My Formative Sexual Years Ch. 02

Big Tits

I meet Stephen, my Svengali.

In Part 1 I told you about losing my virginity, to my thirty-five year old uncle. In this part I am going to tell you about how my affair with him developed to the point that he introduced me to Stephen. And hold on tight when you read what happens then. I suggest you read Part 1 first.

This is an unusual tale. It’s unbelievably, broadly true, but embellished here and there, for obvious reasons. It sort of runs alongside my main story on here, “The Sexual Bio” job, but it goes further and deeper into my early days.

In some ways there is a serious side to this. There is an aspect of my writing that is set apart from gaining and giving sexual pleasure, which I get from writing and hope you gain from reading me!

I think I am complicated. I don’t understand what I am and what makes me what I am. I don’t know why I have such views and beliefs with regard to morals or, more to the point lack of and I can’t understand why I continually feel able to test the boundaries of my sexual feelings and sexuality.

Writing helps me try to find answers to these questions. On the other hand I might just be a spoiled bitch that likes being fucked. Who knows?


Chapter 1

The most memorable time, though, was when mum and dad went to a wedding and he stayed overnight, well two nights actually. How he had arranged that with Sue I never found out.

He arrived around eight and immediately took me to bed and fucked me.

“Ok Sammi, now have bath and get dressed.” He told me.

After showering I wrapped a towel round me and went down to the conservatory beside the swimming pool where he was drinking a glass of red wine. Excitedly I asked. “Are we going out?” I loved being seen out with him and hoped we might be going to a club or something.

“You’ll see.”

Having no idea where we might be going, I didn’t know what to wear, so I asked him.

“Your school uniform of course,” he replied as if that was obvious. I was disappointed. “We’re not going out then?”

“No we can’t, not round here someone might see us. Now get dressed,” he said, rather roughly taking my arm and marching me to my room. “In any case, I have a nice surprise for you this evening. Something very different to what we usually do.”

It was odd standing naked before my uncle and lover. Odd because it was the wrong way round. He wasn’t undressing me, slowly revealing more and more of my teenage body, but I was dressing covering it up.

I went to my underwear drawer and got a pretty pink thong.

“No the white school knickers, put them on.”

“Please Clive, no, I hate them,” I pleaded.

“Oh Ok then,” he reluctantly agreed

So he let me wear the panties, the thong, but no bra. “With such little tits luv, you look better without one. “It’s great how they jiggle under the blouse. I slipped into the regulation knee-length white socks and went to the airing cupboard to get my skirt and blouse. I was acutely aware as I walked away from him of his eyes on my bum. I was just wearing the flimsy knickers and white socks. Was that sexy I wondered? I actually knew full well that the thin slither of lace snuggling between the taught, pert cheeks of my bottom and the wiggle and jiggle of them as I walked away from him was fucking sex; after all I had practiced it enough in front of the mirror. Young girls going through puberty and discovering sex do that sort of thing.

“And the tie and blazer,” he said when I turned and asked. “Ok” as I paraded in the pleated, blue gingham skirt and white blouse. I put them on.

“Can you put your hair into pleats Sam?”

“Yes but it makes me look so young,” I replied.

“Then would you?”

“Oh Christ Clive, I’ll look like a kid as if I’m about twelve,” I said rather hurriedly.

He smiled as he sipped his red wine and said. “Yes exactly Sammi, you’ll look about twelve.”

I didn’t get it, but then how can a eighteen year old kid understand grown men?

“Let me get you a glass of wine” He said as we walked downstairs.

“No, it’s ok, there’s loads of time,” I replied a little worried about starting to drink early in the evening: I didn’t want to pass out and miss anything did I?

“Go on, it will loosen you up, remove your inhibitions.”

I smiled. “I don’t think I need that with you Clive.”

“No, you probably don’t with, but you still might this evening,” he said rather mysteriously as he poured me a glass of white wine.

“Oh fuck, who can that be with me dressed like this?” I said as the bell rang.

“Don’t worry, I’ll answer it,” Clive suggested.

“Oh gee thanks, yes that’ll be fine,” I said, giving him a peck on the cheek. “After all you are my uncle aren’t you?”

“Yes,” he replied, reaching round me and running his hand up my skirt and grabbing my bum. “But more than that aren’t I?” he said smiling. “Wait there, I’ll be right back.”

I stood in the conservatory looking out over the large garden, sipping my wine. I was dreaming and wondering just what he was going to do to me that was different to our usual. I heard pornhub some muffled talking and hoped that Clive was getting rid of whoever it was for I was now nicely aroused and highly expectant of what he had arranged. I was miles away and hadn’t heard him returning until he said.

“Sam,” from the conservatory door. As I turned he went on. “I would like you to meet a very good friend of mine. Say hello to Stephen Sammi.”

Chapter 2

I felt a little foolish. I was in my school uniform, my hair was in pleats, yet I was sipping a glass of wine. What on earth will you think? I wondered. Girls just don’t wear school uniforms on a Saturday evening, especially in their own home , especially when with their uncle. Do they? No, surely they don’t, unless for other reasons. And who the hell were you? Obviously a friend of Clive’s but why were you here? Why had he asked you and why had he, probably I thought, arranged for you to arrive at a time when I was dressed like this. Clive knew how I felt about wearing my uniform, how it made me feel young and little girlish and how I wanted to look and be older and more experienced.

You were smiling and looking at me with a sort of glint in your eye.

“Hello Sammi, Clive has told me loads about you.”

I glanced at Clive, he nodded and smiled.

“Has he now?” I retorted a little curtly.

“Oh yes,” you said as both of you moved closer to me. “He has told me so much about you, all rather wonderful as well.”

I felt disconcerted as you continued. “Yes Clive and are share things you see, don’t we Clive?”

“Yes Stephen, we always have,” Clive replied.

“But Clive,” you said putting your hand on Clive’s arm, “you didn’t do Sammi justice.”

“No? How do you mean?”

“She is even more gorgeous than you told me.”

That made me blush. God I felt so embarrassed, but pleased that a grown man should that about me..

Remembering my manners, I stammered.

“Can I get you anything Stephen?”

You smiled, and said, a little pervy I thought.

“Well that depends what’s on offer, doesn’t it Sammi?”

I heard the double entendre, but tried to ignore it.

“Beer, wine, spirits, my dad has everything.”

“Yes, I can see, and particularly a beautiful young daughter, he really is a lucky man, isn’t he Clive?”

“I tell him that all the time. I’ll get Stephen a drink,” Clive said walking out and leaving us staring at each other.

“Well Sammi?” You said.

I didn’t know what to say or do. You moved a little closer and took the lapel of my blazer between your thumb and forefinger.

“That’s a very nice uniform, Sammi.”

“I hate it.”


“It’s juvenile, makes me look young, like a little kid.”

“Exactly, Sammi, that’s why I like it and like you in it. But tell me why are you wearing it now?”

I blushed terribly and stammered. “Erm um, because, Clive, er well I just am.”

Your knowing smile told me that you were clearly aware of why I was wearing the uniform. Clive must have told you.

“Shall we sit in the lounge?” Clive suggested, “it’s more er, comfy there isn’t Sam?” He said propriertorially slipping his arm round my waist.

You both stood aside to let me through the door first. I made for the large six-seater settee and sat in the middle of it. You both sat on an identical one opposite me.

“Let me top your drink up Sammi,” Clive said, pouring wine into my glass

Before coming downstairs I had rolled the waistband over a couple of times. That lifted the hem about four inches or so above my knee when I was standing so, now sitting, it was well up my thighs. Above the white socks, that ended beneath my knee, there were large expanses of bare skin, which fortunately was still tanned from my holiday with mum and dad in Naples , Florida a month or so ago. I could see that both of you were staring at my legs and thighs so I pressed my knees together quite tightly.

“So how is school, Sammi?” You asked me.

“Boring,” I quickly replied which made you both laugh.

“How do you get on with your classmates?” You asked leaning forward, your eyes I was sure looking up my skirt. Usually when boys stare at me I find it off-putting or pervy, they are so slimy and immature. For some reason when you and Clive looked it gave me a buzz. It made me feel very grown up, almost womanly that two mature men found me old enough and sexy enough to want to look up my skirt.

I looked more closely at you as Clive told you about my dad and our family. You were clearly older than Clive, probably over 40, maybe nearer fifty I guessed. Quite good looking with a darkish skin and a chunky body you had a nice smile and twinkling eyes. Somehow I found myself liking you.

As you spoke to Clive you kept glancing over at me and giving me a nice smile after sweeping your gaze over my legs. I found myself smiling back, feeling more relaxed, probably the wine, I thought. You were making little pretence of your gaze falling on my knees as being accidental; it was now done quite obviously. My body was responding porno 92 to that. I could feel warmth in my tummy, my breasts became heavy, my nipples hardened and my thighs started to tingle. I leaned back letting the blazer fall open, the blouse gape and my school necktie fall to one side. I had left three or four buttons undon so I knew I would be showing quite a bit. I looked down and saw that the swell of one of my b cup boobs was exposed almost to the edge of my nipple, which I realised was making an indentation in the cotton blouse. For some reason I had pushed my feet apart, but thankfully and demurely, I had kept my knees pressed together.

Clive had topped my glass up again, only half way, meaning that I had drunk nearly three glasses of wine.

“And isn’t that a marvellous sight,” I heard you saying as if from afar.

You were both staring at me.

“Er what’s the matter, what’s up?” I asked panicking a bit.

“Oh nothing’s up yet Sammi,” Clive said, “I was just saying to Stephen how beautiful you are. How grown up and mature you are, both in your mind and, particularly your body.”

His words were crashing into my alcohol befuddled brain.

“I was telling him how womanly you are. I have already told him that you are a woman, that we made you a woman, haven’t I Stephen?”

I had a conflict there for a moment or two. I thought it a bit of a cheek that Clive had told you that he had taken my virginity, for that’s what I assumed he meant, but then I was also excited by hearing him say that and by your reply. He went on.

“I told him Sammi about how marvellous it was. It was, wasn’t it?” I said nothing, I was finding it hard to form words.

You smiled at me, stood up crossed the space between the sofas and crouched down beside me your eyes level with my breasts, that were now aching. You took hold of my hand, gently and whispered.

“Was it marvellous, Sammi? Was losing your virginity fantastic.”

Oh fuck I thought to myself, how can anyone who hardly knows me have the confidence to ask that. The words rattled round my head.

“Was Clive making you a woman awesome Sammi, was it fabulous?” You asked stroking my hand as Clive came and sat on the settee beside me.

He put one arm round me and rested the other on the bare skin above my knee.

“Tell Stephen Sammi, tell him how great it was,” he whispered holding me tight and stroking further up my leg so that the side of his hand moved the hem of my skirt up a little.

“Yes Sammi,” you said caressing the palm of my hand and the back of my wrist with your fingers and thumb. “Tell uncle Stephen how it felt to be fucked by your real uncle, Sammi.”

Chapter 3

A low moan and a little cry escaped from my mouth as you squeezed my hand and as Clive lifted his hand up towards my chest.

“Tell him about it Sammi, tell him,” Clive said

“Yes darling, baby Sammi, tell Stephen, tell me what it was like being fucked by Clive.”

I was panting, I could hardly get my breath, my entire body was tingling as you and Clive were all over me, cajoling and persuading me to say what it had been like.

“Come on Sammi,” Clive said one of his hands on my chest just above my waist. “Say it, tell us.”

Why were they asking this? What did they really want? What were they going to do? These questions were roaring round my mind as I felt your hand on my blouse.

“Yes,” I croaked. “It was. It was amazing.”

“Did you like his cock, Sammi? Does he have a nice cock?” You asked. “Was it amazing?” You wentasked, yours hands now unashamedly running up and down my leg: not all the way, but certainly inside my skirt a little.

“Yes, yes.” I moaned a vision of Clive’s cock in my mind. “It was amazing.”

Oh no, I couldn’t believe it, Clive was undoing the buttons on my blouse.

“No, no,” I groaned grabbing my blouse just before he opened it completely.

“Why not darling?” He asked.

“Because, er, you know,” I muttered looking at him imploringly.

“Oh because Stephen is here?”

“Yes, yes of course.”

“Oh he won’t mind will you Stephen? You won’t mind seeing Sammi’s lovely titties will you?”

“No, of course not, as long as they aren’t great big floppy ones, as I know they won’t be, I hate those. Come on Sammi let me see your breasts. Clive has told me how beautiful they are.” You said, your strong gaze into my eyes seeming almost hypnotic.

I could hardly believe it. Clive, my uncle, my friend, my first lover had been telling another man about me.

I was so confused. Annoyed, aroused, intrigued, excited, perplexed and so out of my sexual depth that really I had no chance. There was no way I could control the situation, but then did I really want to? Since Clive had taken my virginity I had wanted sex more and more. Since ‘losing my cherry’ I thought of little else. Even after the afternoons when he had made love to me and had made me cum so many times, I still masturbated every night when I went to bed.

“Why did you do that?” I managed to ask going to sit up straight, but being qiqitv porno resisted by Clive’s hands on my shoulders. “Because I think you are so wonderful Sammi,” he murmured just before his mouth closed round mine and he kissed me deep, passionately and long. It was wonderful kiss. As we broke, he said. “And Sammi because Stephen and I share things, we’re mates. You know what I mean?”

I didn’t get it, but still nodded.

It was all getting too much for me. I was in my school uniform, although my blouse was undone and my skirt was mid-thigh. I was a little drunk, I was continually being enormously aroused and I had two mature men touching me. Clive was kissing me and you, a stranger, was stroking my legs. You had both been using persuasively, erotic phrasing, sending wave after wave of suggestive sensations through me. My ears seemed to hear things as if I was in echoey room and my eyes could hardly focus. My entire body was tingling with sexual expectancy and desire. You had both primed me so much that I was becoming putty in Clive’s hands. No, I thought to myself feeling your hand slide up the inside of my thigh, I was becoming, maybe had become, putty in two pairs of hands.

I felt Clive’s fingers on mine. He was gently peeling them away from my blouse.

“Let it go Sammi,” he whispered. “Let go, let me show Stephen your amazing breasts, your fantastic boobs, your totally great tits Sammi. He wants to see them and I want to show him your tits, I want him to see our tits.

The words were so powerful. Your actions were so strong and the combination was awesome.

I let my hands drop away, I leaned back, I let my head fall over the back of the sofa and I gave in. Gave into all that Clive and you were, and had been doing, and gave in to what my body, for sure and now my befuddled mind as well, wanted, well demanded really.

My blazer was open, my tie was pushed to one side and the buttons on my blouse were undone to the waist. I felt your hands on my breasts, stroking then and cupping them.

“Oh God Sammi,” I heard you say. “They are so lovely.”

I had my eyes closed and my hands were gripping the sofa as I heard you say, as if from afar. “May I? May I touch your breasts Sammi?”

I groaned in acknowledgement of the sheer confidence, appropriateness and absolute rightness of your request. I couldn’t, though, say yes. The words just wouldn’t form, my lack of experience stopped me, I didn’t have the sexual confidence to say what I wanted.

But then you were of sufficient self-assurance in that area, not to need my acquiescence. You seemed to instinctively know what I wanted, how far you could go and what was right for the moment.

As I felt your hand gently cup my breast and your fingertips brush across the sensitive skin I just knew that it was right to let you do that, to push back against your hand a little and to let a low moan escape from my mouth.

“Oh yes my sweet Sammi,” you said. “They are truly perfect. They are every bit as wonderful as you told me Clive.”

My body shuddered, I gasped then grunted with sensation and my back arched as I felt more hands on them; two, three then four. Hands all over my chest and face and neck and shoulders and waist and, of course all over every inch of my breasts and nipples. It was simply amazing.

“Oh God,” I moaned, my head thrashing from side to side, my hands finding theirs and pressing them more firmly against my breasts.

“Yes Sammi, yes,” Clive said, thickly.

“Oh my darling child, my amazing woman,” you whispered contradicting yourself, as you and Clive, squeezed, stroked, pressed, caressed and rubbed my breasts.

Four hands on me, my eyes closed. Not knowing which were his and which were yours was such a massive turn on. It was that which tipped me over the top and made me cum as you both cuddled me

“Sammi,” you suddenly said with a strongly authoritative tone to your voice. You held both of my shoulders. “Look at me.”

I slowly raised my eyes and looked into yours.

“Yes Stephen?”

“Sammi, you have to realise that you are a very special young woman.” You paused as we stared at each other and you ran your hands up and down my upper arms. “You have the rare ability to be a child in years, but to have the body of a woman.” You ran your eyes over me focusing on my breasts and making a little shiver run through me. Your voice went quiet, almost to a whisper as you continued, very much in control. “The magnificent body Sammi, of a grown up woman, not a child, not a school girl. You may be that in years and…………..,” you paused smiling before adding. “In clothing at the moment, and wonderful that is too, but not with your body, Sammi.” We just looked at each other as your marvellous words flowed over me. “Maybe a child in age Sammi, but not in so many other ways. No, with your mind you are a woman and with your sex, Sammi you are grown up, mature and very, very much a wonderful, sexy woman.

I gulped. I had no reply. I felt that I was being mesmerised by your words, hypnotised by the circumstances. Me, still bare breasted and in the school uniform with my skirt bunched round the top of my legs, you sitting on one side of me, Clive on the other running his hands through my hair. You continued, your eyes boring into mine with a Svengali-like effect on me: I was falling under your spell.

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