Mother in Law in Need Ch. 04


This is the next installation of my Mother in Law in Need series. Thank you SO much for all of the feedback and I apologize for posting such a short chapter last time. It contained lots of mistakes that I’ll hopefully have corrected in this submission. In my rush to submit stories, I ended up throwing stuff out there that I wrote over ten years ago on another site with a minimal amount of editing.

I’m going to remove any of the language or the ridiculous dialog where I tried to make the mother sound more authentic. I’ll leave it to you to understand that the MIL is from South America, and English is her second language. The Chico and Papi bullshit is gone.

All the participants are over 18.

YUGE shout out to Toger65 for help in editing. Lifesaver!!!

Mother in Law in need IV


From chapter III:

“You don’t want to let me go, do you?” I said, bragging.

She shook her head and grinned wickedly. “I know I have to, and I will, just not right now. Let’s get a shower; I have some other things to show you…” She stood up and held her hand out to me, inviting me off the bed. I stood, gathering her in my arms, kissing her passionately. We broke out laughing as my cock began to rise between her legs.


I barely slept over the next 12 hours, waking, fucking, passing out, being blown awake, you name it and we probably did it. I drove home exhausted with a triumphant smile on my face. I had tamed the wild South American beauty, and lived to tell the tale. I got home, and after spending some time with the kids, my wife dragged me straight to bed.

“Oh god I wish I could…” she panted, bobbing up and down on my cock.

She was sliding up and down on my cock, her tits brushing my lips and tongue, the motions of her hips driving me wild. Although her mother definitely had a better body, the subtleties of Jackie’s hips would always bring me home to my little Mama. I was driving her crazy with the stories of how, where and on what I had done her Mom. She was definitely jealous, but mostly of her mother’s capacity to take me up her ass. Jackie’s ass was really sensitive and she really loved when I played with it as my balls slapped into her, but I was just too big. Fingers were one thing, my cock, yeah, no way.

“Does me doing the shit out of your Mom get you hot?” I asked innocently. I honestly wasn’t sure, but the squeeze her pussy gave me, the moan that escaped her lips and her nipples getting even harder told me all I needed to know.

“Shit” she murmured, knowing her body betrayed her. “It shouldn’t, ooooh, yeah, just like that” she cooed as I grabbed her ass cheeks and held her hips in place to give her a rest, thrusting powerfully up into her. She continued between moans, “Oh yeah…it shouldn’t. Mmmm, yeah, bite my nipple baby. Yeah you know what I like…. It shouldn’t but oh god it does. Just hearing how you impaled her butthole in the shower, how she took your whole cock in her mouth while she played with your ass just makes me…ooooh, yeah, it’s makes me ooooh yeah. OH OH!!! OH YEAH!” she wailed, arching her back while I thrust into her, practically lifting her off the bed while I emptied myself into her, our powerful orgasms moving the bed several inches. I rolled over on my side, laying her down gently next to me. Our hips continued moving, getting slower and slower until I finally slipped out.

We lay kissing, fondling lightly and talking, as we always did when we came down.

“Baby?” I began.

“Hmmm?” she said, stroking my hip, trailing a hand up my back.

I traced my fingers around her large breasts, not touching her nipples. I had a feeling that both of us had one more in us, but I needed to bring her around slowly.

“Will you do something for me if I asked you to?” I asked innocently, running my palm across her nipple. She hissed through her teeth, her face scrunching up in that sexy, come fuck me look. Her hand trailed down to my rising cock.

“Ooooh, got one more in ya baby?” she purred, moving down to my lap. She began licking up and down the shaft in long strokes.

“You know I love you right?” I said, mimicking her tone from the conversation that started the whole thing with her mother.

Her head came up suddenly, suspicious. I took the opportunity to slide between her legs, turning her onto her side, straddling one leg, and took the other and put it on my shoulder. It made slipping my now hard cock into her easier, and allowed me to delve slowly and deeply into her. I relaxed my back, letting my hips do all the work as I slid into my wife’s velvety pussy with a deep satisfied sigh.

“Oh man, you have the BEST pussy baby, hands down. You’re Mom’s butthole is tight and deep, but I’ll take your pussy over her butthole any day of the week.” Sawing my big prick in and out of her gooey hole, she laid on her side one hand playing with her clit, the other bringing one fat nipple porno indir to her mouth. She just moaned and writhed on the bed, her eyes closed. Her back started arching in recognition of her impending orgasm, so I stuck two fingers in my mouth and got them nice and slippery. She saw what I was doing and nodded.

“Don’t cum” she demanded, her gaze hot and sultry. I slid two fingers in easily, her butthole tight but pliant. I slid them in and out of her, adding a third causing her to moan. I was surprised because she usually complained about three being too much.

“Oh god. Oh! Am I that open? Do you think I can take it baby?” she purred, tickling my nuts with the tips of her fingernails. I could tell she was close, but I was shocked at how little resistance I was getting in her ass.

“I’ve been a naughty girl baby…I got a butt plug…Mmmmm and I’ve been uuuuuuuuuusing it!” she whispered and then wailed as she came really, REALLY hard. With the position she was in, she had shifted forward, moving her asshole right in my sights.

“Pull my cheeks apart and fuck my ass baby” she purred, recovering quickly and playing with her nipples and clit again. I wasted no time in putting the slippery red cap of my prick against her asshole. Pushing harder than I thought prudent, I wanted to get inside her before she tightened up. The head slid in and she just smiled. I pushed and pulled at my cock, leaving the head inside her, but trying to push further in. I wasn’t going to shove the whole thing in, but I was just so damned excited to finally be in her ass.

“Yesssss” she hissed as another inch disappeared up inside her. “How you like me now? You like MY ass baby? You like having your cock in there finally? Mmmmm, yessssssssssss” she hissed through her clenched teeth as I pushed a little more in and pulled almost all the way out. With her lying on her side and her top leg wrapped around my upper back, she urged me in more as she adjusted to the width and length.

I saw more pain than pleasure when I got it about halfway. I marked the depth in my head and began a steady rhythm that turned her pained expression to one of wide eyed pleasure. “OH GOD!” she screamed, almost surprised.

I chuckled. “You spent so much time on trying to get it in you never relaxed enough to enjoy it. I’m not going any deeper so just enjoy it.” I pleasured her ass from different directions, my cock slipping in and out of her ass easily. She had relaxed so much that I began doing something I had never thought possible. I pulled all the way out and slid right back in, repeatedly. The sensation for both of us drove us nuts. I stared at the gaping hole, gooey with our mixed juices, the opening almost waiting for a cock to kiss and suck inside.

“Ohhhh yeah babe, I’m gonna blow my nuts right in your tight little asshole. You’ve got such a hot little ass, I LOVE fuckin this hot little ass!” She relaxed herself more, but at the same time, gripped me harder. I felt like I would pass out from the pleasure.

“Don’t stop, oh god don’t stop…” she moaned, one hand spreading her labia apart, the other attacking her clit.

“Oh yeah baby, this is amazing. Your hot little ass speared by my hot cock…I’ve been dreaming about this for a long time.” I could feel the familiar sensation in the bottom of my cock. I could also pick out the signs that she was about to have a monster orgasm. “Your Mom is great and all, but holy fuckin shit this is the most amazing thing I’ve ever felt.” I could feel the muscles deep inside her finally relax; I slipped in almost the whole way without meaning to. Her choked breath, and the fact that her eyes rolled back told me that it wasn’t painful, but feeling her body suck me into her depths was becoming too much for me.

“Baby?” I said, rolling my hips around in a circle, causing my stiff cock to roll around her insides.

“Oh God! Do that again! Yes baby, yes?” she demanded and asked in turn.

“I want to do something…I want you to do something for me.”

“Oh god… do that a couple more times and I’m gonna cum. Yessss, oh yes. Anything ANYthing!” she began bucking her hips in time, my own hips making smooth long strokes in and out of her.

“I want to do something with you and your mom…I want…I want…. I want to fuck your Mom’s ass while she eats your pussy!” I practically roared, coming in buckets all over the inside of her. The scalding hot cum painted the insides of her, driving her over the edge. She arched her back, clamped down her ass, and screamed “YES!!!! OH YES BABY YES!!! ANYTHING!!!!”

As she did, she went limp, breathing heavily as my thrusting cock impaled her for several more moments. She relaxed almost completely, letting me jam my cock so deep I swore I was coming on the bottom of her stomach. I slid the leg wrapped around me down to the bed, the motion causing me to slip out of her. I slid out of bed, grabbed my shirt and lifting her ass put it back down on the sheet and pulled rokettube it up between her legs. She lay panting, trying to catch her breath, but she nodded thanks. I went into the bathroom, ducking into the shower quickly and cleaned myself up. Walking back out into our room, she’d regained her equilibrium and was sitting back against the pillows, fingering herself. I smiled as she played with herself, nodding me over closer.

“I’m clean” I murmured kneeling on the bed. She leaned out to grab my cock, the shirt still trapped between her beautiful thighs as she scooted over to kneel in front of me. Lifting her head up looking at me, she cupped my balls and put the tip of my cock between her tits, playing with it.

She licked her lips and said,” I’ll do it as long as when you make her cum, we switch and you fuck me in the ass while I eat her pussy.” The nasty look in her eye was so hot that she barely had half of it in her mouth before I shoved her back on the bed, spraying ropes of hot cum up and down her body.


“Shove it in, don’t wait!” she whispered fiercely, wiggling her ass in front of me.

I was standing in the cabana behind the pool in my Mother in Law’s backyard, the head of my cock threatening to poke out of my shorts. Madelyna, my curvy, hot Mother in Law, was pulling the flowered bikini bottoms down around her ankles, bending slowly while she stared back at me. Her long fingernails dragged up the backs of her thighs as she straightened, sliding up to pull her ass cheeks apart. She darted a glance out the small glass window in the wall in front of her to see if the coast was clear.

“Do it, we don’t have much time!” she almost demanded, keeping watch. Not wanting to disappoint the lady, I moved up behind her, pulling my own shorts down, reaching for the lock on the door. “Don’t” she said simply, the grin on her face showing me the danger of being walked in on heightened the risk and the pleasure for her.

Looking over her shoulder out the window, I could see everyone sitting by the side of the pool – my Father in law Ken, my wife Jackie, his business associate Dennis, and his wife, Liz. Liz was a nice piece of trophy wife ass for Dennis; I had to give him marks for it. Her hot, tight little body couldn’t be more than 26, and she looked like she knew how to work every sexy inch of it.

The kids were splashing around in the pool, oblivious to the fact that Daddy was about to butt fuck Granny. Granny, in this case, was 48 looked 28, slim, curved in all the right places, had an ass to stop traffic, and the most perfect tits on the planet – big, firm and capped with sensitive nipples. She had that sexy, South American smoldering way about her, that didn’t hurt either. Her long, thick, jet black hair hung down to her waist, it pulled off to one side as she turned her head to look at me. She was parting the cheeks of that perfect ass, waiting for me to shove my big dick in it. I spit into my palm, wiping it over the puckered rosebud, slipping my finger in easily. Positioning my thick pink prick near her dark asshole, I honestly couldn’t understand how this voluptuous sexy body belonged to the woman who had given birth to my wife.

Needless to say, I did shove my big dick into that perfect ass, listening to her whisper fiercely.

“Hard and fast, oh GOD my pussy is so wet!”

I grabbed her hips while she reached down in front of her to finger herself and play with her clit. The woman was insatiable when it came to anal sex. I was convinced that her clit was in her ass instead of her pussy the way it drove her wild every time I probed the depths of her luscious butt. We had gotten to the point where I would stick it in her pussy just to get it wet enough to fuck her in the ass. She must have slipped some lube on before she came into the cabana because I slid up inside her balls deep in one deep long stroke. “UNGH!” we both grunted as my balls swung under me and bounced off the lips of her cunt.

I let go of her hips for a minute, slipping my hands under the cups of her bikini top grabbing her huge knockers. I pinched and rolled her nipples around as she bit her lip to keep from screaming. I started to bang the shit out of her ass, keeping the depth from being complete. The last thing we needed was the sound of our bodies slapping together while my wife and 3 other adults were sitting talking not 20 feet away. If they looked up, they would easily see her big tits in my hands, her face contorted by pleasure.

“God, you have the most amazing ass Maddie, I love dipping my dick in you.” She moaned loudly, she loved when I talked dirty. Her husband was 10-15 strokes, squirt, and sleep kind of guy. My wife had been afraid that her Mom would look elsewhere and find a lover, exactly what her husband was waiting for. She had ‘convinced’ me to become her Mom’s lover, initially just wanting me to give her a few good ones to help Maddie ‘get it seks filmi out of her system’. The problem was that Maddie was now to the point where she couldn’t get enough. Blow jobs in parking lots, quickies in the bathrooms, a few nights alone in a hotel or in her house when her husband was away. My wife knew that I had been with Maddie more than I was letting on, and lately I had found out that it actually turned her on, to the point where I was looking for some openings to add a nice little twist in the relationship.

I began to lose control of my movements as I started getting close to my climax, the mixture of her amazing body, the risk, and her clenching pussy was sending me off the edge. The slapping of our hips and our breathing were very loud in the cabana, I couldn’t believe no one could hear us. I had gone in to set the levels for the filters for the pool, and Maddie had volunteered to help me. I walked around back and she went in the front door, and we were locked together, dick up her ass, in about 5 seconds when we met inside the small structure.

I focused on my wife sitting in her lounge chair. From the sneaked glances, and the way Jackie was shifting position, I could tell she not only knew what was going on, but was turned on by it. She stood, said something to her father, and went into the house, eyeing me. Madelyna was oblivious to it as she came hard, her asshole gripping my cock like a vise. The combination of her muscle spasms, my wife beckoning me with her eyes and the danger of being discovered, had me blasting hot ropy cum all over Maddie’s insides. Thrusting as deeply as possible, I pushed too hard and she slipped, knocking her hand into the glass on the front of the cabana. I pulled her from the window just in time to see Ken stand up and look towards the cabana. He said something to his guests and started coming towards us.

“Maddie, get a hold on yourself, Ken’s coming.” She shook her head to clear it, and was redressed before he even had the gate open from the pool. Opening the door to the back of the cabana, I drew her out and whispered fiercely, “Into the pool” pointedly looking at her crotch. Cum had begun soaking through the material making a wet spot in the fabric covering her ass. She nodded in a daze, waiting. I slipped back inside and into the cabana toilet just as he reached for the outside handle. I flushed just as he opened the door, saying “Sorry, should have courtesy flushed.” He quickly retreated, leaving me inside alone. I took a minute to clean myself up with some water from the sink and TP and flushed again. I came out of the cabana a minute or so later, seeing Ken around the back.

“Are you sure these levels are right there, Stinky Boy?” he chuckled, grinning at me.

“Yeah, they’re set. Sorry about that. Didn’t mean to make the whole cabana smell like ass” I kidded. I looked over his shoulder and saw Maddie in the pool frolicking with the kids. I watched as she threw one a few feet up, letting her land with a splash.

“Listen John, can I ask a favor?” he said, standing.

“Sure Ken, what’s up?” I said, dusting off my hands.

“Dennis and I have a meeting in Cabo in the morning and we want to get down there early, if you know what I mean” he said, wiggling his eyebrows. I wanted to punch him in the face, but instead I resolved to butt fuck his wife instead. Ah sweet revenge you needle dick a-hole.

“What do you need Ken?” I asked innocently, trying not to notice my wife waving to me in the window upstairs.

“Can you give us a ride? Liz’s a little drunk so she’s going to crash here for the night. She was SUPPOSED to give us a ride.”

“Sure man, no problem. When?” I asked.

“Next 20 min or so if that’s okay” he suggested.

“Tell you what. I’m gonna go raid your medicine cabinet for some peptoPepto and I’ll be down in a bit.” I said holding my stomach like I had a stomach ache, striding away from him and towards the backdoor. I swept my gaze across Maddie, watching her thrust her breasts out at me, winking where her husband couldn’t see. Smiling to myself, I began getting hard, knowing my wife was waiting for me upstairs in the spare bedroom.

“Jackie?” I said at the top of the stairs. I heard her call me from her old room. Opening the door, I saw no one, but the door to the shared bathroom was open. Walking across the room, I found her in the bathroom sitting on the edge of the counter, fingering herself. Without losing a stroke, I closed the bathroom door, pulled down my shorts, and started shoving my meat into her soaked cunt. “Fuck me” she pleaded. Her nipples were red and hard, begging to be sucked. I thrust my hips hard and fast, my tongue, lips, and teeth driving her wild on her breasts.

“You fucked her in the cabana, didn’t you?” she moaned, trying to control her voice, but failing miserably.

“Yeah. I came in her ass right before your Dad came in.”

“Oh My GOD!” she wailed as I grabbed her ass cheeks and leaned her back more on the counter, her legs clasped high on my back. I plumbed the depths of her pussy, rising up on my toes to attack her from different angles.

“Fuck Me John… ooooh, yes! I want it so bad. You want to fuck my ass again?” she said, her back starting to do that precum arch.

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