Marie’s Senior Year: Cumsluts


Disclaimer: This story is still part of the Marie’s Senior Year series, but I have decided to release them as independent stories in order to avoid discouraging readers from checking out new installments. If you have never read a Marie story, feel free to start here or anywhere else. For those who like to read the series in order, this is part 7.


Marie stepped out of her mini cooper and checked herself out in her make up mirror in the parking lot of her school. She adjusted her white hair and touched up her dark red lipstick as always before locking the car door and walking through the gate onto main campus. She had spent the holiday break doing what she always does: fucking guys for money. Her boyfriend, who she had initially had an agreement with to simply have affairs for money, discovered that she had been having an affair with a cute redhead named Alice, who was also in the business, and with a handsome boy named Kevin, a former customer turned fuck-buddy.

The break up honestly did not affect her very much. She hadn’t been spending much time with him and was receiving all of the sexual satisfaction she needed from her friends Alice and Kevin. And now that she didn’t have a boyfriend, she took the opportunity to rededicate herself to her work.

Marie found it slightly difficult to walk due to having been ass-fucked for hours on end by Kevin the night before. “I wonder if Alice is hurting too…” she thought to herself.

The first bell rang and it was officially the start of her last semester of high school. She was happy to have been put in AP Chemistry with Alice. The two sat next to each other in the back of the room as tons of guys fought for seats near them. At this point, plenty of guys from Mayflower High School knew these girls could be payed in return for sexual favors, so they were pretty popular.

“Hey Marie” Alice whispered, “Some guys from Greenbrooke are having a party tonight and it’s supposed to be super crazy. Want to be my date?”

“Greenbrooke? Those kids are super fucking rich aren’t they?”

“Definitely. It will be a good opportunity to make some money don’t you think?”

“Of course I will come along!”

“It isn’t far from my house so just drive over to my place and we can walk together.”

Lunch time came later that day and Marie found herself walking by her old biology teacher’s classroom when she heard him call her over.

“Oh hi Mr. Webber!”

“Come in and let’s talk!” Marie walked into the familiar classroom expecting him to ask for another blowjob. She had been sucking him off every now and then for $30 during nutrition break when she was his student.

“I guess you must have missed me huh Mr. Webber?” she asked as she slowly strutted past him.

“Very much. Listen I don’t got a lot of time so I’m just gonna ask. How much would you charge for a quick fuck?”

“Wow, the whole way? Tired of blowjobs already?” She asked.

“It’s just my wife never puts out and I haven’t really been, you know, touched by a woman since you and I last fooled around. And I can’t help but wonder what you feel like.”

“Well, sir, given that you only really have twenty five minutes, and you have been such a good customer to me, I will only charge you $50.” She said as she began to unbutton her blouse.

“Perfect” he added before immediately charging over and pinning her down on the table. He kissed her lips and bit on her neck passionately, only moving to bury his face in her breasts as he tugged her mini shorts off of her caramel body. He quickly dropped his own pants and boxers, exposing his thick cock. Marie tugged on it with her right hand as he began to remove her panties.

“Not wasting any time, are you sir?” she asked while giggling. Her laughter was interrupted by a gasp as his cock entered her tight pussy. “Ffffuck.” she said under her breath. Mr. Webber gripped her throat forcefully as he rammed her pussy. The entire table rocked at the force of his thrust sending Marie into complete ecstasy. She rubbed her own clitoris as he fucked her hoping she could manage to cum before having to go to her last class.

“Do you know how long I have been waiting to do this?” he asked.

“No, Mr. Webber. Show me. Show me how long you have wanted my slutty pussy.”

He turned her around and bent her over the table and went on to fuck her from behind. Marie’s knees began to wobble as waves of pleasure rushed her body. “Mr.. Mr. Webber I’m… I’m going to cum!” She moaned and dug her nails into the table as her pussy gripped his rock hard cock tight all through her orgasm.

“I’m next. I’m gonna cum.”

Panting and out of breath, she reared her head and managed to let the words “You can cum in my pussy if you want.” work their way out of her mouth.

To that, Mr. Webber responded by furiously ramming her from behind until his thick load flusher her pussy. He stood for a few seconds as his body remained in ecstasy before collapsing back into his chair. Marie turned to face him and slowly kneeled to suck the remaining cum from his cock as he pulled the cash out of his wallet. “Thank you, love.” he said to her.

Marie’s lips smacked as she lifted them from the head of his cock. “Anytime, sweetie.” She put her clothes back on and blew him a kiss before leaving the room.

Marie dressed up in a pink tube top and the shortest white skirt she could find. Upon sitting in her car she realized it wasn’t even long enough to cover her ass when she sat. “I’m sure the boys will love this.”

Marie knocked on Alice’s door and her parents let her in. She made her way to Alice’s room where she was still getting ready.

“Wow Alice you’re looking super cute.” She said flirtatiously, shutting the door behind her and walking over to touch her.

“It’s just my underwear Marie” she responded, now rubbing Marie’s sides as well.

“You know I love seeing you in that red lingerie Alice.” The two girls began to make out before moving over to Alice’s bed. Marie eventually slid down and pushed Alice’s panties to the side in order to lick her pussy up and down. After ten minutes, Marie’s tongue brought Alice to an orgasm.

“Damn it Marie now we are going to be late!” she said jokingly.

Both girls arrived at the party and knocked on the door. Marie whispered “This house is fucking huge.”

“Yup. And I may have already told the host here that we were down to fuck for cash so it should be a pretty sweet night.”

Alice wasn’t kidding. Upon entering, dozens of guys were already getting them drinks and trying to sweep them off their feet. Marie was dancing and grinding up against one guy when another came up and shouted in her ear over the loud music “I just really need a blowjob right now!” Marie took his hand and walked over to the restroom. There she kneeled in front of him and took his cock in her mouth. She gently worked his cock at the base with her right hand and massaged his balls with her left, managing to effortlessly bring her lips from the tip of his cock to the end of her fist with each pump. ” Damn, you’re like a pro.”

Marie thought this was a bit of a stupid thing to point out. “Of course I’m a pro” she thought to herself. “I literally do this for money.” As her thoughts raced she heard him beginning to grunt and moan. She pulled off and asked. “You about to cum?”

Without saying anything he took his cock in his own hand and jerked it as cum splattered all over Marie’s face. She attempted to dodge it but it was already too late. She was caked in it. “Are you fucking KIDDING ME?” she asked angrily.

“I’m sorry I couldn’t help it.”

“How am I supposed to go back out there?”

“I don’t know uh… here.” He handed her a one hundred dollar bill. “Sorry, bye.” He quickly left the restroom and marie remained kneeled on the floor. “Now I have to wash my face and re-do my make up.”

After twenty minutes she finally left the bathroom. It wasn’t long before more guys began to pursue her. One guy offered $300 to fuck her and let him cum in her in the garage. The two of them ended up accidentally walking in on Alice getting nailed from behind so they just did it in the back yard.

It was getting late when Marie wiped a bit of cum off her chin after giving what she thinks was one of her best blowjobs. “Thank you!” she answered happily as he handed her a $100 bill and walked off.

She walked into the house again where Alice was letting guys do body shots off her. “This place is a fucking gold mine” Alice said to Marie.

“I know right!” Both girls did shots together as guys kept pouring drinks for them when Emmanuel, the host of the party, approached them both.

“Guys, my dad wants to talk to both of you.”

“What?! Why?” they asked, both very confused.

“I don’t know but he seems really mad. He is waiting in his room.”

“Wait, he is here?!” Alice asked.

“Yes go now before he comes down here!”

Both Marie and Alice made their way up into the master bedroom where they found Emmanuel’s dad and a four of his friends sitting around. The room was covered in empty beer bottles.

“You called us, sir?”

“Yes. Shut that door. Now, what the hell are you doing?”

“What?” Marie asked.

“Do you think I’m going to own a $1.6M property and not have it properly secured? There’s cameras everywhere.”

“Oh my gosh sir we are so sorry!” Both girls began to apologize.

“I really don’t want to hear it! You know I really don’t understand you teenagers. First I let you all in my house and I buy you food and loud music. Then I even agree to buy you all booze and you still find a way to disrespect my house? I’ve never heard of two young girls like yourself whoring around for money.”

Alice jumped in. “Sir I promise we didn’t mean any disrespect. We will leave immediately.”

“Like hell you will. Stay put I’m calling your parents.”

“NO!” shouted both girls.

Marie added “Please sir do not do that they will kill me.” He picked up the phone and began to dial.

“Sir we are begging you.” Alice uttered.

Emmanuel’s dad looked at them and then looked around at the other guys. Then they all began to laugh. “You should have seen the looks on your faces! You really think I’m gonna call your parents? What you think I’m gonna say? ‘Hello, I let your daughters get drunk in my house and now they are fucking my sons friends!’ I don’t even have their numbers!”

The guys continued to crack up when Marie angrily jumped in “Why the FUCK would you scare us like that?”

“Relax, it’s a joke. What are your names.”

Marie glared at him for a while before answering. “It’s Marie.”

“And I’m Alice.”

“You see” Emmanuel’s father jumped in. “I’m Charlie. This is Ray, Ben, and Lucas.” He announced as he signaled over to the guys surrounding them. “The real reason we called you up here was because we want in.”

“In on what?” Alice asked.’

“On the action.”

“You wanna fuck us?”

“Absolutely.’ they all laughed again.

Marie, still steaming, asked “And why should we after that shit you just pulled.”

“Because we wanna pay up $1000 each.”

Suddenly, her tone changed. “Really?”

“Yes darling to be honest $1000 ain’t shit for any of us. What we really want is to show you girls what it’s like to really get it from a group of real men instead of little boys.”

“So you want to do it all at the same time? Like a gangbang?”

“Yes Ma’am.” answered Lucas as they all began to unbuckle their belts.

Marie found herself laying on her back. Charlie had only waited long enough to remove her panties and began to fuck her fully clothed under her skirt. Lucas kneeled above her head and shoved his cock into her mouth. She drooled and salivated as he forcefully shoved it into her throat.

Alice sat on Ray’s face while he licked her pink pussy. Meanwhile, she unbuckled Ben’s pants and announced. “Holy fuck.”

“What?” Marie asked after removing the cock from her mouth.

“This guy is fucking hung.”

Marie turned her head and witnessed the enormous cock dangling in front of Alice’s face. That thing was easily seven inches while still flaccid. Alice began to jerk it and Charlie turned Marie on all fours and began to fuck her from behind. She watched in awe as his member grew to an enormous size. Alice then attempted to take it into her mouth and began to gag only half way down. Lucas stood back and jerked off, clearly turned on by what was going on. “You girls really like Ben’s cock don’t you?”

“It’s just so big…” Marie responded.

“Let’s see you both try to work on it.”

“Really?” she asked.

“Sure” Charlie responded, pulling his cock out of her. “That will definitely be amusing.”

Ben sat on the edge of the bed as both girls kneeled between his legs on the floor. The rest of the guys slowly stroked their cocks and watched. “It is so big.” Alice added.

Marie said “My fingers can’t even reach all the way around when I hold it.”

Alice moved down and began to lick his balls while massaging the bottom half of his cock. Marie wrapped her hand around his cock just above Alice’s hand and began to bob her head up and down on his cock. Both girls slurped and moaned as they thoroughly enjoyed his cock, often switching between who was licking his balls and who was sucking the tip.

Ben said “I really just need to fuck one of you.”

Marie added “Oh please just let me be first.”


“Yes baby please I need it.”

Ben scooched up on the bed and Marie straddled him. The rest of the guys approached Alice and said “I guess we are taking you back.” Marie held onto Ben’s cock and slowly guided it into her pussy. Only the tip had made it in before she began to moan and squeal. This didn’t stop her however, as she continued to envelop his cock with her pussy all the way to the base. Once it was fully in, he squeezed her ass and began to fuck up into her with her eyes closed and her jaw drop. Marie’s voice quivered as she struggled to keep quiet when his cock stretched her to new limits. She turned her head and saw Lucas laying under Alice with his cock in her ass, Ray arching over her to fuck her pussy and Charlie face fucking her from behind. The sight of her friend taking three cocks sent Marie into overdrive. She began to bounce furiously on the huge cock and guide Ben’s hands across her body.

“Fuck, Ben. Fuck I’m cumming I’m cumming I’m cumming.” He stared at her intently while she bounced on his cock through her orgasm. Her head immediately felt light and she hopped off his cock. She went back to sucking his cock again with more motivation than ever. She progressively began to slide his cock deeper into his mouth.

“Oh my god. Are you actually gonna…” Ben said quietly.

Marie responded with action as she gagged and choked, but slowly ended up taking his cock all the way down and pressed her lips against the base. “Marie, no one has ever deep throated me before. Oh my god…”

Marie remained low on his cock and continued to force it up and down her throat. When he announced he was going to cum she railed up all nine inches of it and slobbered on the head of his dick. He held her hair as he began to shoot a load of cum worthy of his massive cock into her mouth. It quickly filled her mouth and began to overflow onto her chin. She swallowed a huge gulp, but there was still cum in her mouth and all around it. Marie rose and Ben was clearly done. She walked over to Alice and Charlie took the cock out of her mouth. The two girls began to make out and swap Ben’s cum, driving the rest of the guys crazy. Charlie went around behind Marie and fucked her as they continued to do this.

Soonafter, the girls found themselves kneeling as three mens hard cocks face them. The girls jerked and sucked on the cocks trying very hard to address them equally. That’s when the first string of cum shot across both of their faces. Charlie stroked his cock as he emptied his balls onto both of the girls, shooting into Marie’s hair and Alice’s eye. Ray’s cock began to erupt inside Alice’s mouth but he quickly pulled out and spread his cum on their cheeks. FInally, both girls came close together as Lucas began to shoot his load onto their foreheads and lips.

Each guy took a seat and the girls sat on the floor, licking the cum off each others faces and making out. Slowly, the licked up and swallowed all the cum while fingering each other on the floor while the guys drank and made bets as to who would cum first.

The night drew to a close around 4am when Marie and Alice found themselves outside Alice’s house. Exhausted, Alice went in and face planted onto her bed. Marie, however, decided to take one more customer. He bent her over the side door of her mini cooper and fucked her from behind. Just as he began to cum in her pussy, Alice’s parents walked out.

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