Lydia Ch. 01


By Dan57 and Cih

A Canadian reporter wanted to live as a Dalit woman

Note from the writer : Cih is a new correspondent who asked for a totally different story with a European girl wishing to share the life of the poorest and most despised people in India without the support of a very powerful man such as prince Kyrhan. That was a challenge I happily embraced. I am planning several strenuous adventures for her. I wish the readers will love them!

_ _ _

Lydia was a quite simple girl born in Ontario from Irish immigrants. She had become a successful free lance journalist, hopping from one hot spot in the world to another. She had recently finished a series of reports about modern slavery in the world, girls used for sexual services by ruthless pimps from London to Hong Kong or Tangiers… Her only hobby was reading books and watching films about India : she was fascinated with the natural elegance and the slender figure of Indian women. She had watched maybe twenty times some films like Jodhaa and she was dreaming of establishing in Uttar Pradesh or in some typical state but she was quite aware that naturalization was virtually impossible. Even long stay implied that she had to employ Indian people!

Lydia wasn’t interested just to live in India but to live like Indians, to share their day to day life, but not among higher varnas (castes), the Brahmins (religious caste), the Kshatriyas (military and ruling class), the Vaishyas (merchant men) or even the Sudras (servants). Lydia wasn’t interested to live in India in some higher class but like some of the poorest people in the country, the Dalits.

Lydia’s own sexual tendencies had played a major role in the development of this dream : she was deeply submissive and when she was at university, she really enjoyed being bullied or led by the nose by other students, male or female! Her lover told her once in a student mob to strip naked and run through the football field without getting caught by the police. It had been a joke but she had obeyed without question. She had gained the reputation of being an extravagant and determined student but also to be a real flapper!

Lydia was determined to continue her project of becoming a simple Dalit woman. Her hair was brown and her skin tanned easily. She was really curvy but hid it under oversize pullovers or tee shirts. She kept her hair very short not to be bothered with it when she was in a report… She wore no make up. In fact she was doing her best not to be remarked and she had been quite successful at it! Contrarily to her habits, she had recently visited quite often artificial tanning until her skin was as dark as country people living in the South of India! The MD had told her not to abuse of UV suntan but she practiced nude sunbathing to get an all over tan. You could find her on her four in the booth with her legs wide open turned toward the lamps, exposing the crack of her ass!

Lydia had already established a full battle plan. First, she had moved to India to get total immersion in the local civilization. She had allowed her hair to grow when she realized that her short hair singled her out in a country where many women wore opulent manes, if somewhat dirty and untidy! When she felt she was ready, she put on a simple salwar kameez.: She rent a bedroom in a country village and installed herself there. She offered to help for cotton harvesting : it’s a very hard work, done under the fierce sun with little water. Lydia had attached to her forehead two bags she filled progressively. She was certainly inexperienced but she worked with enthusiasm. After a few days, she got the knack of it and was considered by the overseer just like any other worker. The pay was extremely low for twelve hours of strenuous work but she never complained. Her very dark tan and a perfect knowledge of Hindi made her become invisible in the mass of workers : she was considered as a true Indian menial worker but any control by police would reveal the truth : she had to obtain forged papers!

Fortunately, some government people in India are not impervious to bribery : an Immigration officer she had contacted on her arrival had confirmed her that obtaining Indian citizenship was virtually impossible but he would look for possibilities if she was ready to offer him a small gratification. A few days later, a Dalit girl fell from a cliff. She was single and had no known relatives. For one thousand dollars, Lydia O’Connor was offered the papers of the deceased girl who looked roughly like her. The Immigration officer just filed a demand of correction of the papers : Alina Majumdar, the deceased girl just became officially Lydia Majumdar. Lydia paid for the cremation of a nameless body and became officially Lydia (it means happiness in Hindi) Majumdar and had perfectly legal papers. She discreetly burned her Canadian papers and asked one of the other cotton harvesters where she could find a place to live! The pension she had lived in so far was now too expensive for her meagre wages! The man told her that a small house nearby was abandoned as its owner had left to live in Mumbai with his brother and his mother. She could move in just when she wanted!

The house was definitely dirty and the roof was leaking, there were no shower, no toilets, no tap water and none of the amenities Lydia had felt as granted! Lydia spent the next week and almost all the remnant of her savings cleaning the walls and the floor and repairing the roof. It wouldn’t have been so difficult if she had worn a European outfit such as a simple jeans and a work jacket with plenty of pockets instead of this saree that was quite elegant but clearly not intended to work with. Lydia soon understood why many Indian women bunched up their sarees around their hips : they discovered their legs but it was so much more convenient to fill a bucket in the river without soiling her garment in the muddy water!

A man driving a pick up van saw her carrying her bucket on top of her head, trying to emulate the behaviour of the other Dalit women. She was clumsy as she had never learned how to do it and she spilled plenty of water as she walked! The man offered to drop her at her village two miles from there. Lydia had thought the offer was very kind and she accepted it gratefully. Just the man denied her to sit next to him but on the plateau on the back of the car. She imagined that her clothes were too dirty and the man didn’t want to risk soiling his seats or be seen with a Dalit woman in the front seat next to him… Nearly a mile from her destination, the driver took a dirt road to the left at high speed. Lydia banged at the roof to tell the driver he had made a mistake but he sped on. He was driving so fast that Lydia was afraid to jump from the car in fear of injuring herself.

Nearly a mile further, in some completely desolated place, the man stopped. Lydia stepped down from the car, telling the driver he had made a wrong turn but the man laughed at her. He grabbed at her pallu and just drew it up. A saree is just tucked into a string holding up the petticoat : when he lifted the pallu, her saree just uncoiled from around Lydia. He threw it aside. Lydia was now just in her petticoat, her choli and her undies. The man then ripped off the string holding up her petticoat and it fell down around her heels. She tried to defend herself but the man just punched her in the belly, completely winding her. He quietly unhooked her choli and quite calmly ripped off her bra and her knickers. She was totally naked in front of him and she then only realized that the man intended to rape her! There was no one in the vicinity and the man was much stronger than she was : her situation was desperate!

This man must have weighed two hundred and forty pounds, twice heavier than her. His muscles were well toned. Lydia knew she would be no match for him even if she just tried to run away. She decided not to flee but to resist steadfastly… Unfortunately, the man wasn’t patient or talkative. After just a few words, he grabbed her and threw her on the sandy ground. She tried to stand up but he pinned her down almost effortlessly. He then tied her arms above her head with the string that had held up her petticoat. Lydia desperately tried to hit his groin with her knee to no avail. He took her right breast in his mouth and started to munch at it without taking care of her screams. He was pinning her down with his weight and Lydia found it impossible to push him away. She squirmed even harder when he placed his open hand on her bare crotch. She had trimmed her pubic hair short but she had never thought some one would benefit from it in such dreadful conditions!

The man stroked her pussy quite leisurely, slipping one finger in, then another and finally both. When she was too exhausted to buck again, he pulled back a little, opened his fly and aimed his hard cock to her pussy. At this moment, Lydia regretted dearly she had declined any sexual contact with her friends when she had left Canada! She had lived like a nun since and she could feel her pussy getting rapidly wet : how could she fall so low to take pleasure when she was about to be raped by a total stranger in a far away country?

Lydia screamed again for help but there was certainly no body around as the man didn’t even try to silence her. He just waited she was out of breath to push his cock into her, taking her as a Master takes his slave. He used only the strength needed to hold her down and force his entry, leaving her no chances to resist. He just took her and she was no match for him! When he impaled her fully, he just gave her a glance of triumph : he was fucking her, he was dominating her and she couldn’t deny him anything!

The man withdrew and placed her legs on his shoulders. He drilled again into her now wide open pussy. He applied so much pressure that she found her knees pressed against her ears and her toes pressed in the pebbles above her head. Her rapist started to ram his cock in and out of her pussy at the rhythm he wanted with no heed for her comfort and even less for her pleasure. Lydia felt used even worse than the lowliest whore : she wasn’t fucked; she was mounted like an animal! The man started to pant and his cock was throbbing in her pussy : it seemed that her ordeal was coming to its end! She was on the pill but the man failed to inquire about it : unwanted pregnancy was clearly the least of his worries!

The man moaned and pushed into her as hard and deep as he could get! Lydia was still unable to move. To her complete horror, she felt her body was betraying her. She started panting in her turn. A bombshell finally exploded in her belly, sending chain reaction in all the nerves in her body. Lydia arched under her rapist and she came in a fantastic orgasm that left her bewildered by its intensity and shameful from her reaction in such circumstances!

Lydia didn’t brood on the fact she had been raped : When she had chosen to become an Indian Dalit woman, there had been a distinct possibility that something of this kind might happen to her : India is a very sensual country, sometimes very civilized but, in other cases, quite crude and brutal. Nobody really cares about what you do as long as you don’t do it in public. She may have imagined she would enter some day the harem of an Indian Maharaja but never that she would be raped directly on the ground by some driver who had just noticed she was reasonably pretty for a Dalit woman! He had fucked her directly on the ground, using her as a mattress. She could feel pebbles under her back : the man was a real sadist as he used his full weight to force her into them!

Lydia disliked being used against her will but she was taking it reasonably well : it was just like nature has intended : women were weaker and most often rather submissive as she was and men were naturally domineering, able to use their strength to force girls to submit. Fighting nature was a crime against mankind in her view. Many of her former colleagues in Canada were too weak with girls for her taste. She wanted someone who would invite her to a restaurant, then take her to a dance hall without asking for her agreement and finally drive her to his apartment to take a drink before carrying her to his bedroom, not necessarily in this order. Asking for her agreement would just be preposterous in her idea! Lydia would have followed such a man without discussion and stayed with him for as long as he wanted! The western guys were just too emasculated to give her the thrill she craved for and she had hoped that Indian men would be more virile! This one was but a little too much to her taste…

The man had swiftly emptied his balls in her pussy. He just pulled out and turned her on her belly. Lydia thought he wanted to use her back passage but he just tied her wrists in her back with a piece of string. He then lifted her in the air with no apparent effort and made her kneel in front of him. He told her with a very authoritative tone :

– I haven’t finished with you, cunt! Now you are going to suck my cock until I fill your mouth with my spunk. If you try to bite me or attempt any funny trick, I’ll tie you to a tree by the feet. Nobody will come hereby for months and you’ll die of thirst or starvation, unless you become fodder to some predator! There are still a few tigers in this region and you would make perfect bait!

Lydia realized the man wasn’t joking : her life was just of no interest for him! Her decision was rapidly taken. She would do her best to please him! Lydia had never enjoyed giving head to one of her former boyfriends but here was a matter of life or death. She bent down to take his cock into her mouth, trying hard not to let her teeth scrape against his rod. If he was pleased, maybe he would set her free and she would emerge unscathed from this adventure!

Lydia had to swallow with difficulty the heavy load of cum the man filled her mouth with. None of her former boyfriends had ever produced so much spunk! This Indian man was really a stallion! Lydia just thought she would love to act as the mare for such a splendid stud! But she was also resolute she would file a complaint against him at the nearest police station : she had noted the number plate of his car and the police would have no problem identifying him!

The man then helped Lydia to stand up. It was no gallantry, just the desire to fuck her in another position not described in the Kama Sutra! He pushed her toward the front of his car. He made her lie prone on the bonnet on her belly, forcing her to stay on the bonnet with a hand in the hollow of her back… He swiftly tied her ankles to the bumper. When he placed himself just behind her ass, Lydia knew that her ass wouldn’t be spared! He had taken in the car a bottle of some sweet almond oil. He dropped a copious amount on her ass hole. He run his fingers in it and then pushed them into her back passage. Lydia squirmed helplessly : she had never been fucked in the ass!

Lydia could feel the man’s cock slipping slowly into her virgin asshole, stretching her out. She was so well lubed out that the pain was much less unbearable than what she had anticipated. She was amazed when she felt he was all the way in, up to his balls. The pain just ebbed down when he was past the ring sphincter and deep inside. He started immediately to thrust against the delicate lining of her ass, gently at first, then with more force. Lydia couldn’t believe it: she had got a cock up her ass and she wasn’t crucified by pain! After a few back and fore moves, she even thrust back against his cock to feel it deeper in her ass hole.

Lydia had her ass in the air, brushing her breasts against the bonnet. The man grabbed her breasts in his hands and used them to steer her just as he wanted, using her like a plough. His cock felt enormous, long and thick but she soon came to enjoy it. He had started slow, letting her adjust to having a big cock in her ass hole, pulling out and pushing in again with more and more force and making her take his whole length. When she had started to scream in ecstasy, he switched to an urgent rhythm of savage thrusts. He made her come like the lowliest slut. No man had ever fucked her like this before and she had come to enjoy it shamelessly! Had she come to India to discover she just loved to be buggered?

One hour later, the man stopped his car just where he had picked up Lydia. He didn’t even try to talk her from reporting his bad conduct.

-By the way, do not bother to remember my number plate : my name is Nigam Bivani and the police officer must have heard of me!

Lydia was surprised by his assured tone : he ostensibly didn’t fear any police arrest. Lydia thought that the number plate may be forged… Her fears dissolved when she presented herself to the police station and explained why she was there :

-Sir Nigam Bivani! Yes, I know him : he is the boss of the biggest plant in the neighbourhood!

-And he raped me!

-He is a Brahmin! Here is his picture on yesterday newspaper. How can you pretend he would rape a lowly Dalit woman when most girls in the state, married or not, would do their best to attract his attention? You must be lying!

-You can make all the examinations you want! I have been raped by this man, police officer!

-So you are incriminating one of your better, scum! We are going to teach you a lesson! And you won’t dare accusing a member of the highest classes, a prominent citizen any more to make some money, probably!

The police officer called for his two colleagues who occupied nearby desks :

-Amithar, Sulay, this Dalit bitch pretends she has been raped by Sir Nigam Bivani! Perhaps, we should teach her how futile it would be to lodge a complaint against him!

-Yes, boss! Perhaps we could close the doors and windows to prevent her from escaping. She is rather pretty for a Dalit and I think that the questioning might be rather long and we don’t want to get interrupted, do we?

-You’re right, Amithar! Lydia Majumdar, you are placed under arrest until we have cleared your situation…

Sulay, who had the lowest rank in the police station hastily closed the blinders and locked the doors after switching on the lights. Lydia felt she was in danger, just because these men gave apparently more leverage to the social importance of a man than to the crimes he might have committed! There had been a similar problem in New York with the head of a monetary institution charged with rape just before Lydia’s departure to India. She had heard that the case had been abandoned and the plaintiff’s petition dismissed!

To Lydia’s stupefaction, the police officer quietly took off his garments, neatly folding them up in a pile on the desk and sat on an armchair. Amithar and Sulay grabbed her by her elbows and drew her toward their boss. He considered her from toes to her hair and pinched her tits just as if she was a piece of flesh at the butcher’s and he was assessing her tenderness. God! She was fortunate she now lived in India where most people are vegetarians! When their boss had explored her whole body, disregarding her fierce protests, the two men drew her arms behind her back and manacled them. They then seized her : one hand under her thigh and the other under her arm. They had secured her by grabbing her tender breasts and squeezing them so hard it hurt really. Together, they lifted her easily and kept her legs wide open! They were so strong that she was totally unable to close them!

Amithar and Sulay positioned her carefully just above their boss’ erect cock and lowered her slowly. The police officer had taken his cock in his hand to aim it upward more precisely. Their accuracy was quite good as the cock entered her directly. Lydia gasped and screamed in pain but the two men pressed on her thighs to impale her completely on the big cock as fast as possible. She was protesting desperately and quite loudly but they just didn’t care at all!

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