Morning Loving

Aaliyah Hadid

We wake with the dawn lying next to each other in our bed. My arms are around you as I snuggle against your back. Softly I kiss your shoulder and you stir in the twilight of awakening. A dreamy smile plays over your lips when you realize my loins are nestled in the crease of your bottom. You turn your face and kiss me; your lips soft and warm on mine, so much love in a simple brushing of our mouths together. Reaching down you take my hand from your tummy and place it over your breast. Gasping as my fingers circle your nipple, your hips move back, pressing the ripe curve of your backside on my awakening shaft. My lips start to move down onto your neck, kissing, licking, tender nips along the soft skin, pulling a small moan of pleasure from you.

I suck in a deep lungful of your fragrance when you reach behind and wrap your fingers around my stiffening shaft. The fire inside, that till now was gentle and warming, flares to passionate want for you. I must have you, I need to join with you now. Your hand moves along me slowly, softly stroking the pulsing flesh. I feel the smooth hot skin of your bottom as you rub the sensitive engorged head on it. My breathing becomes ragged as the passionate desires take over my every thought.

Turning you to face me, I kiss your sweet mouth, hungry for your touch, your taste, you. My tongue probes and explores the hot depths of your mouth, dancing with yours as you return my kiss with loving abandon. My hands roam your body, as yours do mine, touching and caressing our heated skin, feeling the flow of energy from the contact. My fingers find your moist hot womanhood, slipping easily along the engorged lips that guard the treasure I want so badly. You gasp when I slide one finger inside you, releasing ensest porno a flow of your essence. Your hand spasm around my shaft, holding it tightly as you continue to slide along the throbbing length, the dew leaking from the end helping you to slide more easily.

Breaking the kiss, you push me over on my back and lay your body on mine. Reaching over, you take something from the small table beside the bed. When you sit up, you giggle quietly as my hardness juts up between your thighs, the end moving in time to my heartbeats. Opening the condom you have, you reach down and slowly, sensuously roll it onto my manhood, giving me a few extra strokes. Looking in my eyes, you smile as you raise your hips and move over the straining, pulsing hardness and place it at the opening of your wet core. Slowly you lower yourself on me, your heat and passion surrounding me as the world goes away leaving only us and our joining. My eyes half close as I feel you take me deeper and deeper into you. My hands rise to cup the soft roundness of your breasts, gently running my thumbs around and across the erect buds of your nipples. I feel you start to move on me, circling your hips as they press hard against my groin. You inner muscles flex and massage my throbbing flesh as you pull me deeper inside. Moaning from the sheer pleasure of your body on mine, I pull you down to me, pressing your breasts to my chest, my lips again to yours.

My hips rise and fall as I push myself into then out of you in time to the rhythm of your motion. I feel your heat, your desire, your love as we move together. Your moans of desire and want match mine as we writhe and grind on and in one another. I feel your tunnel gripping me as you move escort porno up and down on me. Your bottom lays tight against my sac with each stroke, the touch and motion causing it to draw up and tighten. I am panting from passion and lust, the sensations making my body quiver. I feel you getting closer to your release, moving faster on top of me, pushing down and grinding your hard bud against my pelvis. Your groans and cries of happiness and desire getting louder the closer you come.

My hands trail down your back to your bottom, there to pull you into me tight as my hips begin to buck, sending me up into you hard and deep. Your inner walls grip me as you move and grind on me, meeting me every thrust, your swollen button pressed tight to my shaft. You rise up as I feel the spasms start deep within your core, your gaze locked on mine, your hands on my chest, the nails pressed in my skin. Throwing your head back you shout as your orgasm releases a flood of wetness over my groin. I hold your hips as you writhe and buck on me in the throws of your climax, your wordless voice telling me of your joy and love. Collapsing across me, you can at last whisper words of love to me, swiftly raining kisses on my face and neck as your quivering subsides.

I enfold you in my arms and hold you tight to me, reveling in the glow of our love and passion. My hardness still deep in your core, slowly throbbing as the last of your spasms caress it. I tenderly roll you over on your back, careful to not slip out of your drenched womanhood as I lay over you. Slowly I begin to again thrust in you. Kissing and nuzzling your neck, tasting the tang of your sweat, smelling your femaleness. Your hips rise to meet my downward pushes. gizli çekim porno I feel your hands pressed against my back, your legs as you wrap them around my waist. Your feet press into my backside, pushing and holding me deep in your hot wet tunnel.

As I move my mouth down your shoulder, my thrusts become firmer, deeper, more urgent. As I sink full length in you, my hard sac pressed against your bottom with each plunge. I find an erect hard nipple and suck it in my mouth, fluttering my tongue over it. You groan aloud from the sensations that wash over your body and spirit, matching my own sighs of passion. I feel your nails scrape along my back and the sensation is exquisite. I must rise up so I can look in your face, driving my manhood over and over deep in you. The pulses of your inner walls match to throbs of my swelling shaft as I feel my sac tighten and draw up. So close to my own release, I begin to keen from the pleasure and passion. As I feel my orgasm begin to burst forth I holler, over and over screaming to the cosmos, “GOD Darling I Love You.”

My muscles lock, holding me deep inside you as my seed shoots up my hard shaft and bursts out the end. Your legs hold me tight as you caress my chest, lightly scraping my nipples with your nails. The effect is overwhelming and I collapse across you, trembling and moaning as my climax begins to calm. You gather me in your embrace, your arms, your legs, your core all holding me in a warm snug love. Still gasping for breath, I kiss your neck and cheeks and lips, not able to speak, using the kisses to tell you how much I love you.

You tenderly roll me onto my back as I soften and slip out of you. Slowly you slip the condom off me, my member so sensitive it jerks and I cry out at your touch. You laugh gently and bend your head to place a quick kiss on the end, soothing it and calming me. We settle into each others arms, basking in the soft glow of our love making. Murmuring sweet things to each other, we relax and just enjoy these moments of being, together.

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