Round and Round We Go


Please read only in the privacy of your bed chambers. Nude.

This was to be your night. For you, for your pleasure only. I ask only in return that you extend your trust to me, and you will be indulged in tactile pleasures as you have only dreamed.

We enter our suite, your knees still wobbly, and the moisture still gushing from between your legs after my oral homage in the elevator, and I ask if you would like me to take you Around the World.

You nod, tentatively, excited, curious. I ask you to slowly take off your dress, leaving on your heels. You strip, peeling the dress from your shoulders slowly and seductively, never taking your eyes off of mine. You stand before me, completely naked from the ankles up, waiting for my next command, entrusting me with your body and desires completely, unequivocally.

I pull my own zipper down and start to touch my already stiff cock. Your eyes widen, in lust, and longing, your gaze now lowering from my eyes to my long cock, eyes transfixed.

I ask if you woukld like me to please you, if you would like to be my lttle slut tonight, and again, you nod, this time more quickly.

I instruct you to lay down on the bed, and touch your pussy and your breasts. You do, and I watch, approvingly, stroking myself to its maximum length and hardness.

I lean forward, tantalizingly close to you, my breath warm on your cheek, and kiss you gently on the top of your forehead, then down to your earlobes, your eyelids, your cheeks, your neck, and finally, your mouth. You have shared many a wonderful and electrifying kiss, but none quite like this, your entire body now on fire, your hips unconsciously rising and heaving. My mouth and tongue and lips explore liseli porno your own, deeply, warmly, hungrily, passionately, alternating between soft and lilting, and then fast, sucking your lips and your tongue.

I work my way down to your chest, my hands behind my back, and take each beautiful breast in my mouth, kneading, sucking, pulling on and extending your nipples, sucking and slurping, devouring your soft skin, inhaling the distinct scent of your sex now flowing below.

I slowly continue my southward descent, my lips grazing over and licking around your stomach, and your belly button, continuing downward, smelling your wonderful scent now, your stomach rising, your tits bouncing, your ass impulsively writhing, and softly kiss directly on top of your mound, just above your entrance to those spots within. You moan.

For the first time, I allow my fingers to touch you, and they pull the soft folds of your lips apart, wide, allowing me to see your entire incredible pussy, the lips within vibrating with desire, the lips puffy, the juices clearly flowing from you, coating your legs, dribbling down into your ass.

Simultaneously, my tongue dances onto the top tip of your clit, while I insert three fingers firmly inside of you, one going straight in, deep in your cunt, the second falling below, exploring your inner walls, and the third tickling and teasing your g-spot. You explode on my mouth, your taste is intoxicating, your spasms essentially pounding my face.

Just as quickly, now that you have been sated for the first of countless times this evening, I work my lips down and gently rim and lick your anus lightly, then onto your thighs, and knees, mobil porno and calves but my fingers are still within you, three strong, knowing, yet tender fingers caressing your most vulnerable places, rhythmically finger-fucking you into ecstasy.

My mouth works its way down to your toes, and I lick and suck each one, tenderly, seductively, my hand still deeply between your legs, feeling your muscles tighten over my fingers, small orgasms, over and over.

I raise my head and lift your calves over my shoulders, my hands now releasing from your cunt with an audible pop, and I bring my fingers to your mouth and watch as you lick your juices from them.

I whisper that I will fuck you now, and you gasp. In one motion I grab your ankles firmly in each hand, and insert my raging cock into you, virtually splitting you apart, and feel you again convulse in an instant, volcanic orgasm.

I lighten the rhythm, pulling in and out of you completely with each stroke, lingering outside of you, teasing you, and I pull your legs together in the form of an ‘x’, watching you, your eyes half-closed in lust, listening to you, growling, moaning, and I pull you over on your right side, taking you from the side now, my cock reaching deeply inside of you at another angle now, the tip of my head touching your clit, feeling you cum again.

I roll you over on your stomach, and place you flat on the bed, and spread your legs with my knees, and take your hands and pull them behind your back with one of mine, for all practical purposes tying them together, and with the other hand, I slip my finger softly around your rim and gently into your anus, as my cock continues its relentless pounding öğrenci porno of your pussy, you splashing in your own juices now, my heavy balls banging against your lovely ass.

And then, I pick you up and fuck you doggy-style, completely controlling your body now, and you love the sensation of completely surrendering to me, trusting me to continue to please you in ways that you have always wanted, but no man had ever provided, my hand still pulling yours behind your back, and pulling your hair with the other.

I lean back, and pull you on top of me, so that you are now riding me reverse cowgirl. I watch as your ass slaps against my stomach, the sight of my cock disappearing in your sopping cunt is so exotic, the sounds of your moans, and cries and screams of desire, filling the room.

I lay back completely now, and pull you on top of me, your back against my chest, my hand reaching around and rubbing your hot clit as you jam your cunt down onto my cock.

I roll you on your left side and grab your ass with one hand and your tits with the other and fuck you as hard as I can for what seems like forever. You never imagined anyone with the energy and ferocity and ability to turn you on like this, my own cock now twitching, the load filling within.

I turn you on your back, completing your voyage, back to your original port, and I withdraw from you, take your face in my hands, and stuff my cock into your waiting mouth, your lips quivering with desire, and I shoot my first shot of cream into your throat, the second on to your lips, the next on your face, and then let my cock dangle between your heaving tits, wiping my cum all over your gorgeous chest, listening to your muffled groans the after shocks of your excitement pulsate through your entire being, and we look at each other and smile, knowing that our fantasy has been fulfilled.

That was your trip.

See what you’ve been missing all of this time? Has anyone ever made love to you like this?

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