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She was the most beautiful girl in the world. She had shoulder-length dark brown, curly hair with a few strips of blonde, tan skin, brown eyes, and a skinny figure. She dressed somewhat boy-like, but that was the way I liked for my girls to be. She wore a green beanie with a band t-shirt, leather jacket, skinny jeans, and vans. She was a skateboarder and a tattoo artist. On the outside, she was a tough motherfucker, but on the inside she was just like everyone else… she just wanted somewhere to belong, and someone to fall in love with.

We spent weeks and weeks texting. I had stumbled across her on social media and flirted with her on a messaging app before she gave me her number. We talked about things like music and parties and school, the future. Not that we would ever have a future together. She lived far away in Illinois and I was just a Georgia girl, but one day the text I had been waiting for finally came.

“Peyton, my friends and I are going on a road trip to Tennessee and I was thinking about coming to see you for the last few days that we’re there. Do you think that would work out?”

I was eighteen, but I still lived with my parents. However, my house was set up so that the upstairs was kind of like my own apartment. We also had a guest room on the main floor of the house next to the kitchen which had a comfier bed, but I thought if my parents had no idea what was going on (if anything was going to go on) that she could just stay upstairs with me.

“Yes! When are you planning on coming? I can pick you up and take you back. Tennessee is only about four hours from me”.

“That would be awesome! I’m thinking July eighteenth through twenty-first. Is that cool”?

“Yes! I’m so excited”!

“Me too”!

It was July eleventh. The week was going to go by so slowly and I already knew it. At least I had loads of time to clean.

On the twelfth, I cleaned the carpets. On the thirteenth, I polished the furniture. On the fourteenth, I did laundry and scrubbed every square inch of the bathroom. On the fifteenth, I put the laundry away and reorganized my bookshelves. On the sixteenth, I dusted and washed my sheets and comforter. On the seventeenth, I went to the store to get food and drinks and other essential items. And on the eighteenth, I got in the shower, shaved, washed and scrubbed my body, and washed my hair before getting dressed to go get Carly. The whole way there I thought about how much fun we would have. We’d build fires outside, cover some rap songs just for the hell of it, maybe go to a few parties, go to the movies, and eat out a couple of times. We would dance in the rain and cuddle during nightly TV and cook amazing food. This was going to be a great next few days. When I pulled up to her hotel, she was standing outside saying “goodbye” to all her friends. I got out to greet them and assure them that she was going to be safe with me and helped carry her things to my car.

It rained the entire way back to Atlanta. Not just rained, it poured. I did not mind, however, because Carly smiled the whole four hours. She was so much more beautiful in person and her voice sang songs that made my heart dance and my stomach flutter. We told jokes and laughed about how crazy each of our friends were, talked about the differences in where we lived, and played silly road trip games until we pulled into my driveway at last.

I pulled into the garage as she commented on how huge my house was. We got out, grabbed her bags, and tried not to slip on the water that had dripped off my car onto the garage floor. I introduced her to everyone when we got inside and commented that we would be doing our own thing most of the time that she was there. Up the stairs and down the hall was my room and when we entered, she let out a whispered “wow”. My room was really tecavüz porno girly and I had been a little nervous about it, but she seemed to adore it. My turquoise candelabra, comforter, and picture frames, my hot pink canvases above the bed and sheets, my Christmas lights hanging along the top edge of the wall on the left side of the room, she loved it all. She sat her bags down on the floor in front of my closet door out of the walking path and body slammed herself onto my bed.

“It’s so comfortable,” she said bright-eyed and smiling.

“You want to stay with me in here?”

“Yes! This is perfect.” She gave me a big, cheesy grin that I adored whole-heartedly.

I didn’t know how she felt about me so the plan was to not make any moves. I could flirt, but that was it. If she said something that gave me a sense of approval, then I could make the move and it happened rather quickly.

“Peyton, I love the way you look at me”.

“Really? Why”?

“It makes me feel like I’m wanted”.

“Well if I’m being honest here, I think you’re a very beautiful girl. You’re bright and funny and I love everything about you. I get that this is our first time actually spending time together, but I feel like I know you really well just from messaging with you. I like the person that I think I know”.

“Peyton,” she gazed directly into my eyes in the most adorable way. “I think you’re a very beautiful girl too. And I’m really glad I came to stay with you”.

“Me too”.

We went downstairs to make dinner and stood by the hot stove while the food cooked, joking and teasing about the goofy things we had texted each other when we were delirious from lack of sleep. Once we had finished dinner and both showered, we watched a movie and fell asleep halfway through.

The next day is when things started getting serious. There was heavy flirtation coming from both directions. She would make sly comments about my butt and I would occasionally brush against hers and pretend I didn’t feel it or that it was an accident. We went shopping, to the movies, and then out to eat. Once we arrived back at my house we walked upstairs, crawled in my bed, and talked for hours about stupid, pointless girl stuff like where we saw ourselves in 5 years, what our favorite movies were, our favorite things, etc. We started up a conversation about things that we found attractive. She told me she liked girls with big asses and smacked mine HARD… so hard that I felt it through the comforter as I was lying on my stomach.

“That’s not a good idea, Carly. That’s going to lead to something else,” I assured her.

“Like what”?

Her face told me she already knew the answer. If she was going to be a tease, I was going to assume she wanted me. I kissed her lips hard and climbed on top of her. Holding myself up with my forearms, but letting gravity force my lips to fall on hers, I ran my fingers through her soft, curly hair that was lying on the pillow and straddled her. I took one hand and reached it between us, rubbing her through her shorts. She slowly bucked her hips showing me she wanted more.

“Let’s go take a shower,” I suggested. She nodded in agreement and I took her hand.

I led her to the bathroom, turned on the shower, and looked at her. I slowly lifted her shirt above her head and took her face in my hand, slipping my other under her bra to play with her perky, tiny little tits, easing her back against the door. She tilted her head back and I rubbed her neck softly with my thumb. I pulled her bra down exposing her and wrapped my lips around her hard, pink nipple. I kissed my way up to her neck and then to her lips. Her kiss was electrifying. I felt it throughout my entire being. She grabbed the bottom of my shirt and lifted it up, forcing me üvey anne porno to raise my arms so she could remove it completely before taking off my bra and ordering me to remove my shorts and my red cheeky style lace panties. Dropping to my knees, I slipped my thumbs under the elastic waistband of her shorts and pulled them down. Her black thong was showing and I pulled it to the side slipping my tongue between her soft, shaven pink pussy lips. She was so wet and her juices tasted heavenly. I moved my tongue back and forth between her clit and her tight little hole.

I was so horny I could barely breathe as my mouth used her pussy as its playground. My lips surrounded her clit and sucked lightly as she cooed and her hand grasped my hair. When I felt the steam from the shower hit my back I decided the water was hot enough. I got up, lifting her over my shoulders and setting her down in the tub before stepping in. I slammed her against the shower wall, not hard enough to hurt her, and forced my lips onto hers as her hands found my ass and squeezed. She was turning me on so bad with her perfect little body and the way she touched me. I couldn’t wait to make her cum. As her nails dug into my back on their way up, I bit her lip and she moaned. Once my teeth let go, she pushed me to lie down in the tub as the water ran down her body and splashed onto me.

She got on her knees and leaned over my body to kiss my lips and slowly made her way down to my pussy. She kissed my inner thighs and pussy lips to tease me before shoving her tongue directly into me and flicking my g-spot back and forth. My hips bucked upwards at the first flick and I let out an earth shaking “oh fuck”. Two skinny fingers made their way into me to take the place of her tongue so she could suck and flick my clit. I grabbed my tits and swirled my thumbs around my nipples, occasionally flicking them.

She was so fucking good. I knew it wouldn’t be too much longer before I came. She stood up to remove the showerhead and handed it to me before dropping back down. Her fingers re-entered me and she leaned up to alternate her mouth between my nipples and my mouth and occasionally just to look me directly in the eyes and comment on how sexy the faces that I was making were. Meanwhile I was holding the showerhead over my pussy letting the water pressure pleasure my clit. My pelvic muscles became stiff.

“Fuck, Carly, baby. You’re going to make me cum,” she knelt over me and ran her tongue up my ear.

“Cum for me, baby. I want to feel your pussy throbbing all over my fingers,” she whispered in my ear.

“Ooooo yeah”.

“Does that feel good”? She was teasing me now.

“Oh yes. Yes, Carly, baby, that feels so good,” I tightened up even more. “Here it comes”.

She leaned even more directly over me to look me directly in the eye as she finger fucked me as hard as she could. My jaw dropped and my hips bucked wildly. Her hand had slipped under my head and was grabbing my hair and the water was splashing us both as I came. It was ridiculously intense, but it felt so damn good I didn’t want it to end. It lasted about 30 seconds before finally subsiding.

“Your turn,” I winked at her before standing up and making my way out of the shower and throwing her over my shoulders again, not even bothering to turn off the water. I slammed her onto the bed and rolled off, reaching under the bed to get a medium-sized pink vibrator. “I’m going to fuck you so hard with this thing, Carly,” her eyes widened when she saw it.

“Is that a promise?” Her voice was breathless and seductive.

No words were needed to answer that question because I turned it on and shoved it in her sopping wet hole before she could react to the silence. Her mouth immediately formed an ‘o’ shape as she üvey erkek kardeş porno gasped, arched her back, and thrusted downwards to meet the cock. I pulled it out of her to tease her a bit, kissing her inner thighs up and down, circling her clit with my index finger causing her to beg and plead with me for more. I moved up, continuing to toy with her love button and kissed her, shoving my tongue in her mouth to twirl with hers before sucking on her bottom lip and moving to her neck. I gently nibbled my way down to her collar bones and gave her small hickeys, hearing her breathing increase as I did so. When I felt I had teased her just enough, I ran the head of the silicone dick back and forth across her slit, spreading her juices before slamming back into her and turning on the vibration.

Her moans began promptly and loudly and continued constantly. I lay on my side next to her watching her body writhe and her back form a perfect arch in front of me. I pushed her back against the mattress grabbing her nipple gently with my teeth, nibbling and sucking. Moving back up, I turned her head to face me and kissed her passionately. Her moans vibrated on my lips and it gave me an idea. My fingernails ran down her body as I moved back down to her little pink pussy and took her clit in my mouth. I sucked it in and moaned.

“Oh! Oh God, Peyton. Please do that again,” she yelped.

I moaned continuously on her clit as I sucked it in, holding it there and flicking it back and forth with my tongue. She was getting close. Her hips were thrashing even more and she was moving down to meet the thrusts of the vibrator.

“Get up,” I demanded, slipping out of her. “Get on your knees and put your ass in the air”.

She did as I commanded. I set the dildo on the bed and tongued her pussy, swirling around her walls as deep as I could get before giving her mound a small slap. She moaned and gripped the sheets hard.

“Oh yeah? Is that what you want, baby? You want a little pain”? My voice got a little louder and dominating.

“Oh fuck yes. Smack my ass, baby,” she half-stated, half-asked.

“Oh, Carly, I don’t think you want it bad enough,” I smirked.

She turned her head. “PLEASE, Peyton! Please smack my ass! I’m begging you. I’m a bad girl. I deserve it”. She was so sexy pleading with me to give her what she wanted.

I obliged willingly and gave her ass a slap that echoed through my room. She let out a huge “OH” and I smacked it again and then again, repeatedly until her ass was red and she was numb.

“Are you ready to get fucked again, Carly”?

“Mhm,” was all she could manage. I slid under her so our faces met and waved the cock in her face.

“Suck it”.

She took it in her velvety lips and I forced it to the back of her throat causing her to gag on it. I found her pussy with the head of the dick, turned on the vibrator again, and slammed into her. Her body fell onto me for a second before she picked herself up. I continued slowly pulling out and slamming back into her and she fell onto me each time before finally begging me to fuck her. I moved my hand back and forth as hard and fast as I could and picked my head up to kiss her neck as a long, vibrato moan came from her mouth before a scream. It was all she could do to hold herself up as her orgasm rushed over her and she screamed a collage of cuss words, oh’s, and my name and collapsed over me as the last wave ended. Her breathing wasn’t quick to slow down. I felt her heart racing against my chest and her heavy sighs on my neck. When she had calmed down, she kissed me gently and got up so we could return to the shower.

We lathered each other’s bodies and ignored the towels on our way back to bed, letting the sheets dry us off as we were snuggled together. Our bodies kept each other warm. She commented on how she wished she could stay in my arms forever before falling asleep with my fingers running through her hair. I stared at her lovingly… this perfect, angelic creature laying in the same spot where I would soon sleep alone again and I, too, wished she could stay in my arms forever.

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