Locker Room Surprise

Cuckold Captions

It had been a tough session, her personal trainer had worked her hard, as he always did. It was very late and she was alone in the changing rooms, as she stripped off her clothes, her mind wandered, she imagined his strong hands undressing her, peeling off her sweat drenched clothes, his lips pressed against her neck, his tongue lapping at the beads of sweat running down from her hair, her right hand moved to her breasts, stroking her nipple as she imagined his fingers there, his mouth, his tongue, sucking and teasing, her left hand moved down between her legs, her pussy was getting wetter and her throbbing clit demanded attention. She rubbed gently over the material of her lace panties, it felt good, again she imagined it was his strong hand that was between her legs, she wriggled the panties off and allowed her fingers to caress her soft lips, gently parting her wet slit and sliding inside her, the penetration made her gasp and the noise startled her from her fantasy, she became aware suddenly of where she was, and that she wasn’t alone.

He stood at the doorway to the changing rooms, watching, frozen to the spot, she had left her iPod at reception after their session and his intention was to just to return it, but now he was so aroused he could only think about how it would feel to touch her, how she would taste and how amazingly sexy she was! He could feel the blood rushing to his penis, his erection growing strong, without even realizing he was doing it he began to stroke his cock through his sweat pants. He watched her hand slide between her legs, he heard her gasp with pleasure and then suddenly she stopped, she had seen him…..

She grabbed her towel quickly, she was embarrassed and ashamed, but at the same time incredibly turned on, the object of her fantasy had been watching her the whole time, she was shocked and surprised, but not so much that she hadn’t spotted how turned on he was, his mighty cock straining to be released. She had to decide, would she scurry away, hide, avoid him and pretend none of this had happened, or should she be bold and seize the moment? It took her only a second Escort Bayan to decide, and to her amazement she found herself dropping the towel and walking towards him, naked, breathless and very wet…..

He stood, rigid, frozen on the spot, not knowing what to do, he watched her grab for her towel, she was shocked to see him, his mind was racing, what should he do, what should he say? No answers came, he started to feel panic coursing through his body, and then she dropped the towel and began walking towards him. He remained rooted to the spot almost unable to comprehend what was happening, she reached him, and looked him straight in the eye as she slide her hands into the waistband of his joggers, dragging them down to his ankles, positioning herself on her knees facing his hard cock, he felt his senses returning as her mouth engulfed him forcing him to gasp with pleasure…..

She could see he was uncertain, he was motionless and the colour was draining from his face, his sudden shyness gave her new confidence, she looked him straight in the eye, she wanted him, she wanted to taste his cock, surprised by her boldness, she found herself pulling down his trousers. Her eyes widened as she came face to face with his bulging member, she took it into her mouth, sucking it greedily, taking it further and further into her throat. Her hand cupped his balls and she heard him gasp with pleasure. She moved more quickly up and down his shaft, she felt his hands running through her hair, pulling her towards him, she grabbed his tight bum, pulling him hard towards her, loving the feel of his big cock fucking her face, she wanted to taste his cum, wanted him to shoot his hot load into her open mouth, but before she could bring him to climax his hands gripped her shoulders firmly lifting her to her feet….

He stood looking down at her, sucking his cock, he still couldn’t believe this was happening, he was beginning to lose himself in the moment, he could feel himself rapidly heading towards orgasm, she was in control. It was this thought that stirred him, she was in control, this was not the basis Etlik Escort of their relationship, he should be in control. He needed to redress the balance of power here. He reached down gripping her shoulders, lifting her to her feet. He pulled her in close and kissed her deeply, one arm around her waist and the other caressing her face, he broke the embrace abruptly and spun her around pinning her to the lockers…

She gasped as she felt the cool wood against her cheek, then groaned as she felt his hands cup her breasts and his mouth kissing the back of her neck, she arched her back and began to grind her ass into him, she could feel his cock between her legs and she ached for penetration, his hand wandered from her breast and started gently rubbing her clit. ‘I want you to cum for me’ he said ‘and then I am going to slide my cock deep inside you and make you cum again’

‘Oh yes’ she cried ‘that’s what I want, do it to me’

His hand moved more quickly and more firmly against her, she began to feel her legs weaken, she couldn’t contain herself any longer as a wave of ecstasy tore through her body. Her legs were jelly and she knew the only thing holding her upright was the weight of his muscular body pinning her to the lockers…..

He heard her cry out with pleasure and felt her legs buckle beneath her, he held her close, using his body to pin her to the lockers. Her muscles contracted as a powerful orgasm ripped through her body, he could feel her wet slit against his cock and he pulled back to line himself up properly, he thrust upwards with his hips and entered her willing pussy. Slowly he moved into her, filling her with his hard, thick member, he could feel her gripping his cock tightly as the final spasms from her orgasm swept through her body, she cried out again as he buried the full length of his big shaft deep inside her, he kissed her neck, biting down on her shoulder as his left hand gripped her nipple, squeezing firmly, he felt her grind against him, trying to get every last bit of his cock inside her, he thrust harder and grabbed her hips pulling her closer to him Ankara Escort allowing him to penetrate her completely……

Her orgasm was starting to subside when she felt his big cock start to slip inside her, he was huge, but she was so wet that he slid smoothly inside her, filling her completely, she couldn’t stop herself from crying out with pleasure, she felt like she was being torn in two, but she couldn’t stop herself from pushing back against him trying to get even more of his cock in her overstuffed pussy, she was pinned hard against the lockers, and the cold wood felt good against her face, she felt him release her slightly so he could find her nipple, squeezing hard, it was driving her wild, she loved having her nipples handled roughly, she could feel it all the way from her breasts to deep inside her pussy, another orgasm was coming, she could feel her whole body tingling with pleasure. She screamed out ‘fuck me, oh god fuck me harder!’

She felt his pace increase, his huge cock forcing its way into her tight pussy, harder and harder, faster and faster, she was giddy with excitement when her next orgasm sent her into orbit…..

He could feel her beginning to tremble, he knew she was about to come again, he held on to her hips and increased his pace, thrusting into her like a wild animal, overcome with lust and excitement, as she came, he slowed his pace, still pulling her onto him by her hips, but each thrust was slow and deliberate, reaching her deepest depths, she was gasping and whimpering with pleasure and he could feel the muscle spasms tightening around his cock. He was close to, knowing he was about to cum, he withdrew, spinning her around to face him, her legs were too weak to support her and she slid down to her knees, facing his raging hard on, she opened her mouth and he allowed himself to climax, shooting ribbons of hot cum onto her tongue and over her heaving breasts…..

She showered quickly, and dressed, tying her wet hair up in a ponytail. She grabbed her belongings and headed out of the gym, he was standing at reception, she looked straight at him ‘same time next week?’ she said.

‘Yes, I will put it in the diary’ he replied, trying his best to sound calm and professional, but she could see he was flushed. She walked to her car smiling, the delicious taste of his cum still making her tongue tingle.

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