Little Red Emily


It was my birthday. I was lying on the bed, naked, my erect cock in hand, slowly stroking as I watched some porn. My wife had told me to come upstairs, “get comfortable” and be waiting. I knew what that meant. It meant she was in the mood for some play time and I should go start getting warmed up. She’d be up in a few minutes. Since it was my birthday, I was half expecting something special from her, but I never knew what that might be.

The porn I was watching was some cuckqueen scenes… wives watching their husbands fuck porn stars. It was something my wife wouldn’t have enjoyed a few years before but we had been in the swinging lifestyle for a while and she had seen me with another man’s wife. She discovered how much she liked watching me and since then she’d really enjoyed the cuckqueen porn I’d brought home.

As I was watching a wife on the screen watching her husband eating a porn star’s pussy, I heard footsteps coming up the stairs. What I was completely unprepared for was Emily walking in the room. You see, my wife’s name is Dana. She’s a curvy 50 year old brunette mom of four who is 5′-06″ tall with DD breasts and a carefully trimmed pubic thatch. Emily, on the other hand, was a very petite but curvy 24 year old redhead. Standing right at five feet tall and weighing about 105 pounds, Emily’s cute perky B-cup tits were very different from what I was used to and her shaved pussy was quite a surprise. The bigger surprise was that she was walking into our master bedroom wearing a black lace baby-doll outfit that covered her but was nearly 100% see through.

Perhaps I should back up and explain how we got here…

– – – – –

Dana and I frequent a local bar that’s not very big and has a small but dedicated group of customers. We’re friends with several of them and often meet them one or two nights each week just to hang out, talk, plan weekend adventures, etc. This group of friends is a mix of friends from the lifestyle and vanilla friends who know nothing about the recreational sexual adventures Dana and I enjoy.

One Friday night, a few months before my birthday, a new bartender started working there. This petite adorable redhead with such sensual and delicious looking curves (she obviously worked out as demonstrated by her toned arms, muscular thighs and high firm ass) was friendly and made me think very inappropriate thoughts; unless my wife approved of them, and then they were entirely appropriate! We learned that the new bartender’s name was Emily and she had recently finished her Master’s degree at a nearby college. During the day she worked for a government contractor but a couple nights each week she worked as a bartender to have the extra cash she got from tips.

On more than one occasion Dana caught me watching Emily when she walked by or bent over to pick something up. If our vanilla friends were around, Dana wouldn’t say anything but the look in her eyes let me know she’d caught me looking and hoped I enjoyed the view along with the naughty thoughts the views surely spawned. If it was just us or our lifestyle friends were the only ones around, Dana would make comments like, “You fucking dirty lech… stop thinking about how you’d use that little redhead.” We’d all get a chuckle since I’d been caught. A couple weeks before my birthday we were at the bar and Dana caught me staring at Emily. We were alone at our table so when she looked at me I said, “What? You know I think she’s hot and even you admit she’s cute and sexy.” I paused and then added, “If you wanted to know what to get me for my birthday, there’s the perfect gift.”

Dana balked at that. She laughed and said, “Sure. I’ll just ask her if she’d like to be my birthday present to you so you can use her sexually. Right.”

I knew the chances of it ever happening were so minimal as to not be worth estimating but I also didn’t see any loss in taking the chance. “Well, if you don’t ask her, she can’t say yes or no.” Dana just scoffed at the idea and we went on with the rest of our evening. Our friends, both vanilla and not, showed up and the conversation obviously moved to other topics. I still stole glances at Emily anytime I could without being overly obvious to those at the table and at the end of the evening as we said our goodbyes, Emily hugged Dana and I both and let us know she looked forward to seeing us next time.

When we were about half way home, a ride that had been quiet the whole time, Dana suddenly blurted out, “You need to stop thinking about it. I can’t get you Emily as a birthday gift. Maybe I can find another one of our lifestyle friends to help us out… but not Emily.” I laughed. She always had been able to read my mind. The rest of the ride passed in silence and when we got home we headed straight to bed. The next day was a work day and we had to be up early so we sacked out with some snuggling but no sexual activity that evening. What I didn’t know at the time, but found out after my birthday, was that Dana was already trying to figure Escort Bayan out how to approach Emily about being a sexual gift for me.

– – – – –

It was a couple weeks later, but still several weeks before my birthday, when Dana stopped in at the bar while I was out of town for a couple days for work. Dana told me it was a slow night and the bar was almost empty; that Emily was delighted to see her because it meant the night wouldn’t be a total bust for tips. Apparently Emily asked where I was and when Dana told her I was out of town for work, Emily expressed her appreciation for Dana having come in; that her company would be welcome since the bar was almost empty.

With only the occasional other customer coming in, having a drink and then leaving, Emily spent quite a bit of time sitting with Dana, talking about anything and everything. Dana learned what some of Emily’s hobbies were, the fact that her long-time boyfriend had just ditched her for some college freshman girl; and that all of Emily’s family lived at the other end of the state. As it turned out, Emily didn’t have a lot of friends in the area unless you counted her workmates and she didn’t really consider many of them friends. Dana told me she saw her chance when Emily commented that one of her biggest challenges was her on-going frustration since her boyfriend had bailed. “I know it’s a slutty thing to say,” said Emily (from what Dana later told me), “but if I don’t get well fucked pretty soon, I might as well buy stock in Duracell.” From what Dana told me, the rest of the conversation went something like this.

“So why don’t you find yourself a maintenance man?” Dana asked Emily. “You’re cute with a hot body and every guy I’ve ever met fantasizes about redheads.”

“I don’t know,” replied Emily. “Sure, I hooked up with a guy or two in college for some casual fun, but I don’t feel like that’s what I’m after now. I feel like I should be focusing on something longer term.” Emily paused for a moment as if to consider what she was going to say before continuing. “I thought your generation was all about fidelity and monogamy. Why are you suggesting that I find a guy for a casual lay?”

Dana told me that it was that moment when she decided to tell Emily about our involvement in the lifestyle. “Fidelity? Monogamy?” laughed Dana. “You might find this hard to understand, but Frank could be 100% loyal to me and fuck other woman at the same time. It’s all about trust, honesty, openness and inclusion.”

“Could,” said Emily, commenting on Dana’s choice of words.

“Okay,” conceded Dana, “not ‘could,’ but does… is.”

“What?!” Emily asked in shock. “Are you saying that you let Frank have sex with other women?”

“Oh, sweety,” Dana said with a chuckle, “I’ve watched Frank enjoy several women… usually while their husbands were enjoying me.”

Emily’s shock was evident again as she repeated herself. “What?!”

“Calm yourself,” said Dana with the smile remaining on her face. “We’ve been married for longer than you’ve been alive and for the past ten years, or maybe a little more, we’ve been ‘in the lifestyle,’ as they say.”

“What’s the lifestyle?” asked Emily.

“Swingers,” answered Dana. “We have sex with other people with each other’s full knowledge, consent and encouragement.”

Emily looked in shock; so shocked that Dana giggled at the look on her face. “Did you think we ‘older’ people were such prudes?”

Emily had to shake off her surprise before she could answer. “Don’t take this the wrong way,” she said, “but you guys are about the same age of my parents and I just never expected people in your generation to be… so open minded about recreational sex.”

“You’d be surprised,” chuckled Dana in response. “Obviously this isn’t for public sharing, but Frank has watched me fuck a half dozen guys or more and I’ve seen him with at least three different women. He has seen me with two guys at the same time and has even taken pictures of me with various playmates. He gets excited seeing me enjoy myself and I’ve recently discovered how much I enjoy seeing him the same way.”

“Wow,” said Emily, diverting her eyes. Still, even though she looked away and almost seemed embarrassed by the conversation, Dana thought she detected a note of interest and perhaps curiosity on Emily’s part.

“So,” continued Dana, “I have something else to tell you if you’re interested. Hopefully you won’t be offended.”

“I don’t think you can tell me anything that surprises me at this point, and you don’t have to worry about offending me” said Emily. “Go ahead.”

“Well,” said Dana, “Frank thinks you’re kinda hot. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but he watches you pretty closely when we’re here.”

“I’ve noticed,” said Emily. “I never minded it so I didn’t say anything. He’s never made any inappropriate comments and I’m used to guys staring at me. I was hoping you didn’t catch him and get mad at me.”

“Mad at you?” laughed Eryaman Escort Dana. “First, I don’t mind at all. You are hot. Second, I’d rather him look at you in front of me rather than trying to sneak around behind my back. Third, when he gets worked up staring at you all evening, thinking about what he’d like to do with you, he takes me home and gives me the fucking of a lifetime.” She paused, chuckled and continued. “God knows Frank’s caught me staring at plenty of young men. We both view it the same way. If we get horny looking at others, we take it out on each other when we get home. So I benefit from him looking at you and fantasizing about you.”

That caught Emily by surprise. “Fantasizing about me?”

“Oh, yeah,” Dana reassured her. “He thinks about you and all the things he’d like to do with you.”

“And that doesn’t bother you?” asked Emily. Dana thought she obviously didn’t seem insulted, put off or offended.

“Not in the least,” said Dana. “Like I said, if we get home after an evening here of him looking at you and fantasizing about what he’d like to do with you, he takes it out on me. Some of the best sex we’ve had is after an evening here with you unknowingly getting his engine all revved up.”

“Wow,” said Emily again. “I didn’t know.”

“Now you do,” said Dana matter-of-factly. “In fact, a couple weeks ago he even commented to me that you’d be the ideal birthday present for him.”

“What?!” Dana had managed to shock Emily again. But the young redhead still didn’t look offended. Shocked but complimented at the same time.

“Did I stutter?” asked Dana with a grin. “I caught Frank staring at you as you walked around and he saw me catch him. He wasn’t defensive at all; he knew I didn’t mind him looking. He suggested you’d be the perfect birthday present.”

“What did you say?” asked Emily. Now, thought Dana, she looked intrigued.

“I told him there was no chance,” replied Dana. “But truth be told, it’s one of the reasons I came here tonight while he’s out of town. I was hoping the opportunity would come up… and I’ve gotten lucky that our conversation evolved this way. So now the question is… are you offended? Interested? Intrigued? Curious? Willing?”

“To be a birthday present to Frank?” asked Emily, once again sounding a bit surprised. “For sex?”

“Yes and yes,” said Dana. “I’d love to surprise him with you as a willing sexual participant for him.”

Emily was quiet for a second. “Just him?”

Dana looked the young woman squarely in the eye. “I don’t usually swing that way,” she said evenly, “but I admit you’re hot and attractive. Unless you meant to ask if there would be other men involved?”

“No,” Emily shook her head. “I meant you.”

“Maybe,” said Dana. “Unless you’d prefer not. I make no promises of involvement with you, but I can guarantee none if you don’t want any.”

Emily was quiet for another few moments. “And you’re sure you’re actually okay with the idea of me and Frank having sex?”

“The bigger question,” Dana said, “is if YOU are okay with having sex with Frank? He’s more than twice your age and plenty of young women just don’t get excited by older guys. Sure, some have that whole ‘daddy issue’ thing going on, but a lot are only attracted to young, fit, hot guys. Frank’s fit enough and he has no issues with performance, but he’s not a spring chicken anymore either.” Dana paused for a minute. “I never thought this conversation would get this far, but if you’re willing, I really would love to surprise him with you.”

“Can I think about it and let you know?” asked Emily.

“Of course,” said Dana. “I’m pleased you’d consider it.” She pulled out her cell phone. “Give me your number and I’ll text you so you have mine. Then you can just let me know.”

Apparently, according to Dana, Emily texted her a few days later saying she’d thought about it and was willing. That inspired an entire text conversation that revealed Emily had never had unprotected sex with a guy… ever. She’d never had a man’s bare cock in her and she’d never felt it as a guy came in her. She’d never been with a guy more than two years older than her own age and she’d never had sex with anyone watching. Dana made a few things clear: I had a vasectomy years ago and we were both disease free. As a birthday present to me, Dana fully expected Emily to have unprotected sex with me and she reassured Emily that she’d enjoy the feeling of my cock spitting cum into her, not to mention the feeling of intercourse without a condom in the way. Dana apparently also communicated her expectation that oral sex, intercourse in a variety of positions and, if Emily was okay with it, anal sex would be part of the adventure. She wanted me to have as “complete” of a birthday experience as could be managed.

The texting continued on and off for several days from what Dana told me. Emily made it clear that the more she thought about it, the more odd but exciting the idea got. She Ankara Escort wasn’t sure how she felt about having sex with a guy twice her age, but the idea of a bare cock in her and her pussy getting filled full of hot cum turned her on immensely. Emily expressed her hope that I was good at eating pussy and was decently equipped. Dana gave some reassurances and they hatched their plan.

– – – – –

So, there I was lying on the bed, naked, my erect cock in hand, slowly stroking as I watched some porn. As I was watching a wife on the screen watching her husband eating a porn star’s pussy, I heard footsteps coming up the stairs and then Emily was walking into our master bedroom wearing a black lace baby-doll outfit that covered her but was nearly 100% see through. Her perky firm young tits were different from Dana’s full softer ones and her body was overall much tighter looking. From what I could see, her pussy was shaved smooth and her red hair fell in lightly curled locks framing her innocent looking face. Her appearance was anything but innocent though and I silently thanked all the powers that be for a wife who would give me such a birthday gift.

“Happy Birthday, Frank,” said Emily with a nervous smile, watching as I continued to stroke my cock.

“Thank you,” I said with a big smile. “Is Dana coming to join us or do I get you all to myself for my birthday?”

“She might be up in a few minutes,” Emily said as she stepped over closer to the bed, her eyes watching my hand as I continued to slowly stroke my length. “But she told me to come up and get comfortable with you first; to let you know what your surprise birthday present was… ME!” Standing next to the bed she did a small pirouette, spinning around and lifting the hem of the short babydoll outfit. It did nothing to hide her body and I thoroughly enjoyed seeing her curves as she turned.

As she finished her spin she stopped facing the bed and very pointedly looking at my crotch where I was still gently stroking… “So,” she said, trailing a finger along my closest thigh, “where do we go from here?”

With my right hand continuing up and down my length, I reached out my left to caress her hip and the exposed skin on her leg. It was hot to the touch. “You’re the gift,” I replied. “but I’m not about to make demands. I suspect this is somewhat of a first for you?” I asked. I looked up as I did and saw her nodding as her fingers trailed closer to my cock. “So we can take this as slow or fast as you want… whatever you’re comfortable with.”

Her eyes were locked on my cock as my hand stroked, precum pooling at the opening and just beginning to run down the underside. “Can I just watch you keep stroking for a few minutes?”

“Of course,” I said with a smile. “Why don’t you come get comfortable on the bed?” I indicated with a nod of my head to the other side of the bed. She didn’t answer but slowly started walking around the bed, all the while keeping her eyes on my hand where I was continuing to pleasure myself. Along the way, she pulled the babydoll top up and off, dropping it on the floor somewhere near the foot of the bed. I enjoyed taking in the sight of her young, firm, fit body all the way around until she got on the bed on her knees.

Once she was on the bed beside me, she reached out her hand and put it on my length just above mine, moving it to stroke my cock in rhythm with mine. Her first touch resulted in my precum being smeared in the web between her thumb and forefinger, and after only a stroke or two she lifted her hand to her mouth, making quite the show of stretching out her tongue to taste and lick the precum off her skin. “That tastes good,” she said with a wicked grin.

“I know,” I said with a grin of my own. “But you shouldn’t be selfish. You should share.”

“Really?” she seemed genuinely surprised. But she didn’t hesitate. She leaned down, opening her mouth and licking her tongue around my leaking cockhead. With the taste of precum on her tongue, she raised up and brought her mouth to mine, returning her hand to my cock as she kissed me, tongue first. As our lips met I put both my hands on her body and pulled her closer, enjoying the feeling of her hand on my length as she firmly but slowly stroked from root to head and back.

A deep moan escaped me involuntarily. A part of me couldn’t believe I had this young hot redhead in my bed, her hand on my manhood and her tongue swirling the taste of my precum into our kiss. She broke our kiss and dropped her head back down to my cock, engulfing my length into the moist heat of her mouth. At the same time, she subtly moved on the bed so that I could more easily reach her ass and lower half.

For a few minutes, I just laid and quite selfishly enjoyed the moment. This was already a spectacular birthday present and I knew it was going to get better. As her head bobbed up and down on my dick and her tongue explored every vein and ridge, I let my hand explore her ass, legs, hips and tits. Her nipples perked up quite nicely and the moan that escaped her when I pinched and then pulled on the closest one vibrated her mouth around my shaft. The timing was such that my cockhead was in the back of her throat as she moaned and the sensation was almost overwhelming.

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