Fire and Ice

Big Tits

Lia jerked awake in fear, struggling when she felt the ties holding her arms. Confused, she looked up to see silken cords binding her hands to the scrolled iron headboard. Looking down she realized her legs were bound as well, spread wide against the sheets. She was also naked. Her heart raced as she began to struggle to free herself. It was no use. She collapsed on the bed in frustration as she realized the futility of her struggle. As her breathing calmed she began to take stock of her surroundings. She was lying on an enormous bed, draped with silken curtains at its four posts. Narrow tables of various heights were scattered around the room, filled with flickering candles.

Hearing the door open, she turned her head to see what fate awaited her. Her pulse quickened as she realized Sean was the room. He was completely unclothed, his golden skin glowing in the candlelight. The play of the light over his muscles was intoxicating as she found herself staring at him. He came to the foot of the bed to gaze upon her. Her cheeks reddened as she became very aware of her nudity.

Sean stared at Lia as she lay there, spread before him like an exotic present. Her creamy skin looked sweet enough to eat, and her beauty sent a surge of heat through his loins. Her rose-tipped breasts were full and inviting. Her nipples hardened under his gaze, sending another wave of desire through him. Her narrow altyazılı seks ribcage gave way to a trim waist. There, spread for his pleasure was her feminine center, completely smooth and soft. Her slender legs struggled against her bindings as she sought to cover herself. Her mixed fear and desire was a powerful aphrodisiac as he continued to watch her.

Walking to the side of the bed, Sean sat down and looked at Lia patiently until she met his gaze. “Trust me, Lia” he said softly. Her eyes filled with tears as she struggled to do as he asked. He bent and carefully kissed her lips, touching no other part of her body. As she parted her lips in reaction his tongue delved into her warm mouth, caressing her tongue. She moaned as he made love to her mouth with his own. Her body tightened in response, her nipples hardening further. He pulled away to stare at her again. The desire in his eyes calmed her fears as she tried to accept her silken bondage.

He reached behind her head and picked up a silk scarf. Holding it carefully he drew its end down her body, watching her skin react to the gentle touch. He then gathered it in his hands and gently tied it over Lia’s eyes, causing her chest to rise as her breath quickened in panic. “Easy….” He murmured, entranced by her movements.

Reaching for a cup that rested on the nearest table, he used his fingers anal porno to pull out a glistening ice cube. He touched the cold cube to her swollen lips, nearly groaning when she jumped and then timidly licked the ice. He slid the cube down the column of her neck watching her skin react to the cold. Sliding it further down he slowly swirled it around her right breast up to her taut nipple. He swirled it around the rosy tip for several seconds as Lia began to writhe before him. He slid the ice cube over to her left breast which was nearest him, and pleasures that nipple the same way. Unable to resist himself, he quickly placed his lips over the chilled tip and began to lave it with his tongue. Lia whimpered with desire as the heat of his mouth drew surges of pleasure from within her. He sat back up and again applied the ice, aroused by her response.

Shifting position he continued to slide the ice cube down her firm stomach, and along the curve of her hip. Her body tensed in anticipation and he did not disappoint. Climbing over her leg he ever so gently started to slide the cube along her folds, drawing a mewling sound from her throat. Using his other hand he carefully spread her skin to reveal that rosy pearl of pleasure to his gaze. Slowly he slid the cube around that point, drawing sounds of pleasure from her. Her clit grew firmer as he aroused it mercilessly with the anime porno melting ice. He could see the juices beginning to flow from her glistening opening as he continued to stroke her with the remnants of ice.

As the ice melted he paused to grab another cube from the cup, watching Lia writhe before him in frustration. Leaning forward he blew a gentle breath across her inflamed flesh and nearly groaned at her frantic reaction. Using the fresh cube he teased her clit again, driving her over the edge into orgasm. Her body spasmed and her juices dampened the sheets. He used the ice to bring her again and again as she moaned and panted before him.

Suddenly he leaned forward and slid the ice into her warm slit as he took her clit into his mouth with a hot vengeance. She screamed uncontrollably as she came under his mouth and around his fingers. He thrust his fingers into her tight sheath as he suckled and licked her pearl mercilessly. His body was inflamed by her passionate response, and his member quivered against his thigh.

Unable to contain himself he pulled his mouth away and drove his shaft into her tight sheath. She bucked beneath him, unable to withstand the pleasure of him filling her at last. He growled with desire as he felt her muscles clenching him tighter and tighter. The combination of the cool ice and her moist heat undid him as he spilled himself within her warmth. The force of his pleasure left him trembling as her muscles continued to clutch him. Moments passed as they both recovered from this incredible experience. His head lay upon her chest, listening to its rapid beat. Sleep overtook them as they enjoyed the glow of candles and love.

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