each other and then they kissed, sharing our cum.

Then Maggie mounted Lisa. We watched as they rubbed their smooth pussies together.

This was the first time I saw Lisa with another woman and my heart was racing and my cock rock hard.

They then switched to 69 and we watched as they tasted each others pussies.

Then, they changed positions and Maggie was now on top of Lisa, they kissed, their mouths opened so their tongues could play. Their tits rubbing together. Maggie’s milk oozing over Lisa’s tits.

Their rubbing increased and their bodies were in synch. Soon I heard Lisa yell out that she was cumming. And cum she did. Her body arched up and was informed spasms as her body shook. Just then Maggie followed and came as well.

After what seemed like forever, they fell to the side, exhausted. They were a sight.

Me and Vern let them rest while we had a cup of coffee. In about forty-five minutes, the women came out covered in milk, their juices and our dried cum and were Ankara Escort smiling.

They came in hand and hand and when they saw us, pulled their bodies close and kissed.

I asked Lisa, “So, my love, how was your first lez experience?”

Lisa looked at me and smiled and said, “I hope you enjoyed the show. Although it was wonderful with Maggie, I still prefer cocks like yours and Vern’s. However, for the rest of the time we have together and as part of your gift, I will be more than happy to have sex again with Maggie.”

Then Lisa turned to Maggie and said, “Maggie, is it ok with you if you and I have more sex together tonight?”

Maggie looked at Lisa and said, “Lisa I would have sex with you anytime you want it. You are the best female partner I have ever been with. I think the guys are going to be in for a treat tonight.”

After the four of us rested, it was late and we decided to try to get some sleep.

During the night we woke up at various times, playing with each other and switching fucking partners.

At one time, around 3:00 in the morning, Vern and I were doing 69 and we woke up the women who joined us and started doing their own 69 at the same time. It was the first time Maggie saw Vern sucking my cock and it excited her even more.

It was great watching Lisa eating pussy as Vern was sucking my cock.

We didn’t wake up until 8:00 a.m. when Lisa snuck out of bed to pee.

I silently got behind her and joined her in the bathroom. As Lisa sat, I stood in front of her and we peed together while kissing. My pee soaking her pussy and splashing on her.

Just then Maggie popped in. “You guys like water sports?” She asked.

I turned my head and said, “Yes, we do. I got Lisa into it the last time we were here. Does that bother you?”

Maggie smiled and said, “Maybe you two can teach me later, outside.”

Lisa said, “Of course we will teach you. Tony got me to like it and you will too.”

We finished peeing and went back to bed.

After breakfast, we all showered and freshened up. The sun was bright and the temperature rising. It was 82 and climbing.

We went outside and relaxed in the lounge chairs. Maggie & Lisa rubbed each other with sunscreen and it was erotic to watch them.

After an hour or so, Maggie said she had to pee. I got up and told her I had to also. We got up and I took her to a clump of trees. I could see Vern and Lisa watching.

I made Maggie face me and I told her when she was ready to start peeing in my direction and I would pee on her at the same time.

Maggie’s started out slowly, then it flowed out of her and onto me. My pee found her private area and I soaked her pretty good. By the time we finished, we had pee dripping down our legs and privates.

Lisa came over and wiped us down and even lapped up some of our pee from my balls and Maggie’s privates.

Maggie said she enjoyed it and we all laughed.

Well, the rest of the morning was relatively quiet. There was some more fucking among all of us but it was getting late and Lisa had to get ready to pack and catch her flight.

We all said our goodbyes. Lisa and Maggie exchanged email addresses and phone numbers.

As we were leaving for the airport, Lisa gave Vern a big hug and kiss. She gave Maggie a big hug and kiss, on the lips might I add.

She thanked Vern and Maggie for a great time.

I also thanked Vern for everything. Then I gave Maggie a big hug and kiss and thanked her for being the best birthday present I ever received.

Vern invited Lisa back and Lisa said she would be and we left.

On the way to the airport, I thanked her for a great birthday. At the airport, I gave her a big hug and kiss and told her to come back soon.

She said she would.

I already miss her…

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