More Than Friends


This freshman effort at a viable story is dedicated to a very special friend. Perhaps we’ll get a few ideas? Let me know if you’d like me to write more stories. Thank you for reading!

They’d been friends for over a year – meeting at work and enjoying a close, open friendship. They were always able to talk candidly with each other about sex and their partners that had come and gone. They found it easy to share confidences and ask each others opinions. Recently a new tension was present between Kara and Aaron. Kara wrote it off to healthy curiosity as she began to look at Aaron and wonder about his appetites and how he would react to Kara’s “changed” interest in him.

Kara hadn’t seen that day’s opportunity coming, but she sure wasn’t going to waste it!! Aaron stood immobile before her. He had just removed his shirt after cutting the yard on a hot, blustery southern day when Kara walked into his garage to return the drill she had borrowed. His well-defined chest was bare and his breathing short and quick with his recent exertions.

Kara threw caution to the wind and took the two steps forward that put her only a breath away from Aaron. Reaching out with her right hand she pressed her palm to Aaron’s pounding heart and paused. She closed her eyes and felt his heartbeat, waiting to see if Aaron would object. When he didn’t, Kara slowly moved her hand to caress his chest and brushed his nipple. Aaron drew in a sharp breath, but made no move to stop her.

Kara opened her green eyes and met his blue ones. He smiled and a mischievous glint appeared in his eyes encouraging her to go on. Kara took one final step forward placing her clothed body firmly against his partly nude one and wrapping her arms around his waist. She placed a hand on each cheek of his ass and gave a teasing squeeze. Kara moved into a full-body hug. Running both her hands up from his waist, she cupped his shoulder blades and move up to caress his neck and shoulders.

Aaron’s breathing sped up even more and Kara could feel his hardening cock pressing between them. OK, so this was definitely a good reaction, right? Pressing her lips over his heart, Kara mimicked what she had first done with her hands as she licked over the mound of his left chest and stopped to worry and lick his nipple. A deep throated groan from Aaron told her she was not going to have to worry about being stopped.

Kara let her instincts and hunger for Aaron take over. Slowly, Kara nibbled and licked over Aaron’s beautiful abs. Lathing and worshiping him as she enjoyed feeling his bakire porno muscles twitch in reaction. She moved over his abdomen right to left kissing and licking above the waistband of his gym shorts. She moved slowly right to left and back again purposely letting her chin rub over and teasing the head of his rock hard cock.

Kara looked up into Aaron’s eyes as she moved to kneel on the matting on his garage floor. His eyes widened a little in surprise and Aaron looked quickly out over her shoulder to the outside. With a quick hand on her shoulder, Aaron leaned over to his work bench and hit the remote there to close the garage door. As the door slide down into place, Aaron returned to his previous stance in anticipation. The garage was darkened and cooler and oh so quiet.

Kara could hear Aaron’s breathing rasp as she stood and pulled her t-shirt over her head and reached to unclasp her bra. Her 42DD breasts tumbling from the satin cups. Laying her shirt and bra on his bench, Kara began to lick and nibble Aaron’s right shoulder blade then, his left. Her nipples pebbled and hard rubbing against Aaron’s chest.

Aaron tried to reach his hands up to cup her breasts but Kara gently pushed each of his hands back down to his sides with hers. In a hunger inspired move, Kara balanced holding onto Aaron’s hands and moved down his body pressing and dragging her hardened nipples over his abdomen. She squatted and moved down to his waist enclosing the head of his hard cock between her breasts. The silky nylon cloth of his gym shorts gave sweet friction as Kara dallied there for a few moments exciting Aaron as she held her breasts together around his erection and rubbed up and down.

After a few moments, Kara kneeled again on the floor mat and reached up with a hand at each side of his waist to drag his gym shorts down over his hard cock. As Aaron’s erection sprang from his shorts, Kara dragged his shorts slowly down his legs and teasingly licked at the head of his cock as it bounced while the shorts descended Aaron’s legs.

Aaron finally stepped out of his shorts and looked into Kara’s eyes again. Kara smiled as she reached to cup his balls and brought her hungry mouth to nibble the underside of his cock from base to tip looking him in the eye the entire time. A humming groan tore from Aaron as he watched Kara devour the tip of his cock running her tongue over, under and around just the tip while she gently but firmly caressed his balls.

Kara backed away for a second, wetting her lips, then she slowly licked brazzers the head of his dick and moved up the length of his cock swallowing and humming as she moved. Her hot, wet mouth sucked and her tongue swirled along and around his hard, pulsing length.

Aaron couldn’t keep his hands at his sides any longer. He grabbed handfuls of Kara’s long red hair and moved to control her strokes up and down his cock. She took him to his base, all eight inches down the back of her throat. Swallowing making the muscles of her throat massage his cock.

She alternated between sucking and stroking in long, slow lengths up and down his cock worrying the pulsing veins and then drawing back to suck in shorter strokes focusing and concentrating her attention around the sensitive head of his cock.

Pausing from sucking his cock, Kara took Aaron’s ball sack into her mouth and gently suckled and rolled her tongue as Aaron groaned and bit his lip, his head falling back and his hands back at his sides.

Running a moistened finger behind his balls and towards his ass, Kara hungered to taste Aaron’s cum. His balls tightened and moved up. Kara again took Aaron’s throbbing dick into her mouth and started to suck at a faster pace. Again, Aaron dragged his hands into Kara’s silky hair and began to thrust into her mouth, hoarse cries pulling from him as he drew out each stroke almost painfully. Kara met his thrusts with sucking and licking and swallowing as Aaron’s groans became louder. His pace quickened and he thrust deep into her throat.

Kara took each stroke as she pushed forward from her knees. She dropped one hand down to rub her clit through her own dampened shorts, the other hand guided his cock thrusts in and out of her mouth. With a renewed cry, Aaron thrust even harder, his muscles tensing one-by-one from his thighs to his ass as his balls burned with the cum aching to erupt into Kara’s sweet, hot mouth.

Kara’s moistened finger left rubbing her clit and moved up behind Aaron’s balls. As he thrust hard and deep down her throat Kara hummed and sucked and gently pushed with her finger just outside the entrance to Aaron’s ass. Aaron’s cum spewed hotly down Kara’s hot throat as he shouted and cussed.

Kara swallowed and sucked then gentled to licking as she withdrew back down Aaron’s softening cock, his balls now loose and heavy. Aaron’s breathing was raspy and hard as he looked down at Kara her right hand on his left thigh. She smiled shyly and looked away with a blush blooming over her cheeks as she stood.

When Kara dede porno moved toward the bench and her clothes, Aaron made his move. He moved behind Kara and put his arms around her and cupped her breasts. He rolled her nipples between his finger tips and Kara leaned back into Aaron’s chest. As Aaron pinched and rolled her nipples sparks of excitement ran straight to her already excited pussy.

Aaron’s hands moved slowly down Kara’s abdomen rubbing and massaging towards the waistband of her shorts. Pushing her shorts down, Aaron stepped back and turned Kara to face him. Aaron moved the shorts down her legs moved to kneel in front of Kara.

Gently pushing Kara back to lean on the bench, Aaron finished removing her shorts and gently spread her legs to a wider stance. With a smile Aaron nibbled up Kara’s thighs to the apex of her pussy. With a deep lathe of his tongue, he licked and nibbled gently over her clit while circling with his finger around the outside of her pussy slit. Kara’s hot, sweet pussy juices wet his finger.

Already excited, Kara was panting and thrusting her hips forward trying to get his finger to enter and fill her. With renewed energy, Aaron licked and rolled his tongue over her clit then started licking with longer strokes from her clit down to her pussy.

Then he concentrated on licking around her slit while pumping one finger then two inside her. As Kara’s excited cries and moans accelerated, Aaron added a third finger and began to thrust with greater force and speed deeper into Kara’s pussy. As his fingers found that sweet spot just inside her pussy and Aaron began to rub it in circles, he returned to licking her clit.

Over stimulated, Kara began thrusting her hips and with moaning cries she tensed then her orgasm crashed over her cumming from the inside and the outside at the same time. Aaron slowed his movements and gentled Kara as her muscle spasms slowly subsided leaving her limp and smiling.

With a smile they stood. Kara grabbed her bra and with shaking hands started to dress. Aaron stepped up and helped her complete the clasps at her back. As Kara pulled on her t-shirt, Aaron was stepping back into his shorts. With a quick look around and a nod from Aaron, Kara hit the button that raised the garage door.

The entire time they had not spoken a coherent word. Communicated only through looks, touch and moaning expressions of excitement. With a smile, Kara indicated the drill lying on Aaron’s bench. “Thanks for letting me borrow the drill.”

Aaron smiled back at her, “You’re welcome.”

“See you at work tomorrow?”

“Yep, bright and early!” was Aaron’s response.

With a quick hug, they parted and Kara headed home while Aaron started sweeping his garage. Each of them with a huge smile on their faces and new adventures being planned.

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