Midterm Holiday Ch. 1


Author’s Note: The first couple of “Perspectives” stories deal with the freshman year of Reed Johnson. This is the first in a group of stories about college students at Haverlawn University – a FICTIONAL school. I apologize to those who think theses stories are too long – I cannot just “get right to the sex” without telling a story. The tales would appear incomplete, inadequate, and not worth your time reading. Send comments/feedback/tips on how to change the story, with story ideas, or just your general feelings on my writing. Enjoy!

The next month and a half for Reed Johnson fell under the classification of “interesting.” Academic-wise, Reed was finally grabbing a handle on 18 credits (12 of those University Requirements) – with a little “help” from his roomie Alex (though “cheating” was not always considered “help”). By the Thanksgiving Break, he figured his grades were Bs; Midterms were the week after the Thanksgiving holiday. Reed was happy to head home for Thanksgiving; real food, seeing his family, and to rest from his many “excursions.”

Ever since his decision in early September, Reed became Tamara Cooke’s “good friend”; they hung out almost as much as Kevin and her did. Most of their outings ended in wild, almost animalistic, sex satisfying them both for days (sometimes denying Kevin to his dismay). Reed enjoyed his new “friend with benefits”; an untold result of the friendship was all the females that Reed became known to – UPPERCLASSMEN females. Not by his doing, his “talents” became known in certain circles… His cock, not the biggest (some basketball player had a rumored 13 inch monster), was touted as “very lively” and “energetic.” His tongue, again not the longest, thickest, or most flexible (he couldn’t twist a cherry stem to save his life) was praised for its vigor and hungry intensity it carried when it ate out a girl (same intensity he gave when he fucked). Suffice it to say, by mid-November Alex had a little reputation on campus as a “ladies man.” He ended up with a couple more “good friends” during this time. Being a Newbie, most of the campus didn’t believe it – but the few who knew the truth were all the more happy to keep Reed’s tongue (and cock) to themselves.

He headed home the Tuesday of Thanksgiving… he ate enough for three people during the break. Midterms the following week were outrageously difficult; he did not spend time with Tamara (do not worry – Kevin did) as he studied late every night to make sure his B standing stayed. Alex helped a lot: studying tips (“When all else fails, cheat”), getting some “stuff” (a close remake of the “punch” from the first party), and not making too big a racket at three in the morning with other dormsters goofing off. By the last Midterm, Reed was exhausted yet relieved.

Friday brought the last Midterm on campus and the unofficial Midterm Break. Midterm break at Haverlawn University followed the Thanksgiving Break. Many schools do not follow this practice; they either made the holiday a midterm break or did not give the students time off for midterms. Haverlawn however did not operate like most schools; a week separated Thanksgiving from Midterm break, followed by two weeks of classes, finals the days before Christmas, and the long winter break. So, many students would go home Thanksgiving and the following midterm break.

Reed was one of a few hundred that did not go back home for the Midterm break. All of the professors left that Friday – many not to return until the following Monday (with the midterm grades and report cards). Reed and Alex spent the early days of the break watching television on their “new” dish (a “gift” from Alex’s cousin), took a little road trip to Arcadia University in Virginia, and a little dorm party presented by the football team (who all stayed because of the big games the next two Saturdays against Lafay College and Odeon University- road games). By the Thursday of the break, Reed and Alex (particularly Alex) were somewhat restless. They wanted more to do; the trip to Arcadia and the huge parties they went to (the campus was not on vacation) spoiled them immensely.

That is when Chris Collings – who lived in room 221 in their building – came up with the idea for “Manhunt.” Telling them both later that day, Alex nearly hugged the sophomore. “Shit, that’s a banging idea!”

Reed was less enthused, but intrigued at the premise of the game. A “adult” version of hide and seek, Reed was surprised at 11 pm that night when he saw close to 20 people waiting for Chris, Alex, and himself to play the game. Gathering around the front of a faculty building, the group faced Chris and Alex. Before speaking, Reed did pass on a “hello” to Kevin and Tamara – and the teenage girl with them. He was about to ask her name when Chris began talking.

“Hey there! Glad ya all decided to get out of your room to play. The others are just lil bitches for not joining us,” he chuckled, followed by half the group at that remark, “but we gonna have a blast!! Riiight?!”

“YEAH!!” 1080 porno came the group’s reply, followed by claps and hoots of cheer. Watching the display, Reed knew this game was going to be fun…

“For those of you who don’t know how to play, here’s a quick summary of da rules.” Chris continued. “We gonna have two pairs of Killers – a guy and girl since we have equal of each – while the rest of us go run and hide. Object of Manhunt: Killers are to catch all the Runners – that’s us – within 30 minutes or the game is over. Any questions?”

Looking around and not seeing any, Chris was about to continue when Alex spoke up, “Hey, why not make it more interesting?”

“How Mr. Smarty Pants?” Humored Kevin.

“We keep the rules – but add a lil ‘spice’ to the mix. Say, whoever gets caught has to do whatever their captors tell them – no matter how humiliating.”

Murmurs spread through the group for a few minutes. Turning to Chris and Alex, Reed asked, “Anything? No matter what?”

Nod reply.

“SOOOO… who’s still gonna play?”

Hesitation, then everyone piped in with agreements. Tamara, though looked to the teen next to her and gave her a stern look. “I don’t think you should-“

“Come on,” the teen replied in a whiny voice, “I didn’t come down here to sit around the room – or be hoarded away while you and Kevin fuck ya brains out!”

Faces flushed, Tamara and Kevin stared at the teen. Those around who overheard chuckled, embarrassing them more. “Fine,” she hissed out, “if you want to play, go ahead.”

“Don’t worry, I wont get caught.” Giggling, the teen gave Alex and Chris a thumb’s up. With that, Chris continued, “The settings are here Dunbard Hall, and that building over there Miller Hall.” He pointed to a building about two hundred yards from Dunbard Hall. “The ‘safe house’ is ugly ass Victory Square Hall – by the Water Tower. Got it?”

More shouts of “yeah” were the reply.

“Good. I need four Killers…”

Five minutes later, Reed was running along the halls of Dunbard Hall, three others right behind him. One of those three was that teen Tamara try to force home… must be related he thought as they crashed into one of the many darkened classrooms. Hiding behind desks, all three tried to hold their breaths – their breathing might cause them to get caught. For an eternity they all hid scared to move – for Reed he jumped at every little noise the whole time. Also, his mind raced at thoughts of the others; if Chris caught someone, what would he do to them? Especially if it’s a female (and of all the females playing, none were what you would call ugly)… would he make her do anything? Soon, a blaring whistle sounded…

“That’s the signal right?” asked the teen her voice sounding right behind Reed startling him. Half jumping out his clothes, he turned back to her shadowy figure and nodded. Silence followed; realizing she probably didn’t see his nod, he whispered, “Maybe. I still think we have time…”

The teen was up and heading for the door. The two others whispered for her to get back, but she ignored them. Following her, Reed stepped into the darkened hallway…

“SHIIIT!” the teen and Reed said almost simultaneously. At the end of the hall was one of the “Killers” – tall, athletic brunette with long legs, boyish haircut, wearing jeans, turtleneck, and sneakers. Laughing, she ran towards them screaming, “Gotcha!”

Laughing uncontrollably, Reed grabbed the teen’s hand and began running the opposite way. By the staircase, they both took the steps two at a time, a few times almost falling. Yet, the female was right behind them. Making it from the fifth to the second floor, Reed barreled through the doors into the long hallway. Seeing no one, he ran for any open classroom – the teen right on his heels. Finding an open classroom, he dives in hitting the tiled floor hard, the teen closing and locking the door behind them. The wait nearly killed them…

A harried twist of the locked door, then shouts alerted to the Killer being outside. “I know you in there… shit, if I only had a key!” Banging the door, the Killer walks away angry. Another anxiety-filled wait followed for both the teen and Reed, neither speaking to one another.

She sat next to him beside the door in the darkness… he breathing was stable, soft, almost calm. But it was not her breathing… he finally realized something when they were startled by the blaring tone of the whistle again. As he inched to the door, he grinned. Opening the door and taking a peek, Reed prepared himself for anything.

“Reed! You survived!” Alex’s cheerful voice boomed from the end of the hallway. Seeing him, he stood by the door laughing, the teen peeking her head out. “The kid too! Good show!” His fake British accent making him sound down right comical to the teen.

“You make it?” Reed asked.

“Damn right. I made it to the ‘safe house’ just as the first whistle blew. Heard you, 2 k porno the teen,” pointing to the girl, “Thomas and Michelle were almost caught by that cheating biatch Carrie. She used the first whistle to capture three others.”

“Damn,” the teen replied as the trio made their way for the “safe house” by the Water Tower. On arrival, Reed saw some laughing, smirking, absolutely upset faces. Tamara’s face held a smirk; Kevin’s a huge face-shrouding frown of disappointment. Looking to the Killers, he saw why…

Of the two guys and gals, they caught 10 of the 16 people – and each took a reward from their “victims.” The females held shirts, money, and even two pairs of boxers; the guys held earrings, money also, and one (Chris – that SOB) held two pairs of panties – one peach, one black. Looking their way, Tamara ran over and hugged the teen tightly.

“Jolene, you didn’t get caught did you?”

“Nah,” she replied, “This cutie here,” poking Reed’s sides, “rushed me away from that cheater to safety.” Looking at him, Jolene’s smile did something to Reed only Tamara’s have done – melt his insides.

He was still staring at the smile when Tamara elbowed him. “Watch it mister; this here is my younger sister Jolene. She’s a HIGH SCHOOL senior.”

Coughing, Reed looked at Tamara with a mix of hurt and embarrassment. Alex laughed loudly; Jolene looked back at her older sister sticking out her tongue.

“Ok… MOM.” Tamara’s face grew dark as Alex’s laugh increased making him double over. Reed even had to laugh at that; Jolene’s voice when she said it was like a little kid.

Giggling, Jolene stood an inch or two shorter than Tamara. Yet, that’s where the differences ended. She had those same alert, round eyes like Tamara’s; her build (nice toned legs in a pair of black tight dress pants, perky tits straining against her tight shirt, hips and thighs nice and firm) spoke similarly to their being related. The hair – raven black with streaks of blue – fell a little past her shoulders adding to her youthful look. Though she was no older than 18, Reed suddenly realized she carried herself much like her older sister – much like many of the mature females on the campus.

Again he caught himself staring at her… this time Tamara did not notice (Kevin came by complaining how he lost 50 dollars for being caught). Jolene was the only one – and her eyes were staring right back at him full of fire and energy. Minutes past; finally Reed had to break it when Chris and Alex called them all together. A second game was being played; this time Reed made sure he was a Killer (shouting “Make ME a KILLER!!!” nonstop); he was paired with Michelle (short pudgy Hispanic junior) as they counted to 50 with their eyes closed. At 50, he opened them and saw no one around – the campus was eerily silent.

Reed and Michelle headed for Miller Hall while the other duo took Dunbard (though he wanted Dunbard; he knew where some kids would be hiding). Shrugging, they walked into the older Social Science building. The halls were well lit; all the lights were still on making hiding in corners impossible. Yet, the shape of the building (a three-story X) made it hard to find anyone together.

“Let’s split up,” Michelle suggested. When Reed nodded, he headed for the upper portion of the X-shaped building alone; his shoes occasionally scuffed the floor squeaking (he cringed when it did). He searched the first and second floors but found no one.

By the third floor, he wasn’t expecting to find anyone. Then…

BAAMMM!! Hearing the unmistakable sound of a textbook falling, he half hopped looking for the classroom. Passing by three, he heard whispered curses come out of a fourth on his right. Taking a deep breath, he ran to the doorway and stopped standing flat against it. He waited holding his breath, his heart racing…

Two students walked out not seeing him. When they did, they both shouted and ran down the hall to the staircases. Reed was about to chase them when he heard a scream from inside the room –

Walking in turning on the lights, he saw Jolene standing there shocked her eyes squinting. Seeing Reed, her face grew shrouded in a frown; she was actually caught! Smiling, Reed stood by the door, “Gotcha Jolene. Don’t run cause ain’t no way you getting past me.”

Nodding, she approached him. “Ya got me… I gotta do whatever ya say now huh?”

“What?” Reed’s mind raced. He just remembered the stipulation Chris added… Will he make her do anything? If he does will she tell Tamara? Would Tamara kill him if he took her money or –

OR. He wouldn’t dare of making her do anything sexual – would he? Looking at her youthful face, she must have read his thoughts for she shook her head. “No, I will not tell Tammy – I promise, k?”

Nodding before he could think, Reed turned out all but one of the light switches. A row of desks in the back were illuminated; he headed back there waving Jolene to follow him. Standing a foot 3 k porno from her, Reed was still reluctant to make a move. “I could just take her shoes,” Reed murmured…

Jolene dropped to her knees shocking him. Her hands reached for his black jeans; he stood frozen when they began unbuckling the belt then unbuttoning his jeans. Hearing the zipper awoke him from the daze; he grabbed her hands pulling them away, “What are you doing?”

Jolene looked up at him her eyes searching. “You know you want this – just too scared to ask cause of my sis.” Her tone was stern – almost harsh. “Don’t worry, I have done enough of these to be pretty good at it.” With that, she pushed his hands away and reached for the zipper.

When she got the zipper down, her hands grabbed Reed’s jeans and yanked them down exposing his briefs. Stunned, Reed stood still not knowing what to do or how to react –

Well, his cock knew how to react. It began to stir in his briefs; the bulge was beginning to show. Grabbing his crotch, she squeezed it hard once making Reed gasp; his shaft knew what Jolene’s intentions were.

“Just relax Reed.” Jolene whispered as her hands tucked his briefs down to join his jeans at his ankles. Now his cock was free and inches from her face, growing erect in the cool night air. Inching closer, Jolene began to slowly lick the growing head. A shudder went through Reed; his moan filled the room as she began a slow licking tempo her hands rubbing his balls and his pubic hair.

From the tip she licked the underside of his eight-inch dick slowly leaving a trail of saliva in her wake. At the base, her tongue expertly teased his balls, causing more moans to escape his mouth and him to relax more. Finally out of his frozen state, Reed’s hands reached for her head. Rubbing her hair as she licked his shaft, Reed was totally enthralled in pleasure. She was very good at giving a blowjob…

He sucked in a breath when her pouty lips wrapped around the tip of his cock. Pre-cum oozed out as her warm mouth moved forward engulfing more of him into her. Reed couldn’t believe it – he didn’t want to believe it. His mind raced with shouts and screams about how wrong this was… but he blocked them out or ignored them. What mattered now was looking down…

Looking down he watched at Jolene’s head began a slow bobbing as she sucked him. That tongue, swirling around as her lips rubbed from the base to the tip over and over was almost alive. “OOOOHHH MMMMM YEESSS,” he moaned approval as his hips began to thrust back driving his cock deeper into her mouth.

Garbled groans came from Jolene vibrating on his cock; the sensation drove him to thrust harder, making her moan more and causing more vibrations. The vibrating of her lips set his body afire; his hands grabbed her head and began guiding her head to push deeper onto his cock. Grabbing his thighs to steady herself, Jolene let Reed guide her head over his cock faster and deeper. Soon, her face would be buried in his pubic hair on each thrust. Louder moans and gags escaped her as his cock fucked her mouth hard and fast thrusting a little down her throat.

She felt her own sex tingling at the sensations his cock had on her lips and tongue. More moans came out as Reed quickened the pace driving his manhood deeper into her mouth relishing the warmth. Squeezing his thighs, she tightened her legs together but couldn’t hold back the trickling of her juices. Soon the trickling would become the wet spot on her black panties; she was beginning to enjoy the forceful way he treated her mouth. Her pleasure increased when she felt a hand reaching under her searching for her left tit. Finding it thru her tight shirt, Reed gave it a hard squeeze sending shivers down Jolene’s spine.

The nipple quickly hardened; her young body was melting as his hand set a steady squeezing pace to match his thrusting hips. Jolene’s pussy quivered wanting some attention as it oozed more juices soaking her panties. Reed’s hand found the erect nipple pushing against the shirt; squeezing it Jolene squealed and moaned onto his cock. Licking and sucking him deeper into her mouth, she took her hands from him, pulled up her shirt, and lifted her bra above her breasts. Her hands grabbed his and placed them on her now exposed tits; Reed needed no instruction as they began rubbing and pinching them sending tendrils of pleasure through Jolene. All the moaning and licking was sending Reed into the final moments…

“MMMMMMMMMM,” Jolene hummed/moaned onto his cock as his hands massaged her tits and erect nipples. That sent him over the edge… feeling the churning in his balls, he tried pulling his hips away. Not letting go of his cock, Jolene kept sucking and licking his cock and balls. Reed grew nervous; he didn’t want to cum in her mouth – he couldn’t do this to Tamara’s sister!

She’s already giving ya a blowjob, his mind mused, so let her finish and just cum in her mouth. Still intent on not shooting in her mouth, he moved his hands from her tits and pushed her head off him. His cock escaped with a loud pop, a trail of saliva connecting her lips to his shaft. Looking up, she smiled flashing those perky tits; Reed thought the sight was so kinky he felt the first spurt of cum escape his cock.

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