Massage Leads to Great Sex


My girl friend, Tara believes that she should tell her story as well. She says that my story “_______” does not capture the real womanly view on the matter. Also, she insists that I fucked her many more times on that day. In many more positions. I appear to have forgotten. May be I did. The fact is, I enjoyed fucking her. She may have counted the number of penetrations. I did not. This story is real. Only this time it is dictated to me by Tara.

My Dad suddenly informed me on Saturday evening that he was not feeling terribly well. I was more than a little worried with this. So I argued and ensured that he came along to the hospital for a check up. He reluctantly agreed. I rang up Ravi and told him. He truly was understanding. He did not hesitate and said, “Go ahead! Look after your Dad. We can meet later.” Though he had told me an hour before, “Get ready. You will be fucked very hard on Sunday.”

Early in the morning I drove Dad to the hospital and started the check up. By about 2 PM, the doctor came out and said, “Nothing to worry. He is exhausted. He needs rest. Also, I think he should increase his exercise.”

Since I wasted so much time in an unhygienic hospital lobby with the smell and the heat in the hospital lobby, my head was throbbing with pain. Since all was well, at about 2.30 PM, Dad emerged from his tests and said, “I told you. There was noting to worry. You are like a Mom.”

He requested that he be dropped at his friends’ house. I drove Dad to his friends. I thought fleetingly of my options and decided to rest a while. And soon! If I went back home, I would have to set my room right and only then get to relax. That was no way to get some rest.

Since the mind was clear of worries and I could think of nothing better than driving to Ravi and surprising him, I reached his home by 3 in the afternoon.

The door opened. He looked surprised and asked, “What happened? Any problem?”

I shook my head and said, “My Sunday is ruined. My Dad asked me to hang on while he met his doctors and then chatted with his friends etc. And then, he tells me after about three hours that I should go home, since he would meet up with his friends and then go to his home himself.”

Ravi stepped aside and motioned me to come in and then said, “So what? Just come in. Dad is Dad. He is an old man and is entitled to his idiosyncrasies.”

While he was being so very understanding, I was a little irritated. The headache was bad. Plus, I had lost a good Sunday. I snapped back, “I have a terrible back ache and a head ache, waiting in the heat and with nothing to do. . . . . I need some rest. I need to get my steam out.”

Ravi nudged me by me elbow and said, “Go straight into my bedroom and flop in, since the air conditioner is on and the bed is fresh.”

I said, “Gee. Thanks. You also come and rest. I don’t mind sleeping with you!!”

I winked and walked in and dropped myself on the bed. I was truly tired. I could not even drag my feet up and they were hanging out with the slippers on my feet.

I sighed and said, “God! Am I tired?”

Ravi walked in and helped me take off the slippers and put my feet onto the bed. He even fluffed up the pillow and said, “I suggest you catch some rest. I will get you a cool drink.”

Soon the drink arrived. I finished the drink and said, “My shoulders are tense, my back is aching, I have such a terrible headache. I can’t tell you, how much I could do with a massage.”

Ravi softly answered, “Just relax. I will give you a massage.”

While I sank into the bed and snuggled for comfort, I said, “Thanks Ravi. You are an angel.”

I have known Ravi for many years. He has many talents. But this day was to be a revelation for me.

Ravi sat himself down on the bed next to me, facing me and said, “Let me massage you and relax you.”

Ravi started to massage my temples with two fingers. It was truly great.

Then he switched to massaging the two eyebrows from inside to outside.

I enjoyed it so much, I almost moaned with pleasure.

Since this note is not so much about his massaging technique and more about what followed, let me cut through the massage description and go straight into what was incredible about today.

My hairs were getting ruffled. Ravi, with an innocent look on his face, lifted my head with one hand and loosened my bun with the other. My hairs were flowing and lay on both sides of my face.

Ravi lowered his nose into my hairs and took a long deep breath and said, “They really smell good.” (Ravi liked my hairs loose in bed. Somehow he liked that wild feeling.)

I must have said tartly, “Can you give me a real nice massage?”

Ravi changed his position and then he could massage my head with both his hands.

Ravi asked me to relax and to place my hands in a way that I am totally relaxed.

Since the massage was truly relaxing me, I asked, “Where did you learn this massage?”

Ravi softly answered, “I will tell you later. You just relax now.”

After about ten minutes of massage on the head, çeşme escort I requested Ravi, “My neck.”

Ravi massaged on the side of the neck and right down the shoulders and made me feel truly relaxed and released of my tension.

Then from nowhere, Ravi nudged my torso and said, “Turn over, let me get the back of your shoulders and neck.”

I flipped over and lay on my front, while Ravi went on massaging my back. He extended his reach to the entire back right from the shoulders down. He traced my spine and massaged every spinal bone.

Ravi had mounted the bed and was practically sitting astride me back and was pressing my spine hard.

Placing two thumbs on two sides of my spine Ravi pressed down hard right below my neck. It hurt. I let out a small, “Ouch.”

Ravi asked, “Did it hurt?”

I shook my head and let him know that it did not.

Many a time he pressed my spine and the blouse hooks on my back would eat into my back. I went on thinking, “Is it not time for him to take of my blouse?”

Once, when I winced at the hook biting into my back, Ravi said plainly, “Let me un-hook the blouse. This is hurting you.”

I said, “Okay.”

I thought that perhaps, Ravi clearly did not realize that I really wanted him to take off my blouse and feel my back. And may be my front also!

He was agonizingly slow. He took all the time to unhook six hooks. Once the hooks were off, he slowly spread the blouse on both sides and resumed his massage.

He massaged every square inch of my back with two thumbs. I went on saying, “Ah, I love it. This is really relaxing.”

Sometimes I think that Ravi has learnt to read my mind. Perhaps he can smell my sweat and make out the heat that is building up inside me. As a woman, I wanted that my naked back should excite him and he should feel like stripping me of my clothes and massaging me from my front as well.

But Ravi knew better.

He did not fumble. With silent deliberation he unhooked by bra strap and removed it from my back.

My back was totally naked!!

I turned my face so I could see him. I think, I saw a bulge on his crotch.

Instead of turning me over and treating me like a ‘woman in heat’, he I started to hold my lattice muscles and almost lifted me off the bed while squeezing them.

I gasped, “Aaaah. That is really nice.”

I realized that this evening could easily pass waiting to get fucked and not getting fucked!! I made my womanly move and said, “Why don’t you massage my whole body?”

Ravi gave away his plan by answering, “That is what I will do any way darling. I am just starting with a specially planned Thai massage for you! I will take you to the moon and back today. Just co-operate with me.”

I saucily said, “Just do what you need to. Just make me relax.”

Ravi said nothing. He simply nudged me to turn over. And I did.

Since this was taking me no where, I made my second womanly move and said, “Why don’t you take off my blouse and bra?”

Ravi was firm and said, “No. Not now.”

I could not hold back what I wanted and moaned, “Ravi, I want to get taken.”

Ravi teased me and asked, “Why? I have done nothing so far to make you ache to be taken.”

I was desperate and said, “You don’t understand what I want.”

Ravi was taking control and he was not willing to give in to my tricks. He spoke with authority. “I don’t care what you want. I know what I want and when I want it. So if you are aching to be taken, so be it. I will take you when every bone in your body is aching to get taken. And when my dick wants its favorite pussy”

I asked acidly, “And when does that happen?”

Ravi coolly answered, “When my dick is up and throbbing and when your pussy juices are dripping down your leg!!!!”

He took up massaging my arms, while totally neglecting my boobs.

I lifted my arms and discretely tried to uncover my boobs. In the process one of my nipples was exposed. That may break his iron will and make him hasten his massage and start a mighty fuck.

Ravi appeared to simply disregard thus and perhaps covered my nipple with the crumpled blouse.

He was behaving like a bastard. He massaged my neck and then ran his fingers over my stomach and then slowly came near my saree diadem.

Ravi announced, “I will pull out the saree now. Suck your breath in.”

I responded, as if I did not want to be fucked, but was trapped with a mighty powerful fucker, who would take me wantonly any way. I made it sound as if this was the first time he was making me naked. And said with mock resignation, “Okay.”

He inserted two fingers under my saree waist band and pulled the diadem out. He then un-wound the saree from my torso.

I lifted my buttocks and assisted in his stripping me completely. But he did not take off my petticoat right then!!

My petticoat was partially up my legs. The six-inch slit in front of the petticoat was slightly parted and exposed some of my pubic hair. I was wearing a low-slung panty.

I başakşehir escort was praying that he would plunge his hand under my petticoat and seek the pussy immediately through the slit.

He did not!!!!

Then like a trainer, he said, “Tara, I will now loosen your petticoat.”

Like a trained lover, he pulled the drawstring out and pulled at one end. The knot opened out. My stomach got free.

Ravi then inserted his fingers under my now loose waistband and loosened the petticoat and lowered it a little.

I pleaded, “Why don’t you take it off?”

Ravi’s eyes twinkled and he let me know that he knew what I wanted, but would not give me what I wanted till I was on fire and said, “Darling, you really want to be made naked now, is it?”

I broke convention and said, “No, I want that fat dick of your pumping me, as soon as possible.”

Ravi took control over my hastening the process. He held his crotch and said, “Darling, that dick is mine. And you have no control over it!!”

He placed his hand over my cunt from over the petticoat and said, “This cunt is mine. I will take it when I like and the way I like and at a time of my choice. Once again you have no choice on its use. I will fuck it when I like, how I like.”

He slowly ran his fingertip over my aching slit. It was so exciting. I raised my pussy up and moaned, “Aaaah. That is really nice.”

Ravi the bastard ignored my urgency and ran his fingers over my waist, which had the cord marks on it. He then asked, “Why do you wear something that marks your body like this?”

I mumbled something back, wishing all the time that he pulls the petticoat down all the way and treat my cunt like I want – RIGHT NOW.

Then Ravi said, “Just don’t wear the petticoat in the future.”

Ravi inserted his hand from below, from my knees and went all the way up and felt my panty.

He ordered me, “Tara, you are wearing a panty too? How dare you come for a massage with a panty on?? Take off that panty – NOW.”

I was petulant and said, “You take it off.”

Ravi inserted his other hand, held both sides of my panty and pulled it down. Since it was wet with my juices, and it was flimsy, it got stuck on her swollen thighs. Ravi gave one hard tug and it got free and came out from under the petticoat.

Instead of taking it off and flinging it away, he left the panty at my ankles.

I tried to get my legs free. After all, I would have to spread my legs wide to get my cunt taken. Ravi was upset at my moving my legs and barked, “Leave it there.”

I asked, “Why?”

“Just leave it there, I said!!!!” Ravi said angrily.

Ravi returned to feeling my thighs from under the petticoat and squeezing them one by one.

For some unknown reason Ravi pulled his hands out and started to massage my thighs one by one from above the thin petticoat cloth.

Ravi’s hands climbed up till my knees and then he stopped.

I asked, “Over?”

Ravi answered, “No. I will now lift your petticoat and massage your legs till your knees.”

I was surprised. How did he withhold the strong aroma of my pussy and the near naked body and the open invitation to fuck. I could not stop asking, “You want to tease me, is it?”

Ravi answered with his hands and slowly lifted her petticoat till my knees and ran his fingertips over my shin.

While I bemoaning the slow speed, he suddenly Ravi caught the wet crotch of my panty gathered at my ankles and pulled then up towards my crotch.

My legs opened up like a bow till the petticoat became tight, stopping my legs from opening any further.

I am sure Ravi could see the glistening pussy. But he slowly inserted his hand into my half raised petticoat and started to feel my inner thighs, missing touching my pussy all the time.

I almost lost my head and said, “That is exciting me too much. Please take me. Please.”

Ravi was holding the panty in that position to force my thighs open and started to massage my inner thighs.

I screamed, “Please take my clothes off and tear my cunt with that dick.”

On hearing this, Ravi grimaced and left her legs right where they were and stopped.

I hissed, “What happened?”

Ravi simply looked at me hard and slapped my face.

I angrily asked, “Ouchch. Why are you beating me?”

Ravi shouted back with a determined voice, “Shut up or else I will pierce your clit and put a ring on it and leave it there for ever!!!!!!!”

I taunted him and said, “You are threatening me?”

Ravi got up from the bed and shouted back, “Yes, that I will torture your pussy and not fuck you, if you tell me what to do.”

I was really hot. I wanted to be wantonly taken. My blood was racing through my boobs and cunt. In fact the cunt was throbbing. I pleaded back in submission to the man in Ravi and softly said, “Just do what you want to do with me.”

On hearing this pleading, Ravi caught hold of my panty crotch and pulled it upwards and pushed my legs back towards küçükçekmece escort my stomach.

My petticoat slid all the way up. My pussy was fully exposed and I am sure my pussy lips were wet and all the cunt hairs were glistening with juices.

Ravi massaged the back of the thighs. And then with no warning, he slowly lowered my panty hold and made my legs straight.

Ravi got up from the bed and stood there. Then he said, “Now, I will give you a full body Butter Massage,” and walked to the fridge.

He wasted so much good pussy heat time and took out the butter tray and put it into the microwave cooker and put it in and heated it.

I could smell hot butter. Ravi then returned to the bed and said, “Roll over. I will now place an oil cloth, so that the bed is not ruined and you have a soft bed to get massaged, not the floor.”

I rolled over. Ravi took out an oil-cloth and placed it and asked me to roll back onto the oil-cloth.

The Ravi asked me to call my Dad and take time. I realized that Ravi was planning something big.

I quickly agreed and said, “Pass the phone.”

Tara told her Dad, “I am tied up somewhere. Dad, please take a cab and go to your home. I will come and see you when I am free or I will call.”

Ravi’s eyes twinkled and he asked, “You are not tied up as yet!!”

I asked, “Do I have to be tied up and then massaged?”

Ravi was standing with the hot butter in the tray and was blowing into it and was perhaps cooling it a little. He said, “I don’t know. Depends on what I feel like doing with your body. If your leg muscles need to be stressed in a wide open position to relax them may be you will have to be tied up in a frog position!!!”

I feigned surprise and asked, “Is that what you plan to do?”

Ravi said, “Tara, I don’t know. I want to relax you. Let me see where it reaches. Lie down, face up. I will massage your entire body now with a new technique.”

Tara lay down, naked except for the crumpled but open petticoat and the crumpled blouse covering my boobs.”

Ravi placed a soft pillow below my neck and bent my head backwards. Then he took my wrists and guided them to a hands-up position.

Then he announced, “I will now kiss and lick every inch of your body. This is called “Tongue massage”.”

I knew that I was sweating. So I said, “I am sweaty.”

Ravi licked his lips and said, “I like you salty.”

Ravi descended onto my face and kissed me on my eyes and then on my forehead repeatedly.

As he went down my body, he asked, “Tara tell me if I have missed anything.”

I answered, “Okay. Let me see what you miss!!!!”

He came down the whole shoulder and came near my aching breasts and missed them for kissing or massaging.

I quickly suggested, “No licking the boobs?”

I think he said, “You will see what I do with them.”

Ravi slowly went down to my navel and started to run his tongue into it.

It was so excting. I jumped up and said. “Aaaah. That is sooooo exciting. Stop, please stop. Don’t!! Please that is too much!!!!”

I tried to push his head away with my hands.

Ravi caught my hands and put them up and said menacingly, “Any more attempt will be met with stern punishment.”

I pleaded, “Please don’t lick the navel.”

“In that case, I will,” Ravi stated.

He caught me by the midriff and started to lick my entire belly and the navel was being attacked by his tongue.

My pussy was really feeling hot. It was wet and dripping juices. Then, suddenly, Ravi caught me by my waist and flipped me over and started to run his tongue over my backbone all the way down till my waist.

With no warning, Ravi ordered, “Tara spread your legs wide. I want to now lick the inner thighs.”

I tried to open my legs – wide. Ravi said sternly, “They are not open wide enough for me.”

I wanted him to spread my legs as far as he liked. I said with desperation in my voice, “You make them wider. Just spread my legs wide. Split them open. Break them. But please touch that cunt. It is aching for the touch.”

Ravi caught my ankles and jack knifed my thighs as wide as he could. Then, perhaps not liking the opening, he crooked one knee and opened it wide up.

Ravi slowly lowered himself between my thighs and stared to lick the inner thighs.

I cried out, “Aaaaah. Please, on the pussy!!!!”

Ravi calmly said, “Darling the pussy will be licked. But in good time. You will now get the butter massage.”

He took a large amount of liquid hot butter and applied it his palms and then started to apply it on my face. Then he went down my front and applied the butter on my neck and then on the nape of my neck.

Ravi then made his move. He pulled my hands straight above me and slowly pulled the blouse and bra off.

I knew, I was about to be fucked – hard. My proud breasts came out. My dark Indian nipples were erect.

Ravi took a large amount of butter on his palms and cupped my breasts and applied it all over.

I hissed, “That is soooooo nice. Squeeze them. Pinch my nipples please!!”

Ravi did not hesitate. He took each nipple between his fingers and twirled them with oil.

I encouraged him to be rough with my boobs and said, “Squeeze both of them. They deserve to be punished.”

Ravi got rough. He caught them both and started to really rough treat them.

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