From the very moment I entered the main lobby I knew I’d made the right choice. Everywhere I looked there was an attention to detail, not like the ultra modern hotels though; no, this one had old world class. Everywhere you looked there were natural wood surfaces from the highly polished teak floors, which offered a warmth marble or ceramic could not, to the great oak pillars, carved with imagery of intricate vines. Even the artworks visible offered an appealing quality to them. There were no wild splashes of color seemingly haphazardly sprayed upon canvas then named something equally in conceivable. No this was in my own opinion true art. Perhaps it was in the minute attention to detail offered in the breathtaking vistas painted by oil upon canvas, or the intricate precision involved in meshing a variety of wood types through inlaid assembly to form wondrous images, but no matter what the explanation I was in heaven.

I suppose considering all that, I should not have been surprised at what happened next. There I was just checking in when from somewhere behind me an angel spoke. It wasn’t directed at me, nor even the words but her accent which sent a shiver down my spine the like of which I could not explain. A sweet, songlike, southern accent. I quickly turned, scanning the lobby for the source but there was no clue as to whom it was from. I recall how I played it over and over in my mind, the timbre, pace and pitch, until at last that thought was interrupted by the desk manager asking me other questions. After that it wasn’t the same I had lost in the brief interruption some inexplicable quality or trait and thus the sound was but an all too brief memory.

At dinner, the nice tables along the ocean view windows were all taken and so I resigned myself to one further in. As luck might have it I was not displeased though for when I sat I noticed the lady across from me. She was eating with a friend it seemed, legs crossed at the knees, bright friendly eyes and the most radiant smile. She wore a simple white tee shirt, a knee length skirt and wedged sandals. One of which dangled teasingly from the upper leg. Although I was not close enough to hear even the tiniest portion of their conversation I was still left mesmerized. The simple movements and gestures as she spoke, the constant smile and that bouncing foot. Time and again my eyes drifted down to it. Watched as it threatened to kick off the sandal yet never once did it move. I caressed the soft curve of that lower calf within my mind, tasted it and went back more. I willed the skirt to slip away, willed her to pay me even the briefest of attention yet not once did she or it. As my own dinner ended my eyes caught the briefest view of her delicate inner thigh. It happened as she shifted, crossing her legs to the other side, and I in response bumped unceremoniously into the corner of my table. I knew she was looking at me, surely after such a blunder everyone was, so as calmly as I could I walked away looking only straight ahead.

Later that night I found myself wandering along the moon lit beach, the sand was warm and appealing, and the sound of the ocean lapping against the Daytona coast somehow soothing. I had all but forgotten the stresses and strains of working mere hours before, and instead began to ponder how amazing it was that the body could so quickly adapt to its stimuli. Here I was a Canadian from far off British Columbia enjoying his first vacation in over five years. The feeling of not having a care or concern for the next two weeks made it seem as though the tensions of a high pressure job were already beginning to melt away. I smiled at a couple kissing in the shadow of a nearby sand dune. Smiled a sad little smile for although the scene was pleasant it reminded me of my own loneliness. I hurried on though for I at least could appreciate their desire for privacy.

As I continued, I became aware of music which steadily grew in volume as I approached. It was hot and fast paced, designed to stir body and soul into throwing caution to the wind and begging one to dance. I knew what it was though; it was a party upon the deck of the hotel. Another party, the same party; semantics really for there was always a party. Yet as I approached something else caught my attention. There on the line of shore and seas was a lady. She moved and swayed to the music dancing alone in the darkness with only the moon and I to bare witness. She wore a knee length dress which floated as she twirled about, and when she swayed it rustled gently like a whispering wind.

“What secrets did you want to tell me I whispered back”, as I found myself unwilling or perhaps unable to move, and then a response came.

Sure I know there are those who’d say I read too much into it but suddenly another lady appeared on the steps to the hotel deck and called out “Christi… Hey Christi come on the guys are waiting.”

The words sank in like an arrow piercing my flesh yet it was the southern accent which added the barbs. Quickly my eyes darted back to the shadowy dancer. ‘No, no, please don’t make it olgun porno so’ I begged, but still I listened for that fateful reply. The only response though was the name ‘Charlotte’ which the dancer spoke in my opinion with a slight tinge of exasperation. That one word was enough. This beauty, this wondrous wraith of the night, was the same Southern Belle I had heard earlier. The same I had watched so intently at dinner. Once again her accent sent a shiver down my spine and I watched as her motion ceased and her skirt floated elegantly back down about her knees. Watched as she bent to retrieve her shoes and as she strode forward as graceful as a swan upon an unspoiled lake.

Instantly I knew what I wanted, what I needed. I had to discover and see for myself what kind of man wins such a heart. I stepped forward out of the darker shadows and in doing so must have drawn her attention to me, for suddenly with a great twirl her skirt rose one more time bathing her legs now in the light from the hotel deck. That one tiny flash of shadows and light left me breathless and I watched helplessly as her motion carried her up and into the crowd above.

I had the devil of a time finding her again after that. The crowd on the deck and within the bar/disco were so packed it was all I could do to move cautiously about the parameter scanning the bopping moving mass, without getting bumped, stepped on or crushed. Finally though luck as it were shifted my way, and a slow song started. What was a wild frenzy of jumping screaming bodies became a dull swaying mass. There was now room to move and to see. Perhaps as I said earlier though it was not such great luck for moments into the song I saw her. There upon the dance floor in the arms of a gorilla. Ok so perhaps that was a bias viewpoint but still the imagery in my mind remains thus. He was clinging to her as a great ape might to a tree. His hands seemed everywhere and she did not appear happy. ‘How could she?’ I asked myself unable to comprehend. She was beautiful, vibrant and in the arms of an uncouth gorilla. She deserved better. She deserved romance, tenderness, soft caresses, and tiny teases.

Dejected at having seen such a sight I left, for I knew I had no place there. I could not bear to see them together; to know how he treated her and how in her own blindness she accepted it. I went instead to my room, but soon realized this was no place for me. To banish myself to such a place on my holidays was folly and so I with a quick shower, shave and change of attire I headed out once more.

This time I opted for the piano bar, a quiet scene with soft music, comfortable chairs and an open vista to the ocean. Here I sat enjoying the music, watching the night and the people, until she walked in. I’ll be honest though, I hadn’t even noticed her until my ears heard the sweet sensuous rhythm that her high heels clicked out on the hardwood floor. It was a sound which never failed to immediately draw my attention and this time was no exception. I recall how I watched as she gazed about the room then walked slowly towards a far corner. I couldn’t help myself, couldn’t stop staring and so my eyes followed her every step of the way.

As she passed behind one of the great oak pillars I lost her for a moment, and then felt a sort of panic as she did not emerge from the far side. I found myself standing as she slipped back into view only it was not on the far side, but on the near. Now my eyes watched as she moved away, and surveyed her form from behind. Her dress was shorter now coming only to mid thigh, a soft fringed cream color which flowed as she moved. There were no lines, no tugs or tiny pinches and suddenly I realized ‘My God, she’s braless.’ How had I not noticed that before? What did her breasts look like? I could not remember their size, shape or even if they had jiggled slightly as she walked. I only knew I willed her to turn to me so I might see again. She didn’t though, she continued on, and as she did so my eyes tracked lower.

She was in hosiery now as well, sheer black with a sharp straight seam, and strappy stiletto heels. Suddenly I felt weak in the knees. How could she? Every time I saw this lady she built upon the traits and fetishes I adore. Every time I fell for her harder than before and every time she walked out.

At the bar she paused and slipped into the last stool, a motion which was elegant and as graceful as an angel stroking snow upon the ground. I watched as she signaled the bartender spoke a few whispered words then rose and left. Oh to have been that ear; to have felt the hot breath spreading over my willing flesh; to have smelled her hair and sensed her presence.

I started to follow her. I wasn’t even sure why or what I’d do when I caught up I just felt I had to. Suddenly the gorilla was back, he appeared out of nowhere slipped an arm around her lower back, bent her in a dancer’s dip and kissed her upon the lips. I watched as her arm quickly rose and wrapped about his neck then my head sank with the false bravado porno I had displayed.

“Excuse me. Excuse me sir” a deep voice called to me, and my head rose. They were gone. ‘Thank heaven for small miracles I thought’, but the voice called again. “Sir. Excuse me sir”

I turned towards the sound and saw the bartender signaling me to come closer. He was a large black man with Jamaican style dress and dreadlocks but his accent denied that impression.

“Yes?” I replied as I took a step closer.

“The lady said I was to give you a drink, so what would you like?” the bartender continued.

“What? What lady?” I immediately answered.

“The sexy one, who just left”, came his reply.

The answer hit me like a ton of bricks, and I plunked myself down on the stool she had just vacated. “She never even looked at me” I said more talking to myself than the bartender.

But still he answered. “Well I’m not sure about any of that, all I know is she asked me to give you a drink and this”.

As he finished his sentence the bartender slid an origami crane in front of me, and I recall how I picked it up and turned it within my fingers. There were many small lines upon the surface none making much sense as it took away from the design, and then suddenly it struck me. Origami is the Japanese art of folding plain pieces of paper. Those odd lines were in fact writing. I wanted to tear open the design to find out what she had written, but it is not so easy for to do so would destroy the paper and thus the note itself. So there I was meticulously disassembling the crane to find out what she had written. As I did so I also became aware of the bartender’s quiet observation, so I ordered a scotch and returned to my original table by the window. There I completed the unfolding and read the mystery note. All it said was ‘hot tub 4:00 AM.’ My brow crinkled at the message. It was not what I expected, but then again nothing was. Was it an invitation? Did the hotel even have a hot tub? Was it just a miscellaneous note which happened to be on the page she used to make the crane? I thought for a moment about asking the bartender but quickly rejected that, and instead decided I’d have to find out for myself.

Finishing off my drink I departed the lounge always aware now of the scrutiny of the bartender. I had four hours yet before 4:00 Am, four hours to explore and discover what I could. I realized as I wandered about that the very idea of it was exciting. A mysterious adventure, with an equally mysterious lady, and if there were even the remotest possibility of meeting her I was not going to let it pass. I also discovered a growing nervousness, akin to a teenager preparing for his first date. Would she like me? Would we kiss? How was my breath? Did my hair look ok? What would I wear? I found myself taking yet another shower and shaving once more, I wanted everything to be perfect. The hours passed slowly, too slowly and I just wanted to advance the clocks to end this exquisite torture of not knowing. Finally though after what seemed an eternity it was time, and thus I gathered my towel and headed out.

As I wandered down the halls of the hotel the silence added to the tension and anticipation I felt. There was no one, no bellhops, no guests, no cleaners, simply I was alone. The only sound was the soft padding of my own feet as I moved and then when I reached for the handle to the lower patio I saw my hand shaking. I drew it back turned it palm up and looked. There was nothing remarkable to see, but still I watch carefully as I slowly closed and then reopened it. Everything worked fine. I turned it back over reached for the door, and it shook again. Was I really so nervous? I took a deep breath, slowly exhaled then grasped the handle. With a small jerk the door opened, and a cool wisp of air blew over me and down the vacant hall. It was invisible, silent, going who knows where and I smiled, for as anxious as it seemed to want to get in, I wanted to get out.

As I stepped into the night I marveled at the canopy of stars, this was not so spectacular earlier on when the hotel was in full swing for the bright lights detracted from the overall splendor, but now it was near breathtaking. What a perfect combination I thought as I made my way to the hot tub. Warm soothing waters and the equally soothing skyscape. When at last I turned the corner and saw the hot tub my heart sank. There was nobody there. The waters were still bubbling and churning away and the lights still shone but I was utterly alone. How had that happened? I was so sure, so confidant only moments before. It was then that I realized that perhaps my idea from earlier, that it had merely been a convenient piece of paper was in fact correct. Still though I told myself, there was always a chance she could be late. . . Wasn’t there?

Slipping my feet into the hot waters of the tub I paused briefly to open the champagne I had brought for the occasion. I set aside the two glasses twirled the bottle briefly in the ice bucket then looked around one last Porno 64 time, still no one. Resigned to being alone I slipped the rest of my body into the hot swirling waters. There I waited and waited yet nobody came. I had been such a fool, building all those hopes on mere circumstance. I recall now, how I had just closed my eyes when she breathed life into me again.

“You’re a nasty man” she began.

The hot waters were no protection from that accent for instantly the shiver returned and my head snapped up. I opened my mouth but she quickly jumped over my intended words.

“No! Not a word now! You just sit there, watch me, and listen to what I have to say.” With that she sat in a nearby chair, and slowly began removing her clothes. As she unfastened the strappy heels she said. My name is Christi, I’m a 50 year old southern lady, and I have something to say to you and I need to do it before you speak and weaken my resolve.”

Next Christi began to unhook and slip off each seamed black stocking and my eyes followed each action until she said “You are a nasty man. You teased me and teased me all day. You forced me to chase you, to come to this.” My eyes locked for a moment with her own then with a deep swallow on my part and a shifting of my eyes back to her sensuous thighs Christi continued.

“First at check in, when your accent sent a shiver up my spine and made me weak in the knees, you knew and watched me then. You turned and watched me till I felt your gaze baring my very soul, then turned away as though no longer interested.”

Standing once again Christi now began to open and remove her dress. My mind struggled to comprehend what she was saying, what was happening, but each tiny tease of her skin fed my ever growing desire. “At dinner when you taunted me with the gentle stroking of your moustache, the slow sipping of your drink and then drawing my attention as you left without so much as a glance back.”

Now as Christi was opening and setting aside her garter belt my lust was complete and yet she was not done. I so wanted to speak to say something anything but the vision and realization of her viewpoint kept me ever silent.

“On the beach I went there alone trying to get you out of my thoughts but you came again. You refused to let me forget you, and no matter how I tried you stayed aloof, teasing me with your presence. Did you come to me then? No! Instead you allowed my friend to take me away even though I had begun to think you were there for me.”

Next was Christi’s bra which she unsnapped in the front and drew away. I watched, breathing harder now, so wanting to grab her and end this torture as she revealed more and more until those hard dark nipples sprang into view. I couldn’t take it and moved forward reaching up to touch paradise, but she stepped back and continued.

“Even on the dance floor you had the chance to cut in, but did you come to me? Did you ask me for the simplest dance? No, no again! You watched, watched and then slipped away forcing me to then seek you out.”

The last article was her panties which Christi ever so sensuously slipped away in a long slow process. “Finally in the bar I had decided to approach you directly; I walked in paused for just a moment to ask my friend not to disturb me and when I turn around you were preparing to walk out. Thank goodness I had thought earlier of this little ploy, and it worked. Now tell me Christi taunted placing a hand upon her hip. Do you want me or not?

There she was naked willing and ohhhh so enticing, but did I jump up out of the hot tub and sweep her into my arms? Did I drag her nude form back into the hot waters with me? Did I even scream out, YES!! YES!! I want you now!!! Not caring who or how many guests of the hotel I awoke? I’d like to yes, yes, and ohhh yes but it’s no. What did I do? I asked a stupid question of course.

I asked “But what about the gorilla?”

Immediately I saw her expression change from a deep wanton lust to a blank unreadable canvas. What had I done? Why did I ask such a question? Why did I care? I knew I had blown it knew there was no way back when suddenly like thunder rolling across the sky the chuckling began. Her lips quivered, then cracked and the chuckling became a full unrestrained laugh. So infectious was it, I soon could not help but join in. It was then I learned the gorilla was merely another guest thrust upon Christi so her friend could seduce his friend. She had no desire to be with him, and tried at every turn to dissuade his advances, but some men are just thick.

We laughed over that and over other miscues from both sides, as I drew her into the hot tub with me and related my own version of events. There we were laughing, sharing the moments, the comedy of errors as it were when suddenly I realized her eyes were sparkling brighter than the stars, and more intense than the champagne, so I kissed her. It was a spur of the moment thing, intended as a quick yet soft peck upon her lips but which grew as the realization set in. One kiss lead to another, and crafted the passion. Soon tiny tentative caresses followed, stroking through her hair, along her neck and shoulders. The more I kissed and caressed the more she responded and the more I wanted.

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