I walk into the room and see you sitting there, with your back towards me. I silently sneak up behind you, kneel down and whisper quietly in your ear “is this is what you have been waiting for?” As I finish whispering I gently nibble on your ear, moving toward your lips, where I plant a soft kiss on them.

I take my hand and slip it into your shirt, cupping your breast in my hand as I lightly caress your nipple, bringing it to hardness. I continue kissing you as I work your arms out of your shirt, till I have it free, I back up to remove it from your body.

I lick down your neck to your breast and take your nipple in my mouth, biting it gently. Sliding my hand down to your belly I lightly caress you there before sliding my hand under your shorts, down into your womanhood. Once there I lightly brush your clit, and take my other hand to unbutton your shorts.

I unbutton your shorts and move in front of you, pulling them off your body. I leave your panties on and kneel in front of you, kissing my way up your thighs. The scent of your arousal is intoxicating and when I get to your center I press your clit through your panties with my hand and lick at you through your panties. I push your panties to the side and lick and probe at you with my tongue, teasing you, loving your wetness. I move back and pull your panties off of you, and then push your legs up to sit on my shoulders.

I lean in and slide my tongue into you, I take my thumb and sit it on your clit, just resting it there, and take my other hand and tease at your other hole, running my finger around it. I move my tongue down and lick around your ass, sliding a finger into your wet pussy. I turn that finger up, to olgun porno rub your g-spot and start stroking your clit. I slide my tongue into your ass, making you whimper with desire. I move my tongue up to your clit, keeping my finger on your g-spot and slide another finger into your ass. I can feel your orgasm building, and I intensify my actions, waiting for you to be engulfed in passion.

As your cumming subsides, I slowly lower my pants and boxers, freeing my rock hard cock. I stand to your face and feed it to you. You start to lick along the head, wrapping your hand around me and stroking me into your mouth. You take your other hand and slowly start to massage my balls. You slowly take all of me in your mouth, licking along the shaft on the way, I tell you how good you feel, and to keep going.

You increase your speed and use your hand to facilitate my pending orgasm. You feel my orgasm coming, so you pull my cock out of your mouth and tell me to cum all over you. Still stroking me hard and fast, I start to cum, it shoots all over your face and chest. I step back, telling you how wonderful that was, but you lean in, taking my cock in your mouth again, milking the last drops out of me.

You continue doing this getting me hard again, and reaching down I grab your hand, pulling you towards me. You stand up and I turn you around, so you are facing away from me. I bend you over and put the head at your wet cunt lips, teasing you slowly with it, before I push it in one hard motion. You gasp as I do this, and your whole body shivers. I thrust into you, and you raise your hands up to the table and push back against me, begging for more.

I reach porno down and grab you by your hair, thrusting hard into you. You push harder back to meet my every thrust, and I take my hand and swat you on your ass, just as I enter you completely. I do this for a few minutes, alternating hands and the intensity of my swats. I can feel your impending orgasm again, and I slow down. Sliding my hardness slowly in and out of you, I love watching your pussy engulf my cock. Making one deep thrust, I hold it there, and put my hands on your shoulders, telling you to move with me.

I turn you so we can get down on the floor and as you get on your hands and knees I position myself so I am penetrating you at a downward angle, hitting a new spot. I fuck you hard like this, watching my cock side in and out of you. I can feel you cumming and clenching my hard cock. As your orgasm subsides, I slow down and get behind you, still slowly sliding in and out. I take my finger and run it along your ass, asking if you want my hard cock to cum in your ass. You moan yes and tell me to fuck your ass hard. I pull out of you and tell you to go get a vibrator so you can tease your clit while I am fucking you.

I watch you walk from the room and think how sexy you are. I wait for you and I continue stroking myself, thinking how good this has already felt. You walk back in the room and I notice you have also cleaned yourself off. You get down and start crawling toward me, right up between my legs and take my hard cock in your mouth, while handing me your vibrator. I lay back, enjoying you sucking my cock. I pull at you so you will straddle my face, and as you lower back onto my face I start the vibrator. Porno 64 pulling on arm to the outside of your leg, I slowly slide my tongue along your clit.

I run the vibrator down across your ass, causing you to jerk. You continue sucking my cock but I am making it very hard for you. I slide the tip to your opening, holding it there, and lick your clit a few times. I can tell you are going to cum before I even get inside you again. I continue licking your clit and move the vibrator back up to your ass, teasing the opening with it. I slowly lick back to your opening, and slide my tongue inside your wet pussy. I take the vibrator and stick it on your clit, driving you into a mind blowing orgasm. Your orgasm subsiding; I push you down my body, and pull myself up.

I lay you on your back and play with your clit with the toy. I take my other hand and start to play with your asshole, getting it nice and lubed. I line my cock up with it and slowly penetrate, taking my time so it doesn’t hurt. I take the vibrator and run it from your clit down to the opening of your pussy, still slowly pushing my cock deep inside you. As I reach the end I insert a bit of the vibrator into your pussy, cause your body to spasm. I pull out slowly, taking my time, then push back in. I gradually begin to quicken my pace, giving the vibrator to you so I can concentrate on fucking your tight ass.

You feel so good, I tell you as I pound even harder and faster. I keep fucking you, telling you I am going to explode deep inside your ass. You start moaning, telling me to fuck you harder, saying you are my little slut, telling me to cum in your ass. I ask you if you want to cum with me and moan yes… I keep fucking you grabbing your legs and putting them on my shoulders, pounding deep inside your ass. You feel so good, I am going to cum. I erupt inside you feeling your ass clenching my cock signaling your own orgasm. Satiated I fall on top of you.

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