My Babysitter’s a Stripper


It was getting close to midnight on a Friday night. I had been out with a couple of friends shooting pool. They decided to call it a night but I wasn’t quite ready to turn in yet. After all it’s not often that I get to stay out past “curfew” but since my wife, Heather, had taken the kids up to visit Grandma for the weekend, I could let my hair down for once. Except it had been so long since I’d been out like this that I didn’t really know what to do after my friends left.

I had been driving around aimlessly for a while when I saw the sign for a gentlemen’s club. It had been years since I had been to a strip club, but what the hell I tell myself. I’ll just go in for a couple drinks, enjoy the scenery maybe even get a lap dance and then go home a jerk myself off. My wife’ll never know. It’s not cheating; it’s just highly interactive porn.

After paying the cover charge, finding a seat and flagging down a waitress, I sat back and started surveying the talent. It was a crowded night, but the club had plenty of girls working. I could feel my cock getting semi-hard through my slacks as I watched the girls dance on stage, and thanks to some of the friendlier dancers roaming hands as they tried to convince me to go into the VIP room with them. I’d tip them or buy them a drink, but something was holding me back from giving in to get a dance from any of them so far.

That’s when I noticed her, gliding across the main stage as a new song started. “Gentlemen!! Joining us on the main stage…Angela!” She had a tight, athletic body with long dark hair. Smaller tits, but long legs and an amazing ass. As she spun around the pole, I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. She was so sexy and almost familiar. I just figured that that was because she was definitely my type. I walked up to the main stage with some singles to tip her with. She crawled across the stage towards me, the strobe lights and her hair obscuring her face. As she came up to me, I saw the flash of recognition and fear on her face and immediately recognized her, our babysitter Caitlin. She awkwardly took the money and moved on to another tipper. I tried to stammer something to her but the words came out in an embarrassing garble.

I went back to my seat and downed my beer to a stream of frantic thoughts. Holy shit what if she tells my wife. Holy shit she was amazing looking. What the hell do I do now? Just leave and hope she pretend this never happened? Try and talk to her and explain? apologize? What the hell do I do? After a few seconds I started to calm down. As the second song of her set started, I noticed she kept nervously looking over to where I was seated. She was just as freaked out by this as I was. Oddly, that made me feel better. I also realized that I couldn’t stop watching her dance. Seeing her slide across the stage. tecavüz porno Watching her shake her small firm tits and that incredible ass. Caitlin had been our favorite babysitter for years. Since she was in high school, I had watched her grow up and while I had “known” she had grown up into a beautiful young woman; I hadn’t fully realized how sexy she was until now.

Realization set in. Caitlin was our favorite babysitter. The kids loved her. But over the past few months, she was only available to sit on weeknights. She had told us that she was working with a catering company on the weekends to help earn extra money for school. Some “catering” company.

Her set on the main stage ended and I knew she’d be walking the floor to try and get VIP dances soon. Luckily I was seated near the door the dancers were using to get backstage, so I knew I’d get a chance to see her when she came out. Sure enough, after a few minutes I saw her. She tried avoiding eye contact with me but as she walked but, I reached out and lightly touched her arm. “Caitlin, please just talk to me for a second?”

Timidly, she sat down in one of the chairs at my table. Then almost on the verge of tears she blurted out “Oh God, Mr. Simmons, please don’t tell your wife or my mom that you saw me here.”

I reached over and put my hand on her knee. “Caitlin, it’s ok,” I told her, “I don’t want my wife knowing I was here either so we both want to keep this quiet.”

I could see the relief on her face once she realized that I had as much incentive to keep my mouth shut as she did. The waitress showed up and asked if we wanted another drink. At this point I definitely needed one and as Caitlin leaned forward to ask for a vodka & Red Bull her leg shifted and my hand slid off of her knee and up her thigh. Her skin was so soft and smooth. She didn’t react so I left it there.

As we continued to talk, she explained that school was turning out to be a lot more expensive than she had expected and how one of her other friends who had been working here had convinced her to try it to make some easy money. Soon after she had finished her second drink, one of the other girls came over and told her that she was supposed to be up on one of the satellite stages for the next song.

I followed her over to the smaller stage and watched as she began her dance. At the back of my mind, I knew that it was wrong and that I shouldn’t be watching her, but the alcohol and the blood flowing to my cock made it no contest. I walked up to the stage to tip her just as she took off her bra and showed off her perky little tits. Unlike before, this time neither of us were embarrassed as she pulled the waistband of her g-string out for me to tuck my money in. In fact, she maintained eye contact with me the üvey anne porno whole time. I stepped away from the stage but i noticed that she continued to look at me as she danced, especially when she took a tip from another customer.

Her song ended and she put her top back on and walked over to me. The table I had been sitting at was now taken but there was another one nearby that only had one chair. I sat down in it and like I was hoping, she sat down on my lap. My fingertips lightly traced across the skin of her thighs as we ordered another round of drinks. I knew she had to feel my hardon pressing against her but it didn’t seem to bother her in the least.

We continued talking and I continued enjoying the feel of her tight young body against me. After a while she said, “I hate to go, Mr. Simmons, but I really need to try and get some dances tonight. I’m not even close to covering my house fee for the night, so I need to go and try to make some money.”

“No. You’re absolutely right Caitlyn,” I told her. “You’re at work and I’ve been monopolizing all of your time. So how about you just take me into the VIP room.”

“Are you sure, Mr. Simmons? It’s $50 per song or $350 for 30 minutes.”

I told her that was fine and we got up and walked across the bar to the VIP section. We walked past the bouncer and went into a small room that was barely big enough for the loveseat that was crammed into it.

The next song started and she let out a nervous little giggle as she straddled me. My hands held her waist as she removed her bra. Her hips began grinding against me to the rhythm of the music. She leaned in close to me and nuzzled against my neck, her hair cascading across my face. I could barely hear her over the music as she whispered in my ear “God you’re so hard.”

My hands slide down and grab her ass. I pull her tighter against me and begin raising my hips to meet her as she dances against me. She takes my face in her hands, stares into my eyes and bites her lower lip as we dry hump each other right there. She arches her back and her tits are right in my face. I lean forward and take her left nipple in my mouth. I feel her shiver and hear a light moan as suck on her nipple, my lips and tongue alternating between lightly tugging and flicking at it. She takes two handfuls of my hair and holds me there as she rubs her pussy harder against my throbbing cock. She’s grinding against me frantically and then clutches me tightly against her body as she lets out another soft moan. Panting, she stammers “I’ve never…I’ve never cum doing this before. Oh God that was amazing.”

We barely notice a new song starting as she catches her breath. Never breaking eye contact with me, her hand reaches down and wraps around my cock. She lightly üvey erkek kardeş porno strokes me through my slacks. Each pump of her hand causing the fabric of my pants and boxers to rub over the head of my cock. The pace of the song picks up and she slowly releases me and stands on the couch in front of me. Her crotch at eye level just a few inches away from my face, I can see how damp her g-string is and I can smell her pussy. She rotates her hips as she dances, bringing her pussy closer to my face and then teasingly backing away. On the next circle, she bumps my nose with the damp crotch of her panties. I inhale deeply, savoring the smell of her sex. My tongue comes out and licks the fabric of her panties. It’s delicious torture as I can feel her lips behind this thin piece of fabric. She rotates her hips away from me and nervously looks at the door before circling them back to my face. I can’t control myself anymore and reach up to pull her panties aside, exposing her soaking wet pussy to my eager tongue. Her hands grab my hair again holding me there as I taste her. My tongue parts her lips and licks up to her clit. My fingers slip inside her as my mouth and tongue focus on her clit. It only lasts a few glorious seconds before she lets me go and slides back down my body but I’ve never tasted anything better.

At this point, I think we both realize that we’ve passed the point of no return. I glance over to the door before looking back into her eyes and then down to my crotch. She follows my eyes and sees me slowly unzipping my pants. If she has any second thoughts about it, she ignores them and immediately reaches into my fly and pulls out my rock hard cock. I’m dripping with precum as she raises her hips and places the head of my cock against her lips. She slowly slides down my shaft. I try to stifle my moan as her tight wet pussy welcomes my cock. Once I’m all the way inside her, she leans forward and kisses me. Our tongues dance as she begins to ride me. She starts moaning in my mouth as I thrust my hips up to match her rhythm. She has me so turned on; I know I won’t last long inside her. She breaks of the kiss and the next thing I know she’s lightly biting my earlobe and moaning “Fuck me, Mr. Simmons. Fuck your naughty babysitter.” Hearing that puts me over the edge. I pull her tightly to me and thrust my cock into her as deeply as I can before I explode inside her. Filling her tight your pussy with thick, hot spurts of my cum.

We sit there intertwined, my cock still inside her for almost the length of another whole song as we compose ourselves. We quickly get dressed and as we leave the room, I see the bouncer and realize that I have no clue how long we were in the VIP for but I give her $500 to make sure she’s covered. The bouncer tells her she needs to hurry up because she’s supposed to be back on stage in a couple of songs.

She hugs me before going backstage and I remind her that Heather and the kids are out of town for a couple more days, I tell her, “Maybe after you get done with your shift tonight, you should come by my house to babysit me for the rest of the weekend.”

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