Lost in Germany Ch. 01


There I was, walking aimlessly down a random street in Germany. I had no idea how I got there, or exactly where I was, but it was a beautiful day and I was happy to be out of doors. The last thing I remembered was sitting on my barstool, sipping a Beam and soda, bull-shitting with the waitresses. It was Thursday evening, I had come up after work to read the paper and have a few cocktails, as I usually did during happy hour, and the next thing I know I’m on this street. I pick up a paper from the sidewalk, and, based on the rudimentary German I remember from High School, it’s Saturday morning.

I find what I believe to be a coffee-shop and step inside to get a large java to help me shake off the cobwebs and figure out how I got here and what happened to the last 36 or so hours. Thankfully, they accept my American currency, and agree to exchange most of the rest for Euros. I thank them to the best of my ability and head back outside. As I walk out the door, turning to wave goodbye to the barista, I run smack into someone.

Picking ourselves up from the sidewalk, I realize that I am face to face with the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. She is almost my height of 6′ 3.5″, I’d put her at about 5′ 10. She has long flowing, straw-red hair, hanging down passed her shoulders. Soft freckles fan across her high cheek bones, and her piercing green eyes stare into mine as she thanks me for helping her up. It’s at that point I realize that she is entirely, 100%, buck-assed naked.

Pulling off my jacket, I offer it to her to cover herself, but not before I take in every inch of her amazing body. I notice that the freckles don’t stop at her face, but spread across her entire body (the first of what I hope will be many things we have in common). As she wraps my coat around her, my eyes span up her long lean legs, past her nicely flared hips, across her flat stomach, taking in her ripe full breast with just a touch of sag beginning to belie her age (I would eventually find out she is just a year younger than my 40 years, although she doesn’t look a day over 30). As the coat closed, I took in her long kissable neck and perfectly formed pouty lips, before returning my gaze to her incredible sparkling eyes.

It was at that point I realized she was speaking both English and German, thanking me and explaining her nakedness. Seems she had been getting a full body massage at a spa down the street, when her masseuse had begun getting a little frisky, his hands roaming under the covering towel, making her so uncomfortable that she got up and bolted without even bothering to find her clothes. The last moment before she got out the door, he reached out and snagged the towel she had wrapped haphazardly around her body, leaving her as naked as I found her.

Calming her down some, I try to explain that I don’t speak more than a few words of German, and more importantly, I don’t know where I am or how I got there. Smiling at me, she tells me that she is a native New Yorker, and would be happy to serve as my de facto tour guide in return for the loan of my coat. Sounded like a great deal to me so I asked what our first stop would be. “Well,” she said, “how about we go back to that spa and get my clothes and purse. Then we can see about the rest of the day.”

Back at the spa, she waits outside while I go in and inquire as to the belongings of my friend, Lena, ands explain what happened. They are so embarrassed about the scenario I describe that they offer to reimburse her money as well as give her an unlimited membership for the future. Telling them I’ll pass that along, I gather her stuff and go back outside to find her smoking one of my Camels, leaning against the wall.

Taking my hand, she says that we should head back to her place so she can get dressed and we can figure out how to proceed with the day. With no other option, I gladly follow this goddess thru the streets of this German town to her home. Excusing herself, she leaves me in the living room and goes to get dressed. As I am exploring my new environment, I hear a shower start somewhere and then her voice calling me.

Following the sound of her voice, I soon arrive at the master bathroom off what I assume is her bedroom. Pushing open the door, I enter a large steam-filled room, barely able to discern her naked form through the smoky glass of the shower door. I lean against the wall, waiting to hear what she had to say. Watching her wash her hair from across the room, my mind wanders until I hear her say, ” . . . and just offered me your coat?”

“Pardon me? My thoughts were elsewhere, what did you say?”

“I said that I thought it was odd that, upon finding me naked in your arms, the first thing you thought to do was offer me your coat. Most guys probably would have attempted to grope me, like that jerk at the spa, what makes you so different?”

“I don’t know, must have been the way I was raised by my mother, she always taught me to be a gentleman. Well Escort Bayan that and the fact that I have three sisters and I know I would want someone to do the same for them if the same thing would happen, although I can’t imagine any of them running naked from a spa, in a foreign country.” This brings a chuckle from the shower, and she admits it wasn’t the smartest move she ever made.

She calls me over to the shower stall, opens the door just far enough to lean her head out and gives me a short sweet kiss, “Thanks again, for being chivalrous as your mother taught you. Why don’t you let me cook you dinner tonight as your reward. Then we can figure out how we can get you back to wherever it is you belong.” Again, this sounds like a perfect plan to me, so I totally agree to go along with her, whatever she says is just fine with me. Knowing not another single soul within, hell the continent, I am more or less at her disposal.

Returning to the living room, I grab a book from the shelves and sit down to wait out my host. Half an hour later, she comes downstairs, drying her hair. She has dressed comfortably in a pair of worn Levis and a tight, black, turtleneck sweater, taking my breath away. “Wow, you might be even sexier dressed than you were when I first saw you, naked on the street.” Blushing, she tosses her towel on the back of a chair and pulls her hair back into a ponytail.

“So, what do you say we head out and I show you the city? Also, we will need to get some grub to cook for dinner, you have any requests?”

“Well, considering the last thing I recall eating was lunch two days ago, I don’t so much care what, just make sure there is LOTS of it!” So saying, we head out and spend the rest of the afternoon touring the city. She shows me all the sites, from the churches and other architecturally interesting buildings, to the local pubs and shops. Along the way, we hit the nearby farmers’ markets and delicatessens to grab the fixings for a good, old-fashioned American feast.

After several hours touring her city, Lena and I return to her house to prepare our feast. While prepping for dinner, I tell her about my life; growing up in a large extended family, my time at the University of Pittsburgh, and the past 15 years living in Pittsburgh and working for the small family company. She, in turn, tells me of life in NYC, her sick mother and how she came to be living so far from home. After 45 minutes of prep and chatting, and several glasses of an excellent Italian red, it feels like we’ve known each other for years instead of mere hours.

As we prepare our meal, we continue to chat like old school chums, discussing our tastes in music, movies, literature and the like. Lena takes care of dressing the salad and cooking some fresh green beans we bought at market. She plans on adding butter, lemon juice and almond slivers after the beans are finished steaming. We have a couple of large baking potatoes in the oven and 2 half pound porterhouses on the grill, simply seasoned with fresh-ground pepper and kosher salt. When all is ready, I return the apple pie I baked earlier to the oven to warm, and we take our dinner out to the patio table to enjoy while watching the sunset.

After finishing our meal and following it up with warm apple-crumb pie, ala mode of course, with a delicious hazelnut coffee, we decide to leave the dishes for later and simply collapse on the couch with a fire burning in the hearth. I must have dozed off from the large meal and the excitement of the day, because the next thing I remember is waking to find Lena curled up against my chest and the fire out. I stroke Lena’s cheek, kiss her forehead and nudge her awake. As she stirs, I pull out my cell and determine that it is now 9:00 local time, so she suggests I just stay with her and we can make plans in the morning. Once again, she is simply full of brilliant ideas.

She gets up to grab a blanket, throws in a movie and returns to curl up next to me on the couch. To be honest, I couldn’t tell you what movie it was. She promptly falls back asleep, and I am content to watch her instead of the movie, the smile on her face and the subtle rise and fall of her chest as she slept deeply against me. For the better part of two hours, as the movie plays in the background, I hold this beauty in my arms and watch her sleep.

As the movie ends and switches over to static, Lena wakes from her nap and rises to prepare a spare room for me to sleep in. Stretching and smiling, I offer to finish the massage that was so rudely interrupted earlier in the day. She says she’ll think about it and we head upstairs to make up a bed and find me some spare towels. After my bed is ready, she tells me that upon further review, she’d love a massage before going to bed. I agree to do my best, but only after I grab a quick shower and slip into some fresh clothes. She digs up a pair of sweats and an X-large t-shirt that should fit me and leaves them in the Eryaman Escort bathroom as I shower, taking my dirty clothes and throwing them in the laundry.

Emerging from the bathroom, refreshed and redressed, I find Lena in her room. She’s changed into a loose pair of scotch-plaid boxers and a plain black tank top, and is waiting for me on her queen-sized bed. She has turned back the sheets, plumped the pillows and lit some candles. Guru’s “Jazzmatazz” CD plays softly from hidden speakers. I rush downstairs and grab the remainder of our wine and return to the bedroom. “Why don’t you lay down and we’ll get started.”

Placing Lena face down in the center of the bed, I start working her neck and shoulders, slowly working out the knots and stress. I slowly work each arm, ending at the hands. Massaging her hands, our fingers entwine and I have to use every ounce of willpower to move on. Finishing her second arm, I move on to her back, working down her spine, massaging through the tank top. Kneeling on her right side, I work her left side, from shoulder to waist, and then switch to her left and work the right. Straddling her below the waist, I again work my way down the center of her back.

As I work my way back up, I slide my hands underneath the tank, working directly on the soft skin. Hearing a soft moan escape her lips, I ask if she would like to continue without the tank and she simply nods. Raising her hands over her head, I push my hands up her sides gliding along the tender skin of her sides, along her arms and set the tank aside. Taking another sip of wine, Lena resettles herself, resting her head on her crossed arms. With her back now bare to me, I gently brush her long hair to the side and continue working her neck and back.

Maybe it’s the ease with which we’ve gotten along so far, maybe it’s the wine we’ve been drinking since dinner, or maybe just the fact that she is so beautiful and is stretched out mostly naked beneath me, but I can’t stop myself from leaning forward and kissing her softly on the side of her long sensuous neck. As she moves to roll over and into my kiss, I stop her, whispering in her ear, “There will be plenty of time for that later, for now just lay there and enjoy.”

With her head once again resting on her arms, I shift off to one side and continue the massage, this time moving down to her legs. Starting with her feet, I gently manipulate each toe, first on her right foot then the left, before moving on to the instep and heel. Next, I slide up to her calves, each in turn and then on to her thighs. Focusing first on the right, I work from the outside in and bottom to top. As I reach the hem of her boxers, I massage across to about the mid-point of her inner thigh and then shift to the other side of the bed to repeat the process on her left thigh.

Again, as I reach the hemline, I stop the massage as I get to the mid-point of her inner thigh and, giving her a playful smack on her ass, ask how she’s feeling. She assures me that she is the most relaxed she’s been in months and that she is ready to continue. Before she can roll over, I quickly take up her tank from the side of the bed and hold it over her so that as she turns over, it is perfectly positioned to cover her breasts. She smiles at my courteousness, and tucks it around her sides. Fortunately for me, it barely covers the full ripeness of her breasts, leaving very little to my imagination.

This time, I begin at her feet, first working completely up her left leg. As I reach the bottom of her shorts, she spreads her thighs, just a little, but enough to allow me deeper access to her inner thigh. After massaging as far as I can reach in along the top of her left thigh, I climb off the bed, walk around to the right and climb back up, repeating my work on her other leg. Again, as I reach the top of her thigh, she spreads her legs just a little wider, allowing me to delve even deeper between her legs, on this side.

Not being one to pass up the perfect opportunity, I slide my left hand down around her inner thigh and pulling it upwards, drag the back of my hand, softly, across her hidden treasure. Lena moans and trails her hand up my leg to grasp my rapidly stiffening cock, gently stroking and squeezing it. “Soon my beauty,” I lean down and whisper in her ear, “we have all night.”

Forcing her hand back down onto the mattress, I once again straddle this amazing beauty, my knees on either side of her hips her arms outside my legs. As my fingers reach to finish my appointed task, working the last of the tension from her shoulders and arms, I lean down and give her one single quick, dare I say chaste, kiss on her full soft lips. She tries to reach up and pull me tight, but at that moment my hands have hers pinned to the bed.

Sitting back up, I take her hands and raise them above her head. Holding them there with one hand, I pull the tank from over her breasts with the other and use it to lightly Ankara Escort tie her wrists to the headboard. “That should stop your roaming hands until I am finished thanking you for all you help and kindness today.”

Again I lean down and kiss her, this time a little longer, my tongue slipping out to brush her lips. She moans and presses up into me as she parts them, inviting me inside. As our kiss, and passion, deepens, my hands move between us, rising to cup her breasts. My thumbs move up and out, crossing her nipples, causing them to harden. Her erect buds act as magnets for my fingers and I instantly have both of them pinched between forefinger and thumb, gently rolling them, pulling and pinching.

As her moans deepen and breathing becomes more rapid, I move my kisses to her neck, softly sucking and nibbling the soft skin beneath her left ear and then licking down to the hollow of her throat. Continuing to knead and massage her full ripe breasts, to pinch and pluck at her erect nipples, I kiss my way across her collarbone, up and over her shoulder, my lips finally coming to rest on the soft, smoothly-shaved skin of her under arm. My tongue flicks out and she squirms and giggles, as the combination of my tongue and the soft hairs of my goatee prove ticklish.

As she is resettling herself, I shift my focus and take one stiff nipple into my mouth, sucking and lightly biting it. Her giggles once again become soft moans. In order to allow myself better access to all her many treasures, I pause briefly to reposition myself. Now kneeling between her long, slightly spread legs, I lean back in and kiss her deeply once again. This time there are no preliminaries, our tongues immediately wrestling back and forth from my mouth to hers’.

In my current position, I feel her erect nipples digging into my chest. She breaks our passionate kiss and moans, “Please untie me, I want to undress you and touch and feel you too.”

“Soon enough baby, soon enough. I told you to just enjoy, this is my way of thanking you for playing host to a lost soul.”

“You cruel, lovely bastard! At least take your shirt off so I can feel your hairy chest pressing against me, please?”

“And how exactly do you know that my chest is hairy,” I ask sitting up.

Blushing, she admits to spying on me as I showered, checking me out thru the semi-steamed glass of the stall. Her blush extending down her neck and across the top of her chest, she also admits to being quite pleased at the time with what she spied a little lower. “And,” she now whispers, “it feels even better now, than it looked then. I can’t wait to see it in all its rock hard glory.”

Her confession fuels my passion and I whip my over-sized, white Tee off and throw it across the room. Bending back down, I take one of her nipples back in my mouth, biting harder than before. My fingers roughly work the other, pawing and pinching, occasionally pulling it, raising her full breast away from body, before releasing it to watch as it bounces and sways like a Zip-loc filled with Jell-O. Her moans become louder and louder as I assault her chest, until I am worried the neighbors might hear.

In order to quite her, I move back up and kiss her again, this time, the rock hard cock in my sweats, nestling tightly against her boxer covered snatch. This of course has exactly the opposite effect I was planning, as she moans into my mouth, louder still and presses hard against me, her legs wrapping around my waist, pulling me tight.

Once again I break our kiss. Rising up, I gaze down into Lena’s passion-filled, luscious green eyes, and run my hands down her thighs, under her boxers, until my thumbs meet, stroking them lightly up and over the slicks lips they encounter. I am pleased to discover that my new lover keeps herself well groomed, and moan my approval as her focus locks on my eyes and a light tremor passes through her. She gasps as my thumb-tips brush across her clitoris, the first small orgasm wracking her body.

As she relaxes some coming down, I grab both her ankles and raise them straight up in front of my, kissing the backs of her knees. Running my hands down her long, lean legs, I grab hold of the waistband of her boxers and roll them over her hips, pulling them up her legs and over her feet. Tossing them with my T-shirt, I kiss the sole of each foot before me and then begin kissing down her legs, first one then the other.

As I get nearer and nearer to my destination, I slowly spread her legs wide, bending them at the knee, switching my kisses from the back of her legs to the inside of her thighs. Back and forth, from the left to the right and back, closer and closer to my goal. I glance up and see Lena struggling against the tank binding her wrists to the headboard, eager to grab my head and pull my mouth to her yearning pussy.

Looking back down a smile crosses my face as I realize that she not only has kept her pubic hair well trimmed, but perfectly shaved. She has trimmed the straw-red hairs, a perfect match to that on her head, into an intricate lightning bolt design. I lean in over her and, bypassing her obvious need, place a kiss right on the hair above her lips, running my tongue softly over the sensitive skin.

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