My Hot Wife Katie Ch. 34


Katie’s Obsessed Lover

Mrs. Katie Jackson’s pussy was a smoldering mess. The weekend felt like it lasted forever as she anticipated Monday like a child a few days before Christmas. Unfortunately one of her children had a fever and had to miss school, which meant Katie was unable to meet her teenaged lover until the next day. She paced around the house as her pussy dripped its juices as she cared for her ill child.

While they watched television on the couch the sexy mother recounted in her head how she had returned home with her young lover’s cum dripping from her face. She ran upstairs and finger fucked herself to a powerful orgasm as she licked his dried semen from her lips.

On Saturday night Katie volunteered a shift at the soup kitchen. She was dressed in a pair of tight jeans and a blouse as the sexy mother fought the feelings erupting inside of her as multiple men stared at her. Some of the vagrants complimented her as they walked past her about how nice she looked that evening. Their admiration only increased her filthy desires. At one point she had a vision of herself kneeling in the middle of a group of homeless men as they jerked their cocks. When Katie used the restroom at the shelter she contemplated finger fucking herself before returning to the dining hall.

As her daughter’s fever broke she counted down the hours until she saw her young lover again. Sunday morning was spent at her church when she felt regret about her desires and what she had done. She contemplated her life and the turns that it had made but the only thing that she pictured was Tommy’s young hard cock that could get hard so quickly after cumming. She desired to use him over and over again.

After church she met up with Fred at Legends Mall to pick up the children. He looked so handsome and looked as though he had been working out as his body looked chiseled in his shorts and polo shirt. She couldn’t help but notice the way he looked at her. She had seen the same look in his eye and hoped he would want to talk about their relationship. However he appeared to be in a hurry as he gave Katie money to pay the bills and other expenditures.

She tried to talk with him away from the children about their relationship but his face reddened as he became upset and walked away. She purchased groceries for the week but it seemed her mind was on autopilot as her body felt week and unfulfilled.

On Tuesday morning her children were downstairs eating breakfast as she carefully applied her make up. Her hair curled past her shoulders. She wanted everything to be perfect. She reached into her jewelry drawer and put on a silver necklace with a gold cross that rested just above the cleavage of her small perfect breasts.

Katie hesitated as she stared at the bottle on the dresser but then softly applied Chanel N5 perfume across her neck and on her wrists. It was a perfume given to her by Fred when she won Mrs. America. She used to put it on as a sign to her husband that she was extremely horny.

She walked over and glanced down the hallway from her bedroom as she made sure her children were nowhere in sight. She reached into the back of her dresser drawer and quietly removed her nylons. She had ordered the garments as a surprise for her husband before Phil moved in with them but never had a chance to wear them for Fred. She slowly pulled up the sheer black nylons along her perfect toned legs. She stood up and pulled them over her small hard ass. She looked in the mirror as the crotch was completely cut out. The crotchless nylons framed her pussy perfectly with her trimmed pubic hair in a straight line above her fuck hole. Her nipples already extended away from the tips of her breasts as she pulled on her white blouse. She knew she didn’t need to wear a bra as it would only get in the way.

She slipped on a black and white striped pencil skirt. She carefully buttoned her blouse but she knew within an hour young Tommy would be desperate to remove it. She slipped on her black high heeled shoes. The sexy woman stared at her reflection in the mirror. Her eyes glanced at her wedding ring that sparkled brilliantly and for a fleeting moment she regretted the decision she was making. Her quivering and desperate pussy reminded her how she wanted to be used by the young boy. She reached over and slowly applied bright red lipstick across her thin lips knowing they would soon be wrapped around his young virile cock.

She slowly walked downstairs the stepped and into the kitchen.

“Oh my gosh mom!” her oldest daughter exclaimed as her eyes looked up and down, “Where are you going? Did you have an autograph session today?”

“No,” Katie’s face blushed bright red as what filled her mind was “Mommy’s going to go get fucked by a young cock this morning,” but what came out of her mouth was, “I’m..I’m,” She sighed deeply, “I’m just meeting with some friends.”

“Is dad going to be there?” her son asked innocently.

It was like a knife was stabbed in sarışın porno her back. Her breath was sucked from her body and she used her hand to brace herself from falling over. Her mind once again caused her to momentarily reconsider her choices this morning but her wet juices built up in her aching pussy redirected the conversation, “No I think he’s busy at work.”

Her daughter quickly demanded, “Take a selfie and send it to him!” as she handed her an iPhone.

She took the phone as she sipped her coffee leaving red lipstick smears on the cup as her body blocked out any reservations. She breathed heavily and grew irritated with her children as they continued to pester her about sending picture to their father, “Are you guys ready for school?” She glanced over at the clock, “I need to get going.” Her body shivered knowing that young Tommy would soon be fucking her.

As every morning Mrs. Jackson pulled up in front of the school and her children hoped out. The sexy mother wished them well and was quickly driving the streets of Kansas City. She had arrived at the bus stop much earlier than the past two occasions. The young boy was nowhere to be seen yet. The sexy mother felt lightheaded about the ecstasy that awaited her.

She glanced in the back and quickly exited which caused a few passersby’s to whistle cat calls at her. Katie did her best to ignore them as she folded down the back seats down and tossed a few of her children’s books further into the back. As she was getting ready to get back into the SUV; she spied young Tommy walking down the sidewalk towards her. When they made eye contact she could tell he voiced, “Wow!” and smiled widely. Katie couldn’t stop staring at his crotch as he ran towards her.

“Hi!” he announced with a touch of agitation in his voice, “Where were you yesterday!”

“I had a sick child,” Katie softly spoke.

Tommy gritted his teeth, “If you would have given me your number..”

Katie wasn’t in the mood to be chastised for taking care of her children as she just wanted to be fucked, “Do you want me to leave?”

“No! No!” Tommy grinned, “Wow! You look so good! Oh my God! You look so beautiful!”

Katie stood taller than Tommy with her high heels, “Thank you sweetie! How did you do on your test?” as an older man walked past them. He glanced over at them and smiled. Mrs. Jackson paused as she looked over at the old man as she figured he probably thought she was with her son which oddly added to her arousal.

Tommy smiled, “I think I did really well!” He reached out and grabbed her hand and held it gently, “Thanks to you!”

“Want to go for a ride?” She stared directly at his cock bulge in front of his slacks, “We could go talk?”

“I would love to talk to you!” as he giggled and reached for the door handle and climbed in the SUV.

Katie needed no directions as Tommy reached over and rubbed her inner thigh with his hand. “Wow! You are so beautiful ma’am!”

“Stop!” the sexy mother smiled, “Call me Katie.” Her body shivered, “Call me a whore or slut. Anything but ma’am. Ma’am just sounds so old!” as she giggled at the young boy.

Tommy’s mouth hung open as he leaned over as he moved his hand onto her nylon covered thigh and squeezed. His head leaned over to her long brown hair that draped over her shoulder. “I know your name!” the young boy laughed, “I was just trying to be respectful! But I’ll call you whatever you want me to say.” He was already pushing up her skirt higher on her thighs, “I couldn’t stop thinking about you all weekend.” The young boy was so horny. He couldn’t wait to sink his cock back into the wet folds of her pussy.

Katie’s cunt spasmed. This was so wrong her soul told herself but she didn’t care at this point. She wanted to be fucked, “I couldn’t stop thinking of you as well.”

“Did you miss me?” His bottom lip quivered with excitement, “Did you wish I could be with you all the time?”

The sexy woman was slightly taken back by the young boys’ questions, “Yeah. I guess.” She couldn’t help but smile at his awkwardness.

“Can we go to your house?” Tommy begged as his fingers were moving all over her body.

Katie pondered his question for a moment. She could only imagine the neighborhood if they saw her walking into her home with a young boy or if Fred came by, “No. How,” she paused. Visions of sucking and fucking the boy in his own bed excited her, “How about yours?”

“My dad’s home,” he panted, “How about a hotel?”

“I..” She had spent the money that Fred had given to her for groceries and the rest would be for gas or other expenditures. She couldn’t even afford a cheap hourly hotel, “I can’t afford it.”

“Oh,” as Tommy glanced around her nice SUV, “I guess under the bridge is fine. It’s fine because I get to be with you.” He smiled. Honestly he didn’t care. He just wanted to have sex with the beautiful woman.

Katie made a few turns and drove down the bumpy service road and quickly parked sex hikayeleri underneath the N. James Bridge. Tommy’s young hands were already groping her body. He was massaging her aching breasts and trying to unbutton her blouse.

The sexy older woman shut the car off unhooked her seat belt. She closed her eyes and relished the moment as the young boy felt her up. He unbuttoned a few buttons and slipped his hand inside her blouse as he felt her perfect tits. The corner of Katie’s mouth twitched up, “I love the way you touch me! I want you to do this to me all day!”

“Really? I would love that!” He mumbled as he grinned, “I love the way your breasts feel!”

She couldn’t remember Fred or Phil paying this much attention to her mounds of tit-flesh. It must be his age she told herself. Katie’s hand moved up to her shirt and slowly unbuttoned the rest of her buttons on her blouse. The morning sun caught her wedding ring and it shown brightly into Tommy’s blue eyes. He pulled his hand off her breast as Katie opened her shirt as they stuck out from her chest through her parted blouse with her nipples fully erect.

“Why do wear it?” Tommy asked sheepishly as he pointed towards her.

Katie glanced down at her body and then into his eyes, “I thought it would turn you on.” She felt for sure the outfit she selected would turn on a young boy and was saddened that he didn’t feel excited by her.

“No! No! No! You look hot!” he paused and stared at the sexy woman, “I meant your ring. If you aren’t with your husband then why do you still wear your ring?”

Katie paused and reflected monetarily. She shrugged, “I don’t know.” She looked over at Tommy and pondered that maybe he was right. She reached down and folded her hands together and then pulled her wedding ring off her finger. She opened the center console and dropped it inside. It was the first time besides a cleaning that had she taken it off, “Better?” She stared at the indention of the ring had left.

Tommy quickly leaned across the seat and tried to press his lips against hers as his hand returned to her breast and squeezed it harshly. Katie raised her arms between them. She swallowed harshly, “Let’s get in the back.” as she tilted her head towards the back of the SUV, “I think we will be more comfortable.”

The young boy nodded quickly and didn’t even bother opening the door as he hopped over the seats and into the back. Katie giggled like a school girl at his eagerness. She quickly opened her door and scooted outside. She looked around for a moment to make sure nobody saw them. A few rumblings of the bridge overhead told her cars were passing by oblivious to them. She opened the back door as Tommy knelt on the floor waiting for her.

Tommy had already peeled off his polo exposing his hard torso and unhooked his pants and slid them off. Katie enjoyed the young boy’s body and how hard and young it was. He rose up in the back and hooked his thumbs under the waistband of his tight underwear and then pushed. The cotton briefs peeled down, and his young cock sprang free. It stuck straight out from his body and throbbed up and down.

Katie sucked in a breath as his young cock bobbed into the air. His prick swung hypnotically before her, glistening at the little pink piss mouth of its smooth head. It looked as hard as iron with not a thread of pubic hair could be seen.

Suddenly, the itch in her cunt erupted into a growing ache. Her pussy gushed with juices as she gazed at the heavy, hairless sack of his dangling balls and the sheer sexiness of his slick prick.

Katie seductively climbed in and closed the door. The sexy woman pulled off her blouse and tossed it into the front seats exposing her perfect rounded orbs of flesh, “Do you love my boobs Tommy?”

“Oh yeah!” he muttered overwhelmed. “They are perfect!”

“You really think so?” Katie loved the feeling of being desired and her body appreciated. As she knelt in the back she arched her shoulders a bit and pushed them out farther. “I always thought they were a little too small.”

Though his head bobbed, his eyes never wavered from the firm mountains of tit-flesh that spired out at him into their pink nipples. They expanded until each one was as big and round as the tip of his pinky. Tommy felt his cock surge and swell up stiffer than ever, “I’ve thought about them all weekend!” as his hands shot out and grabbed her chest.

“Ohhhhhhhh!” Katie moaned deeply as his cool, clammy palms mashed against her sensitive nipples, making them harden into aching spikes.

Even though the young boy had limited experience feeling up a boob his rough inexperienced kneading of his hand turned Katie on all the same. His fingers groped with frantic fervor at her mounds of tit-flesh, palms massaging her nipples until he had them quivering. The sexy mother groaned in approval as the young boy played with her tits.

“Does that feel okay?” he asked, startled by her groan and afraid he was hurting şişman porno her.

“Ohhhhhh yessssss.” Katie’s voice was a barely concealed groan as her long, erect nipples rolled stiffly under his massaging fingers, itching for even more attention. “It would feel even better if you kissed them. “

With those words she pulled his head down, at the same time arching her tit up to meet him. “Mmmmmmmm,” the boy gasped.

Tommy found his face smothered in tit as her nipple pressed against his lips then popping between them. Without being told, or waiting for instructions, he closed his mouth and sucked. He was in heaven. The young boy inhaled deeply through his nose at the scent of the mature woman. His cheeks hallowed in as he sucked harshly.

Katie squealed as her aching tit bud vanished in the boy’s moist, warm mouth, rode across his soft tongue and strummed stiffer than ever. “Oh yesss Tommy! Make my tits hard! Ohhh!!” she purred, mashing her tit to the youngsters face. “Suck on it! Yesss!” Katie’s hand wrapped tightly around his head and held it tightly against her chest.

Following her directions, Tommy sucked and nibbled the hard nipple in his mouth. His cheeks pulled in and out, increasing their suction to a frantic pace as the older woman moaned and wiggled as she knelt next to him. Her skirt had slowly crept up her thighs. Katie reached down and rubbed her thighs with her hand while holding Tommy’s head against her with the other.

His tongue darted around the bumpy halo of Katie’s nipple, flicking back and forth over her big, hard button until she was gasping. Little whimpers rose from her throat as she pushed more of her hard tit to his mouth for attention.

“Oh that’s… that’s good, Tommy!” The hot wife cradled the young boy’s face into her bosom.

Surging with increasing delight, Katie switched tits in mid-nibble. Pulling her wet, aching nipple, from his lips with a smacking pop, she replaced it with the other.

“Ohhhhhhhhh, that’s it! Suck on my tits!” She gave a small cry as pleasure soared through her cunt. With Tommy’s head crushed against her tit and his hard-on bobbing wildly against her nylon covered thighs leaving wet streaks of precum, she shuddered at the thought of orgasming with just nothing but Tommy’s mouth on her tits but she hasn’t felt this horny since she had sucked so many cocks in Wichita. He kissed and nibbled on her flesh to the side of each nipple. He sucked on the side and bit down playfully. Katie arched her back and flung her head back as she felt her pussy reaming as he devoured her chest. He sucked until pain went through the woman’s body as she glanced down as Tommy pulled his mouth away.

A large red bruise appeared where the young boy’s mouth was attached as Tommy smiled up triumphantly. Gasping for breath, he grinned and gazed down at her slick quivering tits with a possessive glare.

“Tommy!?” Katie rasped as she stared at the love bite on her right breast, “You naughty boy!” She stared at the hickey on her breast as lust swirled in her body. She suddenly felt young like a high school sweetheart and not the older woman who was old enough to be the boy’s mother.

Reeling with wicked excitement, Katie slumped back on her elbows on the folded down seats as her skirt was pushed above her hips. She saw his eyes drift down to her bare cunt exposed by her crotchless black sheer nylons. Her skirt was bunched up above her hips. Tingling afresh at his lustful expression, she giggled and gave a playful pout. “Do you like my nylons?”

“Ohh my God! Yeahhhhh,” he stared at the woman’s body with lust. “Those are really hot!” he gasped. To prove his point, he rose up on his knees, blatantly displaying his hard reddened cock and heavy dangling smooth balls. “Can I kiss you..” as he glanced towards her naked crotch, “down there?”

“Have you done that before?” the sexy woman asked through her lust filled eyes.

He shook his head back and forth as he continued to stare down at the folds of her pussy.

Katie sucked in her breath and creamed. His mouth felt so good on her breast she could only imagine his virgin mouth pressed against her wet pussy, “Only if you want to..”

Juices spilled from her exposed cunt as Tommy scooted down as Katie spread her legs for the young boy. His eyes glued to the spectacular view of her pink, glistening fuck slit.

“Ohhhh wow!” As Tommy moved his face closer. He turned his body on his side as his cock sprang up like a quivering spear; he moved his hands towards her quivering thighs.

Katie’s torso was propped up on her elbows, her knees drawn up and wide apart. She felt her cunt melt with steamy new heat as the boy stared at her. His eyes bulged out of his head.

“Do you,” she gasped slightly, thoroughly enjoying the look on his innocent face. “Do you like what you see?”

Tommy bobbed his head slowly up and down, unable to tear away from the sight of her drooling, flaring cunt. Her pouted pussylips were all slick with juices, winking open to expose the depths of her fuckhole.

Taking advantage of his hypnotized reaction, Katie spoke lightly, “Just to make sure you don’t go telling anyone during confession.”

He nodded again, so engrossed in her lush cunt that he hardly heard what she had said.

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