Rocky Mountain Summers

Big Tits

This was my first attempt at writing erotic fiction. All the characters in this story are based on real people and some of the things that take place are based on real situations and occurrences. Obviously, some are pure fantasy. If you’re so inclined, try to guess which character is based on me. Please feel free to leave constructive feedback.


Cathy had finished her shower and toweled herself off. She stood nude in front of the mirror brushing her teeth. As she brushed she looked at her body, knowing it would never go back to the way it was before the baby. While she was down to her pre-conception weight, she was still pudgy around the middle, but that was to be expected.

She finished brushing her teeth. She glanced in the mirror again and cupped her breasts in her hands. She was self-conscious about her large breasts before giving birth, but now they had grown even larger, swollen with breast milk. However, she was pleased that her legs, hips and rear were back to their old form – relatively tight and fit. She let her breasts go and pulled a one-piece silk negligee over her head. It was dark blue, and she thought it looked good against her fair skin. The thin straps connected to a neckline that showed just enough of her breasts to be sexy. Before leaving for this trip, she had hesitated about bringing it, but decided in favor, thinking it might come in handy at least one night while they were out in Colorado. She and her husband, Brian, didn’t have sex nearly as much as she would like at home because they both were pretty tired after a long day of work and taking care of their baby, Erin. She hoped to make up for lost time on this trip. She adjusted her chest a little, giving herself a last look-over in the mirror.

Brian lay on the bed looking up at the ceiling thinking. The windows of the room on the second floor were wide open to let in the cool, night, mountain air. Bugs chirped in the yard. Erin lay sleeping in the crib at the end of the bed. He looked over at the clock; it read 10:35. Cathy has been in there a long time, he thought to himself.

His thoughts ran over the last two days. They had flown out to Cathy’s family’s large house in the Rocky Mountains. Every two years Cathy’s cousins and their families got together for a reunion here. Brian generally liked most of Cathy’s family members, although a few could be a bit tedious. Cathy had five cousins between the ages of 19 and 30 and two of them had spouses, which was a benefit when it came to finding things to do outdoors. There were always people willing to go on hikes in the mountains or out for a couple drinks in the evenings. Having a child had cut down on those late evenings they used to enjoy though.

Brian’s thoughts drifted to Autumn, one of Cathy’s cousins. He wasn’t sure what had changed in Autumn over the last two years, but something was definitely different. Brian knew from talking to Cathy that Autumn very badly wanted to find a man to settle down with and marry. She hadn’t been dating anyone seriously until last year, but she had broken off that relationship.

Before this reunion Brian felt sorry for Autumn. She was an incredibly sweet, thoughtful young woman. But she was also somewhat awkward and didn’t have much fashion sense. He wasn’t sure whether it was because she just felt other things were more important, or that she wasn’t aware of how these things might help with attracting men. Autumn was mildly attractive but had never done anything with her clothes, hair, or body to enhance her physical beauty. All this had changed since he’d last seen her. Brian had noticed that Autumn had let her bangs grow out and straightened her hair. She no longer wore baggy jean shorts or bulky, unflattering t-shirts. Her shorts were now fitted to her slender frame, her shirts enhanced her small waist and modest chest, and even while hiking she wore cargo pants that looked like they were right out of a trendy outdoors catalog. Whatever had taken place the last two years it was an amazing improvement.

When Autumn had greeted Brian three days ago he was stunned. She had wrapped her arms around him to greet him and given him a strong, firm hug, and he had actually felt his heartbeat pick up. They had talked frequently between then and now, she always smiling and happy. Brian couldn’t help but be drawn to her enjoyable personality and new-found attractiveness.

His thoughts were broken up by the opening of the door and the arrival of Cathy from the bathroom. She was smiling at him and looked incredibly inviting in her nightie. He smiled back at her and put his finger to his lips to say “ssssshhh.” Cathy’s brown hair, still wet from the shower, fell down to her shoulders, lightly covering the thin blue straps holding up the silk, which shimmered as she walked silently over to the bed and climbed onto it.

“We’ll have to be quiet,” she whispered as she leaned over and turned off the bedside light. Moonlight provided all that 4 k porno they needed.

Brian bent in to kiss his wife. His lips found hers and they kissed softly at first. As the couple lay side by side their legs intertwined, his thigh moving between her knees. She placed her hand on his bare chest, felt his smooth skin, and then wrapped her arm around his body. Brian’s arm went around her and felt the bare skin of her back, her full breasts pressed to his chest.

Their tongues danced, their mouths pressed together in a deep, passionate kiss. Cathy moaned softly in her throat. “It’s been a while,” she said between kisses.

“Mmm, I know,” was his response, “I was thinking about this all day.” Cathy playfully ran her hand down Brian’s chest and pressed it between his legs, feeling the hardness there. She tugged at the waist of his boxers and pulled them down his legs. Grasping his firm cock she stroked it slowly, smiling.

Their mutual desire quickly overtook any foreplay; their kissing became more passionate. The couple’s tongues delved deeply in each other’s mouths. Cathy’s nails gently pressed against the skin of Brian’s back.

“As much as I like your attire…,” Brian said with a grin as he lifted up the bottom of Cathy’s negligee and pulled it up over her arms and head. They were naked together, their hands exploring each other’s bodies, their desire growing. Brian’s hands caressed Cathy’s large bosom. He was careful not to pinch too hard as he knew she was still sensitive from breastfeeding.

She whispered in his ear. “I wanna feel you in me.” That was all the invitation Brian needed as he slid his hand down over her soft belly, through the dark curly hairs between her thighs and found her wetness inviting him.

Cathy rolled onto her back and spread her legs. Brian shifted over her and slowly pressed the tip of his cock against her waiting lips. She had been particularly tender after giving birth, but had almost gotten back to the point where she could take him again. She reached down and helped guide him into her. Brian slowly slid inside, holding himself over her with his hands planted in the bed sheets. Cathy closed her eyes as she felt a little pain but mostly pleasure. “Mmm, yes,” she moaned.

Brian slowly moved back and forth inside of her. Cathy wrapped her legs around his hips, pushing her own up to meet him. “Is it too tight?” he asked.

“Just go slowly,” she replied, her eyes wide open now and her tongue licking her lips. Brian’s breathing increased in intensity as he thrust in and out. She loved watching his face as his orgasm built. The bed creaked as the couple’s motions became firmer. Cathy’s neck arched back and she closed her eyes.

“So close now,” Brian said between deep breaths as his tempo increased and he passed the point at which there was no stopping. Cathy opened her eyes to watch as his face screwed up into what looked like a scowl, but she knew it as intense pleasure. Thrusting her hips up to his body, she felt him spurt inside her.

Brian tried to stifle a moan but he wasn’t sure how successful he was. He collapsed on top of his wife as his orgasm subsided. Cathy wrapped her arms and legs around his limp body and kissed his face, moaning as she did so, her hips still moving as his hardness waned.

Brian could tell she wanted more, but he stayed relaxed for a couple minutes on top of her. He didn’t make her wait too long though. He sat up and smiled. “So good sweetie,” he said to her, “your turn now.” Cathy grinned.

As his body slid down hers, Brian’s lips lightly touched the taught muscles of her neck, then her collar bone, stopping briefly to caress her prominent, erect nipples. Cathy responded, arched her back and lifted her breasts to meet him. As he worked his way down her soft stomach, kissing her fair skin, his hands slid under her bottom, lifting her a little off the bed.

As he moved lower, Cathy spread her legs for him. Brian smelled the musky scent of her juices mixed with his. His chin and lips brushed the dark curly hair covering her mound. Cathy’s hips quivered at the first touch of his tongue to her wet lips. His tongue worked its way from the base of her labia and then up higher. Cathy new what was coming and involuntarily lifted her hips to meet his tongue. He pried open her folds with his tongue and found her button and let his tongue do most of the work, circling and licking.

Cathy felt his right hand move up to her left breast and squeeze a nipple. His tongue worked harder and a little faster. Cathy felt the pleasure building, then subsiding a little, and then building again. She lifted her hips up off the bed, her hands on Brian’s scalp, pressing him to her. This was it. Her breathing picked up and she moaned deep in her throat, trying to keep quiet as her orgasm exploded. She wrapped her soft thighs around Brian’s head; her body shook the bed as spasms overtook her.

Quickly, she became too sensitive to touch and she 7 dak porno pulled Brian up from between her legs. Kissing him and tasting her juices on his lips, she pressed his body to hers again. “Oh sweetie, that was wonderful,” she cooed.

A noise from the crib silenced any response from Brian. They both dared not move, but it was just Erin changing position. Brian smiled at Cathy knowing they wouldn’t have to worry about trying to get the baby back to sleep just yet.


Downstairs, Autumn lay in her bed, staring at the wall on the far side of the room. On the other side to the room, her cousin Kayla was asleep in the other bed. While it was late, she wasn’t that tired. Two of her cousins – Cathy and Scott – had gone to bed with their respective spouses a little after that. Autumn had stayed up with her cousin, Kayla, as well as her sister Sandra and her husband Nate, to play cards.

Autumn pondered Nate and Sandra’s life together. Autumn loved her sister Sandra, but she was jealous of her life with Nate. She knew she shouldn’t be, but she was. Nate and Sandra had a two year old daughter and were happily married. This had eluded Autumn – love, marriage, family – the things she really wanted. She liked her job as a teacher and enjoyed Seattle, the city in which she lived, but what she really wanted was a husband. She wanted the love and companionship that came with marriage – the knowledge that there would always be someone there for her, to look after her. She desired the warm, hard body of a man next to her in bed. Her religious faith had instructed her to save herself for marriage. While she’d fooled around with a few men in the distant past, what she considered her more foolish youth, she was, over-all, satisfied with her decision to not sleep around. However, at times she wondered whether it was worth it or not.

Autumn thought back to three months earlier when she’d broken off a relationship she’d had with a man she’d dated for almost a year. She’d eventually realized that he wasn’t right for her; he was a little too passive about life. She wanted a man who would stick up for her, not give in to her every whim. She thought of her cousin Scott and how his wife, Stephanie, adored him, and Cathy’s husband, Brian and how handsome and strong he seemed. Nate was smart and talented and was a wonderful father to his daughter. She thought of how Brian had hugged her in greeting a couple days ago and how good it felt to be held. Her heart fluttered a little at the remembrance of Brian’s strong arms around her and the momentary look in his brown eyes. She felt a twinge in her body and tried to stifle those feelings as she drifted off to sleep.


Scott, the oldest of the family present, checked his watch. It was a little after seven in the morning. It was about a nine mile hike round trip from the trailhead, which the group had left about ten minutes ago. It was important to get started early or a group could get caught up at the top of a mountain when the afternoon thunderstorms blew in. The last thing one wanted was to be above the tree line in a lightning storm.

Scott was leading the way up the trail with his sister, Kayla, as well as cousins Autumn and Sandra, her husband, Nate, and behind him Cathy and Brian bringing up the rear. The Rocky Mountains rose above them; the highest peaks still had snow in some places even though it was July. “Looks like we beat a lot of the tourists,” commented Nate. There had only been a couple other cars parked in the lot.

“It’s not like this is a big tourist hike anyway. They stick to the easy ones,” answered Sandra with a grin.

“Yeah, we’re real hard core,” responded Autumn with a sarcastic grin as she stopped to adjust her backpack.

The banter continued in this way up the mountain, the trail switching back on itself over and over as it wound its way through the pines and aspens. The group occasionally spotted a squirrel, chipmunk, or crow, but other than that the wildlife kept its distance from the hikers.

The talking died down and the pace slowed a little as the elevation began to increase. The air grew crisper and a little cooler and a breeze picked up. There was more deep breathing and more stops for refreshing drinks from canteens.

Autumn stopped to take a picture of Sandra and Nate with one of the taller peaks as a backdrop and then took out her canteen for a sip of water. She admired the view as she drank, but then resumed hiking, finding herself in the back of the group. She looked up the trail at Brian and Nate ahead of her. Nate was helping Sandra with one of the straps of her pack. An appreciative smile was on Sandra’s face. Envy crept into Autumn’s mind again.

As the sun climbed higher, the clear, blue sky gave way to more clouds and the hikers gradually left the tree line behind them. At this elevation the pines couldn’t survive. That also meant the trail no longer consisted of alman porno dirt and pine needles, but was more rocky and treacherous.

Scott looked back down the trail. It shouldn’t be more than another mile or so, he thought. His breathing was heavier, despite hiking often and living far above sea level. Some of his cousins weren’t as in shape as he was and lived at lower elevations. This was their fourth day in Colorado and they’d done a shorter hike the second day they were there, but that wasn’t much of a warm-up. He figured they might need a rest so he stopped. “Let’s wait here for a bit to let them catch up,” he said to his sister Kayla, who was directly behind him.

In a minute Nate, Sandra, Autumn, Cathy and Brian caught up and stopped to catch their breath. “It shouldn’t be too much longer to the top,” advised Scott.

Sandra commented on her hunger and Nate retorted that she should have eaten more than a banana for breakfast. Sandra noted that she had to make sure their daughter got fed before they left, subtly reminding him that he was still in bed when this was taking place. “Okay you two, break it up,” Autumn said. “No spats on the trail.”

“On that note…,” Brian added as he and Cathy started up the trail again with Scott.

As they continued to climb, Cathy pondered her extended family. Scott had definitely taken on the role of natural leader of the group and everyone respected him. He was good looking, in a rugged sort of way, and when he spoke people tended to listen. But he was also laid back and good-natured. Scott’s wife, Stephanie, certainly seemed to admire him, and he clearly adored her. They had two children under the age of four. Cathy compared herself to Stephanie. She was a little jealous. She realized that she was a larger-boned woman in general and hadn’t lost all the weight she had gained while carrying Erin. Stephanie, on the other hand, looked like she had never had children. She and Cathy were about the same height, 5-7 or so, but Stephanie was rail-thin. It must be all the exercise, Cathy thought.

Her thoughts moved to Sandra and Nate. Sandra could only be described as plain. She had fair skin, short brown hair cut a little above her shoulders, and, for the most part, an expressionless voice. Cathy looked up the trail at her hiking in front of her. Sandra had an athletic, slender body, with subtle, but nice curves. She was like her sister Autumn in that she didn’t do much to accentuate her positive, feminine physical features. Nate was also slender, looked like he worked out, and quiet as well. Cathy’s thoughts wandered into the indecent, and she wondered whether they were as emotionless in bed as they were in public. She tried to picture them in the thralls of love-making but had a hard time. They were well matched, but less openly infatuated with each other than Scott and Stephanie.

Cathy’s thoughts were distracted as they reached the peak. They removed their backpacks and took some pictures, admiring the view. After a couple minutes they sat down and relaxed, eating the lunches they had packed before they left. Cathy sat next to her husband and admired the view from the peak. In the far distance they could make out some elk. Scott checked his watch and then looked at the sky. There were some more clouds and a few darker ones, but they were farther off. They’d made good time, but they still shouldn’t stay up here too long.

Scott watched the clouds as they ate and grew a little more concerned. “I think we should begin to pack things up,” he said looking at the clouds, which had grown darker over the past ten minutes.

“They don’t look friendly, do they?” responded Kayla. The group was in agreement. They quickly packed up their lunches and slung their packs back on their backs for the trip down the mountain. Ominous thunder rumbled in the distance.

“Let’s go guys,” Scott urged. They started back down the rocky trail up which they’d come. While less strenuous, going down was still difficult. Unstable gravel and rocks made each step tenuous, and a missed step could send a person tripping down the trail. Rain made it even tougher, as the rocks were slipperier.

The first drops of rain were felt a couple minutes after they’d left the summit and the thunder grew closer. Scott and Kayla were in the lead. Nate, Sandra, Cathy and Autumn followed with Brian bringing up the rear.

The sky grew darker as the thunderheads began to reach them, and the downpour began. Scott was still a good distance to the tree line and the others were even further behind. Thunder shook the mountain. The faces of the hikers changed from serious to harried as they picked up the pace down the trail. The rain soaked them to the skin in minutes, the packs becoming heavier on their backs.

Autumn looked up at the clouds and then lost her footing, falling on the rocks with a shout. Brian was behind her and knelt down. “You all right?” he asked taking her hand to give her assistance up.

“Yeah, I’m fine,” she replied, but with a pained expression on her face. Brian helped pull her up and she took a couple of steps. Autumn could feel a shooting pain in her left ankle and hobbled a bit down the trail. “I think it might be twisted,” she said, wincing in pain.

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