Lust and Lingerie


*This is my first attempt at a story, so please be kind. I appreciate feedback, but please be constructive if you need to point out an error. All characters in this story are above the age of 18. Thanks to my special someone for….helping me with research*

The kiss was soft and languid. Your hands stroked softly through the silk fabric of my dress as I wrapped my arms around your neck and pulled you closer, deepening the kiss. Our hands start to move quicker, your tongue delving deeper into my mouth. I break the kiss and smile into your face. “Don’t worry, babe,” I say, “I have a little something planned and I want to do it before I lose all control.” Your eyes widen a bit in surprise at my statement. What could I, the shy teacher, truly know about seduction? I may not have had much experience, but I knew exactly what turned you on and what you fantasized about. I had wanted everything to be just right for tonight.

I lead you over to the giant stuffed chair in the corner of the bedroom and push you down into it. I give you a quick kiss on the lips, but leaned away before you could pull me down on your lap. “Patience, love,” I whisper with a smile. I stand up and take a few steps back so that you are given a good look at me in all my party finery. My black, strapless dress hugs my generous curves perfectly, as well as giving you a glimpse of my legs in their black stockings and high heels.

My breath is coming quicker as I think about the sexy lingerie I’m wearing underneath my dress and how you will respond to it. I push my long, curly brown hair over my shoulder and reach up to slowly pull down the zipper of my dress, revealing a black, silk corset. I push the dress down over my hips and bend to step out of it, giving you a perfect view of my 36C breasts being pushed together by the tightness of the lingerie. I glance up to see your reaction. Your eyes are on my breasts and your jaw has dropped a bit, giving me the confidence to continue my special strip tease. I run my hands up my body as your eyes devour my lace panties and thigh stockings; two things that you have told me drive you crazy.

My corset laces in the front and I release the knot holding the laces together. I undo them slowly, exposing more and more of my stomach, and up to my ribs. I release the last of the laces around my breasts and pull the corset away from my skin. My nipples are already hard, and you can see the goose bumps rise up on my flesh. I let the corset fall to the floor and smooth my hands lightly over my sensitive skin.

I see your hands slowly move to the waistband of your pants as you unbutton them and slowly open the zipper. You pull your shirt up over your head and toss it into a crumpled heap on the floor beside the chair, waiting to see what I will do next. I can see your erection growing and I feel an answering dampness in my panties. I allow myself a shy smile as I see your reaction to me. Your eyes are darting all over my exposed skin. I trail my hands over my breasts and down my stomach and around my hips, letting my fingers run in the waistband of my panties. I hook my fingers and make like I’m going to lower them next, but my hands trail over my hips and down my legs. I walk over to your chair and place my foot on the arm rest. I reach down my leg and remove my high heel. I put my foot down and repeat the process with the other shoe.

Then, feeling bold and sexy by how you look at me, I raise my leg again and place my foot on your hard thigh. I reach out and grab your hands and smooth them up my leg to the top of my stocking so I can hook your fingers in the band and help you guide the sheer fabric down my leg.

You take your eyes from my body for just a minute, pausing to look deep into my eyes. Then, you follow my lead, pulling at the sheer fabric, sliding it down my smooth thighs and over my knee. You lean forward, kissing the skin it has left exposed before you reach over and do the same to the next leg. Your mouth on my skin makes me gasp. You pitch my stockings into the growing pile of clothes on the floor.

I cradle your head in my hands as I kiss you. I can’t wait any longer to taste you and feel your hot tongue in my mouth. As I lean over you and my hands move into your hair and along your shoulders, I feel your hands playing gently with my breasts, making me moan into you. Then your hands move around to my back and go down to grip my ass through my panties. Your fingers dig it at my hips and force the fabric down. I break the kiss to step out of them, and then I see your hard, thick cock straining for release. I pull you up from the chair and remove the rest of your clothes. I rub your thighs as my tongue darts out to lick the tip of your cock and then take you in my mouth, closing my eyes and moaning as you fill me. I run my mouth over your thick length and use my tongue to lap at the tip.

You throw your head back as I take you in my mouth. Moans escape you as my tongue pushes against the underside of your throbbing member. One hand moves from my breast to thread your fingers into through my hair, then come to a rest on the back of my head as you guide my mouth farther and farther down your cock. My head bobs up and down and your cock throbs at every pull. You moan and gasp. I love hearing those sounds from your mouth. I love making you want to lose control. Suddenly, you pull me off your cock and carry me to the bed, laying me on my back. You start to kiss my thighs before moving your lips to my glistening sex. My breathing becomes heavy as I wait for the sensation I know is coming; my hands reach up to knead my breasts and pinch my erect nipples. You kiss gently at first, barely touching your lips to my skin, making me squirm to try and get your mouth on my most sensitive area. Your lips form a smile before you stick out your tongue and agonizingly slowly lick from bottom to top, stopping to put a little pressure on my swollen clit.

My back arches and I moan as your tongue finds my hardened clit. I dig my fingers into your hair as you continue to lick around my dripping pussy. You lick and suck and gently nipple around my swollen lips until my head is thrashing about and my breath is coming in quick pants, making my breasts bounce. We make eye contact as your tongue slides over my clit and you take it in your mouth and suck. My moans become loud cries and my hips buck as I lift off the bed at the sensation. I can hardly stand it. I can feel the orgasm building quickly, but I still need you in me. I reach down and pull you up to cover my body. As I pull your head down to push my tongue in your mouth, I whisper, “I need you, baby. I need you to put your cock in me. I need you to cum in me. Please”

You look me in the eyes and give an evil little grin as you position your hard, firm body over me. You slowly start to push your throbbing cock into the opening of my now soaking pussy, stopping with the head barely in. You groan as you feel my tight, wet pussy grab the head of your cock. You pull back, smiling at me as I thrash beneath you. Bucking my hips, I try and push you deeper into me, whimpering when you release a low, seductive chuckle. You enjoy teasing me, wanting to prolong the delightful sensations we are causing the other to feel. You kiss down my neck to my firm breasts, taking in one erect nipple, then the other, teasing each with your tongue. “Oh please, please, don’t tease me anymore. I need you in me. Please!” I cry out, trying to sway you to fuck me. Finally, you slide your hard member into me as deep as you possibly can.

My eyes open wide as your thick cock stretches my tight pussy. I gasp at the sensation of fullness you give me. The pressure of your cock in me feels so exquisite. I wrap my legs around your hips to keep your cock buried in me, my hands roam all over your shoulders and arms, unable to stop touching your heated skin. My panting becomes more erratic as you lick and suck my nipples, as you kiss my neck, as you devour my mouth. “More,” I beg, “more.” I can’t form a coherent thought. The tension is rising, your cock is ramming into me harder and harder. I can feel the tension in your body. You are trying to hold off the inevitable release.

The bed squeaks loudly as we rock in unison. You pick up the pace, slamming your cock into me faster and faster. Under our moans and groans I can hear your balls slapping up against my ass while you ram me deeper and deeper. My pussy juice is dripping down my ass and onto the bed and I can feel myself gently start to pulsate as my back arches and my body begins to stiffen. “Cum with me, beautiful,” you groan in my ear as your cock starts to throb and bounce inside of me. “You feel so amazing, I don’t think I can hold on any longer,” you mutter to me as your pace quickens even further. You look down at my pussy to watch your slickened shaft getting buried deep inside of me. The force of our fucking causes my breasts to bounce with every thrust.

My eyes close and I wrap my arms around your neck, holding on as we rock together. I put my mouth up to your ear as you urge me to come. “Don’t wait, baby, cum in me. I’m so close. Shoot in me so I can cum.” Even though I want to wait for you to come inside me, I can’t hold off and my pussy starts to pulse and I put my mouth to your neck to stifle my scream as my orgasm takes over my body.

Hearing my orgasm puts you over the edge. You can’t take it anymore as you release a groan and thrust into me one final time before exploding inside of my pulsating pussy. Wave after wave of hot cum coats the inside of my throbbing pussy as you slow my pace, making sure to empty every last drop inside of me. My pussy pulls out every last drop of cum from your throbbing cock. I love how your cum feels in my slick pussy. As my orgasm waves slow, my body completely relaxes into the mattress, my breath still coming in quick pants.

I continue to hold you close as we come down from our orgasmic explosion, running my hands through your hair and over your back, loving that you are covering me with your body. Your breathing is heavy as you lower your lips to mine to give me a deep kiss before laying your head on my shoulder. I can feel your body continue to twitch as you come down from your orgasmic bliss. I smile and continue to run my hands over your body, as much to calm you as to calm me from the explosion of sensations that I just experienced. I continue this way for a few more minutes, until my eyes can’t remain open and I join you in comforting sleep.

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