Room 53


A message pings up on my phone, ‘I’m waiting, 53’. I stand up and smooth down my dress saying my goodbyes to the girls. I haven’t had a drink, not wanting the haze of alcohol to dampen what’s about to happen, well, and I need to get to you and quick.

I get into my car and can feel my hands shaking a little, I’m nervous, in an excited way. This is by no means the first time, but it is the first time we’ve done this. The back seat of cars and rushed fumbles during ‘coffee’ just aren’t the same.

I drive quickly and pull up outside the hotel. A quick message confirms it’s the third floor I need to head for. Desperate to keep my head down and not be noticed I pretend to be making a call on my phone as I swish past reception and step into the lift. My stomach is full of butterflies and a familiar warm tingle spreads between my legs. It’s cold outside and my hard nipples are painfully obvious through the clingy fabric of my dress.

I take a deep breath and knock gently on the door. You quickly open it and step aside for me to enter. Your head cocks to one side and you smile at me, ‘hey’.

I can barely make eye contact with you, you have to stop me and hold me by the shoulders, ‘Relax, it’s just us now’. ‘Us’ I love hearing that, like a hot wire to my pussy I can feel myself growing wet in anticipation.

I slip my scarf off and your eyes drop to my breasts, your hands move from my shoulders to rest over them, your thumbs circling my hard nipples making me groan and instantly relax against you. I can feel your hardening cock through your jeans and look up into your almost black eyes. There is a knowing glint that this is going to be wild.

‘Arms up’ you instruct me, dutifully I obey you and you pull my dress up over my head. Leaving me stood before you in a red set I’d purchased especially and a pair of black lace top hold ups. I feel so vunerable, goosebumps prickling my skin. You look me up and down and nod approvingly. Pulling me against you, your hands drop to my bum, grabbing my cheeks roughly before smacking me hard making me jump and giggle all at once.

You step backwards towards the bed and sit down, pulling me onto your lap straddling you. You are so hard and the outline of you presses hard against the silk of my knickers onto my aching pussy. I push myself against you, moaning, cupping my face in your hands, you gently start to kiss me. Way more tenderly than I was expecting after the earlier smack to my bum that still burnt hot.

I gently part my lips feeling your tongue explore my mouth, your hands tangled in my hair as you pull me closer.

You lie backwards, flat out on the crisp sex izle white sheets (the irony) and I’m still sat upright. I reach behind and unclip my bra, it falls away from my breasts giving you a full view of me. Still perky after all these years you reach up to squeeze them approvingly.

My gaze drops to the waistband of your jeans. ‘Go on’ you say. So I shimmy back down your thighs and unbutton you. Your zip is straining and as I gently pull it down your beautiful cock eagerly springs out, no boxers I note. You’re even bigger than I remember, so thick and rock hard. Raising your hips off the bed, I tug them down and slide off the bed to kneel between your legs. You sit up, not wanting to miss seeing this.

With a hand on each strong thigh and not breaking eye contact, I take you in my mouth, eagerly devouring every delicious inch of you. Flicking my tongue over the tip and tasting your intoxicating salty pre cum, already dripping from you, I moan in appreciation. Using my hand to control how deep you’re thrusting into me, fucking my mouth, your hands are on the back of my head pushing yourself deeper. You make me gag you’re so big but I never stop staring at you. You’re biting your lip hard. I slow my tongue and licking my lips, slide up you, your cock resting between my breasts. ‘what do you want, I’m yours’ I tell you. Pulling me up and kicking your jeans off in one smooth motion, I’m straddling you again but this time your cock is separated from me by only the thinnest piece of silk.

You roll me over so I’m flat out on the bed and pull your T-shirt off. Tattoos are now across your arms, a new addition since I’d last been with you, I like it.

You lay on your side against me and trace your finger from my lips, across my collarbone, over my nipples and down the centre of my stomach stopping at the silk of my knickers. A growing wet patch is clearly visible between my legs. ‘Oh you’re ready are you?’ you ask as I throw my arm over my face giggling in embarrassment.

‘Don’t hide your face’ you say sternly, ‘I want to see you when I make you cum’

You position yourself over me, pushing my thighs apart, sliding my knickers down over my hips exposing my smooth pussy. ‘Ummm’ I gasp as you bury your face into me your tongue moving straight to my clitoris flickering expertly over it. I fight hard to be quiet the sensation is phenomenal. Your finger gently teases me, not quite entering me, driving me wild. ‘I can’t believe how wet you are for me’ you exclaim smiling. ‘Please’ I beg you, bucking my hips to try and make you push a finger deep into me. ‘No, you’re coming on my cock and nowhere sikiş izle else’

You can’t hold back anymore and sitting up you push your fingers into my mouth. I can taste myself on them, sucking my juices from them hungrily. Your cock needs no guiding as you give in and push hard into me. I whimper escapes my mouth as you stretch me quickly open. ‘Fuck’ you murmur starting to work a hard and steady rhythm. You know I won’t last long and wrapping my legs around you an earth shattering orgasm rages through me, you feel a gush of hot juices escape from me and smile approvingly.

You slow as I try and catch my breath and pull out of me. I look up at you confused, ‘Roll over, onto your front’ you instruct. I do as I’m told, half knowing what you’re going to do to me next. You kneel behind me, ‘On your knees’. Fuck, I was right. ‘Please, go slow’ I beg you. I can already feel your cock between my bum cheeks, so heavy and slippery from my juices. You reach around and gently start massaging my pussy, I arch my back and feel your thighs against mine. You slowly and gently push my legs apart further and using your hand to guide you, very gently rest the head of your thick cock against my most private place.

Your hand slows and all you can hear is our heavy breathing as you start to enter me, it hurts, so bad, you’re big and I bite my lip hard as I feel you filling me. You stop for a second, allowing me to adjust and when you feel me relax a little, push slowly deeper. ‘Ok?’ you ask me softly, ‘Uh huh’ I whimper back. You slowly start to thrust pulling out a little and in a little more with each movement. Your hand starts to work more firmly against my pussy as you lose yourself in the moment. I know you’re close, your breathing tells me, I can feel your full balls slap against me as you work towards your release. You plunge 2 fingers deep into my pussy, I’ve never been so ‘full’ of you in my life and it feels insane.

I know another orgasm is building, partly from your expert fingers and partly from knowing how much I’m pleasing you right now. I reach back and gently stroke your balls which tips you over the edge. I can feel you explode inside me, your cock pulses, pumping me full of your hot load. Your balls shudder in my hand and my own orgasm tears through me for the second time tonight.

My legs collapse from under me, your cock pulling out of me quickly. I’m exhausted, full of you, aching, but ridiculously happy. You lie behind me and gently kiss my neck, whispering ‘wow’.

I wake with a jolt, it takes me a moment to remember where I am. You’re still laying behind me, your arm wrapped türk porno around me and hand holding my breast. I can feel your resting cock against my bum. Smiling, rubbing my eyes, I can feel a sticky pool of us on my inner thighs.

Gently I wriggle out from under your arm and stand, I reach around on the side and feel your phone. As I press the screen it illuminates the room, ‘Fuck’ it’s just before 1am, your screen shows texts, WhatsApp messages and 3 missed calls.

The screen cuts out as I feel my way in the dark to the tiny bathroom and quietly shut the door behind me, pulling the light switch on. I wince at the sting between my legs as I bend to roll my hold ups down over my thighs. I pull back the shower curtain and twist it on, hot water jets from the head as I step in and under it. Reaching for the bar of soap I gently wash you from me, running my fingers into my sore creases.

Hearing the door handle click, I know you’re there. As you pull back the curtain my eyes drop to your cock, already semi hard. ‘Again?!’ I ask, ‘I don’t think I can’. You reach in and twist the shower off, taking me by the wrist as I step out. You wrap a white towel around my shoulders and lead me back to bed. ‘Oh you can and you will, I’ll be gentle’ you whisper.

We climb under the sheets together, lay stretched out face to face, our bodies against one another. You’re not fully hard as I reach down and gently touch you. Almost instantly you stiffen under my hand and roll me onto my back. You shift yourself down the bed parting my legs and so lightly start to kiss my pussy. Your tongue soothes my swollen creases and though it stings, we both know I’ll take you again. ‘You don’t taste of me anymore’ you say, ‘I wanted you to leave full of me’, I giggle hearing you say those words.

You caress me with your tongue, your hands on my hips. I moan, ‘not yet’ you tell me. Nobody can make me cum as fast as you, it’s almost embarrassing. Moving back up the bed planting little kisses up my body you start to kiss me. So much more tenderly than before. Your swollen cock rests heavy between my legs and ever so slowly you push inside me. You feel me tense, though wet for you, the burn still makes me gasp. You stop for a moment ‘Ok?’ I nod my head, ‘Please’ I beg you.

This isn’t what we did earlier, earlier we desperately fucked, animalistic and raw. You’re making love to me now, you’ve never done it like this. Moving so slowly and tenderly so as not to hurt me. I whimper every now and again but know you get a kick out of making me feel like this, owning me. Our bodies thrust and tense together, my hands on your bum pulling you into me.

‘Cum with me’ you instruct breathlessly, as if you needed to ask. ‘Fill my pussy’ I reply. Hearing my words you kiss me harder and as an orgasm rips through me, your cock begins to pump as you empty yourself inside me, perfectly together again.

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