My Coming Out Party


I had just gone through my divorce and was feeling lousy, actually worse than lousy, I was pissed at the world, at women, the whole fucking thing. 30 years down the drain, and she gets more than half, where is the justice? I mean, I expected her to get half, even though she refused to work the last 10 years of marriage. Hell, I’d said, as long as she didn’t whine, she could stay home, but no, I didn’t bring enough money and she complained daily.

Finally she left, and it was rough, hard to go from being in a monogamous relationship for 34 years to being alone every night.

I was lucky, I knew how to fend for myself better than most guys, I could cook, clean, do laundry, so that part was easy. It was the quiet that was disturbing, the part you are not prepared for.

My buddy Steve told me that there was a vacancy in his Condo where he and his wife Carole lived and I should look into it. Not long after I took possession, it seemed that every night I was eating supper at their place. It was nice and took away some of the boredom, and they were fun to watch, always flirting with each other, always sexual innuendoes, all the stuff that had been missing from my miserable existence for the last 30 years.

One particular night they got to wrestling and one of Carole’s breasts popped out into view. Her creamy white orb had a dark brown nipple that was as hard as a rock pointing out at me, and they both laughed and Steve bit into it right in front of me as I watched. Steve asked me if I liked what I saw, and I smiled, nodding my dry mouth, unable to get the words out. Carole was a very sexy woman, and I had secretly desired her for years, but I never told Steve that. Carole smiled at me with a sly little girl look, and that only caused my hardening cock to press tightly against the confines of my jeans.

Carole then grabbed Steve’s head and kissed him deep and passionately, all the while never letting her eyes leave mine.

Fuck, here I was 49 years old, haven’t been with another woman and getting my very first live sex show. Steve pushed her back onto the couch, looked at me, and then ripped her blouse wide open, buttons flying everywhere. I was stunned, I had never seen Steve lose control and thinking he was about to go berserk, I stood up. They both told me to relax, that Carole loved rough sex, and I should enjoy what was about to happen.

As I sat back down, Steve grabbed her by the hair with one hand and then ripped her bra off with the other. I was mesmerized by the scene unfolding before my eyes. Steve told her that Greg was about to see what a special little slutwife she was, and that she was going to suck his cock as I watched.

With that being said, he stood up, unbuckled his pants and pulled out a very thick, yet average length cock and shoved it into her mouth. Carole took his cock no problem, and she sucked greedily, one hand reaching for his testicles. Steve kept one hand entwined in her hair making sure she knew she was under his control, and pushed his pants down to the floor. He then pulled her head from his cock and slowly slid it sideways through her pouty lips. Her eyes rolled back as the slut in her became more evident. Her saliva coated the length of his veiny manhood.

He looked at me and kept thrusting, telling me that she loved to be used, that she loved to be a slutwife, and the nastier he could be the more she craved it. With that he sneered and he shoved his cock into her mouth, pushing it in until his pubic hair was against her nose and then he started to face fuck her in a way that I had only seen in porn movies.

He grunted and she sucked, gurgling sounds from the saliva and pre-cum mixture that was being pistoned down her throat. My hand was rubbing my stiffening cock through my jeans as I watched this spectacle unfold. Steve reached down and grabbed one of her breasts and savagely twisted the whole thing, not just her nipple but her tit, causing it to turn bright red. All Carole did was let out a throaty moan and roll her eyes some more. It was obvious that they had played this game before, and they quickly fell into the roles that they each cherished.

Steve once again pulled out, and lifted his cock and Carole took his large hairy balls into her mouth, sucking first one, then the other, alternating cleaning his sacs. With her eyes closed, she was moaning subconsciously, savouring the situation her husband had put her in.

It was then that I noticed Steve beckoning me to join in, using his finger to silently call me over. I rose to my feet and undid my pants letting them fall to the floor. I stepped arap porno out of them, and removed my briefs and t-shirt. I went behind Carole and reached around her, cupping her small tits in my hands, using my thumb and forefinger to roll her nipples to an erect peak.

She did not bat an eyelash, and continued sucking his balls, only stopping to remove the odd pubic hair from her mouth. Steve winked at me, as if to say watch this and he pulled his balls away from her lips, lifting his ass and exposing his brown ring. Without hesitation Carole stuck her tapered tongue out and began to lick his wrinkled bud. Again, I had seen it in porn movies, but I never thought real couples did this, I knew certainly not in my marriage. Steve then spoke out, telling me to not be so gentle on her tits, that she loved it rough.

He told me to slap the little puppies, to make her feel like a real slut. I gently gave then a slap on the side, and he said not like that, and he gave them a firm back hand, and the sound of pleasure that escaped her mouth surprised me. “Did women really like this?” I thought.

Steve pulled away and told Carole to stand and remove her skirt, and when she took it off, I noticed she was au natural underneath. Steve sat back and lifted his legs and told her to tongue his ass some more, and she knelt between his legs and eagerly begin sticking her tongue inside his hole. Once down, I got behind her, my hard cock poised at the entrance to her cunt which seemed to be clenching on its own, as if trying to invite me in.

I needed no further invitation, and I pushed my 7″ cock into her waiting quim. Fuck, I did not have to even move, just her cunt muscles squeezing me was better than any fuck I ever had with my cold wife. Jesus this woman knew what she was doing. Just as I was about to start fucking her, the doorbell rang. Steve said fucking shit, he had forgotten, Melissa, Carole’s best friend was coming over. Saddened, I stood up and started to get dressed and Steve said, “Don’t be daft man, if you think Carole is a slut, wait until you meet Melissa, we are about to celebrate your divorce with a fucking sex party!”

Without even bothering to dress, Steve went to the door, and he returned with this gorgeous well-built brunette. She had curly brown hair, and the biggest sexiest brown eyes I had seen. It might not have been love at first sight, but damn close, with a definite lust at first sight. She had a small waist with large hips, and average size tits, not too big, and not too small, just right for playing with. She also had the biggest smile and when she saw my cock standing to attention, she formed the nicest smile and her white teeth just made her that much more irresistible.

Steve laughed and said “Come on boy; we got work to do so let’s get back at it”. We assumed our positions and Carole began tonguing ass and I began fucking her doggy style once again. Soon I was slamming her sweet tight pussy and I looked over to see Melissa undressing, and I noticed her pert tits were capped with some very rosy nipples that were begging to be sucked. As Melissa continued stripping, her sweet cunt came into view, neatly trimmed and her sexy large lips hanging down and her clit hood begging for attention. Before either of us men could help, Melissa was on her knees and bending down to suck on her best friends tits. Carole moaned as Melissa’s lips locked on her nipples and then she bit into one of them. Carole screamed out and Steve laughed. He looked at me, and told me that both girls like to be dominated and abused and to not worry and have fun.

I needed no further invitation, I grabbed Melissa’s hair and pulled her face over to Carole’s ass and I pulled my cock out and pointed it at her sweet mouth and pushed forward. The greedy slut just slid her lips down my pole as if it was candy. She looked up at me with those sultry brown eyes and it was all I could do not to shoot my load prematurely. I wrapped my fingers in her hair and asked her how she liked the taste of Carole’s cunt on my cock, and her guttural groan let me know she loved it. Steve chuckled and said that it was not the first time she had tasted Carole, and in fact they eat each other out at least once a week. Damn I thought to myself, the greedy bastard had been living this life the whole time I knew him.

I began to thrust my hardness into her warm wet mouth not allowing her the opportunity to suck, but rather me just fucking her small orifice. I have never had a power rush quite what I was experiencing at that moment. It was then I knew, I wanted to bedava porno dominate, I wanted to use and abuse, and I started right then and there. I stopped thrusting, and I wrapped her hair in my fingers even tighter and I used her head to fuck my cock. I rocked it back and forth at will, not caring what she felt, and although I did not realize it at the time, she loved every second of it. I pushed deeper and deeper until my cock was rubbing the back of her throat, and when I thought she should have gagged, all she did was relax and take more.

Fuck, my cock, all 7 plus inches was completely buried in her mouth.

I reached down and felt her rosy hard nipples, and as I caressed them gently, her hand covered mine. She closed tightly, wanting me to squeeze, to maul them and I started to twist them, all the while she was moaning around my cock as she bobbed her head willingly. I pulled out and I re-entered Carole’s cunt, and Melissa’s mouth followed, her tongue sliding down my cock and licking in between Carole’s sweet delicious ass cheeks.

All of a sudden I was brought back to earth, when Steve handed me a bottle of cold cream, and I looked up to see Carole sucking his cock as he pinched her tits. He pointed at her asshole, and I knew then I was in for my first anal sex ever. It was just like I was a virgin again, about to explore forbidden territory. I pulled out and Melissa started to tongue Carole’s rosebud in anticipation of watching my cock invade her most private of holes.

I liberally applied the cream to my cock and then placed the bottle at the entrance to her ass, and squeezed a generous dollop all over it. Melissa then used her fingers to warm her up for me, using one, then two, before finally fucking her anus with three of her small fingers. I began to push forward and Melissa wrapped her small hands around the shaft of my cock and she guided it to our intended target. Everyone seemed to stop, Carole took her mouth off of Steve’s throbbing member, and Steve leaned forward to watch as I was about to penetrate his wife’s ass. Melissa slowly pulled on my cock until the head was against her rim, then using her other hand; she pulled back the foreskin, and pushed forward, my cock slowly opening up her tight dark hole.

What an amazing sight to watch my thicker than average cock pushing in, slowly disappearing an inch at a time. It was all I could do to control myself from erupting into her warm bowels. Her asshole seemed like a hot wet clamp on my dick, and she started to twitch and convulse as it filled her.

Somehow we rotated so she was now kneeling at the front of the couch, she had fallen forward, her breasts flattened on the material, and I now started to fuck her, slowly wanting to last as long as I could. I watched as her one arm dropped out of sight and then I could feel her hands wrap underneath and cup my balls. Fuck, I said with a grunt.

Steve grabbed Melissa by the hair and threw her in the same position beside Carole, and he applied cream to his cock as I watched, as he mercilessly plunged into her, and it was obvious they had done this many time before and she loved the ‘no wait’ attitude.

The two of us were fucking the glorious asses of these two outrageously beautiful women, and to me it seemed surreal, like a dream. Carole’s hand dropped and she began to rub her clit. The women leaned over and began to explore each other’s mouths with a deep kiss. Melissa was trying to grab Carole’s boobs, but with Steve pounding her it made it awkward, but try she did. Steve took the belt from his pants on the floor and he began to swat Melissa’s ass with it, and not gently, leaving a thick red welt and all she did was groan and roll her eyes.

I had read about women that loved to be whipped, but again, it was different in real life, the sounds were consuming me, almost like being stoned, taking me to another place.

I opened the palm of my hand and I let go with a vicious slap on Carole’s ass, and she melted right there. Steve handed me the belt, and gave me the look that said go ahead, she will love it.

I hauled off and let it land hard, first one cheek then the other

Alternating, and the more I belted her ass, the more she writhed under me. Soon she began to cum, moaning, thrashing, and it was all I could do to stay in her sweet plump ass. Finally I could not hold out anymore and I pulled out, shooting a long thick strand of pearly grey cum up her back, spraying her hair and neck in the process.

Steve, seeing that, rode Melissa even harder, and soon they were cumming, but cüce porno with Steve leaving his hot deposit deep inside Melissa’s fat sexy asshole. We all collapsed, and nothing was said for about 5–10 minutes, just hard breathing as we tried to return to normal.

Finally Steve said to me, “Let’s go clean up, I have a bit more to show you”.

We went and washed and I assume the women did too, and when we returned, he took me into a different room where the women were waiting. It was like walking onto a porno set. There were tables with restraints, a wall that had whips, and an array of toys like I had never seen.

Once the girls walked in, Steve took control. He led them to the folding tables, and cuffed them up in a bent over position, asses in the air and their tits swaying free. He smiled back at me and said he was going to need help, but I was to follow what he was doing, but on Melissa, as he did his wife. First we grabbed some cock shaped gags and we put them in their mouths. We made sure the straps were done up so they could not fall out. After that, he gave both women a small stuffed animal to hold, he told me that they were safe toys, and if either woman dropped it, everything would stop. The women would never do anything they did not like or approve of.

I just nodded my head that I understood completely. I was in awe and couldn’t speak even if I wanted to.

Then he brought two attaché cases over, and opened one, leaving me with the other, and I followed suit. Inside were clamps and weights, and I watched as he applied the clamps to his wife’s nipples, watching her eyes wince as he did it? He assured me they had all been through this before and the woman loved it. The women nodded their approval. I then applied my clamps, watching Melissa’s eyes, and the sensuous trusting look she gave was all the encouragement I needed. Once I made her nipples protrude past the clamps, Steve showed me how to apply the weights and that the women would nod when they had enough on them. Fuck, my cock was still rock hard, and was not used to being hard for that length of time.

Once the women were at their individual limits, Steve took me aside, and showed me the floggers. He said the women loved to have their backsides and thighs flogged, and eventually across their breasts later when we untied them. I just stood there dumbfounded.

Steve started whipping his beautiful wife and I tried to clumsily follow suit. After a few futile attempts, Steve showed me how to do it, and soon I was whipping her sexy ass, and then gently across her thighs. The brighter pink her ass became, the more her cunt glistened with wetness, fuck, it was actually running down her legs.

Melissa’s eyes rolled back, and her enjoyment was obvious. Steve handed me a large cock shaped vibrator that had a smaller one attached and I assumed the smaller one went into her ass. I was correct and we placed them in the women and turned then on high. We continued on with the flogging and soon both women’s legs started to tremble, and the cunt juice started to run right out of them, leaving a puddle on the floor.

When they had cum twice, Steve untied them, removed the nipple clamps, and had them kneel before us. He then handcuffed their hands behind their backs, cock gags still in place. He picked up the flogger and started to whip his wife’s tits, and I took my cue and did the same. Melissa seemed to go into her own space, as if we were not there, a smile crept across her face that was evident even with the gag in her mouth.

It was not long before she was clenching again, and I knew her climax was approaching. Steve smiled and said “Now,” and we removed the gags and we plunged our cocks into their mouths.

I grabbed her hair and began to face fuck her like I had never experienced before.

I looked over and Steve was riding Carole’s face just as I was doing Melissa’s.

It was not long and I watched as Steve pulled out, spraying Carole’s sweet face with his seed, and that was all I needed, and I held her face tight as I started to pump every drop I had down Melissa’s throat, letting her suck every ounce out of me.

It was at least a half hour before we regained our composure and dressed. We were sitting on the living room couch when Linda announced she had enough and was heading for bed. Steve stood up and said, “Happy divorce buddy, I hope you enjoyed the party.” I thanked them all and I turned to Melissa, and went to thank her, and before I could, she put her finger on my mouth to shush me.

She said, “It is not even close to finished for you, we are going back to your place, only this time I am in charge, and you will do as I say.” My eyes widened, and without arguing, I followed her out the door, and all I heard were Steve and Carole laughing.

A new life was about to begin, and a coming out party was never better.

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