Matty Meets Kimmy Ch. 05


“I don’t think I’ll ever understand your obsession with my little breasts,” I mused.

Matt smiled to himself. He and I were laid on our sides facing each other in his bed. My sore pussy oozed with his fresh cum and he was drawing imaginary circles around my nipples with his finger.

“Well you may think they’re little but they’re just the perfect size for me,” Matt replied.

I giggled under Matt’s ticklish touch,

“So what is it about them then?”

“They’re just so perky, and cute and adorable,” Matt rambled.

“Cute and adorable huh?” I responded, “You know, most girls would probably prefer their boyfriends to describe them as sexy and seductive,” I added.

Matt grinned as he cupped my breast with his hand, grazing his thumb against my hard nipple,

“But you’re not most girls, and you know very well I think everything about you is drop dead sexy,” he explained.

I blushed unnoticeably, as my skin was already flush from mine and Matt’s lovemaking.

“So does that mean you’re a breast guy?” I asked.

Matt chuckled to himself,

“Babe . . .as much as I love your breasts, and I do love them,” Matt stated as he leaned in and planted a light peck on the soft curve of my right breast, “I am and will always be an ass man, and that cute butt of yours has done nothing to change my mind,” Matt continued before reaching behind my body and squeezing my butt cheek.

I squealed in laughter, wriggling my body under Matt’s grasp.

Matt finally let me go and we went back to staring at each other.

“What about you?” Matt asked.


“What of mine do you like?” he clarified.

I grinned my teeth at him as I decided on an answer,

“Your eyes,” I finally replied, “The way you look at me, it’s like no one else and makes me feel like I’m the only woman in the world,” I went on to explain.

“Wow Kim, way to make me look like a jerk, here I am talking about tits and ass and you come up with this beautiful thoughtful sentiment,” Matt jeered.

I erupted in laughter,

“Awww baby, if it makes you feel better, I think you have a cute ass as well,” I retorted as I reached for a handful of Matt’s butt cheek.

We kissed then settled down again.

“So are you ready for the big shave this weekend?” Matt asked.

“Uh huh,” I replied, “You’re staying over at my place for the weekend right?”

Matt nodded affirmatively.

“Great, Summer’s visiting her folks for her dad’s birthday so we have the place to ourselves all weekend.”

“Mhmm sounds like fun.”

“So are you nervous about shaving it all off for the first time?” I asked.

Matt chuckled,

“When I first think about it I do get a little nervous but then I just tell myself it’s hair, it’ll grow back.”

We lay there in each other’s arms peacefully,

“Wanna go take a shower?” Matt asked.

I looked up at him and smiled guiltily,

“I was thinking we could go again, you can stick it in my butt, if you’re up for it,” I teasingly offered.

“You have such a way with words baby,” Matt chuckled as he excitedly reached over to his bedside table drawer for the bottle of lube.


Matt arrived at my place late Friday evening just in time to see Summer off. Adam was there as well, waiting to take her to the airport. The four of us serendipitously met up in the hallway outside the apartment just as Adam and Summer were leaving.

“Hey Summer, have a great trip, and before I forget, I got something for your dad.”

Matt dug through his weekend bag for the small box covered in wrapping paper. He handed it to Summer as she smiled at him.

“Thanks Matty.”

We watched as Summer tucked it away in her carryon.

“Okay well I better get a move on if I wanna catch my flight. See you guys in a couple days.”

Summer hugged me and then Matt,

“And please don’t leave my boyfriend all by his lonesome this weekend, he won’t admit it but he gets devastatingly depressed when I’m not around,” Summer warned.

The four of us all shared a laugh at Adam’s expense,

“Don’t worry Sum, we’ll look after him,” I chirped as the twosome headed downstairs.

Matt and I headed into the apartment and he set his bag down in the corner.

“I made dinner for us, veggie lasagna, have you eaten already?”

“Nope, I’m kinda starving actually,” Matt replied.

“Great,” I responded as I set out two plates on the table.

We sat and dined.

“So are you and Summer’s dad close?” I asked.

“I guess, Summer’s parents and Adam’s parents, they really looked after me growing up. I was always at one of their places for dinner on the weekends and always for holidays,” Matt explained.

“More wine?” Matt asked holding the almost empty bottle in the air.

“No thanks babe,” I replied.

Matt finished off the bottle.

“This was amazing,” Matt complimented as he ate his final mouthful of lasagna.

“Thanks sweetie.”

Matt cleared the table and quickly washed up the dishes.

“You wanna watch a movie?” he asked göztepe escort as he returned to the table.

“Sure,” I replied as we walked over to the couch.

I cuddled up to Matt’s side as he scanned through the Netflix menu. We finally found a movie we could agree on and Matt set down the remote and draped his arm over my shoulder.


“You ready to go do the deed?” I asked as Matt switched off the television.

“After you my dear.”

“You just wanna stare at my butt as I walk huh?” I teased.

“You know me so well Kimmy.”

We made our way into my bathroom. Matt began to strip as I turned on the shower. By the time I turned around he was already naked.

“Wow, someone’s been busy,” I commented.

Matt followed my stare down to his crotch and his closely trimmed pubes.

“I figured I’d save some time and get the thick stuff out of the way,” Matt replied as he helped me out of my yellow plaid shirt. Once I removed my jeans and panties, I stepped into the tub and Matt was quick to follow. We stepped under the warm downflowing water and pressed our bodies together. After a brief kiss, I looked up to Matt,

“So do you wanna go first or should I?”

“Why don’t you go first.”

“You’re not gonna let me do mine then chicken out are you?” I giggled.

Matt smiled,

“Well it had occurred to me,” he joked as I playfully shoved his arm.

I bent over and picked up the new razor and can of shaving cream I had set out earlier in the day.

“Do you mind?” I asked, handing the slender can of shaving cream to Matt.

I sat in the corner of the tub, up on the ledge, and spread my legs.

Matt knelt down infront of me and dispensed some of the white foam to his hands. He set down the can and pressed his hand against my pelvis. He rubbed his hand around, spreading the foam over my pubic hair.

“Okay, that’s good,” I informed.

I held on to the handle of the razor with a firm grip as I lowered it to my groin. Gently pressing the head of the razor against my skin, I slowly glided it down. Matt watched as swipe after swipe, the hair above my vagina was slowly removed. I reached out behind Matt, letting the razor fall under the stream of the shower, washing away my shaved hair. When I was mostly done with the top, I looked to an attentive Matt,

“Could you help me out a little?” I asked.

Matt reached out and held onto the lips of my vagina, gently pulling them to the side so I could access every crevice. After a couple more swipes, I was finally done. I washed off the razor one more time, then ran some water over my pussy, letting all the shaving cream wash away.

“So what do you think?” I asked.

Matt stared at my bare pussy as if for the first time. I was shaved clean, the slender flowery lips of my pussy on full display. He ran his fingers over my pelvis, right above my vagina, feeling my smooth skin.

“I think it’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen,” he murmured.

I giggled and stood up, stepping under the shower,

“I guess that means I’ll be keeping it this way for a while,” I mused as I rubbed my hands over my slit.

Matt stood up and turned to face me.

“Okay mister, your turn,” I stated as I held out the razor for him.

Matt looked down at the razor then back up at me,

“Actually, since you did such a fine job, would you mind doing me?” he asked.

I smiled and pressed my hand against Matt’s chest, pushing him down to sit on the edge of the tub. I assumed his previous position, kneeling down infront of him. Spreading Matt’s legs I began to lather up his groin with shaving cream. As I held onto his limp penis, rubbing the foam up and down and around, I felt Matt slowly getting hard in my hands.

“Sorry babe, can’t help it,” Matt apologized.

“I actually think it’ll be easier this way,” I replied.

I carefully pressed the razor against Matt’s abdomen and began slow straight swipes. Matt’s pubes were slightly coarser than my own so it took a little more effort but I was doing a fine job. I smiled as I held Matt’s erect cock to the side and very carefully guided the razor along curve of his shaft. Matt helped me out, holding his penis down so I could concentrate on my task. I held on to Matt’s balls, pulling the skin taut so I could clear him of every hair possible.

“Okay, get up,” I instructed.

Matt headed my direction.

“Now turn around.”

As Matt spun round, I placed her hands on his butt cheeks and gently spread them.

“There’s a little hair back here, do you want me to do all of it?” I asked.

Matt thought for a while before he replied,

“Might as well, if you’re brave enough,” he chuckled.

“Baby, I’ve had your tongue in my ass, I think I could man up and do some probing of my own,” I replied.

Matt continued to chuckle,

“Okay babe, have at it.”

I re-lathered my hand with shaving foam and slid my palm between Matt’s butt cheeks.

“A little help babe?” I asked.

Matt shook his çorlu escort head in disbelief as he reached behind and held is butt cheeks. I continued sliding my hand up and down, letting my finger press against Matt’s warm anus every so often. I then guided the razor between his butt cheeks, carefully sliding it down against his skin. I did either side, then rubbed my hand against him once more.

Matt tried to arch his neck over his shoulder to get a view,

“Having fun back there?” he asked.

I giggled,

“It’s just so smooth and nice,” I explained.

“Okay, I think you’re all done,” I announced.

I stood up and Matt turned to face me. We stepped beneath the shower and let the water cascade down our bodies. I lowered my hands to Matt’s cock, gently stroking his hardon.

“Mhmmm, everything’s so smooth,” I groaned.

Matt stepped back from the shower and stood against the wall,

“So. . .how does it look?”

I looked him up and down.

“Can I be honest?” I asked.

Matt chuckled and then sighed,

“Okay, let’s have it.”

“Well the area itself looks nice, you even look. . .ahem. . .bigger,” I began to explain.

“But. . .” Matt interjected.

“It’s just that. . .with your entire crotch hairless, it looks kinda weird cause your thigh still has hair.”

Matt looked down at himself and laughed,

“At least it’ll grow back,” he reasoned.

“Do you want me to do your thighs too?” I asked.

“No. . .no, that’s fine, if I let you do my thighs, you’ll want to do my legs next, then my chest, it’ll never stop,” Matt chuckled.

“But I do love how it feels?” I sultrily replied as I pulled him back under the water with me. We kissed and I went back to slowly stroking Matt.

“Can I take it for a test drive?” Matt whispered into my ear as he slid his finger along my pussy.

“I thought you’d never ask.”

Matt pressed me against the wall and turned me away from him. He lowered his hands and placed his cock between my ass cheeks. I pressed the side of my face against the cold tile wall as I felt Matt’s bulbous head pressing into my hungry vagina. Matt eased the entirety of his warm girth into my pussy. He pulled out and slid right back in, slapping my ass with his pelvis.

“Mhmmm, that feels so nice baby,” I moaned as I raised my hands to my breasts, squeezing and massaging my flesh.

Matt lowered his face, kissing the curve of my neck as he continued driving his cock in and out of me.

“Oh fuck . . .harder baby!” I urged.

Matt grunted as he bucked his hips with more force, plowing deep into me.

“Ahhh fuck yes ahhh ahhhhhhhhhh,” I cried.

I bit my lip hard as I felt my orgasm approaching. I squeezed down forcefully on my breast with my palm. I felt Matt’s teeth grind against my shoulder as his cock stretched me. I squeezed my legs together as my body trembled. My cries filled the small bathroom. Seconds later I felt Matt thrust hard into me and bite down on my skin. He groaned and I could feel his cock spasming inside me.

We stood there, our bodies warm and glowing as water beat down on us. Matt kissed the back of my neck as he pulled out of me.

“Mhmmm, that was nice,” I whispered. I turned to face Matt, hooking my arms around his neck as he held onto me by the waist. We kissed for a while then finished up with our shower. After we dried ourselves, I rubbed some postshave lotion on Matt’s freshly shaved crotch and did the same to myself. We stood side by side and looked at eachother’s naked bodies in the mirror.

“Oh my god, you’re right, it does look kinda weird,” Matt laughed, getting a full view of himself for the first time.

“Don’t worry, it’s not that bad, and as you said, it’ll grow back,” I replied, trying to set Matt’s mind at ease.

“You look amazing though,” Matt commented.

“Thanks babe.”

We got dressed and hopped into bed,

With my head lying on Matt’s chest, I began to think to myself. I finally summed up to courage to broach the subject,


“Yeah baby?” he softly replied.

“Umm, I’m not really sure how to ask this, so I’m just gonna blurt it out, when I was sliding my hand between your butt cheeks, and I pressed my finger against you. . .did you like it?” I bluntly asked.

There was silence for a few seconds.

“I guess, a little,” Matt finally replied.

“Do you remember when we went to the adult toy store for the first time, and you said you’d think about something?” I followed up.

“Uh huh,” he hesitantly responded.

“Well . . . have you?” I asked.

There was another stretch of silence.

“Babe, with the amount of stuff you’ve let me do to you, if it’s something you wanna try, I’m more than willing to go along,” he replied.

“But I don’t wanna make you do something you don’t want to,” I began to explain.

“Well I can’t say I’m super excited, infact it makes me a little nervous, but I’m willing to go into this with an open mind as long as you’re there with me every step ümraniye escort of the way,” Matt interrupted.

“Okay Matty,” I replied.

We fell asleep shortly afterwards.


The next morning Matt and I met up with Adam for breakfast.

“So what are you guys doing for summer break?” I asked as I sipped on my coffee.

Adam took a bite of his bagel and wiped his mouth,

“Summer and I are heading home for about a month since none of us are doing any summer classes,” he replied.

“Ohh, that’s nice,” I replied.

“What about you two? Are you heading down to Miami?” Adam asked.

Matt and I looked at each other.

“Well I normally head down for the summer but I’m not sure about this year. Matt and I haven’t really discussed it yet,” I explained.

“We might just stick around here for the summer, or maybe take a trip somewhere,” Matt added.

Adam nodded and went back to his bagel.

Matt and I waved goodbye to Adam as we parted ways in the parking lot. We drove to the park to lie out and get some sun.

I must have fallen asleep. My cheek was pressed against the cool grass, and I felt Matt’s mouth whispering in my ear. He gently roused me from my slumber and I sat up with him, staring up at the clear blue skies.

“Ready to head home?” he asked.

“How long was I out?” I inquired.

“Just about twenty minutes,” he replied as he helped me to my feet.

Back at my place I was on the couch studying while Matt was at the kitchen table with his laptop. It had probably been an hour and a half of hardcore studying when I closed my textbook and stretched my arms. I shrieked when I felt Matt nuzzling his nose against my neck from behind the couch. I reached back and held his head as he tickled my neck with his tongue. Matt began to climb over the couch. I threw my book onto the floor and lay down on the couch. Matt stretched himself out on me, resting his chin on my stomach. He looked up at me and I smiled down at him as I brushed my hand through his hair.

“So what do you want to do tonight?” I asked.

Matt thought for a few seconds before replying,

“I’d like to take you out on a date,” he proposed, “A really nice date,” he clarified.

“Okay. . .anything special?” I asked.

“Any date with you is special baby,” he affectionately replied.

I watched his head bob up and down as my tummy shook due to my giggling.

“I’ll have to go home to get some nice clothes; I’ll pick you up at eight.”

“Okay sweetie.”

Matt and I remained there staring at each other as I held his head in my hands,

“You wanna go get lunch?” I asked.

Matt grinned at me,

“In a little while,” he replied.

“Was there something else you wanted to do?” I asked.

Matt couldn’t hide his wide grin as he lowered his face down my body. I watched as he raised the ruffled pink skirt of my summer dress as ducked his head beneath it. All I could see now was the outline of the back of Matt’s head under my skirt. I squirmed as I felt him kiss my abdomen, then, his fingers sliding against the lips of my pussy which pressed against my cotton panties. Matt continued kissing me, down over my panties, then I felt his tongue, licking my lips through my cotton confines. I raised my hips when I felt Matt tugging on my underwear, letting it slide down my thighs. I once again felt Matt’s lips kissing my skin; my inner thigh, moving further up to my wetness. He teased me so deviously, moving at a snail’s pace. Matt wickedly avoided my pussy, kissing around it, and now above it. I groaned when he finally kissed my clitoral hood. I felt his fingers gently spreading me then his tongue on my clit. I trembled and pushed my groin against his face. As Matt continued licking my slippery nub, I widened my legs, trying to get his face right up against me. I groaned as Matt allowed me some relief, pulling his tongue from my clit. He now began sliding his artful tongue up and down my slick lips. Slowly, he moved down my slit, then back up. I so desperately wanted his tongue on my clit again but remained patient, knowing the payoff would be that more gratifying. Matt’s was now pressing his mouth against my pussy, his tongue delving deep into me and his nose nuzzling against my clit. I was whimpering now, writhing from side to side. Matt moved his mouth up and took my clit between his lips. I gasped for breath as he sucked hard on my clit. His fingers found my tight opening, and he inserted two into me, sliding in and out, in and out. I pushed up hard, forcing his face against me. I could feel the pressure build inside me as I held Matt’s head down against me.

“Ohhhh fucckk MATT!!!” I cried as my body shook.

Matt quickened the pace with which he slid his fingers into me, all the while continuing to suck on my throbbing clit. I squeezed my legs around his face as I felt my juices rush out of me. I squirmed and wiggled as I panted and moaned. Matt continued his pleasuring until he sensed my body had stopped trembling. I felt him slowly ease his fingers out of me, and release my clit from his lips. I hiked up my skirt and Matt looked up at me, his mouth was coated in my cream. I watched him licking the sides of his mouth, happily swallowing my nectar.

He crawled up onto me and I kissed his soft lips.

“So what’s for lunch?” he whispered.

I giggled as I tasted myself on his lips,

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