Meeting Jessie Ch. 02


Sly drove half of the morning just to get there meeting place. Sylvester calls himself Sly. He thinks of it as a cool nickname rather than an attitude but today he was acting out a fantasy. He felt like a private eye walking around the mall in her town looking for Jessie. They had been online friends for just over a year now and had only met the one time. During their short visit together he gave her a massage and they shared a little oral sex before they parted to carry on with their lives until today.

They decided it was time to meet again and act out one of the many fantasies that they had discussed in cyberspace. Today was to be a real event and he was dressed for the part and in character. He wore a simple dark blue polo shirt and tan slacks with brown leather belt and shoes. It was the agreed upon costume.

Sly’s job today was easy. First he would find her. She would arouse herself and get ready for him. He would have to find a public place for them which provided some seclusion and most importantly the possibility of getting caught. Today Jessie wanted to fuck.

It only took fifteen minutes of walking around to see Jessie from a distance. She looked lovely in her short blonde hair and long flowing dress. She had cut her hair since they last met. The dress was orange and peach in color printed with a little bit of purple held up by spaghetti straps over her naked shoulders. It was tight around her torso and loose and flowing below emphasizing her hips and nice legs.

She didn’t look as serious as she did last time in her business suit. Today she seemed more casual but still just as elegant walking with her bare legs and toes in high heel open toe shoes as the long flowing dress bounced when she walked and turned. Sly watched her with pleasure because he thought she was lovely but tried to stay out of sight until the time was right.

Sly walked around following her for almost an hour through store after store keeping his distance all the while before he saw her recognize him. She was in the kitchen store looking at toasters when she glanced across the store and spotted him. Jessie studied him for a moment before she smiled. She went back to what she was doing but now she made it obvious that she knew he was watching.

Her first movement that she made just for him was to drop one of the straps of her dress off of her shoulder just letting it hang as he watched her walk around the kitchen appliances. She glanced at him to be sure he noticed. She was happy to see him smile in return and toyed for a moment with her hair.

They left the store first her then him following and walked into the music store. It was a good store to watch each other from a distance. Sly could casually stroll around looking at music CD’s and DVD movies while he watched her. Jessie could use the wide isles between the displays to move her dress for him and show off her legs. She knew it made him just a little crazy to see her dressed as she was.

He smiled often at her for her benefit but truly the smile never really left his face. Even when she wasn’t looking it just changed in size from small to larger when she looked but stayed with him as they continued to play out her fantasy.

After they left the music store she entered one of the many shoe stores in the mall. It was delightful watching her sit on the low stool in the shoe store trying on several pairs of shoes. It gave her a chance to show off her feet for him. He delighted in watching her tease him from a distance.

The dress became a real character in her performance as she gave him a show. At first she kept it down over her thighs and pressed it between her legs but gradually as she tried on several pairs of shoes she gathered the dress closer to her waist at times and her naked thighs became visible on more than one occasion.

Once the dress was pulled to the side so much as she stood and looked down at the shoe on her foot that he could see all of her leg and thigh including the side of the cheek of her nice ass. He remembered what her skin felt like from when they were together the last time and imagined touching her again today.

From his position across the store he couldn’t tell if she was wearing any underwear. From what he could see she certainly wasn’t wearing a bra. He wondered if she had panties on. He watched and wondered if she even bothered with underwear today.

Jessie tired of trying on shoes and decided it was time to move on. She left the shoe store without buying anything mostly because she didn’t want to haul around any packages until after she fulfilled her fantasy. She did keep a mental note of what she wanted from the shoe store and planned to come back for it.

Next was the dress store. She pulled three dresses and a blouse from the racks and Sly watched her ask for directions to the dressing rooms. The clerk helped her find the right place and she moved into the dressing room with the items. izmir escort The clerk went on about her business and Sly took a position where he could look down the corridor of dressing rooms. Jessie opened the curtain of her small room and he could see part of the mirror from where he stood.

Sly casually thumbed through the clothes on the rack appearing to check for size or style but watched the mirror in Jessie’s changing room with intent glances. She dropped her dress to the floor and stood partially visible in the mirror looking at him. She hadn’t worn any underwear and it was obvious from her stiff nipples that she had become aroused.

Sly kept checking to see if the clerk had suspected anything and pulled clothes from the rack as a pretense while he intently watched Jessie slip on a blouse over her naked torso. It was shear and he could still see her hard dark nipples through the cloth.

She didn’t button it up all the way and her naked pussy beneath the blouse beckoned to him. She moved her fingers down across her hard nipples for him and slipped two fingers into her pussy. She moved her feet apart and hips forward to show him she was masturbating for him. Sly saw her and smiled but was careful not to draw the attention of he nosey clerk.

Jessie removed the blouse to discard it but not before using the material to sop up some of the juices between her legs. He watched in surprise as she wiped her wet pussy with the wadded blouse and tossed it away then she slipped into one of the dresses. She kept the back unbuttoned and turned around for him. In the mirror he could see the flesh through the open back and how part of her naked bottom peered out of the dress at him.

She dropped the dress to the floor and looked at him then moved out of the reflection of the mirror for a moment only to reappear clothed in another striking dress. It was black and short and emphasized her lovely hips and legs. He nodded and she saw he liked it. The high heels she wore made her look even more tantalizing than she had so far.

To remove this one she pulled on the top and it fell forward exposing her breasts for him again. He caught himself and closed his mouth again but his cock was bulging in his tan pants. He could do nothing about that. Not in this situation anyway. She giggled but was too far from him for him to hear her as she slipped the dress down over her hips and wiggled out of it.

She let the black dress fall to the floor and bent over to pick it up turning around so he could see her in the mirror from the back and watch as her pussy pinched between the top of her legs. She had twisted her one ankle over the other just before bending down to give him a show. He could see the pleasure she was having in her face when she straightened back up. Sly could tell she was enjoying herself.

“May I help you sir?” The nosey young clerk said as she approached him. He turned to ask her some stupid questions about the dress he had in his hand careful to cover the front of his pants as they spoke. He believed that he had avoided any suspicion on her part then politely dismissed her claiming he would continue to look around.

She went back behind the register to continue doing whatever she was doing. He walked around for a few moments to keep her from becoming suspicious but gradually moved back to a position where he could see into the dressing room again. He looked back again to see what Jessie had in store for him next and watched for a long time seeing nothing in the mirror.

“Can you put this one aside for me. I want to think it over and I’ll be back for it later today.” Jessie said to the clerk her voice catching Sly off guard.

It was the first time he had heard her voice since they were together months ago. While he was distracted she had moved from the dressing room out to the cash register fully dressed again. She handed the black dress to the clerk and exited the store.

Sly let her go out first and on his way to the register picked up a sweater that he hoped would fit his wife. He held it in front of his groin and paid for it then thanked the clerk for her assistance before following Jessie out of the store.

Sly held the bag with the sweater in it in front of him as he walked to hide his erection and followed Jessie knowing it would soon be the right time for them to fuck. She walked down the row of shops and turned one of the many corners looking back out of the corner of her eye for Sly as she appeared to window shop her way through the mall corridors.

Sly walked faster for a short while getting just ahead of Jessie and signaled for her to follow him into the men’s store. Jessie casually walked along continuing to window shop her way inside the store. She didn’t see him at first but soon found him back near the dressing room with two pair of slacks in his hand. He was talking to the clerk then went to try them on.

Jessie kahramanmaraş escort knew he wanted her to follow him into the dressing room. She went along the wall the long way around to avoid the clerk. He was busy looking after another customer anyway and she was happy not to have been noticed as she slipped down the hallway into the men’s dressing area.

There were only a few dressing stalls but she didn’t know which one Sly was in and decided not to use her voice to find out. She just looked under the wooden doors that didn’t go all the way to the floor and saw the tan pants and brown loafers that he wore. It was the agreed upon apparel for him and she boldly opened the door and went right in closing the door behind her.

Sly took her into his arms and they kissed without saying anything. His cock was still hard and she felt it press against her. He immediately went to work on her dress pulling it down over her body and let it fall to the floor. She pulled his shirt off of his chest and over his head as his hands unbuckled his belt. She helped him by unzipping his pants and hooked her thumbs inside his boxers then pushed his pants down to the floor and knelt before him.

Jessie took his hard cock into her mouth and gave it a few licks and kisses she was ready for him to enter her. She said nothing and stood up. He took her in his arms and kissed her again. Jessie pressed her naked breasts into his strong chest and felt the wetness between her legs dribble down her leg. She was very aroused now and long anticipated what was about to happen. Sly put his hand between her leg and used two fingers to slip along her slit a few times then took hold of his cock and used it to open her a little wider.

Jessie pulled with both hands around his neck and lifted herself up. Sly put one hand under one of her thighs he helped hold her as her legs wrapped around his hips. She lowered herself as he guided his hard cock into her wet pussy. They moaned lightly together as they coupled for the very first time.

“Oh gawd.” Jessie said softly as his cock slipped fully inside. She trembled a little as he reached the depth of her. She opened her eyes and looked into his. “Hi Slylover Sly.”

“You are lovely today.” Sly said in reply and slowly raised her and lowered her on his cock using both hands under her soft ass.

Sly used his hips a little to add emphasis to their movement but the position was not the best for the maximum pleasure they desired. Gradually he lowered her to the ground. His cock fell out of her but remained very hard. She felt it touch her tummy between them and giggled softly as it ticked her.

“On you knees.” Sly commanded in a whisper.

Jessie turned coyly watching him as she moved to the floor on all fours opening her wet pussy to him. Sly knelt behind her in the small stall and entered her roughly with his cock. He took no time to warm up or be tender with her but instead thrust hard into her body while he held her by her hips. She lurched forward with the pressure from him bumping into her ass. He caught her so she didn’t fly through the wall in front of her as they fucked.

Jessie moaned softly as he slammed into her body. She wanted him to be forceful with her. This was what they had talked about for months before today. At that moment it was her fantasy was coming true. She closed her eyes for several moments imagining what it looked like standing at the door of the changing room. She saw herself standing there watching the man roughly fuck the woman on her hands and knees.

Sweat began to bead up on her back as they fucked and she imagined seeing herself standing over the couple. She imagined how her back looked. How the muscles in her back responded to his thrusts. How the top of the cheeks of her ass jiggled as he slammed into her. She felt her skin jiggle as he thrust and opened her eyes to look back at her cyber lover as he thrust his hard cock deep into her womb in real life.

Sly gave her a very big smile as he saw her looking at him. She was too intent on fucking to return his smile but he knew she was enjoying her fantasy. He took on a very serious look himself for her benefit as he stroked harder into her waiting for his cock to explode inside her filling her with his cum. It didn’t take long before they had their orgasm nearly together.

Jessie was just a little ahead of him and was writhing with the feelings of her orgasm shooting through her as she felt the warm sperm fill her depth. They tried not to make noise but it was inevitable. They moaned and she collapsed forward and over onto her side in the small space of the dressing room. Sly moved forward on his knees letting Jessie take his cock into her mouth. She licked him clean and sucked the remaining cum from his cock.

Sly pushed Jessie’s legs up and spun around in the small room leaving his cock in her mouth as he lowered manavgat escort his face to her pussy. Sly licked around the puffy lips of her vulva and slowly lapped up her juices including what sperm she yielded to him as she grew further aroused and climaxed silently once again from his tongue.

They heard one of the other changing room doors open and close and wondered separately the same thing. Were they about to be caught?

Jessie felt excitement as she imagined another man as he opened their changing room door catching them in their act of oral sex. She further imagined him taking Sly’s place and fucking her to yet another orgasm. The combination of her imagining and Sly’s tongue pushed her over the edge again into another orgasm which she silently enjoyed as it touched every part of her insides moving all around her excited body. She was ready to accept almost anyone.

Sly imagined being caught and the humiliation of being replaced by another man as his lady was ravaged in front of him. He was not looking forward to being found out as Jessie was. It was not his fantasy but hers that they were playing out today so he just set his mind to accept whatever would come.

They heard the changing room door open again and a pause occurred before the sound of it closing came. As they held still Jessie’s nipples were rock hard and she silently caressed both of her breasts with her fingers of both hands. She was determined to stay aroused just in case a stranger wanted to fuck her. She was ready for him. Sly knew he was not in control here.

Sly continued to lick on Jessie’s pussy for another minute. She let his soft cock fall out of her mouth. Sly stood up and extended his hands down to her. She let him help her up and fell into his arms again. They held each other standing naked in the changing room of the men’s store. The door was closed but anyone who walked past could clearly see two sets of feet in the room and one of them wore high heels.

But nobody passed by. They enjoyed their time together but alone. The changing room door in the other stall opened and closed and the hallway again remained quiet. It was time to dress. Jessie let him help her with her dress. She helped him with his shirt and they primped each other just a little to make it appear they were back to normal.

Sly kissed her and she held her hand over his cock in his pants as she returned the kiss. They broke off the kiss. She stood still ready to exit the changing room.

“Talk with you online later?” Sly asked.

“Yes. I wouldn’t miss it lover.” Jessie said.

Sly left the changing room first closing the door behind him. Jessie waited to the count of thirty before she followed at a respectable distance. As she walked down the hallway past the empty changing rooms she could see the clerk. He was busy helping other customers and she hoped that she avoided his view as she left the store. It was exciting for her to continue walking around the mall for a while after she had enjoyed her fantasy.

The stores she passed and entered held a more interesting scene in her mind than ever before. She imagined all of the places where they could make love. She still could feel Sly’s cock inside her even though she knew he was driving home at that very moment. She took her time shopping now knowing it would be hours before he was settled in front of his computer so they could chat about what they had done.

Jessie returned to the shoe store and picked out the right size of the shoes she wanted and had a very interesting conversation with the young clerk. She went back to the dress store and tried on the black dress once more. In the changing room she pulled the curtain open and modeled her new dress into the mirror just in case anyone else cared to watch.

She stood naked once again in front of the mirror looking out but could see nobody in the store who was watching. She felt very sexy and touched herself to arousal again but didn’t orgasm and left only a little disappointed that she hadn’t been caught by a stranger and fucked again. Then she paid for the dress and left the store.

Jessie drove home and turned on the computer. Sly wasn’t online yet. She made dinner and ate with her husband. She tidied up the kitchen thinking of how he spotted her early that day in the kitchen store. She slowly changed her clothes into something much more comfortable and sat down at the computer. Sly was on now and they began to chat.

Slylover: Hi, I’m home. How did you like your fantasy today?

JessiePeaks: Finally you are home. I’ve been waiting for you. I LOVED IT! I want more.

They chatted on for a while and didn’t suspect anything would come up. They were intent on their feelings about their day and the beautiful experience they had sharing with each other. Sly didn’t notice his wife Sharon enter the room.

NOTE: I made up these screen names and they do not represent anyone I know. If I have used a screen name that is actually in use on some system I apologize and want everyone to know that is coincidental. My story does not imply an intentional representation of the actual users of the screen name. The instant message dialogue shown in this story is not quotations of actual online conversations but is a work of fiction.

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