My Long Time Crush


I have known her a long, long time. From the first time I saw her, I had a huge crush on her. That gradually grew into a full blown fantasy.

She was a few years older than me. She was tall and thin, with sexy long, tanned legs and a small luscious ass. Her breasts were very small, but they fit her perfectly. She kept her hair long and it varied from light brown to dark blonde.

I thought that she was so beautiful and I wanted her so bad. We were friends and dated other people throughout the years, but we always stayed in touch with each other.

We flirted with each other, but it was mostly innocent. We would talk about sex now and then and even had phone sex once, but for a long time, it never went past that.

I knew it was more when I would see her and feel my cock stirring in my pants. At times, she would have my cock fully erect without even knowing it.

What started as an innocent crush, had grown into my fantasy.

The first time we ever fooled around was great. We had gone out as friends to shoot pool at a local billiard bar. We shot pool and drank lots of beer. If the evening would have ended with that, it would have been fun.

She looked great. She wore a button up shirt and jeans. Her long legs looked great in the jeans and they were tight enough to show her beautiful little ass.

We walked out to the parking lot, it was cold, and we jumped into my car to warm up. We talked for a while and before I knew it, we were kissing. She was a great kisser. Our tongues explored each other. My hands began groping her, running through her long hair, rubbing her ass. I felt her tiny breasts as we kissed harder. I slowly unbuttoned her shirt and opened it to expose her bra clad breasts. I kissed down her neck and over the tops of her breasts. I could feel my cock beginning to awaken in my own jeans.

We kissed more passionately as I slid her bra down and felt her small breast with my fingers, teasing her small nipple, making it erect. I rubbed it between my fingers as her breathing grew harder. I kissed down her neck again and licked her hard nipple with tongue. I sucked it gently, flicking it with my tongue. She sighed deeply.

I stopped for a second to take a look at her. Here I was with my dream girl, the girl I had had a crush on for years. She was so beautiful, so hot. It was incredible to see her getting so hot from what I was doing to her!

By this time, my cock was straining against my jeans. We continued

to kiss hard while I teased her breasts with my hands. I could not control myself anymore. I wanted her so bad. My hand traveled down her flat stomach to her jeans. She did not stop me as I unbuttoned her jeans. She kissed me harder.

My hand dove under her panties and over the small mound of her tiny bush. I softly stroked her pussy, feeling that she was already getting wet. She sighed deeply again as my fingers found her clit and stroked it softly. She responded by grabbing my now hard cock through my jeans. She began stroking it through my jeans. My fingers increased the tempo on her clit, I could feel her getting wetter and wetter.

She unbuttoned my jeans and reached in and grabbed my hard cock. I was so excited. I wanted her so üvey kız kardeş porno much I couldn’t stand it! I wanted to pull off her pants and lean her back and go down on her wet pussy. I wanted to taste her so bad. But she would not move. I hoped then that maybe she would pull my cock out and suck it, but that did not happen either.

We continued kissing passionately, stroking each other, getting each other hotter and hotter. It was wonderful, but my lust wanted more of her.

“Let’s go get a hotel room.” I said.

“I can’t.” she said, breathing heavily. “My boyfriend may come over.”

Lost in the moment, I had forgotten all about her having a boyfriend. I hope that she had too, but apparently not all together.

“I need to go.” she said sadly.

I wanted to tell her no, but I didn’t. We dressed ourselves and kissed each other goodbye.

I went home that night and replayed everything over in my mind. I ended up jerking off my hard cock and shooting a huge load of cum as I fantasized about her.

Our relationship drifted back to being friends again. We never talked about that night. I still lusted after her each time I saw her in short shorts or a revealing shirt. I would fantasize about her and rub my cock raw, jerking off to thoughts of her.

I would be with other women and fantasize about them being her. I would dream that it was her sucking on my cock and fire off a huge load of cum, much to the surprise of the girl I was actually with! She was still my ultimate dream girl.

One night I had been out drinking with my buddies. I was feeling pretty good and gave her a call. To my surprise, she told me to come over.

She met me at the front door in a robe and led me to her bedroom. We fell into the bed together and I quickly parted her robe, finding her naked beneath it. We kissed and I sucked at her small breasts. My hand reached down and stroked her pussy, getting her wet in seconds. She looked so wonderful naked.

After a few minutes, she was soaking wet. She pulled my hard cock free from my jeans. The head of my cock was covered in pre-cum and she used it to lubricate my cock as she began stroking my hardness.

I wanted to go down on her and taste her sweet pussy, but she would not let me. We continued to stroke each other, much to my growing frustration.

I told her that I wanted her to cum, but she said that she would not be able to with me using just my fingers. I told her that I wanted to be inside her, but she told me that she did not think that was a good idea.

I went home again that night and jerked my cock into a huge eruption of thick ropes of cum, dreaming that I was fucking her sweet, little, hot pussy.

I called her the next day to see how things were between us. I was surprised when she told me to come over. When I got over to her house, she was just about to get into the shower. She told me to relax, so I hung out in her bedroom, while she took a shower in the room next door.

I heard her get out of the shower and towel off. She walked into her bedroom wrapped in a towel. She stood there and we talked for a few seconds and then she dropped her towel.

She xnxx porno was marvelous. Her long sexy legs led up to a neatly trimmed bush. Her small breasts stood out on her chest and her face was beaming with beauty.

I stood and went to her, taking each other in our arms, we kissed and groped each other. She helped me pull off my clothes and we were naked together, kissing and holding each other. I became erect in minutes and she led me to the bed.

She pushed me back on the bed and then laid on top of me. We kissed more passionately, our bodies pressed together. My hard cock was pressed against the softness of her bush.

She spread her legs and let my cock slip down and touch her hot wetness. I could feel the heat coming off of her pussy. She pushed her hips back and I felt myself slid into her. She was so hot and wet. Her tight pussy enveloped my hardness. It felt like heaven. She still lay on top of me, not straddling or riding me, just lying on top of me, kissing still.

She moved back and forth, letting my cock penetrate deeper and deeper into her. I could feel her hard nipples against my chest. Her freshly washed hair dangled down in my face, smelling flowery and fresh.

She was moving faster and faster. Her hot little pussy felt so good. I knew I was not going to last long, but she would not slow down. She continued to rock back and forth on me.

I felt my cock getting ready to explode. I pulled out of her and erupted all over her and the bed. I was so humiliated that I had only lasted a few minutes. I had wanted it to last forever.

She collapsed on top of me and we held each other for several minutes in silence, just enjoying the feel of each other. Finally, she pulled herself up. She went to the bathroom and cleaned herself up and brought me a towel.

It had been short, but wonderful. She was so beautiful and had felt so good. She never said a word about my premature eruption, much to my relief. I knew that I could have fucked her better than that. I hoped that there would be another chance for me.

Several months later, we had met for drinks. We had gone up to the corner bar, near my house. We finished our drinks and left, back to my house. I wasn’t sure where things would go, but I quickly found out.

We were soon naked on my bed. She looked wonderful naked. Some guys might have thought her to be too skinny or her tits too small, but to me, she was a goddess. It did not take much foreplay before I was rock hard.

I wanted to go down on her and taste her pussy and tease her with my tongue, but she would not let me. Instead, she rolled me on my back and straddled me. She gently grabbed my hard cock and slid me inside of her.

She was wonderful. Her pussy was so hot, wet, and tight. It felt as if she were clutching at my hard cock with her pussy. I grew even harder inside of her. She started slowly, grinding her hips up and down. I met her with soft thrusts up into her. I would lean up and kiss her or take her small nipples in my mouth. Our breathing grew heavier as we enjoyed the feel of each other.

I slid my hands to her hips and pulled her down on me as I thrust up into her. Her pussy was so tight around my hard cock, zenci porno it felt so good. The alcohol from earlier was keeping me from coming too soon. To my relief, this time it was lasting a long time. She was moaning softly now, her pace increasing. We were kissing harder now as she got hotter.

I could not believe that finally, my beautiful dream girl was actually here, riding me, enjoying it as much as I did. She looked so beautiful, naked and ecstatic. I was still rock hard, thrusting up into her hot pussy.

My hands slowly slid to her tiny ass. Without thinking about it, my fingers were soon teasing her backside. She moaned again. Slowly I slid a finger just inside of her ass and slowly wiggled it back and forth as I thrust my cock harder into her.

She was going much faster now, moaning much more loudly now. My finger and my blood engorged cock penetrating faster into the liquid heat of her pussy and her ass. I was thrusting up off of the bed, hard into her. She responded back just as hard. I was so hard, it actually hurt a little, but I ignored that because her pussy felt so good.

“Please, don’t cum inside of me.” She said breathlessly.

In the rush of things, we had not even considered a condom. Now I was glad that we had not used one, this felt too good to have passed up.

“Okay.” I replied.

Just as fast, her body contracted and she moaned loudly. I could tell that she was coming. I thrust up into her harder, as her body shivered in an orgasm. Her head was back, as if she were looking up to the ceiling, as she moaned loudly with pleasure.

We continued on and soon she had another orgasm. She looked so beautiful, lost in the passion of her orgasm. Seeing her cum, made me even hotter! We were going so fast now, so hard. It felt so great. She was on fire and we were both sweating some now.

We had a great rhythm going, meeting each other’s thrust with our own. Her eyes were closed, but she had a look of immense enjoyment on her beautiful face. I leaned up and took her nipple in my mouth and she sighed loudly. I felt myself getting close to exploding.

I told her that I was going to cum and pulled myself out of her hot pussy, and my cock ended up in between her tiny ass cheeks, jutting up toward the ceiling. My cock exploded like a volcano when I came. I felt a huge load of molten cum shooting out of me. She leaned down and kissed me hard as I finished coming. I don’t ever remember coming so hard. We laid together for a short time and then she said that she needed to go.

We would remain friends for many more years to come. She never mentioned our times together, but I hope that she thought they were as hot as I did. Sometimes I would see her looking especially hot, maybe in a bikini at the beach or a sexy outfit. I would think back to that night and how good it felt being inside her hot little pussy.

I usually ended up jerking off again, but now it was so much better. I knew how great her pussy felt, how her long legs wrapped around me felt, how she looked riding my cock, and how she looked when she came. I would fantasize how it would be to cum in that hot little pussy or shooting hot strands of cum on her small tits. I would dream about bursting in her mouth as she gave me a blowjob or how she would taste as I ate her pussy. I would even reward the girl I was screwing at that time with particularly large loads of cum as I fantasized about her as we had sex.

So despite all the years, she still remains my fantasy girl!

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