No Hospital on the Weekends


Sitting in the horribly cold hospital waiting area was the last place Draya wanted to be. No in fact she should be getting ready to meet her friends for dinner, but those plans were scrapped the minute she tripped over that stupid fucking dump truck that her brother was adamant to get his little nephew. Her son loved playing with that dump truck, it will be a shame to see it smashed into little pieces and thrown out. There will be some tears shed for sure, but her son should have put the toy away after the first three times she told him to put in the closet.

A loud charm sounded from her phone, more than likely her friends checking in to see what the doctors had to say. Normally a sprained ankle wouldn’t mean anything, just ace it and elevate the damn thing but the lovely colors it was turning brought her in. The hospital was quiet oddly enough for it being the weekend, rolling her eyes at the memory of her friend’s house rule of no hospital on the weekends or holidays. It was a good rule to live by but one that needed to be broken today.

“Draya Smith” called an older lady from the double white door.

Standing up from her chair Draya hobbled her way to where the older lady was standing. Draya smiled and confirmed who she was before following back to the exam room.

“Please go ahead and sit on the bed.”

Draya did as told and laid on the exam bed and listened to the older lady go over the normal confirmation HIPPA questions and the explanation of who the nurse and doctor would be for the day. Draya just smiled and nodded her head, annoyed that she would now have to wait even longer for the doctor.

Laying on the bed in the cold hospital room made her wish that she had worn something other than her tank top and her small cotton shorts. But it was hot out and she was playing with the kids in the backyard, had she known she was going to end up here she would have worn leggings. Groaning Draya threw her hands into her messy hair and she cursed herself for not bringing a hoodie with her, hospitals have always been known for having cold rooms.

A light knock at the door had her sitting up straighter.

“Good afternoon Ms. Smith, I am Dr. Red’s nurse Chase.” Said a very handsome man walking into her room. He hadn’t even looked up from his ipad as he walked into the room. This was surprising, maybe nurse Chase was also having a bad day today.

”Hello Chase.” Replied Draya, as she watched him stop dead in his tracks and lift his head up.

Chase hadn’t even been on the clock long for the day and had two patients try and bite him and a Karen who thought he was fresh out of nursing school. The amount of annoyance he had rolling off him was gone the minute he heard that soft but sweet voice. It was the kind of voice that went right to his crotch. A voice that would tempt any many with the promise of a long and hot night. Looking up from his ipad he saw the most beautiful woman sitting back on her arms. Her hair was pulled together into a messy bun that sat at the top of her head. Her legs were long and defined, he couldn’t help but follow up the path to the shortest shorts he had ever seen, if they could even be considered shorts.

The sound of her throat clearing brought his attention back to where they were. “Ah yes, sorry uhhhh it looks like you are here for a sprained ankle?” Chase asked as he sat down on the swivel chair.

“Yeah those dang kids, love them to death but they never put their stuff away.”

A MILF Chase thought with a little smirk on his face. How many times had he thought of this exact scenario in the shower when he was working his cock over.

“Those kids keep you on your toes, helps keep you young…not that you would need it.” Chase said, testing the waters to see how flirty he could be with his new favorite patient. “Ok let’s go ahead and get all the fun stuff out of the way and then we can figure out what exactly is going on with that ankle 1080 porno of yours.” Chase rolled over to the exam table and took out his stethoscope. “Sorry, this might be a little cold.”

Draya smiled and nodded her head and watched as Chase brought the small metal circular object over to her chest. Never before had she been turned on by the normal exam routine, but the minute that metal touched her skin it was like a shock went through her body. The gentle ghosting of Chase’s fingers on her skin made her body heat up. The idea of the room being cold wasn’t even on her mind anymore. No, that small bit of skin on skin with her and the sexy nurse was enough to turn her whole body on fire.

“Your lungs sound fine.” Chase said as he removed his stethoscope from Draya’s chest and put it around his neck. Grabbing Draya’s hand he began to feel her pulse, he couldn’t help but smile at just how fast her pulse was. No doubt that he was having the same effect on her that she was having on him. Standing from his chair Chase tried to be discreet as possible with adjusting his hard on in his scrubs as he made his way to the foot of the bed.

“My throat has been feeling a little swollen can you please check it out?” Draya called out stopping chase from reaching her foot. He could try and position himself in any way he wants but there was no hiding that rock hard cock he was sporting.

“Of course.” Chase replies as he moved back to the head of the bed. When he reached for her neck he didn’t even see Draya drop her arm but he felt her delicate fingers brush up against cock, the scrubs were thin and he felt everything like there was nothing between him and her.

“Make sure to use both hands nurse chase, but with those big hands I doubt you would have any problem wrapping them around my throat to check it of course.” Draya whispered as she grabbed onto Chase’s cock and started stroking him.

Chase stifled the groan that wanted to escape and closed his eyes enjoying the feel of his cock being played with. Opening his eyes chase lifted his hands up putting one on each side of Draya’s neck to check for swelling. Looking down chase watched as her eyes seemed to have darkened the second his hands landed on her neck. Slowly chase removed one hand and adjusted the other hand left on her throat. Ever so slowly chase tightened his hand on Draya’s throat making sure to watch where he was applying pressure.

Draya’s eyes started to rollback and her lip found its way between her teeth. Her pussy began to ache with a need that she hadn’t felt so strongly before. Moving her hand from the front of his pants she quickly untied them and went inside to pully his cock free. The second her hand met his stiff cock Chase’s hand on her neck tightened perfectly to make her gasp match his.

Chase couldn’t help but close his eyes as Draya pumped his cock. How he wanted to see just how sweet her little mouth could be. Removing his hand from her throat Chase grabbed a fist full of her hair, “Why don’t you let me check your temperature? Open that pretty little mouth of yours for nurse Chase.”

Giggling Draya moved her body down to where she would be at the perfect level to suck that bead of precum from the tip of the plump mushroom head. Sticking her tongue out she did just that, “Mmm tasty.” Draya whispered before taking Chase fast and hard into her warm wet mouth.

Gasping Chase was not prepared for how fast she was moving, before he even had time to say anything she had him already fully down her throat. “Fuck.” Chase squeaked out. Chase was no saint, he had bed his fair share of women but none had the skills this woman did. He was almost certain that she was trying to suck the soul right out of his cock. Shutting his eyes tight Chase did his best to hold still and allow Draya to take control of what they were doing.

Bobbing her head up and down on Chase, Draya couldn’t help but love the 2 k porno feeling of him down her throat. Never in all of her years has she been so turned on by sucking cock. Maybe it was because he was an extremely attractive man, maybe it was because they were doing something so risky, it very well could be a combination of the two, but it didn’t matter. All she wanted to do was keep that man right where she had him. Reaching her hand, she gently cupped Chase’s balls and squeezed them softly, she wanted to see just how much he could take.

Chase was doing his very best to control himself but the moment she squeezed his balls he lost it. “Oh fuck!” Chase shouted as he grabbed onto both sides of Draya’s head and began to fuck that tight little mouth of hers. The sounds she was making and the vibration from the noises were going to make him slowly lose his mind. All the porn Chase had watched over the years, the sounds the women made were never that attractive but Draya’s sounds were like little electrical shocks to his balls. He could feel the orgasm building, oh how he wanted to shove his cock down her throat and empty his sack into her making her swallow every single drop of his cum…he knew he had to stop. Pulling back Chase removed his cock from the wet mouth instantly missing the warmth. “I can smell you from here, I bet your panties are soaked.”

Draya threw her head back and laughed, “Maybe they would be if I was wearing any.”

Chase lifted his eyebrow and went quickly to the end of the table and put a hand on either side of her hips and with paying attention to her hurt ankle he yanked her down to the edge. Sitting on the swivel chair Chase put a leg over each side before finally looking down. Draya was not lying, there was nothing there but her little shorts riding up her pussy. Being so close Chase could smell that amazing aroma like something sweet he needed to taste.

With one hand Chase moved the small bit of fabric to the side before dipping his tongue into the wet pink pussy. Chase had never in a million years thought he would be eating out a patient today, yet here he was feasting on the sweetest most delicious pussy he had ever had. If he was on death row and offered one meal as his last, he would ask for this pussy right here. Looking up at Draya chase watched as he used his tongue to explore every bit of her pussy. Watched the faces she made and how she shaped her mouth as she made soft sounds.

Draya was going mad with need, the man knew exactly what he was doing with that mouth of his but she needed more. As if Chase read her mind, she felt two fingers enter her pussy as he made slow licks to her clit. Like two ends of a magnet Chase’s fingers seemed to be drawn right to her sweet spot. Curling his fingers on the inside he began to slowly rub that little bundle of nerves over and over. Draya’s legs began to quiver as she felt her orgasm approaching, never before had she been able to get off so quickly by another person. Only when she played with herself was, she able to cum so quickly.

“Fuck don’t stop.” Chase barely heard as he continued on with his stroking and licking. There was nothing that could happen to make him stop at this point. No he needed to see her cum undone on his fingers. He wanted to watch right from where he was when she finally lost herself to the pleasure of the orgasm. He wouldn’t have to wait long, with a couple of more strokes and a long lick to the clit he felt her legs squeeze together as a rush of fluid released from her pussy. He didn’t stop what he was doing, his mama didn’t raise no fool…no he kept going stroking and sucking her more as she tried to squirm her way away. No, he wasn’t having any of that, he held onto her stronger and sucked on her clit as he ripped another orgasm out of her.

Draya had her eyes shut so hard that she was seeing silver specks sparkle over her eyelids and held her hands over her mouth 3 k porno to silence her screams that were threatening to escape her throat. When her orgasm finally subsided and chase pulled away she was left there gasping for air, little tremors rolled through her body.

“Nothing like a little desert before the main meal.”

Draya looked up at Chase as he wiped the moisture from his face with his thumb before licking it clean. Draya’s chest rose and fell at a rapid pace as she watched him stroke his own dick.

“How do you want this?” Chase asked, he was a gentleman if anything.

“I want you to bend me over and fuck me hard.” Draya replied with her eyes dark with lust.

“Then scoot down here, one leg down but keep that hurt ankle up and at an angle.”

Draya rolled over to her stomach but before she could get into the position she was told to, she felt chase grab her shorts and help pull them down. Once her shorts were finally removed, she let her right leg fall down to touch the ground but bent her knee up to be in a fire hydrant yoga position.

“You have to tell me the minute your ankle starts hurting.” Chase called out seconds before burying his cock deep inside her and going right to her cervix.

All Draya could do was gasp and bury her face into the exam table. The sound of flesh on flesh quickly slapping against each other and mixed in with the squelching sound of her pussy being thoroughly fucked…it was like heaven.

“Fuck me harder!” Draya groaned out.

“Whatever you want baby.” Chase replied.

Grabbing onto her hips to the point that there were going to be a bruise when he was done, Chase began pile driving his cock in bumping right passed the cervix. Chase knew that this woman right here never missed out on her kegels, no she had a good amount of pressure wrapped around his cock. Raising his hand he brought it down fast and hard on Draya’s bare ass. A loud yelp came from the head of the exam table.

“Better keep it down up there, don’t want anyone to know what is going on in here.”

Chase watched as Draya bit down on her fist to stifle the sounds. Biting down on his lip Chase took the chance to look down and watch his dick slide in and out of her pussy. It was covered in her pussy cream.

“Fuck I am not going to last much longer but I want you to cum one more time.”

Chase released one hip from his grip and used the free hand to go around her waist to find her clit. Using the juices coming from her pussy he used it as lube as he rubbed her swollen clit. He could feel that she was getting closer and closer with his rubbing. The pressure was also building up in his balls, he wanted her thrown right over that edge. He went up on his tippy toes to change the angle and quickened the pace of his strokes.

“Oh my god yes!”

With that small sentence he knew he had her right where he wanted her. “I need you to come now baby. I won’t make it much longer. Fucking let go!” applying more pressure to Draya’s clit he lost his battle just as Draya began cumming herself. Bending over Draya Chase latched onto her shoulder and bit down to silence his own orgasm.

With both of them fully sated and spent Chase slowly pulled out of Draya watching as his dick come out only to be followed by his own cum. Watching Draya’s pussy leak of his cum made his dick stir again.

“Stay right there.”

Draya giggled, “I don’t think I could move even if I wanted to.”

Chase pulled his scrubs back up before going to the sink and grabbing a towel and wetting it. Returning back to Draya he began to clean up the mess he had helped create. With her as clean as possible he helped her put her shorts back on before helping her sit back up on the exam table.

“Uhhh well we should probably look at that ankle now.”

Throwing her head back Draya laughed hard. “Yeah maybe we should.”

If only the two had known that their special exam had been heard by a certain doctor who had a fancy for nurse chase.

Smiling Doctor Red pushed off the wall and walked away from the door leading into Draya’s room. She would have to have a talk with her nurse, who did he think he was giving some random girl her cock.

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