I guess everybody have or used to have a neighbourette which is so hot, you’re just dying to get her into your bed or something else.

I had one and for a year or so we had a platonic relationship. You know the one, a lot of laughs, being on the same line, doing a lot of things together……….but just nothing happens. Don’t have me mistaken, I enjoyed that time and I wouldn’t missed it for anything in the world but when you’ve seen Sarah once, you’ll know what I mean. What a babe.

She always has a beautiful smile on her face, a little bit cocky….but that was also her attitude. Sometimes she could be bitchy, but “who’s perfect anyway?” She wasn’t really tall, but she had beautiful legs. Like that wasn’t enough already, she also had huge breasts and a great ass. Nothing to overdone, but plenty of all………in short; she was to die for.

Every Monday and Thursday we went to a public pool to do some swimming. We always tried to make some ‘miles’ in the water, but usually it was too crowded which made us wind up peddling around in a small tub or pool on the side of the main pool. We just kidded or played around and had a lot of fun. Sometimes there were friends around, sometimes we were alone.

One night, a night I’ll never forget, we were alone. There weren’t even many other folks around and it was a quiet evening in the pool. We even made some ‘miles’.

After doing so, we retired from the main pool to a smaller one and played together there. Mostly it was trying to hold the other underwater, which must have looked like a wrestling game at least. Still it took no attention from the other people and we were left alone in our quiet corner. The underwaterlights were on and the other lights were dim, which made it beautifully spooky. It was great.

Being tired porno indir from the swimming and ‘wrestling’ we just kinda kept drifting in the pool holding eachother. I suppose we held eachother too close and some spark jumped over. Unfortunetaly I can’t say it was a real fantastic way of two people finally finding eachother. Like I said before, we were holding real close. In fact she had her legs wrapped around my waist and her breast pushed against my breast. That has happened before, but this time we were looking eachother in the eyes and it happened. She looked so hot and feeling her body (in a beautiful Speedo swimsuit, by the way) rubbing to my body made me horny as a toad and I must have said something real stupid like; “I think you’re sweet”. It somehow scared me to death when I said it, but she didn’t break out in laughing or so. I saw a light sparking in her eyes (it really exists) and she pressed her lips against mine and that was the beginning of a beautiful night.

Feeling her lips and running our tongues in a frantic french kiss made me hotter than hot, more like thermonucleair. She felt just the same and ran her hands all over my body. Pulling her body tight to mine she also felt my raging hard on pushing against her, feeling she suddenly stop kissing and she stared at me while a smile slowly showed up on her face and then she began kissing me again. Believe me I was in heaven and went beyond that when I felt her hand slipping into my swimming trunks and grabbing my dick. Slowly she began jacking me off and kept her tongue whirling in my mouth.

Of course, I couldn’t let her do all the work and I moved my right hand and slowly caressed her left breast through that wonderful Speedo while I made my left her slipping under it. rokettube Gently I pushed my finger between her lovely lips into her pussy and from her tensing her body and the way she treated my hard on I knew she liked it and wanted more…….much more……

Breaking our kiss but not stopping our underwater bussiness, we looked at eachother and telling sweet words suddenly she told me that wanted to fuck me, right there in that pool. It sure is illegal to do, but I thought what the hell. We looked around and still nobody was paying any attention to us so we decided to go on with it.

While I pushed her swimsuit out of the way, she pulled my dick further out my trunk and held it close to her opening. Kissing her again I slowly pushed my dick between her folds in her hot pussy and kept it sliding in and out. Not to make it too difficult for her I kept the rhythm slow, but she still had to do her best not moan and suck it up, going to fast would have rocked to water too much and we didn’t to attract any attention offcourse.

It was a beautiful sight, she was lying in the water leaning with her head on the edge of the pool. Her face showed pleasure and love. I was holding her body and I could see my dick sliding in her pussy and her beautiful big breasts stretching the lycra fabric. With the slow pace our coupling took some time till I really couldn’t hold it and I shot my sperm deep in her body, by then she already had two orgasms. While she kinda stood up and wrapped her arms around my head and give me a wonderful french kiss we parted and my dick slipped out of her pussy and I felt the cool water running around it.

After adjusting our swimmingclothes we decided to head for home while we felt real lucky not being caught. It was summer that time seks filmi and we almost ran through the dressingrooms only putting a shirt on and grabbing our bags while running to the car.

While driving home, she had her hand rubbing my crotch again and I sure did my best to get home as fast as possible, even if it had to cost me a ticket.

Soon enough we were at her room and we slammed the door behind her and fell into each other arms again, pulling our shirt over our heads we began making love in “full throttle”.

While dropping my swimming trunk I fell backwards on the bed, while falling I pulled her with me and she fell on top of me. Feeling her hot body in that wet Speedo suit pressed against me, we began turning to make it a “69”. I slowly undid her Speedy and rolled it down her body and her breast fell free at the moment she took my dick in her mouth and began to give me the best blowjob ever. That tongue she gave me superb french kisses with, she raised hell on my dick and I knew I wouldn’t last long allthough I already came back there in the pool. Horny as hell again I pulled her suit from her body and raised my head between her legs and began licking and tasting her sweet pussy.

While her head bobbed on my dick I kept licking her pussy and ran my hands all over her ass and her breasts. Like I said, unfortunately I didn’t last long and my sperm spurted in her soft mouth. She kept licking and sucking and swallowed it all.

After that we stayed laying on the bed talking and kissing and drank some wine. Late in the evening I made love to her one more time in the “missionary”position which is the best if you simply don’t want to fuck, but merely want to make love. Giving me ample opportunity to kissing her and her breasts while slowly fucking her and listening to hear moans getting louder and louder………………

………….it was the start of a weird realtionship. We didn’t consider ourself a couple and kept doing the things we used to do and made love a lot more times. Something I’ll surely tell you more about…

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