Meetings 01a




A night out at some club with some friends, somewhere warm, enjoying the night, noticing the huge guy watching me. He finally gets around to asking me to dance, his arms holding me close, swaying brushing bodies, sensuality slowly fogging my brain, foreplay with every lingering stroke.

“Will you sleep with me tonight?” He asked, his voice husky with need, soft in my ear. His breath warm. His lips brushing my ear, my throat.

“Maybe.” I arched against him, rubbing seductively, feeling his bulge, hardness pressing into my lower belly. His hands skimmed lightly from my shoulder to my ass, as his mouth nipped a trail up my neck.

“Will you let me make love to you?”

“Mmmmaybe” I crooned as I turned in his embrace, feeling his hands gently pulling at my hips, pressing, grinding his hard on into my ass. I fell back on the solid wall of his chest, reveling in the hedonistic enthrallment of his ministrations. “I don’t want to freak you out but I’m really hungry. Hungry, not for gentle love making, but I’m hungry to be taken. The kind of wild liseli porno and crazy sex that leaves bruises and pulls hair, bites.”

“I think I may be able to accommodate you there.” he growled, nipping at the base of my neck, just hard enough to send spears of excitement diving into my moist loins. His hands turned me back around to face him, pressing me tight into him, engulfing me in his heat. His hands gripped harder at my hip, tighter at the base of my neck. His teeth raked along my throat, bringing a groan to my lips into his ear, feeling his grin against my skin.

He had just the right amount of roughness to keep me on that knife edge of lust. Grind into me, drape my leg around his waist, and squeeze my ass cheeks in time with the music. We may as well have been fucking on the dance floor, except for the clothes still completely on. Every time he’d knead me, along somewhere on my body, I’d groan into his relentless mouth.

I felt a wall at my back, heard him fumbling for the knob, juggling his grip on my ass, sliding his finger sneakily along my panty line and into my sopping hole. My groan mobil porno became a moan before I latched my lips on his earlobe, nibbling and sucking a rough trail along his throat.

I felt us falling into the room, felt him stabilize us again on the inner wall as he slammed the door shut, yanking at the micro panties I wore. I reached between us, yanking at his button, the zipper, letting the chinos fall in a jingling heap before I reached inside his briefs, finding his cock swollen and pulsating. I heard his groan as I stroked from the base of his cock to his head, gently milking his dicktip, felt him push hard into me.

“I want to be inside you.” He groaned against my neck.

“Then get inside me, damn it.” I growled back, nipping that spot just below his earlobe, hard enough for him to jump and slam deep inside me.

“You’ll get what you’re after, rough and ready. Hard. I’ll give you anything.” His amber eyes blazed as he lifted me a little higher to really plow me. I met his eyes with a challenge in mine, one he accepted with a snarl.

We went wild, fighting with each other to get that öğrenci porno right leverage, to fuck even harder. He spun me around and bent me over what felt like a desk, spreading my cuntlips with rough fingers before pounding his cock back into me.

I grabbed the edges, holding on for dear life as he destroyed me, drove me high again and again, biting at my shoulder as he humped deep inside me, holding tight to a handful of my hair as he switched to long, deep strokes and grinding against my spot with every wiggle, every stroke. I rode the evergasms, was ridden by them until he let loose a long shuddering groan and collapsed gently onto me, panting heavily.

“You knew I’d find you.” He panted softly in my ear.

“I figured, if you wanted me, you would. And you did.” I purred sated against the metal desktop. “I do have to ask you this though.”


“Are there ladies like me in any other cities? I guess after a year of meetings like these, I should know.”

“There’s no one like you anywhere in this world and there aren’t any other ladies anywhere. There’s only been you.” He answered softly, gently tucking my hair behind my ear to kiss my throat. He didn’t bother to ask about other men, he knew I burned only for him. And these sometimes brief moments, sometimes the lazy weekend in the middle of the week. The beginnings of the entwining of the lives of the writer and the rising music star.

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