Mandy’s Sexcapade: A Story within a Story


This series is a non-sequential addendum to the “Sharing My Wife Amanda” storyline.

This particular story is dedicated to TR, as well as to all the readers and chatroom denizens of Literotica who have taken an interest in my wife.


I quickly scanned the many tables of the crowded outdoor café. There was a broad-shouldered man with his back towards me, alone, and seated at a corner table.

Right where he said he’d be.

Trying to suppress my excitement, I approached him slowly and spoke quietly so he wouldn’t be startled: “Thomas?”

The man quickly turned around. “Sy?”

“In the flesh.”


I loved Amanda more than anything and, literally, adored the ground that she walked on. She was more than just my wife, but also my best friend and stabilizing force. We had been married for almost 9 years and while the physical aspect of relationship had always been amazing, it had become even more so during the past 2 years. The reason behind it was complicated, but it had much to do with my wife’s perception of herself.

Despite the fact that she looked like a supermodel, Amanda had always been extremely modest and unassuming. Even when men—and some women— sought her attention, she would always politely deflect them. But then something extremely peculiar happened one day.

Amanda finally realized that she was stunningly beautiful.

She never admitted it out loud, nor would she ever; there would never be any conceit in her humble soul. But the change in my wife manifested itself in some subtle and not so subtle ways. Perhaps most notably, she became much more confident in her sexuality. Amanda finally realized what power her body wielded over those who lusted over it, which was virtually everyone who looked at her. She started wearing tighter, more revealing clothing…

Amanda’s newfound confidence was, of course, unbelievably sexy to me, and it was around this time that our sex life REALLY began to take off. We had never been that adventuresome in the bedroom; missionary position was the standard with an occasional doggystyle, and we only performed oral sex on each other periodically.

But around 2 years ago (after almost 6 years of marriage!), Amanda and I began spicing things up ways that I would’ve never imagined: watching porn together, which was our first true sexual icebreaker (I was stunned and delighted to discover that my wife actually has an affinity for MFM threesomes!); exploring new sexual positions (spoon being her new favorite, piledriver being mine); our new forays into anal sex (which, I’m embarrassed to admit, did NOT go well during our initial attempts); and the introduction of sex toys into our arsenal (we discovered a new position that brought Amanda thoroughly craved: while in a side-lying 69 as she sucked my cock, I would simultaneously use silicone anal beads and a crystal dildo on her pussy while I pleasured her clit with my lips and tongue. It was only a simulation of a gangbang, but the triple penetration never failed to bring her to a quick orgasm).

The idea of my wife fucking another man while I watched, recorded, and directed them before joining in soon came my utmost sexual fantasy. And Amanda knew this, too; I told her as much. And to tease me, she began casually flirting with other men in front of me, or mentioning guys whom she found attractive as we were having sex. Her behavior enlightened me to something even more significant: Amanda fantasized about being with other people.

This became the impetus that spurred to me begin posting stories about her on Literotica.

In our hearts, Amanda and I knew that such a fantasy would never come to pass, but even just playfully discussing it was fun beyond belief. And while writing stories about that fantasy was a healthy outlet for me, I also wanted to show off my wife. It was perhaps shallow of me, but it was another way for me to express my love for Amanda, even if she wasn’t aware of it. I viewed each story as a love letter to her, and hoped that anyone willing to read them would immediately detect how much I adored my wife.

This was how I met Thomas online.

He emailed me a wonderful compliment on my first submission, “Sharing My Wife Amanda Chapter 1”, and I responded with genuine gratitude. From there, we continued to message back and forth, and even started to regularly chat in the “Fuck My Wife Chatroom” of that website.

Our virtual friendship blossomed unexpectedly.

Our initial correspondence always revolved around Amanda. Thomas never hid the fact that he was extremely intrigued by her and by my fetish to share her. Gradually, I began carefully divulging genuine details about my wife and our actual sex life. Occasionally, I would even send Thomas pictures of her (some ordinary, some risqué, but never ones where Amanda’s face was exposed). As conceited as it was, I loved bragging about her, and the fact that my wife was developing an online cult following was as wildly arousing for me as it was frightening.

As Thomas and I continued to keep in touch, we began discussing other aspects of life: family, career, hobbies, and even more somber topics like life and death. We never revealed too much about ourselves, though, but I arrived at a point where I felt comfortable venting to him and seeking his advice when I needed a neutral sounding board. While I never lost sight of the reason why Thomas and I “met”, the internet provided us enough anonymity that we could be candid with each other.

Thomas lived somewhere in the Pacific Northwest, and but had a family member who lived on the East Coast, on the outskirts of Center City… coincidentally, not far from me and Amanda! The first time he was in the area after we became acquainted, he brought up the idea of meeting. Thomas was pragmatic enough to know that I wouldn’t bring Amanda— she wasn’t aware of my stories on Literotica or that I was discussing my sexual fantasies in the “Fuck My Wife” chatroom, after all— but I still immediately declined. The internet provided safety, for me as well as for my wife. While I truly enjoyed the online friendship that I had cultivated with Thomas, meeting in person was too uncomfortable.

But after two years— and countless emails and hours spent together in the “Fuck My Wife” chatroom— Thomas informed me that he would in the area to visit his family again. It was merely an offhand comment, not an invite. But Amanda just so happened to be out of town for a bachelorette party that same weekend, and against better judgment, I thought Why Not?

So I asked Thomas if he would like to meet, to which he agreed.

Now here we were, finally in the flesh.


Thomas grinned and extended a large hand.

“It’s good to finally meet you, man!” He spoke with an easygoing drawl that was infectious. My hand disappeared in his, and he gave me a powerful handshake before gesturing to the open spot across from him. “Please, Sy. Sit.”

I planted myself in the chair and took a moment to study my friend. Thomas essentially appeared the way he had described himself to me: 6 feet even, about 200lbs, with a full head of brown hair that possessed a slight touch of gray, and a clean-shaven, tan face. Blue eye were set behind wireframe glasses that gave him a scholarly appearance. He was in healthy shape, sporting a flat belly, broad shoulders, and a muscular form achieved through Crossfit, running, and training at the gym.

Though Thomas was in his early 60’s, he appeared and acted much more boyishly.

“It’s good to finally meet you, too, Thomas. This has been a long time coming.”

We exchanged pleasantries. It didn’t matter that we had never met before; as we spoke, Thomas and I demonstrated an uncanny ability to seamlessly shift from our online friendship to one now based in the real world. We chatted at great length, but the topic of conversation inevitably shifted to reason that brought us together in the first place.

“So… I really want to talk to you about your hot wife,” Thomas said eagerly.

We both laughed, and his enthusiasm for Amanda made me surge with pride. “Go on, ask away. But I reserve the right to plead the 5th!”

Thomas nodded. “I’ve asked you this many times, and you always give me the same response. But now that you’re here, I want you to look me in the eye and tell me—“

I realized his question before he even finished. “The stories I’ve posted on Literotica about Mandy truly are just fantasy,” I reiterated for the umpteenth time to which Thomas appeared visibly crestfallen. “Except for ‘Pantyless & Proud’,” I quickly added. “I’ve told you before that it’s 99.9% true, and that really is the truth.”

Thomas’ demeanor instantly brightened. “No matter how mow many times you tell me that…” His voice trailed off as he shook his head and chuckled. “Oh, you crazy kids!”

We chatted about Amanda for another hour before Thomas had to leave. I initially had misgivings about today, but as we shook hands, I realized that I was glad to finally meet him.

Before he left, Thomas glanced at me somewhat sheepishly. “I don’t suppose you could share another picture of your wife with me before I go?”

I grinned in amusement. Despite the fact that I had already shared many edited pics of Amanda with him, Thomas was constantly begging for more. After a brief consideration, I finally answered, “I only have one that you’ve already seen, my friend.” Thomas couldn’t hide his disappointment, but nodded, anyway.

I pulled out my phone and showed Thomas my screensaver, which was a selfie that Amanda had texted to me after a particularly brutal workout. Working up a sweat in a snug sports bra and flattering yoga pants was when she felt at her best, and my wife never looked hotter than in this particular selfie.

Month ago, I had sent Thomas this pic with Amanda’s face blotted out to protect her identity. But Thomas’s eyes bulged as he stared at my screensaver.

Amanda’s selfie was unedited.

Thomas swore loudly, and people around us stared. “Dear lord, Sy. That really is Amanda?” He was in stunned disbelief, as if I had been deceiving him this entire time about my wife. “She’s even more beautiful than I could’ve ever possibly imagined! I knew Amanda had the body of an angel, but now I see she has the face of one, too.”

I quickly put away the phone, “That’s my Mandy. I want you to know, Thomas, that I have never showed her face to anyone from Literotica.”

The older man nodded gravely. “I believe you, Sy, and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I know you love your wife and want to protect her at all costs, and I truly appreciate your trust in me.” But then he flashed his boyish grin again. “I have to be honest, though, my friend. As soon as I get back to the hotel, I’m going to masturbate while I dream of your wife!”

My serious expression didn’t change. “I’d be disappointed if you didn’t.”


I remained seated at the table as I watched Thomas leave. My heart was pounding. I realized that I had used extremely poor judgment when I revealed Amanda’s face. But a drop of water had become a torrential downpour; a single rolling stone had morphed into an avalanche.

Things could possibly turn disastrous.

I had to talk to my wife.


Amanda read part of the first page aloud, which was a table of contents, “‘Sharing My Wife Amanda… Chapter 1’?” She looked up at me incredulously. “What is this?”

“Just keep reading,” I implored her.

“‘Mandy’s Sexcapde: Panytless & Proud’… “Mandy’s Sexcapade: Slippery Seduction’… ‘Mandy’s Sexcapde: Mandy the Matchmaker’.” My wife then raised an eyebrow as she read the last title. “‘Mandy’s Sexcapade: the Slutty Stranger’? Babe, what is this? Are these stories about… me?”

“Yes, they are.”

“Omigod! How… why?”

Despite the fact that I just presented my wife with almost 20 stories that I had written about her, I was, ironically, at a loss for words. “Because I love you so much, Mandy.”

“I know that, silly. You remind me, like, every 30 seconds!” Beneath the humor was an audible layer of appreciation. In a much quieter tone, she asked “Why did you do this?”

I was still struggling to explain myself. “Marrying you is the best thing that’s ever happened to me. I get to wake up next to you every morning, and each day is better than the last. I can’t love you more than I already do, but writing these stories about you was my way of trying. If that makes sense.”

Amanda sighed and her eyes brimmed. “Babe,” she sighed and melted into my arms. We pressed our foreheads together, our personal sign of affection since we were young 20-year olds, and held each other close.

A thought suddenly occurred to my wife. “Wait, ‘Sharing My Wife Amanda’? Exactly what are these stories about, anyway?” she asked suspiciously.

“Read them,” I begged. I knew that she would be initially shocked, even appalled, but my works had been based on my sexual fantasies as well as hers. I dearly wanted to finally show them to her.

Together, we walked over to the sofa, where I sat down. Amanda then lowered herself onto my lap and made herself comfortable as she opened the binder. She turned to the first page and began to read. I trembled; there was no telling what her reaction would be, or where this might lead.

And there was one last thing I needed to confess. “Mandy?”

“Yes, babe?”

“So… uh, there’s this website called Literotica, and…”


My wife and I enjoyed the sunshine and cool breeze on our faces as we looked in awe upon the Golden Gate Bridge. We were vacationing for a week in California, where we’d be spending several days here in San Francisco before venturing down to Southern California. Among all the things to do there, I was most excited about visiting its renowned beaches, where Amanda’s sexy body in a 2-piece bikini would fit in perfectly. I was most definitely excited to be visiting California.

We were also here to meet a friend.

I held her hand tightly as we navigated through the densely crowded tourist trap known as Fisherman’s Wharf. It was an unusually warm day in the Bay Area, and visitors from near and far were out in droves. As we weaved our way through the area, a loud barking began to pierce the air.

“That must be it.” I tried to keep my voice calm, but the nervousness on Amanda’s face was evident. She involuntarily squeezed my hand tighter, and concern washed over me. Perhaps this wasn’t such a good idea, after all. “Mandy, we don’t have to do this. I don’t care if—“

“No, no. It’s ok, babe.” My wife breathed in and exhaled explosively to calm herself. “Just last minute butterflies. We’ve been planning this for over a year, and I’m not about to turn back now.”

I grinned as I stare at my wife in adoration. More than anything, I just wanted her to be happy. “You want this as badly as I do… don’t you?” It was a playful accusation rather than a question.

Amanda suddenly beamed me a mischievous, radiant smiled that actually caused me to stagger back 2 steps. Somehow, she was SO beautiful, and all I could think about at that precise moment was whisking her back to the hotel, ripping off her clothes, and making hot passionate love to her.

But we were currently on a potentially perilous course that I had set.

“Did I say that?” My wife feigned innocence, bringing me back to the moment.

I could only stare at her with adoration. The possibilities of what might happen stiffened my penis into a full-blown erection. I knew I should’ve been nervous; I knew we both should’ve been. But Amanda was happy and excited, and that was enough for me.

We touched our foreheads together and staring lovingly into each other’s eyes, the throngs of people milling around us temporarily disappearing from our awareness. Then, with unbreakable love for each other and supreme confidence, we headed towards Pier 39.


I was able to immediately pick Thomas out from the densely packed tourists gawking over a railing at the sea lions below. He just as quickly caught my eye and waved.

“That’s him,” I informed my wife.

She lips slowly creased into a smile. “Just like the pictures you showed me. Nice… very nice….”

Her admission caused my erection to throb even harder.

Thomas started towards me with a friendly grin, but his eyes widened as he gazed past me. He swiftly recovered, and smiled in an almost reverential sort of way. “Sy. It’s good to see you again.” He shook my hand warmly, but it was clear that his attention was diverted behind me.

“Same here, Thomas.” My heart was pounding now, and I struggled to keep my voice steady.

Everything had been building up to this very moment.

I turned back to Amanda. “Mandy, this is Thomas, my friend whom I’ve been telling you about. Thomas… as I’m sure you’ve already figured out, this is my wife Amanda.” I politely stepped back as Thomas hesitantly approached her.

The older man wore a rapturous expression on his face, and he couldn’t hide the fact that he was undressing my wife with his eyes.

Amanda’s figure was like a magnet. Her upper torso was V-shaped, and a smooth neck gave way to sleek shoulders, and contoured biceps and triceps. Her perfectly shaped 34C breasts were stacked, and she currently sported a cleavage that screamed for attention. Running almost 20 miles a week bestowed toned legs and muscular thighs on my wife, as well as a sculpted ass that was just as fabulous. Her skin, which possessed a naturally tan complexion, was smooth and unblemished. Amanda’s long straight black silky hair flowed to her hips, and brown, slightly almond-shaped eyes were constantly twinkling, as if she was in on some joke that no one else was aware of.

Despite her athletic body and supermodel looks, Amanda’s sexiest trait of all, in my humble opinion, was her adorable freckles.

With all of these incredibly sexy features, what man wouldn’t undress my wife with his eyes?

Sometimes, this type of attention can be too much for a female, but Amanda was clearly enjoying the reaction she was receiving from Thomas as she returned his smile. She exuded a powerful, sexy confidence.

I had never felt prouder… or more aroused.

Thomas took her hand and kissed it. “Amanda,” he breathed. “It’s so unbelievably wonderful to finally meet you. I… I never thought this would happen.” He peered closely at her, still in disbelief. “I’ve read every story that Sy posted about you. I know your description by heart… I’ve seen your pictures.” The old man glanced at me guiltily as he continued, “But there was always a part of me… a large part of me… that suspected you were merely a figment of Sy’s imagination…. that he was lying about your existence and playing a cruel joke on me.” He reflexively reached out as if to touch my wife. “But you’re here. You’re actually here… you’re real.”

Thomas appeared as though he were about to prostrate himself before my wife in worship.

After I confessed to Amanda that I was posting lascivious stories and chatting about her on Literotica, I immediately told her about Thomas. She was initially appalled, as to be expected, but eventually came to appreciate that I was idolizing her online. Plus, the notion that she had an admirer on a sex website (she had several, actually!) was a curious fact that she eventually found quite exhilarating. It took almost a year of endless soul-searching and hand-wringing, but in the end, we both decided, together, that Amanda needed to meet Thomas.

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