Running Mate Pt. 02


There was an error in my submission and the ending of the story was missing. I apologise. Please enjoy the conclusion to Running Mates.

And more errors! Sorry! My protagonist’s name changed in the last scene! Such a noob thing to do.

THE 10K RACE was over four months ago, and I was now running over twenty kilometres a day. I had never been so fit. One day I noticed my legs for the first time and was stunned to see how strong they were. They were amazing. I showed Amanda with pride and Amanda, now a good friend-but without benefits-laid into me about my core.

“What core?” I asked and she smacked me. Hard. We were in my kitchen preparing a meal for our guests, who were soon to arrive.

We weren’t lovers, but we did kiss occasionally. We held hands sometimes. She was my friend when I needed a friend and I was okay with that. She admitted to masturbating thinking about me, I told her I jerked off every other day thinking about her. That’s it.

Unfortunately, the sexual tension between us was unbearable at times, but we knew it would never be right. We were being adults and it sucked at times. Sometimes I wanted to rip her clothes off and devour her pussy and fuck the shit out of her. But that was not meant to be. She said she wanted to do the same to me. Plus, she added, she had never truly seen my full cock and wondered about it. It was fun flirting with her. But it was wrong. I was robbing the cradle. I loved kissing her, but I sometimes felt dirty afterwards.

She was nineteen years my junior. That’s a lot of years. A whole lifetime.

Besides, I had a girlfriend now and she had a boyfriend. We both met them in a running club we joined together. They were mother and son. Yup. A little weird. Tonight, they were coming over for our weekly dinner at my place. We had been dating for three weeks.

My girlfriend is Beth. She’s my age and also a widower. She lost her husband to cancer around the same time I lost Betty. Her and her son had turned to running as a way to find peace. Just like me. Her son is called Peter, which Amanda finds hilarious since it’s my last name. We double date. Which is strange. Or it should be, but we all find it so normal and right. I hadn’t slept with Beth and Amanda hadn’t slept with Peter. So far, we were taking things slowly.

Amanda ran her hand down my back and patted my bum. “How’s the chops looking?”

I turned off the heat and placed the thick pork chops to the side and turned around in place and wrapped her in my arms. “Done. Salad fixed?”

“Yup. Wine’s opened. Just you and me for a few more minutes.” She purred and kissed me. It was a gentle kiss. No tongue. Just a friend, I reminded myself. My cock lurched and betrayed me and she growled. “Easy big boy. Save it for Beth. You gonna make your move tonight?”

I nodded. “How about you?”

“Yup, I trimmed myself. How about you?”

“Yup, manscaped as per your instructions.”


The doorbell rang and we looked at each other for a long moment. We kissed quickly and sighed.

“I’ll get it,” said Amanda and she skipped away from my attempt to swat her bum.

She went to the door and I heard voices raised in happy conversation. In a moment, Beth and Peter entered the kitchen, each holding a bottle of wine.

Beth is a good-looking woman. She’s a runner and her body shows it. She had no tits to speak of, certainly she’s an A cup, but her ass is gorgeous. Its round and firm and accents her slim waist. Her hair is dirty blond and she always wears impeccable makeup. She’s tiny and her head only comes up to my shoulders. Tonight, she wore tight blue jeans and a simple red tee-shirt. She didn’t wear a bra and her large nipples stretched the material. She came straight over to me and gave me a wet kiss. She didn’t like showing affection in front of her son, but tonight I sensed a hunger in her. She growled quietly against my mouth and her hand found and squeezed my ass.

“Hey, baby,” I said. “You’re looking good.”

“So are you, mister. I love the apron.”

“I’m domesticated.”

She laughed and looked past me at the pork chops. “Yum, meat. I love me some good meat!” She squeezed my ass again. I saw Amanda watching her and then she turned her attention to Peter.

“Hey, boyfriend. How’s it hanging?”

“Down to my knees!” he joked. I could almost sense Amanda rolling her eyes. Her mother did.

“Peter, no vulgarity, please,” she admonished him and slipped away from me. She went to the cupboard and pulled down four wine glasses. She knew my home now and where everything was.

She carried the glasses by the stems and walked out to the dining room and placed them on the table next to the decanted wine. It was a nice Rioja Reserva I’d found hidden in the liqueur store. I bought four bottles. One each, I figured.

Amanda was kissing Peter, so I removed my apron and grabbed the spinach salad and moved past her. I swatted her ass going by. “Break it up, you two. Dinner’s ready.”

I deposited the salad and returned to the kitchen. ensest porno I dished out garlic mashed potatoes on four plates, placed a chop on top, and spread a lovely herb reduction around the plate edges. I placed a small garnish of micro-greens on top and brought out two plates and placed them in front of the ladies to their oohs and aahs.

I fetched the two remaining plates, set them down and sat. Beth had poured the wine and we raised our glasses and toasted the evening.

“To good friends, good food, and great running!” toasted Beth.

We clinked glasses and fell into our dinners. We filled our mouths, chewed and talked and laughed. I felt whole: my house was alive, I had friends and knew it, and I felt like a changed man. I had even met my neighbours and swapped power tools. I mowed the lawn of the elderly lady down the street and even walked her dog. Betty would have been proud of me.

After dinner, we cleaned up and moved to the family room. It had always just been Betty and I in the room where we would watch TV and then go to bed. Now, we cleared the middle and set out the game Settlers of Catan. Peter had introduced it to us and we played every week for a few hours, drank wine, got drunk, and laughed.

Tonight, Amanda only had one glass of wine. I raised my eyebrows at her when she refused a refill and she just shrugged. She kept refilling my glass.

Beth was very good at the game and almost always won. Which annoyed her son, Peter. Tonight, I won the first game and Amanda the second. We high-fived each other.

We put the game away and sat back on the couches, each couple to a couch, pressed in close to one another and holding hands and wine glasses. Two bottles were gone, and Beth had just opened the last one.

One thing about running all the time, it was easy to get drunk for some reason.

Amanda started in on me about my core. When I protested, Beth joined in, the traitor.

“You have to work your core. Why don’t you come to hot yoga with me, John?” asked Beth.

“Hot yoga?” I asked.

“Yes, hot yoga,” chimed in Amanda. “You’ll get to hang out with women in spandex sweating all over their bodies. You’ll love it.” I saw the twinkle in her eye.

Beth laughed. “If you do it with me, I promise you’ll keep your attention on me.”

I turned to her and kissed her neck. “Oh, really? How so? Describe it in detail.”

Beth blushed and looked at her son. “John, not now.”

I glanced at John, but he was busy stroking Amanda’s side, his hand coming close to her breast. I felt a stab of envy but pushed it away. “So, what is this core thing?” I had read a little, but as usual found fellow runners the best source of information.

Beth stirred a little and settled with her thigh pressed up against mine. She placed her hand on my thigh and all my attention was diverted to it. It felt so warm. I glanced at Amanda and saw her frown for a moment.

Beth explained core to me. “Core strength is important. Running doesn’t mean you can skip core workouts and only just run. It’s not enough and you’ll hurt yourself. Strength and core exercises will improve your running by leaps and bounds. It really does, and it also prevents injuries.

“You have to understand that your core isn’t just your abs,” she poked my stomach for emphasis, and I grunted. “It’s your hamstrings, glutes, hips, lower back and side muscles.” She pinched my waist. “These are the side muscles, or the obliques. You need to work on core build-up routines.

“Yoga is amazing for that. Especially hot yoga. They warm the room right up until you’re really sweating. Then you do yoga. It’s hard. Really hard. But I have a great place for it near me and they’re so understanding. I go three nights a week. How about tomorrow night?”

I hesitated. Yoga seemed foreign to me. “I have no sense of balance, Beth.”

She laughed. “Don’t worry about that. You’ll figure it out quick enough.”

Amanda was nodding. “You totally should, John. You’ll love it. I promise.”

“And if you’re wrong what do I get?” I joked to her.

Amanda smirked at me. “Trouble. I’m never wrong.”

I laughed and then felt Beth squeeze my thigh. I looked at her and saw a glimmer of anger there. Right, I thought. Stop flirting with Amanda. I leaned in and kissed her. “I’ll come. Tomorrow night. It’s a date.”

She smiled at me. “Good. I have a spare mat for you. Bring lots of water.”

“I will.”

Beth looked over at Amanda. “Dear, can you take my son home, tonight?”

Amanda blinked at her. “Take him home? What about you?”

Beth rubbed my thigh. “I think I want to stay here tonight. Take the car.” She leaned over and kissed me. “That okay with you, John?”

I looked at Amanda and she smiled at me, but I thought perhaps it looked a little sad. “Yeah, Beth. That would be fine with me.”

“Good.” Beth stretched and faked a big yawn. “Well, I’m tired. Peter, don’t you think you should go home?”

Peter grinned at Amanda. “That okay with you, Amanda?”

She escort porno glanced at me and then nodded. “Yup. You guys drank all the wine. I’m sober.”

Peter rose and Amanda rose with him. Beth fetched her car keys and gave them to Amanda. They headed to the door, with him weaving a little from the wine. We stood in the hallway suddenly out of words. Amanda seemed down, I stroked her lower back and I felt her move away.

“You okay, Amanda?” I asked her.

She looked at Peter and then me. She said nothing and I saw her looking at Beth while Beth was talking to her son. I could see something simmering there, something I could only see because I knew her so well. She wasn’t happy about something and was hiding it.

“Yah, I’m just great. Goodnight,” she finally replied.

Beth stood next to me and I pulled her into my side and held her. Amanda and Peter said goodbye and walked out and got in Beth’s Prius. We waved goodnight as they pulled away and closed the front door. Beth stepped away from me toward the living room and then stopped and grinned at me. She grabbed the lower hem of her t-shirt and pulled it off with one swift motion. She stood there with her top off with a sly grin on her face. Her small breasts were two soft mounds, but they were tipped with large nipples. Her areolas were almost non-existent.

I gawked at her. She stuck out her tongue and then undid the button of her jeans, pulled down the small zipper, and then shucked her pants in one smooth motion. She stood and kicked her jeans aside.

She wore no panties. Her pussy was completely shaven. She was so fit the gap between her legs was noticeable. Her inner labia protruded noticeably between her legs. I licked my lips. She turned and showed me her ass, and then to my amazement, she bent over until I could see straight between her legs through her thigh gap. I could see the entire crack of her ass and groin. She was so fit her ass cheeks parted naturally. She giggled and then ran away up the stairs still wearing her white running socks.

I hesitated for a second and then chased her up into my bedroom. She was well ahead of me and when I ran in she was lying on top of my bed on her back, leaning up against the headboard with her legs spread.

I came to a halt and stared at her. Her socks were still on and I found it perfect. I hadn’t seen a naked woman in so long; especially not in my own bed. Her body was hard, and with her small tits there was no softness to her. She had a hardcore runner’s body and it excited me. She looked so inviting. Her pussy looked wet and open and so delicious. She ran a finger slowly through her pussy lips and then put it in her mouth and sucked it.

My cock strained in my pants. I felt my heart race and my desire surge. She licked her lips at me. “Take off your clothes, John. Let me see your cock.”

I pulled off my polo shirt and then my socks.

“Slowly,” she ordered.

I unbuttoned the top of my jeans and slowly pulled my zipper down. My cock filled the open space and pressed on my underwear and stretched down my thigh. I slipped my jeans off my hips and let them fall around my ankles. I kicked them off and then put my thumbs under the waistband of my boxer briefs. My cock was a large long bulge running down the length of my left thigh.

“Oh, God,” murmured Beth eyeing the shape of my cock. “I wanna see it. Jesus.”

I pulled my underwear down past the base of my cock and down the length, slowly revealing it. Once freed, my cock sprang forward. My balls hung heavy and my cock lifted into the air. My cock is above average in length, but not by much. It’s thick and circumcised. Amanda had made me manscape it and my cock was fully exposed. It looked bigger without a mass of pubic hair surrounding it.

“It’s beautiful. That’s what a woman wants,” she said, her eyes locked on my cock. “Bring it to me.”

I crawled up onto the bed and kneeled between her legs. I could now see her pussy better. She had a thin, outer labia. Her inner labia lips were thick and protruding and looked swollen with arousal. They were parted and I could see the thick hood covering her partially exposed clit. I could see inside the length of her pussy and it glistened with her wetness. Her juices ran down over her labia and across her exposed asshole. She was wet for me and my male ego sung with happiness. I needed to taste her so bad.

I suddenly thought of Betty. It had been a year since I had last slept with Betty and seven months since she had passed. I thought perhaps this was too soon. Another part of me wondered just how long I was expected to wait. My desire argued with my guilt.

“Eat me, John. I haven’t had sex in over a year. I want you. I need you,” she said with a husky voice that sent shivers through me. The decision was made for me.

I got on my hands and knees and moved closer. I could smell her now. It had been so long since I had smelled the arousal of a woman. The scent of a woman is the most beautiful thing in gizli çekim porno the world, and I couldn’t believe I had forgotten the smell. The intoxicating smell hit my brain and wiped out all doubts I may have had left. My cock grew harder and my mouth watered.

I grasped her left leg and kissed her lower calf. I could feel the firm muscles of her runner legs. The muscles were defined and solid. She didn’t have an ounce of fat on her body. I ran my tongue up her leg and along the side of her knee. She moaned a little, encouraging me.

I ran my tongue up the inside of her thigh. Her pussy was only inches from my face, and I could better smell her hot sex. It filled my nostrils and memories flooded me. It had been so long since I had smelled an aroused pussy. I could see she was drenched. Her pussy lips were deep red with excitement. The hood over her clit was pulling back slightly with her excitement and her clit gleamed in the light. I could see the opening to her vagina and watched her juices flow from it.

Her asshole was tiny and looked like a little rosebud. She didn’t have any hair anywhere. Not a single one, but she didn’t look shaved. It was too clean for that. I had no idea how she had managed, but her pussy look so much more inviting to me. I wanted to feel the smooth skin of her pussy on my mouth. I wanted to suck her thick inner labia into my mouth and tug at them.

Her breathing was rapid in anticipation. I ran my tongue down her thigh to the space between her pussy and her leg. Smiling, I licked upwards and over her prominent mons. She groaned as I missed her clit. She thrust a little against my mouth, but I kept my tongue clear of her pleasure centre. I licked down the other side of her pussy and then sucked on her inner thigh.

“Fuck, baby, don’t tease me. I need this. Eat my pussy!”

I examined her pussy and burned the details into my memory. I could see she was even wetter. Her vagina clenched and a thick drop of her juices was squeezed out to run over her taint. I wanted to lick it up but resisted. I needed to make this last and I needed to enjoy every second. I licked back down her thigh and back to her mons. She growled in frustration.

It was time and I dipped my head down and licked hard from her taint to just below her clit. Her juices filled my mouth and I loved the different textures my tongue encountered. Her hot and slick vulva, the smooth inside of her pussy, and the rough and dark red, crinkled inner labia. All of this thrilled me. I swallowed the liquid in my mouth and tasted her sweet nectar. She was delicious. Betty never tasted this good, this clean, or this sweet. I could drink from Beth’s pussy all night. She moaned hard, the sound loud in my bedroom.

I placed a palm on her mons and stretched it upward. The hood of her clit pulled back and exposed her clit in its fullness. It looked beautiful and ripe like forbidden fruit. I licked from her taint to just below her clit again. And again, staring at my target: her engorged clit. With each lick I swallowed her juices. It flowed hot, thick and sweet down my throat. Her scent filled my nostrils and made my head spin with desire. I licked again and swirled my tongue past her vulva and inside her vagina. She cried out and I felt her hands fumble for my bald head. I licked upward and then attacked my target. I circled my hard tongue around her clit. She cried out in pleasure. She was vocal and loud, and it thrilled me. I love the sound a woman makes in pleasure. Her sounds gave me every clue I needed on how to pleasure her.

Betty had been quiet. Sex with her had been wonderful, but tame and mechanical. We had only had sex about once per month when she had been alive and fit. I never questioned it, and assumed it was the way with all marriages. She had been my soul mate and I had loved her.

I didn’t know what I had with Beth. We had met at the running club and when we discovered we were both widowers, it seemed natural to meet up and have coffee. Then lunch. Then supper. Soon we were dating and enjoying each other’s company. We had a lot in common. And she was my age, not an impossible wet dream like Amanda.

Thankfully, Amanda had liked Peter. They didn’t see each other as much as Beth and I, but they were dating and enjoying each other, I assumed. Beth and I didn’t speak about Amanda. I knew she knew there was something between us. She was smart enough to know that nothing had happened and that I was being responsible. It was one of the pleasures of being with Beth. She was my age and mature. We had lived a life already.

Right now, I had Beth’s delicious pussy in my mouth. I was lost in it. I wanted to devour it. I felt a hunger and if I could have bitten off pieces, I would have swallowed it. I could eat this wonderful woman all night, and then realised I could and should.

Her clit was right there, and I had teased her enough. I took one firmer lick of her pussy and without warning I ran my tongue over her clit. She cried out again, louder and shriller. Her legs tried to close around my head but I pushed them aside with my left hand and right shoulder. I kept her hood pulled back with my right palm and licked her clit again and then swirled my tongue lightly around it. She was panting now. Her ass kept leaving the bed and pushing her pussy into my face.

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