My Girlfriend’s Best Friend Sabrina


Author’s note: This is a slow building story, so if you’re looking for a quickie, look elsewhere. This is my first attempt at a long, multi chapter story!


My girlfriend Kaya loved to invite me to various get togethers, parties and other such alleged causes for celebration. Personally, I’m more of a private person that enjoys their solitude, but Kaya was a social butterfly. She took to these occasions like a moth to a light and as her boyfriend, I was pressed into service as her plus one. It would usually come in the form of a last minute text reading “Dennis, we’re going to…” or “Dennis clear your calendar…”

Kaya was a bubbly personality, having moved down to the city for college from her miniscule hometown out in the Midwest. I was impressed that she managed to escape the hell that small towns are for girls her age and move out to LA for college, especially since she had attended an elite school. But one year removed from college, she remained the same bubbly if a bit naive Midwestern girl that was at her heart, a people pleaser. Kaya had booksmarts, but was a bit of an airhead. Jokes would fly over her head and she would fill any silence she deemed uncomfortable with a vacuous giggle. Aside from not understanding some of my jokes, her being a bit of a ditz wasn’t what bothered me.

Kaya was a prude; a massive one at that.

With a stunning body like hers, it was a bit of a laugh to think she didn’t have the faintest idea of sex. She knew the basics, but anything beyond missionary or possibly even a blowjob were alien concepts to her- not that she was unaware, she simply found them to be strange and gross. Moreover, she had a deeply ingrained sense of modesty at all times. Standing at about 5’5, her trim body boasted a large ass and two large breasts- double Ds that were dotted by medium sized, dark nipples. Her body was a light tan with brown-blonde hair on top. Fittingly enough, she was often dressed conservatively both out in public and in private.

I stood a good 4 inches taller than her, but hardly anyone looked at me while the two of us were out. Just the same, I didn’t mind; I was happy with how I looked- usually unshaven and in a shirt and jeans and appreciated the effort Kaya put into her appearance. She had a penchant for unhealthy food though, and when you date someone like that, it rubs off on you, and I had a slightly out of shape figure to boast in return.

Don’t get me wrong, Kaya was fine on her own and if anything, the issue lie with me. I was a good 3 years older than Kaya, and in my time in college and out of it, had undergone something of a sexual revolution that continued into our relationship. I loved being naked, and I especially loved being brazen about my sexual activities. I lived for pleasure, and very little seemed off limits for me. The night before, I had a moment of clarity in realizing gender didn’t matter so much to me in my sexual fantasies. I was bisexual. But in broaching the subject with Kaya, she became aloof, stating it was fine but that she preferred her men to be men (whatever the hell THAT meant). I thus spent the night on eggshells, wondering if the end was nigh for Kaya and myself.

I was bored, becoming progressively more drunk and quickly growing horny. I nearly reached my breaking point after kissing Kaya on the neck, to which she only batted me away telling me to stop and that people would see us. So I did what any drunk and moody man of my age would do and continued to drink, sitting on the couch with the various other souls that had found themselves at this shindig. I didn’t lurk for long though, as soon enough, the apartment door opened up and I was greeted to the sight of Kaya’s best friend- Sabrina.

Sabrina was Kaya’s opposite, in just about every conceivable way. While Kaya sported a much more youthful look and hardly looked 21, Sabrina looked her age and then some. Shorter at about 5’3, Sabrina had pale skin and a much rounder, squarish face. Her tits were smaller and a bit saggier (I’d assume a B cup) and her ass was smaller (though much more pert and tight). Rather than having the long and silky hair Kaya had, Sabrina had lightly curled black hair which she often wore straight down, parted in the middle. Most notably, she had a large, upturned nose which gave rise to many a cruel nickname behind her back. Sabrina was not a knockout by any means, and while I wouldn’t say she was ugly, she didn’t catch people’s attention on looks alone.

Looks can be deceiving however.

For what Sabrina lacked in conventional beauty, she made up for in spades with personality. She was always beaming, quick to make conversation and was confident to a fault. So much so that she could make someone as insecure as Kaya feel inadequate, her bold demeanor often times seemingly pushy, domineering over her friend. Sabrina wasn’t afraid of getting her way, and coupled with her appearance, made people resentful at times of her. I for one loved it, and while many of Kaya’s friends were nice enough, I enjoyed being candid with Sabrina. Maybe that’s why masaj porno my dumb face turned into a goofy, wide smile when she entered.

Drink in hand, with many more inside of me, I stood up and ambled over towards her. She must have noticed my less than sober walk and raised an eyebrow, telling me to slow down. I laughed and wrapped one arm around her, holding my drink in it as I squeezed.

“Oh c’mon don’t give me that half hearted hug,” she laughed, taking my drink from my hand and taking a sip from it. “Give me a real one!”

Without the drink in hand, I wrapped both my arms around Sabrina, giving her a tight squeeze as she laughed and hugged back. Despite being a bit glammed up in comparison to everyone at the party- dressed in a strapless jumpsuit that hugged her body snug- her hug felt warm and inviting, my hand resting on the bare skin on her back. I pushed Sabrina into me, stroking her back slightly.

“Ooh someone smells good!” she laughed, taking note of my cologne. My girlfriend was fairly indifferent to how I smelled, so long as it wasn’t bad, and balked at the idea of going cologne shopping with me. She had mentioned it to Sabrina who gave her input. I had ended up purchasing the one she mentioned, though I had honestly forgotten all about it being her choice when I did. It had just dawned on me now, though.

“Oh yeah, just thought I’d try something new!” I slurred a bit, blushing enough to make her giggle back at my anxiousness. Sabrina in turn placed her hand on my chest, leaning forward a bit and took another sniff.

“Well I love it,” she said in a lower tone, smiling in a much more alluring way. Being a drunk 20something, I naturally responded in smooth fashion.

“Heh, yeah well, uh, you smell great too!” I offered, leaning forward, wrapping one arm around her again and pulling her towards me. By now she was audibly laughing, throwing her head back as I sniffed around her neck.

“Oh my God stop that tickles!” she laughed, turning pink. My face, with shorn facial hair leaving only a hint of stubble on it, rubbed against her pale skin. She did smell good, with a sweet, floral scent filling my nostrils. It made my face burn red, a warmth coursing in my veins as I rubbed my face against her daisy-like skin. I could feel a shiver run over Sabrina, holding my hand against the small of her back tightly. I kept rubbing my face on her neck and shoulders, unwittingly planting my lips on them and dragging them over her. My cock awoke now, roused by the primal lust brewing inside of me. Luckily I pulled away, still keeping my hand on the small of her back. Sabrina didn’t seem to mind, looking up to me with a wide smile.

“I think YOU have had a little too much mister,” she said, taking a sip from my glass and wincing. “Jesus what is this?”

“Something too strong for youuuu,” I slurred, poking her in the chest. Sabrina looked down at my hand, raising a single eyebrow and flashing a sultry glance.

“Try me,” she said in a much lower, husky tone, leaning in towards me before taking a harty swig from the glass. I turned a rich red in return, taking my glass back and drinking from it, quickly.

The two of us walked towards the kitchen, elbowing our way through. It had been a fairly lively party so thankfully my fear of being spotted in our earlier embrace was unfounded. Grabbing another bottle of liquor, I topped off my glass, to which Sabrina took another sip.

“So where’s Kaya?” she asked, closing her eyes and letting the strong taste of alcohol run over her. She opened her eyes again, visibly shuttering. “God damn!” she added with a laugh.

“I uh, she’s, somewhere,” I began, looking around. In the distance near the window facing the street, I spotted Kaya with two of her friends, Paul and Stan. Both were gay and generally were saddled with babysitting duty when she either got too drunk or just when she decided the crowd at the party was not to her liking. Poor guys, they were pretty alright dudes. “Over there,” I said pointing to where she stood. I visibly turned to Sabrina, who was pushed into me by some clod stomping through the kitchen.

“Oh shit, sorry!” he said, glancing over but continuing on his way.

The drink in turn spilled onto Sabrina’s chest, prompting me to grab a nearby napkin from a stack and began dabbing where it landed. I didn’t think twice for a second about my actions, feeling genuinely apoplectic about it. It took me a moment to realize how handsy I was being, and it was Sabrina’s turn to blush in response.

Her eyes were wide, looking down at my hand. A nervous smile formed on her face, turning into a bit of a smirk- the rapid heartbeat I felt with my hand disputed that swagger. Her arms moved to her sides, pushing her chest out a bit.

“Dennis,” she began in a quiet but excited tone. She let me keep my hand on her chest, though the awkwardness was enough for me to realize how inappropriate I was being, quickly retreating it away. “People can see you!” she whispered, taking the napkin and finishing öğretmen porno what I had started. I looked away, unsure of why I acted as I did. I peered to Sabrina to handed me my glass. “C’mon let’s find Kaya.” she said in an upbeat voice, as though nothing had happened.

Something HAD happened, however, and something WAS happening in my pants- my cock growing harder and harder. It felt wrong to be attracted to Sabrina. She wasn’t particularly my type- physically speaking anyway- and it was wholly wrong. I dreaded that she would likely tell Kaya what had transpired, a sobering thought that put a bit of a damper on my mood. I would deserve it. But still, my cock roared with attention as we pushed our way to the couch, holding onto her wrist as we made our way. My hand moved down to hers, to which she reciprocated, holding mind was we reached the couch.

“Sabrina!” Kaya cried, rising up and nearly knocking over the coffee table. As Kaya hugged Sabrina, the contrast between the two could not have been any more glaring. While Sabrina was dressed for a night out to be seen, Kaya had opted for a t-shirt and jeans. As they hugged and posed for a selfie together, I felt a bit angry. As horny as I was, I couldn’t get any sort of sexual thoughts; Kaya was simply dressed too desexualized, and I was a bit angry still about how she had pushed me away for being bisexual. It was aggravating, and my face turned into a scowl as I sat on the couch and said hi to Paul and Stan.

“Everything ok?” Paul asked curiously. He and Stan both chuckled slightly, both knowing I was less talkative and social than Kaya.

“He’s just mad someone bumped into him and spilled his drink,” Sabrina said, butting into the conversation. It was her way, and I wasn’t either surprised or annoyed. “Not much of a story really.” she said, giving me a wink. Instantly I perked up a little, smirking and looking bashfully down at my glass. Maybe luck was on my side tonight yet.

“That’s so funny!” Kaya began. She must have had a drink or two. “Isn’t that funny Paul? That’s like the one story I was just telling you about, the one I was JUST saying, isn’t it? Isn’t it funny? That’s too funny.”

I leaned back into my chair, half listening to the conversation and peering into my glass. I replayed the previous few minutes in my head, Sabrina’s scent, her touch, MY touch. It had an effect on me, making me feel fuzzy and smirk. Little to my knowledge, however, it was making the very visible tent in my pants more pronounced. My phone vibrated, waking me from my daydream. It was a message from Sabrina. I glanced up and saw her holding her phone but looking as Kaya continued talking. She shot me a coy smile, squinting her eyes as she did. I looked back to my phone and opened the message.

‘Don’t poke anyone’s eye out with that thing’ she sent, along with several grapefruit emojis. Instantly, my legs closed shut, then adjusted to compensate for my prick. Paul and Stan listened to Kaya and paid no attention, but I could hear Sabrina giggle, masking it as though it were reacting to Kaya’s story. She looked down at her phone and tapped away, my phone vibrating once again soon thereafter.

‘Just have big mouth here take care of it for you’ she said. I laughed, enough for everyone else to look over at me. Fortunately I played it off as though I was laughing along with the story.

“Well someone’s finally in less of a grumpy mood,” Kaya began. “He’s been like this all day.” she finished, looking at me with a look.

Sabrina then piped up, in typical fashion, and took all of us by surprise.

“Well if he’s in such a bad mood then give him a blowjob,” she said in a matter-of-fact tone. Paul and Stan both began laughing, while my mouth hung open, though smirking. Sabrina shrugged her shoulders, eyes widened as though she was the only sane person talking sense. “Like I think that’s basically the go-to if you’re his girlfriend right?” she added, upping the ante. I didn’t see it at the time, but Sabria was giving Kaya an out, one that would get my growing sexual frustration back where it belonged.

Kaya was having none of it, however, and looked incensed. She shot daggers at Sabrina, then glared towards me for laughing. She looked humiliated, at a loss for words. Kaya had quickly run out of steam, clearly unhappy.

“What? It’s not like I’m saying you should blow him right here in front of everyone!” Sabrina said, as though Kaya were the crazy one. Again, more laughs. “It’s not THAT sorta party…is it?” she joked, her nonchalance easing whatever tension was still left. Kaya remained quiet, refusing to acknowledge Sabrina’s remark. “All I’m saying is, I’m sure Dennis wouldn’t mind would you?”

Suddenly the ball was in my court, and all four looked at me. Before I could answer, Kaya finally spoke up.

“Why not? It doesn’t matter where it comes from for him.”

It grew quiet on a dime, and no one really knew how to interpret her comment. Even Sabrina looked at a loss, confused, while Paul and Stand looked back oral porno and forth for any sort of cues. I of course knew damn well what she meant, but masked my anger with a blank expression. Inside, I was steaming, annoyed that something that was essentially a non issue was such a deal breaker for her.

Finally, sensing she had made things awkward, Kaya stood up and excused herself, walking towards the kitchen.

“I should go to her,” I began, standing up.

“Everything ok?” Sabrina asked, a rare form of tenderness in her voice.

“Huh? Yeah, I just..don’t really know what’s up with Kaya lately.” I said half heartedly.

“Girls,” Sabrina answered with a smile.

As I began walking towards Kaya, I was intercepted by her other friend Vanessa. She herself was about 5’6, with a plump but not overly fat body. She was thick, with large breasts on her and a bob haircut framing her face. I called her Tiff- short for Tiffany- given how much she looked like some porn star/nude model I had seen once. Of course, she only assumed I called her that because I thought that was her name the first time I saw her. I knew when to leave well enough alone. She was still in college, being only 19, but had known Kaya since the two were in school together. Despite being the youngest here, no one seemed to mind.

“What the fuck did you do to Kaya?” she asked, ugly look on her face. Tiff was also a raging bitch to me, especially in regards to Kaya. “She’s fucking crying.”

“Listen, Tiff, here’s the thing,” I began, looking at her straight in the eyes. I then sidestepped her and continued on to Kaya, ignoring Tiff’s raging anger behind me. Out of sight out of mind. Somehow I knew I would pay for that later though.

I came across Kaya, moping in one corner of the kitchen, looking defeated and unwilling to engage with anyone around her.

“Hey,” I said softly walking up to her.

“Gonna ask me for a blowjob?” she answered incredulously.

“What’s wrong?” I asked.

“I just. I don’t know.” she said. “I want to go home.”

“Let me walk you,” I said, knowing the short walk back to her place wasn’t the most glamorous of tasks for an unescorted woman at 1AM.

“Think I’ll take my chances with the bums and druggies,” she said refusing to look me in the eye.

“Kaya c’mon, please just hear me out?” I asked, apologetic and touching her hand. She glanced down and said nothing, letting me play with her hand before she wrapped it around mine.

“Ok, fine. Let’s go.” she answered softly.

We spoke about a few things, but generally with her discomfort for my attraction to men in addition to women. The crux of her issue lie with it being seen as less manly to imagine myself getting fucked by another man. I had told her this wasn’t the case as A. I wasn’t into the idea of taking it from a dude and B. I was interested in her. This seemed to placate her as we got to her place. I grabbed a hold of her and kissed her deeply, sniffing her a little- no perfume at all on her.

My hands reached to her ass and felt the large cheeks in my hands, their warmth and sheer mass making me excited once again. God Kaya should show these off more, I thought to myself, mentally picturing her in tight booty shorts or bikini bottoms. Her hands batted mine away, however, and left me in the lurch. Undaunted, I pressed again.

“So, how about that blowjob?” I asked, half joking but also clearly interested. Kaya once again balked.

“I have to be up early tomorrow!” she retorted, half whining but also half simply wanting me to drop it. “But I promise you tomorrow, when I get home we can…have some fun,” she said cozying up to me. My bruised ego took it, along with the kiss on the cheek she gave me.

Walking home, my anger slowly grew, and I felt less buzzed than I did when I was at the party. A kiss on the cheek and being brushed aside. It was fucking humiliating, as though I were back in high school again. For all the effort and headway I had made with Kaya, she had simply brushed my needs aside- as though sex were some treat. Well, I sure felt like a dog, one with its tail tucked between its legs. Walking into my place, I grabbed a handle of vodka from the shelf in the kitchen, poured myself a screwdriver and kicked off my shoes. Downing it quickly, I ventured into my room, plopping down onto the bed. I only need to lay there for a minute before once again, my phone vibrated. It was another text from Sabrina.

‘Hey! You disappeared wtf’ she said.

‘Had to walk Kaya home, sorry’ I replied. After setting the phone down, I buried my face on my pillow, but I couldn’t sit still, glancing over at the phone again, as though waiting for Sabrina’s text to come through. I grew agitated the longer I waited, until finally it vibrated once again.

‘You feel me up then walk home with some other girl? 🙁 I’m guessing you got that blowjob after all then!’

‘LOL no. No luck. I shoulda walked YOU home.’ What was I saying? I had no idea where that thought came from, or why I had texted that. My heart sank, my body felt light. A small wave of endorphins began to beat through me, and my cock stirred in my pants. What was going on? Before I knew it, I was texting her another message. ‘Btw you looked amazing in that outfit. Loved it.’ My breath hitched, my hands feeling cold.

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