Met on the Net Ch. 04


Dana and Charles, two people who live miles away, met online and have had a wonderful love affair. Moving from online chats, phone calls, steamy web cam sessions and finally to days and nights full of passion, love and lust. Catch up on their lives in this final chapter of Met on the Net.


Dana sits in her home, her new home. She rests on the couch having just hung her final portrait, the one of her and the children, taken a month after her divorce was final. The divorce went smoothly, but Dana knew it would. Once she had confessed her relationship with another man, she had no problem getting all she had asked for. Both of them knew that the marriage was over long before she had even met Charles, it was just a matter of time before one of them turned to someone else. It ended peacefully and quickly, custody was shared and she hoped that their father took the time to appreciate and enjoy his children. She knew that it had been hard for them and they still struggled with grief and guilt, thinking the blame was theirs to shoulder. Though the family unit was dissolved they all met monthly for counseling to help ease the children into realizing that though mom and dad were no longer together, the kids were still the most important things in their lives.

The house is quiet now, the twins and their brother spending the next 2 months with their dad for the summer, Dana closes her eyes and thinks of Charles. Thinking over the last year and a half and how different her life is, how much she has changed and grown. No longer would someone look at her and see a quiet reserved woman, but they would see a woman who has a sparkle in her eye and a skip to her walk. She feels as if everything in her life is as it should be. She is in love with a wonderful man, she is residing in her own home, decorated her way and this summer she gets to just experience life. The doorbell chimes and she is startled back to the presence, moving towards the door she presses her hand against her stomach to quell the nerves inside. She knows who is behind the door and she is always amazed that after all this time, he still manages to make her feel young and giddy.

Charles waits outside the door, his back facing it. He admires the neighborhood and the lovely flowers that Dana has scattered in various flower beds, he sees her special touch in everything related to her. He was unsure of how her divorce would proceed, but was relieved when she had kept him informed on the proceedings. Now here he was on her front porch and for the first time they would be able to make love without any worries about her having to hide any marks on her skin. However, he would still have to be cautious. The business acquaintance that he had noticed in the hotel bar, the last time he and Dana were together, had agreed to keep quiet. He and Charles had discussed what each had seen one night after work and Charles now knew why his ‘friend’ wouldn’t say a word to his wife about what he’d seen. Both men stood to lose many things if their extracurricular activities were discovered.

He hears her footsteps behind the door and turns just as she opens it. “Hello beautiful,” he says as she walks into his arms. “I’ve missed you.” He folds her into his embrace and presses his lips to hers. Sighing with each stroke of her tongue with his, he tightens his hold on her. The cool wine bottle in his hand rests against his arm as his other hand presses into the small of her back. Moving his lips across her’s he taste her mouth, together their tongues dance and stroke one another, remembering how each one feels.

“We’d better take this inside.” he mumbles against her lips. Charles follows her inside watching her ass move under her skirt, he quickens his step and places his palm on her left cheek, squeezing it gently. She smiles up at him and takes the wine bottle from his offered hand. He follows her into the dining room and waits as she reaches in the curio cabinet for two crystal goblets. Looking around Charles notices a wine rack and admires her taste in wines. He uncorks the bottle he had brought, a 1935 Chateau Filhout 2eme Cru Sauterne, allows it to breath, before pouring a small sample and passing it to her. He watches her as she swirls and slowly samples the exquisite treat. He’d decided to bring it to welcome a new path for their lives to take. He fills both of their glasses and together they move to her sofa.

Dana cuddles against his side enjoying the taste of the wine along with the relaxing feeling of finally being with him in her home, no need to call home and check in, no need to keep her relationship secret from her family. She worries about Charles now. He had told her about the business man and why he had become uneasy at the hotel the last time they were together, but she knew that Charles would have to handle things on his end the way he saw fit. She had come to realize that she didn’t want to be married again. She was enjoying this relationship with Chuck and she wanted it to remain this way, no longer having to answer to a man, no longer tuzla escort wondering if it was ok to enjoy something that her spouse didn’t. A new since of freedom had enveloped her and she was embracing it.

Finishing her wine she set her goblet on the coffee table beside Charles’. She took his hand in hers and began a tour of her home. She enjoyed holding his hand and showing him her sanctuary. They moved from room to room as shared with him memories of the various pictures she had throughout the house. Memories of things he had only been told about, but had not actually had gotten to see pictures of. They moved on from the children’s room, where she shared how much fun it had been to let each child decorate it the way they wanted. She pointed out to him each child’s unique personality. Together they moved to the master suite and she grinned up at him. Dana saw the hungry look in his eye as he moved to kiss her, she turned her head, chuckling as she allowed his lips to rest on her neck instead. “Later my love.” she told him, as together they glided down the stairs back to the kitchen.

“I have been wanting to cook for you ever since I realized I loved you.”

Charles sits on a bar stool and watches his lady love, move around her kitchen. He sees how at ease and relaxed she is and he falls deeper in love with her seeing her in a new light. Enjoying her presence as she moves without a care or worry in her walk or in her face. He sees nothing but joy radiate from her. Sliding from the stool he walks up behind her, wrapping his arms around her waist as she cuts the vegetables for the salad. He lets his hand slide up to cup her breast, feeling the soft globe of flesh. His fingers move gently over her nipple. It tightens under his touch as he slowly twist the bud between his thumb and finger. Her head leans to one side so his mouth can gently nibble her flesh. He watches her hand grip and release the knife, laying it down on the board as she gives herself over to his hands.

He slides his hand back and forth across her breast, first one then the other. His other hand slides down into her skirt to rest his palm on the silkiness of her panties. One of his fingers slowly press against the lips of her pussy, feeling the softness of her panties. Her sigh fills the air as his kiss covers her neck. She presses her ass against his erection and grips the counter’s edge. Charles continues to suck on her neck, his tongue pressing against her pulse. He moves his fingers along her body, barely touching her, feeling her skin beneath his caress begin to cover in goose-bumps. His hand slides back and forth on her pussy, barred from his fingers. She calls his name and he feels her legs opening for him. Coaxing the edge of her panties to the side with his fingers he lets one slip across her wet lips.

Dana shutters as his finger makes contact with her aroused sex. She presses her ass against him and opens her legs wider, inviting him in. The marble counter top is cold and smooth to her hands as she tightens her grip with each stroke of his tongue against her neck. His fingers move over her cunt, bringing the wetness to the surface of her body. She slides her body up and down his urging him to probe her more fully. As his finger dips inside her she bites her lower lip, feeling her body quiver against him. Together they move, her hips thrusting and her pussy clenching as his finger slides deeper into her. Soon her body is craving more and he answers that craving with another finger joining the first. She bucks against him, his thumb rubs her clit as each drive his fingers make go deeper and deeper.

The hand on her nipple brings more torment to her senses. She feels as if she can not get enough of his touch, his caresses or his loving. Her breast ache with need, a hunger that only he can satisfy. She feels her body soaring on a precipice as if it is waiting to fall, to crash against the jagged rocks below, and it does. Dana cries out as she feels her lover’s bite against her neck bringing her the orgasm she had been building to. Her sex releases its moist treasure, covering his fingers. She clenches his fingers inside her as he continues to twist and turn them, bringing more fire from her body. Each wave of desire slams against her as he rocks his hips against her ass, bringing the last of her need from her.

Charles presses a kiss against Dana’s neck and slides his fingers from her. He passes them over her panties as his other hand moves from her breast, to lay on her hip. He removes his hand from her skirt. “I’ll be back.” he tells her as he gives her as a smooth caress and moves off to the bathroom. Charles washes his hands then dries them. He takes a moment to rub his hard cock, easing some of the discomfort that was brought on in the kitchen. He looks at himself in the mirror, seeing a man who has lived a hard life. Though most of his years as a husband and father have been pleasant, he wonders what had brought him to this point. What path did he travel that would lead pendik escort him to have an affair with a woman for well over a year? He would never have seen himself, cheating on her, but here he was again with Dana. Now Dana was single, she had told him that she didn’t want to get married, that she wanted to remain his lover and friend. But what if the time came when she did meet someone else would he be able to lose her? He knew he wouldn’t leave his wife, he loved her and he felt that he belonged with her, his love for Dana was strong, but the commitment to his wife was stronger.

Moving back through Dana’s home he takes in all the little things that make her special. She obviously loved flowers, they were spread all over the house. A mixture of silk arrangements and fresh ones could be found in every room. He noticed the bird feeders outside and the lovely fountain surrounded by a man made garden pond. The most interesting thing that he noticed was the small room in the corner, he had thought it the most charming room in her home. Her love of wind chimes was obvious as a soft breeze caused the more then two dozen, hanging from the ceiling, to sing gently in the room. He chuckled as he closed the door and headed back, letting his nose lead him to the kitchen.

Dana moved from the kitchen to the dining room, her face still warm and hot from her orgasm. She let Charles assist in setting up the table while she finished the pasta. She had planned on this simple supper for the two of them, her family recipe for spaghetti and a wonderful Caesar salad. Together they enjoyed dinner each talking about the others families. She touched base on her new job and how nervous she had been on re-entering the work force. Dana had told Chuck about how much she had missed interacting with other adults and how much she had loved her former job as an accountant, now she was getting her feet wet again and loved every minute of it. She smiled wide as she related the escapades of her co-workers and the fun they all had when they went out. Dana moved her hand to his and ran her fingers across them. “I’m glad your here. I’ve missed you and I’ve wanted to share all this with you.” Her fingers curl around his and they finish their meal in the quiet, each one stealing glances of the other.

After dinner they both gathered up the dishes and moved to the sink. He offered to wash and she shooed him off to grab a towel, no one would wash her antique dishes, but herself. She washed each plate and utensil with care, remembering all the family dinners that had been on these plates, a bit of melancholy comes over her and she sighs. She thinks back over the years she had spent in her marriage, the years of romance and then the years of loneliness, knowing that all of it was so she could be where she is now, independent and free to learn about herself. Taking Charles hands she leads him out to the garden, they walk a winding path she had created with the local landscape designer and she shows him all the plants and flowers, her favorite the carnation. They move to the pool house and she pulls him into her arms.

Charles’ hands wrap around her back and hold her close to him. His left slips down to cup her ass cheek while his right moves to her chin, tilting it up he lowers his lips to hers. He takes his time kissing her, savoring this new Dana, this new woman he has discovered. She looks the same and yet different, but he still loves her, he now wonders if he is enough for her. He has a feeling that her life is going to be a new more exciting one and he hopes she will continue to allow him to be a part of it. His lips move slowly over hers. Using his tongue as if it were a pen, he traces the outline of her lips. Slowly he runs his tongue along the seam of her closed mouth, before he feels them part slightly for his probing muscle. When their tongues meet with the slightest touch, each one retracting from the other,only to return again to dance and taste. They kiss with their mouths open only their tongues touch, each little lick bringing shivers to one another.

He moves his hands into her hair, letting the combs fall to the ground, releasing her dark curls to fall against her back. Sliding his hand along the back of her skirt he moves it down to the hem. His fingers creep slowly up her thigh and around to her rear again, smoothing his hand over her satin covering. He grips her and pulls her body closer to his. The pressure of her against his cock only drives his hardness into more of a gnawing ache. He longs to bury himself deep inside her, but he wants to enjoy this time with her, to take their time together, as if they are christening this home for them. He slides his hand from her ass and out of her skirt. It travels up to her waist and inside her blouse, again he feels the texture of her bra and he releases the clasp that is holding her breast hostage. Her nipples pucker as his fingers slowly glide across each one. The warm evening air stirs against her skin and he presses his palm against maltepe escort her breast.

Dana presses her breast against his hand and enjoys the friendly banter of their kiss. She can feel his erection pressing into her and she rubs her body against it. Pulling back from him to look into his eyes she asks him, “Would you like to swim this evening? I have suits for us both.” She smiles innocently up at him as she watches his eyes darken with love and lust.

“Suits? Do you think we would keep them on for long?”


She moves away from his arms and steps from him. She holds out her hands silently telling him not to touch her. She moves to the pool house and turns on some music. Antonio Vivaldi’s, All of the Spring section of the Fair Seasons, plays quietly as she moves back to stand in front of Chuck. Her hands slide to the buttons of her blouse. One by one she lets each button slip from its hole. Her hand moves inside her blouse as the opening widens with each new release. She watches Charles while she undresses for him. Her blouse billows in the breeze as she moves both her hands to her breast. She pushes back the bra that he had earlier unclasped and allows her breast to be released, cupping them in her hands. Running her fingers across her nipples, she feels them peak beneath her fingers. He continues to watch her, she sees his chest rise and fall as she plays with her tits.

Dana allows her fingers to fondle her chest before sliding her blouse off her shoulders and down her back taking her bra along with it. She sways her body slowly as the music plays for them. Her head falls back as she cups her breast again, kneading them with her palms and fingers. Sliding one hand down her body, the other remaining on her breast, she slips her palm between her panties and her pussy. Her head comes back up as her finger slides against her clit. Eyes connect with eyes as they watch each other. Her own show lust and passion as she stares into those of her lovers. His reflecting back to her the same need and the same hunger she feels. As her finger pushes into her wet hole her other digits pull and tug at her nipple, moaning and writhing against her hand, she calls out his name.

Charles struggles to remain still as he watches his woman bring herself to orgasm, with each thrust of her finger he can feel her pussy around his own cock. Though they do not touch his own erection strains against his pants and he reaches to strip his clothing from his body. He watches her hand move under her skirt as her own body moves back and forth in a rocking motion. He quickly removes his shirt, pulling it over his head. His shoes, slacks and boxers are quick to follow. His eyes never leave her crotch as he bends and removes each sock. Charles stands naked in front of Dana as his cock points up for her, aching to have her.

He watches her as she shutters against her hand and then he walks slowly towards her. Dropping to his knees, he yanks the skirt and panties down over her hips, ass and legs. It pools at her feet and he pins his mouth against her wet lips. He licks the cum from her body, thrusting his tongue deep into her cunt. He fucks her with his mouth, tasting the sweet nectar that she had freed. His tongue moves in and out of her, licking her full slit, before sliding in again. He is greedy with his tongue wanting to suck and drink all of her. Charles moves his mouth to her clit and sucks it hard, his teeth pulling on the hard bud. His own cock fights to be noticed, tired of being denied. Charles pushes back the need to drive into her and continues to plow and stoke her with his tongue. Her fingers pull him closer to her pussy, diving deep he grinds his tongue against her. Again, he hears her scream calling out his name and with each hard firm lick she empties her juice on his tongue. He drinks and sucks all he can of her, enjoying the orgasm with her this time.

Dana feels as if she will die. Her breathing is ragged, her heart beats in her chest. The blood flowing in her body is on fire, as if it were boiling inside each vein. She pulls his head from her pussy and drops to her knees in front of him. She kisses Chuck deeply, licking his lips and chin sharing the taste of her. He pushes her down against the hard patio surface. She feels the cold slabs of brick and rock against her back not caring how they feel when he lifts her legs to his shoulders. She watches his cock as his hand guides it into her pussy. She clenches her eyes shut and lifts her hips as she feels him rub his cock between her wet lips, before he slams it fully into her. Dana gasps and thrust herself up higher, her hips driving his cock in deeper

Together they move as one. She feels his hard cock drive faster his hands on her hips as he pulls her against him. Her hands grab her breast, her nipples red and swollen from her ministrations, she continues to moan and call out her need for him. Dana works her nipples into harder nubs before sliding her finger to her clit. She strokes it as Charles rams her pussy harder and harder together they pump and move each one taking what they want and giving what they can. She can feel her release coming closer and she knows Charles will reach his soon. She clamps down on his cock and squeezes his shaft. The walls of her pussy ache as she cradles him against her, keeping his cock hard and full.

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