My mate and I were just out cruising around in this old microbus that Jimmy and picked up cheap. The main reason it was so cheap was that it was a wreck waiting to happen. However, with some loving care and a lot of unloving abuse, we’d fixed it up and painted it, and it now ran like a dream. A rather noisy dream, with some odd noises coming from the body at various places, but it ran. The main reason for this achievement was the simple fact that Jimmy was a mechanical genius. Me? I was helpful labour, doing what I was told. Don’t knock it. Someone who’ll do what they’re told is a very useful tool to have.

Now that the old bus was a going concern we were just cruising along, watching the sights and arguing about where we were going. Not that it particularly mattered where we were going. It’s the fact that we were able to go anywhere that counted for us.

We spotted her from way back. Pretty hard to miss someone like that. A very nice looking young lady was standing by the side of the road, hitchhiking. Jimmy, the fool, would have driven on by, but I told him to pull up and proceeded to look her over.

A very nice blonde, she was, lightly tanned and a lot of skin showing. She was wearing a bikini top and shorts. Proper shorts, not those tiny Daisy Dukes some girls wear. She had a jacket tied around her waist, presumably in case the weather changed. She also had a handbag, a very large handbag. Heading for the beach and wanting a lift was a simple guess to make.

We pulled up next to her and I pushed the sliding door open. Much easier to chat with that door out of the way.

She looked at us and appeared somewhat dubious. Understandable with two such masculine studs as Jimmy and me.

“Ah, I don’t think so,” she began, but I held up a hand.

“Hang on,” I told her. “Wait until you’re asked before you knock back the ride.”

“You mean you’re not offering me a lift?” she asked cynically.

“We probably will,” I agreed, “but we’d feel a lot happier knowing you’re not some kid doing a bunk from home.”

“Really, do I look like a kid?” she demanded.

“No, but I’m not going to hazard a guess at a lady’s true age. If you underestimate the girl gets offended if she wants to look older. If you overestimate the girl gets offended if she wants to look younger. If you give an accurate guess they get offended because they don’t like being told they look their age. I always ask.”

“Wisdom from a man,” she scoffed. “Who’d have thought it? I’m twenty.”

She must have seen something on my face because she sighed.

“OK. I’m nearly twenty.”

“How near is near?” I asked suspicious.

“I turn nineteen in a month,” she said with another sigh.

“Well, hullo, Miss Eighteen. I’m Micky. He’s Jimmy. We’re heading that-away unless one of us decides to go somewhere else in which case we’ll have a new that-away that we’ll be heading towards. On our current heading we’ll probably hit some beaches in about an hour. Would you care for a lift? Now you’re free to refuse as the offer has been made.”

“I’m Kathleen, but I still don’t think so,” she said, but at least she was now smiling.

“Worried about getting into the old bus with two strange men, even though we’re both incredibly handsome? You needn’t be. Jimmy isn’t really strange, just very queer.”

“You’re saying that you’re gay?”

“No. I’m just pointing out that Jimmy is gayer than the Mardi Gras parade. Me, I’m so straight you could use me for a ruler. Nothing strange about me.”

“That’s if you ignore the fact that we needed a vehicle as roomy as this one as we need the extra seats for Micky’s ego,” Jimmy said.

I ignored that. Little minds can be so petty in the presence of true greatness. Instead I simply smiled at Kathleen.

“You might notice that we have a couple of bench seats in the back and uncovered window all around. We have nothing to hide which is a good thing as people always look into the windows of a microbus. I don’t know why, but they do.”

“Listen, you might as well hop in,” 4 k porno called Jimmy. “Micky loves the sound of his own voice and he’ll just keep right on talking until you agree. Don’t worry. You won’t be taking us out of our way as we’re not going anywhere in particular.”

“You’ll keep your hands to yourself?” she demanded.

“Ah, I can’t promise that,” I said reluctantly. “How about I won’t touch anything without your prior approval? Will that work?”

Apparently she could work with that. She hopped into the ‘bus, sitting in the first bench seat. I just twisted sidewards in the front seat so I could talk to her. Jimmy shoved the ‘bus into gear and we were off.

I chatted with Kathleen, getting her talking. Apparently she’d missed her lift to the beach, resulting in her friends going without her. She knew which beach they were going to, however, and intended to join up with them. They would provide a ride home for her. She also sent them a message saying that we were giving her a lift, giving our registration number. I figured that was fair enough. It didn’t hurt to be careful.

“I’ve been trying to work out if that touch of gold on your skin is the result of a light tan or if that’s your natural colour. Which is it?”

“It’s the result of a light tan,” she said with a smile.

“Uh-huh. And how much of you is tanned?” I asked, my eyes drifting to her breasts.

She laughed at me. “Dream on,” she said.

I was currently feeling rather flush, cash-wise, as I’d won nearly a thousand on the lottery. Not bad, seeing I hadn’t even bought a ticket. My sister had given me one for my birthday. I took a fifty from my wallet and twisted it around my fingers, watching her as I did so.

“It’s yours if you take off your top and let me check how tanned you are,” I said softly.

“And what’s to stop you changing your mind about giving it to me if I take my top off?”

“Easy. Say yes and I’ll give it to you before you do it.”

She was trying to look at me and the fifty and Jimmy all at once.

“Don’t worry about me,” Jimmy told her. “I don’t care either way. You’re pretty enough, but not really my type.”

She suddenly held out her hand for the money and I gave it to her. The fifty disappeared into her capacious bag and then she reached behind herself and undid the back strap of the top. With that undone she calmly lifted the top of and was sitting there topless and smiling smugly.

“Very nice,” I said softly, admiring her breasts. They were jutting out perkily, no sag evident. Apparently touching her breasts with my eyes was enough to wake up her nipples which were stirring slightly, starting to become erect.

“It seems you’re a naughty girl. You’ve been sun-bathing topless. I must say the colour suits you.”

She blushed prettily and reached for her top.

“No,” I said quickly. “Not yet. I enjoy looking at them. Still, it makes me wonder.”

I was twisting another fifty around my fingers and she looked suspiciously at me as soon as she saw it.

“What do you wonder?” she asked.

“Just how well you’re tanned.”

“Keep wondering. Do you seriously think I’ll take of my shorts just so you can see?” she asked, keeping her voice down.

“Yes,” I said, speaking just as quietly. “I seriously think you will.”

She took a deep breath that did wonderful things to her breasts. Then she reached over and snatched the fifty from me. It joined the first one in her bag. Blushing faintly, she undid the button on the front of her shorts, lifted her bottom slightly, and slid shorts and panties down and off.

She was the same faint gold colour all over. Clean-shaven, too.

“So. You don’t exactly sun-bathe topless, do you?”

“Not exactly,” she admitted, “but only in the privacy of my own yard.”

“You’re cheating right now,” I added.

“What do you mean?”

“Move your legs apart,” I told her.

Her faint blush and her deep breath both came again, but she let her legs move apart. Just a little to 7 dak porno start with, but then letting them drift wider, exposing her slit to my greedy gaze.

I slipped between the two front seats and sat next to her. She moved over a little, reaching for her clothes.

“No,” I told her. “Not yet.”

“Why not?”

“You have a choice to make, first,” I told her, smiling happily.

“And that is?” she asked, sounding suspicious.

“Do you want to get on all fours, looking out the window, or would you prefer to sit down straddling me?”

Kathleen was shaking her head in a refusal even before I finished speaking.

“Oh, no,” she said, speaking firmly. “I only agreed to take off my clothes. Nothing else and you know it.”

“Kathleen,” I said with a bit of a sigh, “when a scantily clad young lady gets in a van with a couple of young studs she knows damn well what is likely to happen. When she then takes off all her clothes she is even more certain of what is going to happen and is agreeing to it. You know it and I know it.”

“You said Jimmy is gay. He wouldn’t want to do what you’re suggesting.”

“He would if you were a fine young stud. However, I’m not gay and I do want to do it. So we’re back to your choice. Unless you want to try it both ways? I don’t mind testing to see which way you prefer.”

“You can’t make me,” she said, sounding somewhat defiant.

“I could, but I won’t. You’re going to agree and you know it.”

I reached for a breast and gently squeezed it. She slapped my hand away but her nipple peaked anyway. I laughed and slipped my hand between her legs, cupping her mound. If she hadn’t wanted me to she should have closed her legs. She closed them now, with an indignant squeak, which only succeeded in pressing my hand tight against her.

“Move your hand,” she snapped.

“I can’t,” I pointed out. “You’re holding it too tightly.”

She reluctantly relaxed her legs and I moved my hand.

“Stop that.”

“You said to move it,” I reminded her.

“Not like that and you know it.”

As far as I was concerned, while she only demanded I shift my hand and didn’t try to make me, I was going to keep on rubbing her interesting curves.

“Just think,” I told her as she squirmed about, trying to pull away from my hand, “if you get on all fours you can look at the world going by while I entertain you. All those people looking back at the van will see you being screwed. How many do you think will guess what is happening to you?”

While talking and touching I’d also been unbuckling, and I don’t mean my seat belt. Kathleen now had ample evidence of what my intentions were.

“I’ll make you a deal,” I said softly. “I’ll move my hand away and you can move your hand.”

I moved my hand, catching hers and placing it on my erection. Her hand closed around me and started moving.

“OK,” she grumbled. “I’ll go this far but no further.”

She stroked my cock but she wasn’t serious about it, not trying to get me off, if you know what I mean. She was just playing with it. I let her continue for a little while as I stroked her breasts. Her nipples were nicely erect and expectant by this stage.

I finally decided that enough was enough. I moved her hand away from my erection, which was standing tall and proud.

“You can either look out the window or I can pick you up and place you on me,” I told her, speaking firmly.

“You wouldn’t,” she said.

I just looked at her.

“Oh, all right,” she huffed. “Seeing you insist.”

She scrambled around until she was kneeling on the seat. Folding her arms she leant them against the ledge that the window made, resting her head on them and looking out into the busy world outside. Her breasts were swinging free below her, ready for my eager hands. Her lips were swollen and puffy, glistening with moisture. I could practically feel the heat inside her radiating out.

I leaned over her, cock finding just the right spot and then I plunged into her. alman porno I didn’t bother to use any finesse, just driving straight in, and she gave a shriek, pressing firmly back to meet me. Just like that I had her totally shafted and at my mercy.

And just like that Jimmy hit the brakes for some reason and I was off balance and falling. I automatically grabbed something to hold onto but unfortunately that was Kathleen and she had her arms folded and leaning against the window. I popped free and fell into the well in front of the seats, Kathleen landing on top of me. She started laughing and I started swearing.

She scrambled back onto the seat, treading rather heavily on me as she did so, giggling all the while. I clambered back upright, whispered, “Death and dismemberment awaits you,” to a laughing Jimmy, and hopped onto the seat behind Kathleen and once again positioned myself behind her. I drove in just as firmly as the first time, this time being met by a happy shriek as I thrust home. It seemed the minor contretemps had improved her mood remarkably.

This time I managed to reach around and take hold of her breasts. Fun bags in hand I proceed to have fun. I gave her everything I had just as hard and as fast as I could, watching her bottom bounce each time I slapped into her. I’ll say this – Kathleen wasn’t backwards about coming forward. She bounced away quite happily, lifting her hips and pushing to meet me, talking all the while.

Now I knew a girl who was dead quiet while having sex, where the normal is for a few comments as things progressed. This was the first time I’d met a girl who talked right through.

“Oh, wow, yes, go for it, harder, come on big boy, give me more, ah, faster, oh yes, I love a fat cock, go, man, go.”

She went on and on. Finding the comments were generally of an approving and enthusiastic nature I just let them wash over me, concentrating on taking what I considered my rightful dues, although where she got the breath from to talk as well as fuck I’m damned if I know.

It was also a case of me going on and on, enjoying her vibrant body to the utmost. Her breasts were soft and firm. Funny how they can be both at the same time, but they were a delightful handful. I massaged them (yes, she included my touching them in her commentary) and bounced her bottom off my groin as often as I could.

(Jimmy had got off the main road and was just driving in circles in the side streets, probably fearing the threatened death and dismemberment if he’d found himself in a position where he had to brake sharply. This meant we were undisturbed by unwanted coitus interruptus.)

Our excitement and passion had been building right from that first thrust. (Well, from that second attempt, anyway.) I was somewhat surprised that I’d been able to keep going for so long, not that I was complaining. Still it reached a stage where I wasn’t going to last much longer and so I put in a little extra effort.

I climaxed and that, fortunately, was enough to send Kathleen over the edge with a very noisy climax. We finally separated and both of us sagged against the seat, breathing hard.

“Are you sure Jimmy is gay?” Kathleen asked me, looking toward him. He glanced at us through the rear view mirror and winked.

“Yes, he is,” I assured her.

“Pity,” she said, and while I was still blinking in surprise she slid between the two front seats and sat in my seat, putting on the seat belt.

You may have noticed I didn’t say anything about her getting dressed before she did this. That’s because she didn’t. She just sat down in the altogether, enjoying the ride.

I didn’t say anything, just relaxing in the back, a feeling of well-being surrounding me.

Eventually we reached the beaches and Kathleen came to the back and quickly dressed and tidied herself up. She indicated where she wanted to get off and we pulled over and let her out. She scarpered across the road and vanished onto the beach. I went to take my front seat, said a rude word, and settled back into the back, Jimmy laughing like a hyena.

Let’s just say that there were some leakages after having sex and she’d been sitting on my seat. Body fluids all over the damned thing. I had Jimmy stop at a car wash so we could do some detailing. Some people are so inconsiderate.

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