Mr. Fix-it


“Hello and good day to you, this is Mr. fix-it, what can I fix for you today?” This is my practiced line for answering my work phone. ‘Mr. fix-it’ is the name of my business.

“Hello,” Says the younger female voice on the other end of the phone call before continuing. “Mr.’ Fix-it, do you know anything about dryers? Mine has stopped making heat and just tumbles wet clothes forever and will not get them dry. It has not been drying them like it used to and I have had to run it on high to get them dry lately. Can you help me out?”

“Electric or gas” I ask needing more important information.

“Oh, it’s electric. I did not want to run gas out to the addition when I had it built.”

“Sounds like the heating elements went bad. I can come right over and take a look at it for you,” I say pushing to get the work.

The young voice says, “Great, 4253 Robin lane. Come strait up the drive and I will let you in through the garage. Continue through to the door at the back of the garage and the dryer is on the left inside the back room.”

Soon the GPS has me traveling up the driveway and as soon as I park my van, the garage door goes up. I open the side door and pull out my small toolbox.

As I open the door at the back of the garage, I see the appliances right where the voice told me. “Hello” I say loudly trying to announce myself.

Around the corner of an upright freezer, a woman walks into the room wearing a robe with a towel around her head and asks, “How much do you think it will cost me to get this fixed um… My names Lori may I have yours please?”

“The name is, Ben Colton, Mrs. Lori, I’m pleased to make your acquaintance.” I say holding out my hand. Lori holds her hand out and I lift it and give it a kiss and say, “how may I be of service to you this good day?”

Lori is caught off guard by the chivalrous manner I use to greet her with and I can tell by her blush that she liked it and plays the southern bell by batting her eye lashes and saying “why Mr. Colton. I do declare that you are flirting with me.” We both laugh at the humor of it.

As I am checking the dryer over, Lori says that she will be back shortly after I let her know the average cost of this repair with parts and labor is going to be $95.00 and that I could do what ever I needed to do to fix the machine. I have the machine torn down, all the old elements removed, and installing new ones from the van when Lori returns.

What she says to me is lost as I just stare at the beauty before me. I can hear her voice but what she is saying is not registering as I try to take a good mental picture.

Lori is wearing short cut off jeans with a white blouse tied in a knot under her big tits giving them emphasis. Her auburn hair is long and flowing with gently curling curves that give it great body. Her tanned skin perfectly glows from her bare feet all the way up her smooth legs; her tummy is smooth until her breast break the plain with her two double D globes and her green eyes are mesmerizing.

“Mr. Colton, is everything alright?” Is what first registers and I shake my head yes.

“I’m sorry Mrs. Lori, I was just stunned by your sudden appearance, and I wasn’t over the shock of having the right parts in the van is all,” I say trying to cover myself. “It’s a common machine and I carry elements with me just to save time; it’s good for business.”

“Oh, well I was just trying to find out how things where going but I can see you have it covered. Would you like a cold beer while you work?” She says.

“Thank you Mrs. Lori, I would enjoy a cold beer but, that will have to wait until I’m done with my work. Can’t mix business with pleasure you know,” I say with a new reason to finish this job quickly!

Then she says, “You know Ben, I get that same stupefied look all the time, but, you recovered very well. Most guys keep stumbling till they end up watching me walk away.” While she is laughing, she adds, “I guess that’s why I like older men; they always seem to have more control of themselves.”

As I place the second new heating coil, I ask, “How old do you think I am Mrs. Lori?”

“Oh I don’t know, maybe 40 or so?” She flatteringly guesses fishing for a true number.

One thing is for sure; she is younger than 40 and knows that I am older. I smile and tell her, “I’ll be 50 in august,” as I set the drum back down on the guide rollers inside the machine.

Lori looks pleased and says, “Ah, which explains the long hair and beard then. A lions got to have his main; and yours looks good on you.”

Now it is my turn to blush and I come back with, “thanks Mrs. Lori, an old single guy like me needs to hear things like that occasionally”; the dryer is soon back together and ready to plug in and test.

I bypass the doors safety switch, turn on the dryer, and watch as both elements turn bright orange. I switch it to low and one goes black. I pull my bypass, close the door, and toss my tools back in the box as Lori sits on the utility table and watches me all the while with a smile porno indir on her face that warms my heart.

I write the bill in silence hoping Lori offers that beer again afterwards. She looks at the bill in one hand, pulls something out of her shirt pocket, and holds it out to me. I look and count three fifty’s; she has over paid and I try to hand one back before giving her change back.

“No Ben, you keep that. This would have cost me twice that if I called the store. The last time when it was the washer I might as well bought a new machine with the amount I was charged and you did good, quick work with out trying to fix everything in site that still works; I appreciate it.” Slipping off the table she adds “are you ready for that beer or do you have to run?”

“I think I could use a cold beer because my last call before yours was at noon two days ago; it has been a very slow week, so I’m free till it rings again.”

Lori’s face lights up “great! Why don’t you lock your tools in your truck and come back and meet me on the other end of that hallway around the corner there?” she says as she points towards the freezer.

I smile back and say, “Okay, give me a minute and I’ll be right back.” Turning with my box in hand, I walk through the garage and soon place it in the van. I look at my face in the mirror on the door and head back inside.

Walking out the end of the short hall, I see it is the kitchen. Two stools set pulled back from the breakfast counter and a frosty pair of bottles sets between them. I help my self to the sink, wash my hands, and dry them with paper towels as I look around the kitchen.

Their is a large puzzle covering the table, and several animals are assembled and scattered around the center of a frame with a building of some sort being worked on.

Lori walks in and she is now wearing sweat pants with a matching top. She takes a seat and pushes a beer over and says “Have a seat Ben, I see you looking at my pastime over there. Do you like puzzles?”

“Life is a puzzle Lori and when you get to be my age you’ll be able to figure them out pretty quick,” I say as I sit with her.

“Oh yeah Ben, have you figured any puzzles out since you’ve been here?” She asks.

“Sure did, since that’s the third outfit you’ve had on in the last hour, I am betting I will be back to service the washer some time soon,” and twist the cap off the bottle and take a big pull from it.

Lori uses an opener on her beer and comes back with, “And I bet your already thinking about what parts you need to carry around so you can fix it,” and takes a good pull from her bottle.

I smile and say, “I fix a lot of appliances, yours is a common model so I have a timer, valves and transmission in the van right now. It is good for business not to have to run after common parts. I saved an hour of labor not having to drive after parts for your dryer today.”

A few more hours pass as we talk about our lives while fitting pieces into her puzzle. She is a widow and lives by herself. No kids; her husband passed a few years ago from an auto accident while he was out of town doing business. Moreover, I have her by something over ten years in age.

As Lori retrieves a fifth round of beers she asks, “would you like a shot of something special I have at my bar Ben?”

“Sure Lori, this is turning out to be a special day so why not,” I answer with a smile.

She has me follow her into another room with a large screen TV on one end and a bar on the other. She walks behind the bar, lifts up a clear unlabeled bottle of something, and pours two shots. She lifts hers, I lift mine, and we hold them together.

“Here’s to completing puzzles; may the pieces always be there,” Lori says and we down them together.

It goes down smooth and I ask, “What was that? It is good!

Lori smiles and says, “It’s a secret so I can’t tell you. Would you like another one?”

“Sure,” is my answer and Lori pours us another round.

She lifts her glass and says, “It’s your turn to toast Ben.”

I pick up my shot and think for a moment before saying “here’s to always fitting the last piece of the puzzle.” The second one goes down the same as the first and we set our empty glasses next to each other on the bar.

As the shots do their work on us, Lori walks out from behind the bar and picks up a remote. She points it at the corner where the equipment is, the room fills with soft music, and she sets it back down. Suddenly this woman is softly swaying and spinning.

She stops and holds out her hand and says, “Dance with me Ben.”

I walk to her and take her hand. She moves in and I place my other hand on her side; it seams that with each step she moves in tighter to me and soon has her head resting on my chest. For three songs, we just sway back and forth as well as spinning circles in one place.

Before long she has her arms wrapped around my waist and mine are lying around her shoulders and across her back and my cheek is resting on rokettube her head. She slowly tilts her head back and our lips make contact.

The touch is electric and my whole body tingles with excitement as I feel her tongue press on my lips. The world disappears soon after and time seams to stand still waiting. I feel Lori’s hand feeling for the hard lump in the front of my pants and I feel her moan into my mouth as she breaks the kiss and pulls her head back.

Looking into my eyes, she pulls her body back away and says, “It’s getting warm in here. I may have to have you look at my air-conditioner; just not right now.” With out warning she pulls her sweat suite top over her head and just as quickly, she sheds the matching pants.

All I can say is “WOW, I think I’ve died and gone to heaven.” She is now wearing a black silk teddy with red lacey ribbons and I stare in amazement as she twirls around and drops to her knees in front of me.

“Let’s see if we can make you a bit more comfortable now” and reaches for my belt. Soon she has my pants down and looks up at me smiling as she pulls down my boxers.

As my cock springs free she kisses the tip and says “hi there, what has gotten you all excited, could it be little old me?” And my cock twitches up and down as if it’s saying yes to her and in reply she says “why thank you sir” and I close my eyes as her lips wrap around the knob and slide down the shaft.

Lost in a world of ecstasy from her skilled tongues work, I feel her break contact and hear her saying, “Why don’t we take this to the bed room and get a bit more comfortable” as she wraps her hand around my cock and shaking it for emphasis.

She stands to kiss me again and starts unbuttoning my shirt. I kick my shoes off and step out of my pants while helping her with a few buttons. Soon she pushes my shirt back over my shoulders and as I reach my arms back to pull it off my arms, I can feel her pulling the band out of my ponytail.

Slowly she moves towards the bar and picks up her beer and quickly sets it down saying, “I think that beer is hotter than I am; I’ll get us another round while you pour us another shot”; and disappears through the kitchen door.

She soon returns with new beers and stands across from me at the bar. She picks up her glass and says, “Here’s to new friends and happy endings,” and our empty glasses hit the bar with a doubled knock. She picks up her beer and waves her hand for me to follow her.

She opens a door and all I see is darkness inside until she turns on a lamp. She sets down on the king size bed and rolls to give me room. I lay next to her and she attacks me with a passionate kiss.

My hands roam all over her firm body. As I cup her breast in my hand, she practically sucks all the air out of my lungs sucking in a deep breath. I pull on a tiny ribbon and the shoulder strap loosens. I continue pulling it and soon her left tit is in the open air.

We look into each other’s eyes as I lower my mouth to suck in her large hard nipple. As my tongue makes contact with it, Lori lets out a deep throaty growl. As I work on devouring her tit, I feel her hand trying to lift my head up. Our lips meet; we share our passion with out words.

She wraps her arms around me and pulls me in tightly as my free hand wanders downward. As I run my fingertips across her lower belly, she raises her hips to make her pussy contact my fingers and she lets out a soft scream muffled by our kissing. My fingers catch a gap and I pull the snaps apart and return to rub the smooth shaved wetness revealed by the new opening.

I rub my middle finger up the center of her pussy and she screams as I feel a gush of warmth as I make first contact with her clit. Lori seams to melt into her pillow as I bring my hand up and suck her orgasm from my finger. Lori opens her eyes a little and smiles as she discovers what I am doing.

“If you like that I have more for you,” she softly whispers. I start my move to get between her legs and she says, “Lie on your back so I can have some fun too baby”

As I roll on my back across the bed, she literally rips the teddy off her body and tosses the ruined garment behind her as she crawls towards my cock. Her leg drops beside my head as her warm mouth engulfs my awaiting cock head. Above me is the most beautiful pussy in all the world and I attack it with a lust filled vengeance.

Lori’s clit is as large as her nipples and I center my attention on it. As I suck it and lash at it with my tongue, Lori takes my cock down her throat. Never before has a woman taken me down her throat and I can feel my balls telling me I’m close and I wonder if I should let her know.

She pulls back, swirls her tongue around the head, and drops back down until her nose is pushing into my balls. Then she does a few quick up and down strokes so she is fucking me with her throat and I push her hips up to tell her I’m about to cum and she pulls back and sucks hard on the knob till my cock explodes against her swirling seks filmi tongue.

With out stopping she pushes her pussy back down and I start fucking her with my tongue. As I shoot my second and third volley into her sucking mouth, she starts rubbing her pussy against my face hard and I feel a sudden rush of hot liquid shooting into my mouth.

Soon we are lifeless in a pile on her bed and she rolls off me breathing heavily. I quickly scramble to get face to face with her and she seams shocked when I kiss her again. As our tongues play, I reach down and start to play with her pussy again.

I feel her reach down and grab my cock and she pulls her head back and asks “are you still hard or hasn’t it gone down yet?”

I touch the tip of my nose against hers and answer, “Baby, your so damn hot it may never get soft again.”

“Wait” she says with shock on her face. “You’re telling me you can go again?”

I just smile and tell her “I may not have a set of six pack abs but I carry a six shooter where ever I go.”

With new life, Lori pushes me on my back and rises to a standing position over top of me. She looks down at me saying, “This is something I have wanted most of my life Ben. I am thirty-eight years old and I have only had sex with one man. I gave him my virginity to prove how much I loved him at fourteen. Four years later, I took his name and loved him for another sixteen while he was alive. The past four years I have lived on his memory but I have prayed for some one who could give me a round two.”

She slowly lowers her ass until her pussy is hovering right over my cock. She takes hold of my cock and guides it into alignment and softly making contact. She rubs me back and forth; mostly against her engorged clit before slowly lowering all the way down the shaft.

Lori looks up at the ceiling and yells “Thanks God for answering my prayers”!

I feel no resistance as her hot, glove tight pussy slides over me with a smooth grip. Still resting at the bottom she says, “Let’s let this soak in for a moment so I can get used to your size baby.” Lori leans down for a kiss and continues, “The length is fine, but you’re definitely bigger than my toys.” As we kiss, I can feel her flexing her muscles around my cock and it feels like she is milking me.

My turn to break the kiss “what are you doing to my cock in there angle?”

She giggles “what, this?” and does it again only with a stronger intention and it feels like she wants to suck my whole body into her pussy before letting go! As she pulls hardest, I let out a loud moan comparable to what must have been a primal scream it feels so good to me.

Lori giggles like a schoolchild with the most beautiful look on her face when I can finally open my eyes to look at her. As soon as our eyes make contact she sticks out her tongue and does it again with a quicker grip and release cycle and it feels like she is fucking me with out moving sending me in to orgasmic bliss. As my cum starts to shoot out of my cock her whole body trembles with her own orgasm and she screams with a lust filled growl like I have never heard.

Lori settles and lays on me and straitens her legs out. She draws little circles around my nipple before rolling over onto her back; not realizing my rock hard cock is still inside her. With a startled realization of this, the look on her face turns to one of shocked bewilderment with her mouth wide open.

“Oh, my, god, are you still hard” is spoken as she grabs my hard on making sure she is not dreaming.

“You’re only up to two dear, I’ve gone as far as six on occasions so do you think you can keep up?” I say as I rollover and start kissing her more.

As we kiss, I can tell she is regaining her strength. Our hands roam freely over each other’s bodies with a slow pace getting to know every inch we can reach. Lori feels so soft and smooth as I explore her skin.

After awhile, she pushes me back over onto my back looking down at me. She plays in the wet hair around my cock, says, “I think some one needs a little cleaning work done,” moves down so her face is right over my cock, and lifts her hand up for inspection.

“Yes sir. I sure made a big mess down here would you like me to clean it up for you?” With out an answer she engulfs my entire cock with one smooth dive until her lips reach bottom. Slowly she comes back up and off me and licks my cock like an ice-cream stick as she positions her self between my legs. She dives down and starts licking my balls before working her way up through my pubes.

Stopping at the top, she looks up, “Please shave this for me,” gives me a wink before deep throating me again.

I rest my head back into the mattress and say, “I’m going to need a little help with that baby; I’ve never done that before.”

After fucking me with her throat for another moment, she lifts off. “Not a problem as long as I can have this beautiful cock again sugar” and starts licking my balls again before working up the other side of the cock she holds firmly. She moves up my body with her mouth stopping to lick my nipple.

Seeing how I react to this she reaches up to give me a quick kiss. “Now where was I? Oh, I remember, I was going to ride this cock here.” She rises slowly so she is standing over me and squats downwards.

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