Making Passion a Priority


All too often, we let the stresses and strains of day to day living consume us. Work becomes number one in our lives; we let our responsibilities become our identity. It’s almost as if we’ve forgotten the things that are most important to us; we forget to give importance to the things that will sustain us most. When it’s all said and done, and we are on our dying bed, will we really say that we are most proud of how organized our day calendar was or will we regret not stopping to smell the roses? Will we mourn the relationships that we could have nourished along the way?

Fred and Alicia were on a path of self-destruction. Were they dinking and drugging and living a life of sinful debauchery? No, far from it. Were they lying and cheating on one another? Hardly. They were focusing their attention on everyone and everything OTHER than themselves. You name a social commitment, and they had several hours a week carved out to volunteer for it. Everything had its allotted timeslot during the week, even romance. Penciled in, right after caring for Alicia’s convalescent mother, driving the van for the senior citizens at church or planning for the Home Owner’s Assoc. Annual Cookout . . . and work of course, was alone time. There were bills to be paid and 50 hours a week was nothing for this “successful” couple to put in for the job. Sex always found itself at the bottom of a very long list of things to do.

It wasn’t as if Fred and Alicia were in a loveless marriage either. No, that was far from the case. They had a deep-abiding love, one that had grown since those first days on the campus of Morgan State University, when Fred was a jock on the swim team and Alicia was studying accounting. Over the years, their romance blossomed and grew and they cemented an honest, loving bond that seemingly could not be broken. They found a true love that most people long for, that most people would give their right arm to experience. In all their travels, however, no one had ever told either of them how important it was to fan the flames of passion in a marriage FIRST in order to be better prepared to face life’s challenges. They were going about it all wrong. They were putting everything else under the sun above themselves. They were making time for generating heat in their lives the very last thing that they gave time and energy to developing. Sex for the couple, while still mind-blowing when they had it, was almost an afterthought– or at least something to be fit into the weekend amidst all the other chores.

What Fred and Alicia needed was a jolt to their sex lives. They needed a reminder that communication and intimacy, that passion and pleasure should come first and foremost in their lives. The Creator has a way of teaching us lessons, even when we least expect it. Every relationship pays the price for unspoken truths and denied pleasure. In their roles of conservative duty, Fred and Alicia had learned to suppress their true desires and were content to let their fantasies and desires be implied. It was fate that served as the spark that reignited the smoldering embers that held the key to a long-lasting, sensual and loving relationship.

Alicia was spending Saturday morning at home alone. Fred was out with a car wash to benefit juvenile diabetes research and she decided to forego laundry for some “me” time. What was different about that particular morning was how incredibly horny she was. It was all she could do to concentrate on anything other than her throbbing pussy and the visions of untamed sex that filled her thoughts. Taking advantage of the solitude, Alicia decided to indulge in a little decadent indulgence. She went through their collection of porn looking for something that would really get her juices flowing, and she ripped open the packaging on her brand new dildo, one she’d kept secret from her hubby. She decided on a lesbian flick because it always got her incredibly hot thinking about being with another woman. She would often fantasize that she would be seduced by one of the women that on the minority outreach committee for the local community college. Fred knew of her desires and it was arousing to him but they never discussed it. As open-minded and as liberal as they both were about their sexuality, there seemed to be a disconnect in communicating it to each other because they had adopted these roles of conservatism and didn’t know how to take them off anymore.

Alicia was laying back, her eyes shut tightly, and she was fucking herself slowly, intentionally, the way Fred would do it. The television filled the room with sounds of pure, hedonistic fucking. She was moaning softly, lost in fantasy of things she wouldn’t tell the one man she loved more than anyone else in the world. Her mind was racing, filled with thoughts and visions of untamed sex. Her body was filled with lust, well, lust and six inches of hard dildo. She was muttering, moaning, babbling incoherently about things she would never say to her husband in real life. ” Oh baby, I love the feel of your breasts in my mouth. Mmmm, let me taste that sweet pussy of yours. Oh fuck, you know only another woman could make me feel that way., YESSS, of yeah, strapon that dildo and FUCK me hard.”

What she didn’t know was that she was revealing all her secrets to Fred. Storm clouds put the kabash on the car wash and Fred had nothing else planned for the morning. He was thrown off when he arrived home because he didn’t see Alicia’s car parked in the driveway. He had totally forgotten that his brother-in-law had borrowed the car for a road trip and that his lovely wife would be at home. He entered, expecting to be able to have some alone time for erotic release to himself.

He heard the sounds coming from the bedroom and he moved toward them, almost afraid of what he might discover. His fears were for naught because as he peeked in the room, he saw a vision that made him instantly erect. Alicia was in the middle of ecstasy and uninhibited in her declarations. She was like a wild woman, right before his eyes, and he was instantly reminded of the reason why he craved her body so much. Her breasts were glowing with perspiration, heaving up and down as she fucked herself. He looked intensely at the TV screen, seeing the images that gave him a special thrill. He knew Alicia was stimulated by “alternative” desires but he was insecure that they meant that he wasn’t man enough to satisfy her. As if in a trance, he unzipped his fly and pulled out his hard dick. He was stroking it and watching Alicia masturbate. In that moment, in that erotic instant, Alicia and Fred were connected in a way that almost seemed to defy the odds.

Alicia was lost in her self-love and hadn’t heard Fred come in. What she felt was his hands spreading her thighs. She sat up, startled by the intrusion momentarily, and immediately gave way to the moment, the erotic potential. Fred knelt between her legs, staring at her new toy as it plunged in and out of her tight, wet pussy. He replaced her hand with his own and started fucking her. Alicia practically screamed out as Fred alternated licking her hard clit and ramming her full of dildo. She grabbed her breasts and started playing with her nipples, watching the images on the TV screen, looking down at her husband, feeling her body overcome with pleasurable sensations. She was in the zone, she was turned on more than she’d been in a very long time. There was something in the air that was different and she was going to take advantage of every second of it.

Grabbing hold of the dildo, Alicia pulled it out, covered with her sexy juices and began licking it seductively. She would have ordinarily never done anything like that because she was afraid that she would offend him or that she would seem too vulgar. Somehow, she felt like she was released from a prison of unspoken truths, free to share with her true soul mate the things in her heart. There was no one she trusted more, there was no one else who filled her with desire; she wanted to be able to let go and divulge all her secrets.

Fred was aroused, not offended. He watched his wife intently, tasting her cream. She sensually licked all her sweet honey from the toy and made sure she knew that she was enjoying it. Alicia was out of control, her pussy was flowing. She grabbed the back of her husband’s head and pushed him down between her legs. She was lost in fantasy of having a women go down on her but it was her man who was doing the job and doing it quite well. Fred, content to be a surrogate in his wife’s fantasies, swallowed every drop of her cum without missing a beat and licked his lips when he came up for air.

Alicia was beside herself. She was positive she’d never experienced anything sexier in her entire life. There was something about the intimacy of it all, the fact that only her husband could be with her in that moment, in that way. Fred started stroking his own dick harder, sucking harder, turned on by Alicia’s unapologetic openness. Whatever was making her so hot, he wanted more. He took off the rest of his clothes and got on the bed with his wife. He kissed her deeply, allowing her to taste her own pussy on his lips. Alicia was outdone by his kisses, igniting her flames that much more in a way that rivaled the first kiss they had shared so many years ago that still made her toes curl.

Fred began his usual seduction, enveloping her body with tender kisses in a slow, methodical manner. Alicia wanted to change the tempo, add some spice into things so she took charge of things and controlled the action. She wanted him to feel the heavenly sensations that he’d given her so many times. She began using her mouth on him in the most decadent ways: licking his nipples to drive him insane and saying things she only previously would have thought but never spoken aloud. “You know I want to fuck you, right? No, I want you to fuck me, I need you to fuck me senseless until I pass out. I want to feel you pound your hard dick in me and ram it hard, use my pussy, FUCK me.” The more she revealed, the hotter she got. She’d been afraid to admit to him that she wanted to him to take her in that way, that she wanted things a little more . . . intense, because, again, she didn’t want to offend him. Neither of them were skilled in how to communicate their sexual desires so they had just fallen into a rut of satisfying but predictable sex. This was far from predictable. Both Fred and Alicia were more expressive, more free with their wants and needs than they had ever been in their lives. It was as if they were experiencing a sexual rebirth.

She knelt between his thighs and began blowing his mind. Her mouth was like hot velvet, consuming every inch of his dick in sensual delight. The intensity of their unbridled lust and her dripping wet blowjob had Fred out of his mind. Inspired by his wife’s insatiable appetite, Fred was leaking precum and horny for more. Unable to take any more without exploding, Fred grabbed Alicia and flipped her over on her back. He threw her legs in the air and took careful aim. “Tell me you want this,” he said.

All Alicia could do was speak her truth. “Fuck me,” she said, her eyes glazed over, panting like an animal.

Fred took the head of his dick and slid it into the wet, warm, moist folds of Alicia’s pussy. He started working her slowly, hitting the right spots, making her beg for more. “FRED, fuck me. Fuck me like you need it. Fuck me like you want it. Fuck me like your life depends on it.”

The invitation had been made and Fred responded with enthusiasm. He began pounding her like he was a man driven by lust. It was clear he was treating her like a fuck doll and Alicia was loving every minute of it. In fact, she couldn’t get enough. The harder he pounded, the more she screamed for more. Her cries were primal, carnal even. The more pleasure he gave his wife, the more inspired he was to give her more.

He flipped her over on her stomach and pulled her to her knees. He was more rough with her than he usually would be but the wet, frothy juices on his dick told him that his wife was loving every second of the treatment. She put her hands on the headboard and looked back with lust in her eyes. “FUCK ME NOW!”

Fred took careful aim and lined up the head of his dick with her tight hole. The heat was intense and he shoved himself in in one full stroke. Alicia braced herself for the ride of a lifetime. Fred could go for a long time and she was going to take full advantage of the situation. She was like a bucking bronco and Fred was breaking her in. He gripped her hips tightly and punctuated his thrusts by smacking her ass hard. Alicia loved every second of the rough treatment. The more she came, the harder he fucked her. The pounding became more intense, he was smacking her ass and driving her crazy, giving her a string of multiple orgasms.

Alicia was exhausted, drained of energy. Fred wasn’t finished yet, however. When she collapsed on the bed, a mass of quivering and sensitive flesh, he flipped her over on her back and put her legs on his shoulders. The fact that he was being so aggressive, so sexual gave her new life and aroused her that much more. Fred’ dick was hitting her spot and making her cum even more. The sheets were on the floor and they were fucking on the bare mattress. Looking up into his face, Alicia could see the look of pure lust on her husband’s face and she felt more love for him in that moment than she’d felt in a long time. He rammed, fucked, and pounded her without mercy.

When he was ready to cum, he pulled out and started jerking off over Alicia’s stomach. She loved watching him cum but on this day, it was like torture . . . sweet, erotic torture. He spilled his seed on her slippery flesh and they collapsed on together, exhausted from such a strenuous experience.

Things began to fall in place after that. Alicia and Fred took more time to be together, to make sure that passion had a place front and center in their lives. All in all, they learned that in order to accomplish all the other things that they had to do in their lives, the most important thing was to take the time to be open and available for honest, intimate communication and make passion a priority.

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