Roommates Sometimes Equal Sex


She sat on the couch flipping through channels, bored as hell. Her mind drifted to her new roommate as she realized she heard the shower going. He had moved in a month ago and she was dying to get into his pants. Gorgeous as hell, tall and lean; she was sure there was some heat between them somewhere. They had frozen moments of bumping into each others asses in the tight kitchen while hunting down food. She had brushed her breasts against him while going into the bathroom when he was leaving it. Hell, she had brushed her hand against his dick when she had blindly reached for the remote a few nights ago after her show was over. Had he been hard like she thought or was it just the jean material? Had she watched the flash of heat cross his face when she slowly pulled her hand back? She was sure a few times he was going to kiss her in moments like that. She could see the way he leaned into her or watched her when she walked from the bathroom to her room in a towel. What she wasn’t sure of was why she was holding back.

She licked her lips at the thought of finally getting her hands on him. She imagined him wet and rubbing himself down while soaping up. Erect and dying for a good fuck, pumping until he strained against his hand and leaned back into the hot water pouring out of the faucet. So much tension, they both needed the release. She set the remote down and glides her hand over her shorts, lifting her hips as she passes over her clit. She kept thinking about his slick skin as she rubbed herself. She could sneak into the shower and let him watch her fuck herself. His eyes would narrow as she dipped her fingers between her lips. His hands would clench as her other hand slid under her shirt.

Speak of the devil. He walked out glistening from excess water, small streams running from his head and down his chest, to disappear into the towel that hugged his hips. Her hand grabbed for the remote again, switching the channel from the cartoons it had landed on, watching him out of the corner of her eye. Her mouth parted in lust as he smiled at her and reached down to lift a t shirt from off the couch that had been thrown there the day before. He wasn’t the cleanest of roommates but right now she really didn’t give a shit. He took a second glance at her look. She was hoping he saw the need in her eyes.

He glanced at his shirt and then back at her. He cleared his throat. She glanced down at his body again tracing the lines of his chest and stomach, wanting to run bakire porno her fingers through the hair that graced it. She imagined pressing her body against his enjoying the feel of moisture making her shirt and shorts wet and pull back enough to skim her teeth and tongue on his shoulder and chest and nipples and stomach. She bit her lip at the thought and raised her eyes to meet his raised eyebrows. She gestures her head for him to come over and sets the remote down again.

He gives in and sits a foot from her.

“How’s work been?”

He takes a second before he answers, just watching her face. “Good.”

“Good.” Her eyes keep glancing to his wet chest in stomach. She was salivating at the thought of tasting him. “Can I ask you a question? I need a guys point of view.”

“Sure.” She sure he knows where her eyes keep flitting to. If she could only see that towel grow, she’d know he was thinking the same thoughts. She adjusts herself so she’s sitting on her legs leaning slightly towards him and runs a finger down a line where water had just been.

“How long do you think a girl should wait to fuck someone? Factor in, she’s not totally positive he’s into her.” Her finger circles around his nipple. “I mean, guys would fuck a girl he’s not into just for the sex wouldn’t he? So, even if he doesn’t like her, he’d go for the sex.”

His eyebrows raise again. “Some guys are like that. And some guys need to be attracted to the chick.”

“Do you think I’m attractive?” Her hand plays along the start of the towel and she wants to scream with relief as she watches a bulge grow behind it.


He leans against the back of the couch. She splays her fingers wide and places it on one side of his chest to pull towards the other, letting his hairs run lightly under her fingers. She traces the lines and indents on his torso just as she had imagined, sometimes pressing, loving the give of flesh, sometimes just enjoying the feel of muscles and hair beneath. He starts to take off his towel but she stills his hand.

She kisses his stomach, then licks her way across the towel, crawling over his lap and sits on the floor between his legs. Her hand strays up beneath the cloth to travel up his calf to thigh. She rests her hand there playing a bit on his leg and drags her hand back down. She does it again to the other leg, this time coming a bit closer to where he truly wanted her cool hands. She bites him gently through brazzers the towel.

She pulled herself up enough to pull on the towel with her teeth moving it from one side and bites him again with one less layer to hinder her. She then takes the other side across his hips again to reveal his naked body. She leaned back, sucking on her lower lip as she gazed at him. Her hands came forward from her lap and grazed the inside of his thighs to brush first against his balls and then erection. She didn’t realize she had licked her lips but he had. His hips flexed at it.

She bent forward slowly making the moment stressed. Her lips found him. She kissed up his length and back down, holding him partly in her hand. Her tongue follows, tracing upward and then just below the head, licking upward in a strong stroke. He twitches in her hand and she gives a quirked smile. She licks again at the tip as a small bead of moisture escapes. She sits up on her knees and slowly takes him in her mouth completely. Opening her mouth slightly, her tongue plays against his base and sucks him back up to the top. She licks her way back down and pulls his balls into her mouth while massaging his dick with her hands, rubbing her thumb up down and over, adding pressure.

She sucks the side of him and starts to feel heat spreading from between her legs to her stomach. Her left hand strays to open her shorts and tease herself as she takes him back into her mouth. At first she slides a single finger over her clit, back and forth. As she slips her finger between her lips she sucks harder and deeper on him, her other hand tightening around him pulling up and down. One finger isn’t enough so she slips a second.

She moans over his erection and he leans his head farther back unto the couch, feeling absolute bliss as the sucking and pulling increases and continues.

“Fuck yes.” His hands stray to her hair to press gently against her head and cling to her roots. She stays like that for awhile as saliva builds behind her lips and she can taste the saltiness of his precum. She likes the taste of him and sucks her way back up to the tip to swallow him down.

She pulls away slowly feeling the aching need to straddle him consume her. As she stands she pulls her fingers out and brings them to her mouth to lick them clean. Another taste to add to her tongue. She watches as he watches her. She wiggles off her shorts and plays with her wet fingers for a short while enjoying dede porno the lust in his eyes and slowly straddles him, parting herself to have him slide in. Her head falls to his shoulder heavy with satisfaction as he thrusts in, her legs contract around him and hands cling to the back of the couch. He slips off her shirt in a deft movement. After a few rolls of her hips she leans back and he grabs hold of her waist still moving in counterpart.

“Oh, its been too long. I shouldn’t have waited like this.” She expected him to agree.

“No, the tension makes it so fucking good. Worth the wait. The wondering.” He pulls out of her. “The fantasizing.” He pushes back in. “To find out your just as wet as I hoped.”

One hand moves to her upper back to pull her forward; he licks her lips sliding in and out mirroring the movements of their hips. His teeth graze her neck and suck on the dip at her shoulder. He can feel her legs tighten around him. His body tightens at the thought of feeling her ass slap against his skin. He pulls out and flips her to all fours caressing her as he slides back in and hesitates, enjoying the feel of her pressed tight against him, gazing at the graceful clean smooth curve of her back.

He runs a hand down her spine loving the way she bowed to his touch. He rocks against her closing his eyes part way as her inner muscles cling to him. She pushes against him, asking for more pressure and he gives in, a single hand grabbing unto her shoulder to pull her harder and closer and the other digging into her hip, exalting in the wet and sharp sounds of her skin hitting his.

Her mouth hangs open in a cry when he pulls her up to her knees and thrusts into her harder than before. She grabs unto the side of the couch for additional support.

“Fuck. Can I bite you?” He pants it out. She nods her head quickly.


His hand strays between her thighs to massage her making her moan and tighten. She begs to be bitten, insists, so he bites… she demands more. He bites harder and her head falls back unto his shoulder in bliss and her body twitches under his hand and the longer he plays with her the more he wants to release the ache that was quickly building past the unbearable.

The couch starts to creek with him as he thrusts into her, losing his rhythm, focusing slowly now on his pleasure. Oh god. He could feel it tighten in his balls. He slams into her and feels the orgasm shoot from his lower back and locks her into his grip, pressed tight against the couch. She rides him for a second or two more, feeling the slickness of their bodies and then collapses backward with him.

She laughs a little. “I still say it was too long of a wait.” What a perfect way to end the day.

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