I walk into the room and you are standing on long covered bench with your back to me. You are looking for something up high on a shelf. You are dressed only in a white silk cupped bra and matching white silk panties. You then kneel on the bench and are bending over in front of me. I can see the bulge of you pussy between your slightly spread legs. Your panties are semitransparent and I can make out the crack of your ass and the groove of you vagina. I walk up to you and caress your silky back side with one hand. My left hand is busy undoing and dropping my shorts. I rub the head of my now long hard cock all over your silky panties making sure that the head runs down your crack and between your legs. As it stiffens more, I it rub up against your silk covered pussy. I cup both of your silk covered tits and caress them as I push and withdraw my cock from between your thighs, always rubbing it against your pussy and then up the crack of your ass. You start to move with my rhythm as I move back and forth, pulling on your tits, bringing your ass towards me and pushing you away giving my cock a great sensation of şişli escort rubbing your silky clad pussy and ass. You tell me that your pussy is on fire and that I have to do something about it.

I am now on my knees behind you, moving your panty to the side to release those beautiful succulent pink pussy lips. I gently spread them apart, and take one in my mouth and play with it with my tongue. Then I move my sucking mouth to your other pink pussy lip and do the same. I then run my wet probing tongue up to your anus and toy with that for a few minutes. Then my hot tongue moves down to your pussy lips and to your hard little clit. Just a little teasing and then my tongue goes back to your now juicy pussy as I shove it in to you as far as I can, licking the inside to make you squirm. Now back to your hard little clit as I lick it slowly and then faster and faster. I hear you moan deeply so I keep tongue flicking your clit as I slide first one, then two fingers into your hot juicy pussy. I start slowly at first, and then speed up to the same beat as my tongue on your tuzla escort hard pulsing clit. Your moaning and squirming lets me know that you love what I am doing to you. I speed up my tongue and finger action until a deep throated moan and gasp come from within you to signal your cumming. Your hot sweet pussy juices dribble all over my face, soaking my moustache and beard.

I get up and position your beautifully round ass in front of me as I rub my long hard cock all over you juice soaked pussy. The head of my cock is swollen and throbbing as I cover it with your glistening juices. I can’t wait anymore as I push it into your waiting cunt, slowly but steadily it goes in to you until it reaches the end and you groan some more. I draw it slowly out and shove it back in again, into that welcoming hot juicy pussy. I lean over you as you turn your head and we French kiss, our tongues playing with each other as you taste your pussy juices in my mouth.

One of my hands caresses your voluptuous breasts through your silky bra as I tweak your long hard nipples. I pendik escort pull both bra cups down to release your beautiful orbs from their prisons. I alternately squeeze and knead your breasts and pull on your long hard nipples, eliciting an encouraging moan form you.

My other hand is tenderly caressing your wonderfully shaped ass. With one finger I draw some of your pussy juice up to your anus and lubricate the tiny mouth. I do this several times and then I time my next cock thrust into your pussy as I push my cunt-juiced finger into your anus. I keep up the rhythm of the in and out with my finger into your ass and my cock driving into your cunt. Over and over I thrust pistoning as far and as fast as I can. You are squirming and moaning for more at each thrust

We are both panting, moaning, and sweating and I can no longer hold back. My bulging, throbbing cock finally lets go with all the hot creamy cum held in my swollen balls. At each thrust I feel my cum shooting into your hot cunt, over and over. I have never cum so much in my life. I had been saving all of it just for you. Our cumming juices start running out of your quivering pussy and soaking the tops of your silky nylons. You turn to me and bend over to lick my still spasming cock. You take its full length into your sucking mouth and suck all of our cum from it, licking up the last drops of hot white cream from the now flagging head.

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