Moving to Utah Ch. 07


Life was good. I was getting laid as often as I liked and I was more than a little surprised in Mormon Utah. Now that I had my confidence back I was looking to get laid as often as possible. I was doing married girls including my 11-5 booty call, my young married Mormon mom, Kaye and of course Debbie out in the bad land of Southern Utah. In fact about this time I was running into Joyce a lot around town. To refresh your memory, Joyce was my voluptuous, married, blond fantasy. She had the dreamiest eyes and seemed to batting her eyelashes and showing more cleavage at me every time I saw her.

We were running into each other more & more and we had stopped and talked on more then few occasions. From what I could now gather she about to divorce Mary’s brother Jim. I was excited because now when I ran into her she always seemed to be dressed up like she was headed somewhere, her make-up as perfect as that night when I formally met her at the bar with her husband. About the 4th time I “accidentally” ran into her she said had something she wanted to ask me but now was not the time as we were in a very public place. She said I should come to her place, I asked when and she said how about right now. Fuck I was hard in an instant. I couldn’t believe my luck. When I got in the car I made sure I had a couple of condoms just in case.

Well it turns out she had moved out of her husbands place and was in a little one bed room with her 10 year old son. I followed her home and we went inside, I asked about her son and she said that he at school and wouldn’t be back till after 3:00. Now I got really hard. Joyce finally turned to me and said that she knew I got high and wanted to know if I would get her stoned. That kind of caught me off guard. She said she could tell by my red eyes that I smoked weed and now that she divorced her husband she wanted to get high, as her husband hated drugs. I was a little disappointed in her questions. I had hoped that she was going to ask me to eat her till she couldn’t walk. I told I did not have anything on me but could run home and pick something up. She thought that would be a good idea. She said she still had some errands to run, but she asked me to meet her back at her place around 9:00 that evening as her son would be asleep.

I arrived back at Joyce’s place a little after 9; she didn’t seem to mind I was running late and was happy to invite me in. She had just gotten out of the shower and was dressed in a flowing Eva Gabor type satin bath rob and I’m pretty sure she had noting on but her birthday suit, she looked damn sexy! She offered me a glass of Zinfandel and we sat on her couch. As the stars for me happened to be inline at this point in my life, it turns out she had the house to herself, it had decided to spend that night wit a friend. She was all over me about the weed and I whipped out the fattest joint I had rolled in a long time. She lit that bad boy up and took about 3 good hits, she was stoned in no time and with the wine she was drinking, she was feeling better then good.

She looked me in the yes and started to tell me about the night we met and how hot I got her while we talked. Jimmy thought he was stud that night cause his wife gave him the best fucking he had in a while. She told that the whole time she rode his dick she was thinking if me. I told her I jacked off 3 times that night think about her blue eyes and sexy mouth. She then leaned over and kissed me hard, driving her tongue deep in my mouth. She grabbed my dick and about rubbed the buttons off the denim. She was so hot and I was so hard. Fuck, I knew she had it in her.

She didn’t seem to be in a hurry and we really enjoyed the foreplay. She took her time and really teased me. Rubbing my dick through my jeans and whispering nasty little things into my ear. I casually tweaked her nipples and teased her right back. We smoked a little and drank a little and really got ourselves worked up. And lo and behold, I was right. Her robe slightly opened and she was absolutely naked underneath. In no time she dropped her robe had my pants off. When I finally dropped my boxers she was in heat. She grabbed my dick with both hands and keep telling me how beautiful it was as she jerked me hard, like I wasn’t already. Like I mentioned I’m only average in length but have a really fat dick but I could tell it was bigger then anything she had in a while.

She stroked me till she couldn’t take it any more; she then used both hands to pull my dick to her mouth. I moaned loudly as she took me to the root, her hot breathe on pubic hairs. I couldn’t believe she could take it all. She had her hands on my ass and she was not letting go. She was rubbing her tits all over my balls and sucking on the head. I collapsed on the couch and let her do her thing. She came more times sucking my dick then I did. She never stopped having an orgasm. I’m pretty sure I got head for hours, but in reality she had my dick in her mouth for about 10-15 minutes before I plastered her tonsils with my load. She never flinched; she just opened her eyes and her throat and took bahçelievler escort it all. What a fucking pro she was. She just kept on sucking till I got back to full hard and then she climbed aboard. At this point she was in charge, she was the one doing the fucking, and I just had to hang on for the ride, and what a ride. My dick was a divining rod and her puss was wet as hell. She found my mark on the first go and was buried to the hilt in one fast slippery motion. FUCK she was on fire and her juices were running out of her like a broken water main. She held herself still while she adjusted to my dick. Her snatch never stopped contracting on my dick. All she kept saying was, “I never thought it would be this hot.” “You’re so hard, FUCK ME-E-E-E-E!”

Then she finally found her senses sand he started sliding up and down on my dick. At first short small strokes but before long she was riding like a rodeo pro, cumming about every 12 strokes. I couldn’t hold out to long and let her know I was going to blow and she hopped of my dick and said she wanted to swallow my load. I was in position to argue. She swallowed the whole thing right down to my pelvis bone, I though she was going swallow my nuts as well. It was heaven. I started cumming and she sucked every last pump I could give. I stayed hard and she just kept me in her mouth, not really moving but just feeling my heart pump through my dick. I had been in her house about 15 minutes and had cum twice.

When I stopped throbbing she came up and gave me a kiss that got me going all over again. She was impressed! She reached down and gave me a few strokes and started to get up on me and take a ride again, but I moved quicker and was on top of her before she knew what was happening. I told her it was my turn to show my gratitude and I laid the head of my dick across her blooming, full, juicy, pussy lips. She moaned as I raked my dick across her clit. I haven’t felt hips move like that in a while and it made more determined to tease her. I licked her nipples and stuck my tongue deep in her belly button and then I found her hip bones.

Hip bones are on a woman to me are the sexiest body part on a woman. YES, I love big tits but I LOVES ME SOME HIPS BONES! I caressed and kissed Joyce’s hip bones, moving back and forth as I gave her wet puss a few licks. It was obvious she didn’t shave herself but she really didn’t have to as she was very sparse. I made her juicy lips stand out even more. I couldn’t resist and finally kissed the glorious pussy of hers. She tasted so good and I feasted. I licked her from Ass crack to clit and she was in lust or in heat. I have never seen an ass that big move that fast. Her orgasm caught her by surprise and she came all over my face. I’d about drowned but kept on licking and in about 5 minutes she came again, screaming my name and other vowels and constinants with no thought to there order. I heard sounds coming out of her mouth only animals make. She was hot as hell.

She pulled me to her mouth and licked her juices from my face while trying to stick her tongue down my throat. My dick was still hard and she placed the head at her opening. Once the head was in her lips, she swallowed the rest in one mighty stroke. There I was buried deep in the best piece of ass in town. I threw her legs over my shoulder and started fucking her good. And she was taking it all. She was fucking me back and it took everything I had not to have her fall off my dick. I could feel my orgasm starting to find its way up my dick and I told her I was getting ready to cum. She screamed and said she was close as well. A few more strokes and by the grace of god we came at the same time. I saw stars and bright lights and my dick felt like it was on fire. I swear I saw come on the back of her throat I came so hard. In fact I’m pretty sure my lower intestines were coming out the head of my dick.

Then I felt the wettest spot on the bed. When I looked down it look like her water broke. She was a squirter, and she came in waves and there was a puddle on the sheets. She gave me the most sensuous kiss and thanked me, as she hadn’t cum like that in years. My dick was still hard so she rolled up on me and rode bareback. She ground her pussy on my dick so hard and she had the most intense series of orgasm, about 4 or 5 and so strong. But it seemed like she was just getting started. In fact most of the other girls I was fucking hadn’t been really man handled in quite a while and I seem to wear them out pretty fast. But with Joyce it was different. I stayed the night and fucked her 2 more times before the sun rose, and she took like a trooper. She couldn’t get enough no matter how bad her puss ached from being fucked like a call girl on a good night she wanted more. As I got up to leave, she kissed my dick goodbye and made me promise to call her later. She begged me to stay and give her one more good fucking but I had to get. I still had rounds to make.

This was the start of a beautiful relationship. Joyce knew I was whoring myself to 3 or 4 women bağcılar escort but she didn’t care as long as she got a turn. It turned out Joyce was more women then I was ready for and I gradually stopped my whoring around and made Joyce my regular girl. At first I was a little disappointed that I might be cutting back to much and I had learned that I loved to get laid. If I had known what I was in for I would have done a lot more resting.

It turned out we had a lot in common and we liked a lot of the same things outside of sex. She was hungry and I was her meal it was great. One time I was at her place and her ex husband had been making a habit driving by and checking out her dates. From the gossip in the bar, I had heard he was mad as hell and he was looking to make sure I stayed away, but Joyce didn’t care what he said. She said part of the reason she was divorcing him was his need to control everything and she just wasn’t going to be controlled.

I was at her place one night and we where really getting each other worked up. We the lights down low and a few candles lit and had been drinking a little bit when we heard a noise outside. We peaked out the window and there was Jimmy, her ex running back to his truck. He had spying on the house and made a little too much noise. I told her to call the cops but she said she didn’t want to bring him that kind of trouble. It looked like he drove away and we were back at tearing each others clothes off. Joyce had me down to my boxers and we were getting ready to fuck our brains out on the couch when I really needed to use the head before we went any further. While I was in finishing my business in the head I heard the front door slam open and I heard someone moving & searching about the house. It was Jimmy and he was going from room to room screaming that he was going to kick my ass when he found me. Because I was finished leaving the bathroom as he came in, I had turned the light out and I waited for him. Apparently the bathroom was the last place he looked and I don’t think he really expected to find me cause when the door swung open and he turned on the light he seemed shocked I was there, especially as I was in my boxers with a raging hard on. All of a sudden the look of rage in his eyes went to fear and without saying a word he left the house. He jumped in his truck and squealed his tires for about a half a mile.

Of course Joyce and I didn’t let that stop us and we had a great night of sex in her place. She was so adventurous and she had me hard most of the night. The next weekend I was in the bar and a few of our mutual friends came up to me and said Jimmy was mad and looking to kick my ass. He told everyone who would listen that he had caught me hiding naked in Joyce’s bathroom. He was telling everyone how he scared me and threatened to kick my ass. I tried to ignore the rumors but they kept getting thrown in my face. Finally I told anyone who was in ear shot to tell Jimmy that after he left I fucked Joyce all night long and into the morning. I told them to tell Jimmy that I was still fucking her and that if he wanted to swing by and stalk us again that all he had to do was knock and I would let him watch. I never heard too much from Jimmy after that.

Joyce and I never stopped seeing each other. We had some great conversations and some great sex. It’s kind of a shame we could never really be in the same space at the same time mentally. I’m sure we could have been together for quiet a long time but we had something good and we were not going to let anything get in the way of that. I learned a lot about what she liked and she heard about what turned me on. But what really floored me was when she told me she had a thing for woman. She said she could never be a lesbian because she liked dick way to much but she wasn’t above finding some pussy once in a while and would have no problem sharing a girl wit me. We used to go to the bar and try to find us someone we could both take home. I always teased her because we could never agree on any one woman. Then she started to tell me about her friend Cassie.

Cassie was a friend of hers who lived up north. Cassie was going through a rough break up with her future Ex husband and was spending a lot of time with Joyce to get away from it all. It seems Cassie was coming down next weekend and Joyce asked if I wouldn’t mind helping her have a good time. When she said that my dick got rock hard fast. Joyce just raised her eyebrow and gave me that little smile. Later that night in bed she seemed more horny then normal and fucked me good. We talked a lot about Cassie and Joyce just got even more wet. She had the hots for Cassie and I was the lucky one she took it out on. In fact she fucked me so good all week long that I didn’t think I would have anything left for Cassie.

When Friday arrived I was a wreck. Joyce didn’t say anything was going to happen between he 3 of us but she didn’t say it wouldn’t either. I had never been with 2 women before and I was starting to get a little nervous. I know it’s ümraniye escort every guy’s fantasy to be in that situation. 2 naked women fucking & sucking, but my fear was I would be so excited that I shoot off like 14 yo looking at his first tit. Was I man enough? Joyce called around 5:30 and let me know that she got a room at one of the local motels and to meet her & Cassie at 8:30. Just my luck, I was running way late and didn’t arrive to the room till almost 10. Joyce didn’t seem too angry but Cassie seemed put out. Joyce tried to tell her to relax and she introduced us. Cassie was about 32 or so, 5’3″ about 140 lbs. Once she warmed up she had a nice warm smile and the nicest, fullest titties. They weren’t big but proportional, and the jeans she had on made her ass look damn good. As I shook her hand Joyce reached over and gave my cock a good rub & told Cassie to do the same. When she did get a hand full she raised her eyebrow and her mood changed in an instant

Cassie said she was sorry for the attitude but she had been fighting with her husband and Joyce had got her blood boiling and she was now horny as a pole cat. She was glad I showed up because she didn’t want to get stood up by another dumb man. Before I could answer Joyce moved us all to the bed, taking off clothes as we moved. Cassie was the first to hit the bed and Joyce pulled her jeans off and was face to snatch with the cutest pair of G strings panties Victoria Secret ever sold. Cassie moaned as I reached for shirt, yanking it over her head and removing her bra. I teased her tits, kissed her neck and we laughed as Joyce was lost in the valley that was Cassie legs. All of a sudden Cassie started into a convulsion and I knew Joyce made her cum. But Joyce never moved from between her legs so I did the only a guy in my position could do I raised Joyce’s skirt and sank my dick in to her already dripping hot wet clam. Her head reared back as she let out a wale and then fell right back to Cassie spasming puss.

I knew I would last to long but needed to bury my dick somewhere. Cassie was watching my dick enter Joyce and seemed rather impressed at my size. Joyce just told her, “See I told he was hung. Wait till he puts that dick in you.” Cassie said she couldn’t wait and rolled Joyce over and told her it was her turn to do a little eating. Joyce was up for that. Actually, when it came to sex Joyce didn’t care whether she pitching or catching as long as she naked and in the game. As Cassie started to eat Joyce, she raised her ass in the air and asked if I was still hard. Damn right I was hard and I was going to fuck again. I WAS man enough for 2 women, and I buried my dick so far in her wet snatch I could tell what she had for dinner.

We must have fucked like that for about a half hour, Joyce cumming, Cassie cumming & cumming, and me ready to cum. My dick was on auto pilot and then Cassie started to scream that the big one was happening. This set Joyce off and I was very close behind. We all came in about 10 seconds of each other. And what an orgasm! For me I was numb and Cassie was still shaking. I’m pretty sure she was having a series of small uncontrollable orgasm. Joyce was ready for more and ask if I would fuck her some more. My mind was ready but my dick was only semi-hard. Thank god I had a tougue. I told her to give me a few minutes and I would be ready. At that point she said to just shut up and eat her. Her box was sopping wet but she was close to flooding us out and it didn’t take her long to start thrashing again.

I was whupped and laid down right in the middle of the bed between them. They both started to caress my body working their hands from my neck to my toes. Then they started kissing me all over and like magic my dick started to stir. Then they both started giving me head, licking the head down one side & up the other. When one had my dick in her mouth the other was sucking my nuts, I never had head this good. When I was hard Cassie pushed Joyce out of the way and climbed up on my dick. From the earlier thrashing I gave her she was still wet so I slid in rather easy. It took about 2 strokes for her to find her rhythm and then she was off to the races. She rode me hard and she rode me fast, I was doing everything in my power to NOT cum but she was good and I exploded in her. My dick was throbbing and then Cassie let out a shriek and started shaking real hard again. Her orgasm over took her and it took her about 10 minutes to gather her wits.

When she rolled off Joyce climbed right up. She was on fire and she was I charge. Cassie was massaging my nut sack and Joyce was making everything wet. Cassie tried to get her head on my nuts and lick Joyce’s snatch at the same time. I was afraid we were going to crush her so Joyce got on her hands & knees and Cassie crawled underneath will I fucked Joyce from behind. I’m sure Joyce senses where in hyper over drive and she was so wet there hardly any friction. When Cassie latched on to her clit, Joyce buried her face in the pillow and was screaming. That’s all it took for me and I let go with one last orgasm. Cassie was worked up and when Joyce gained control of herself Cassie rolled her over and went back to work on her clit. These girls loved to be dicked, but they LOVED pussy. The only thing I could do was lay there and watch this scene. I’ve seen girls in the movies & in magazines but when you have a ticket for the front row it’s incredible.

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