Savannah 09


“So, you would like to fuck Missus Williams would you?”

“Yes Oliver, yes I would,” Jayne groaned, bucking her hips as Strand’s fingers slid in and out of her nearly dry cunt.

“Just like you and the whore fucked?”

“Yes sir, just like that,” Jayne groaned recalling how the whore had pushed her vulva hard against hers and how they had ground their lips and clits together in a true woman to woman fuck.

Strand had brought her to one of his favourite brothels dressed in a heavy cloak and hood, whisking her in through a side door, up a flight of stairs and into the bedroom without seeing a soul. Devlin, Strand’s most trusted servant had been outside the door on guard and had let the whore in when Strand gave him the signal. She was a good looking woman in her early twenties. Blonde, with a slim, boyish figure and hardly any breasts to speak of, Strand had been using her for some time, mainly because she was totally bisexual and played well with other whores or the occasional mistress he brought along.

It was Jayne’s first visit.

After her session with Adam, she had telegraphed Strand as ordered with the message: ‘I have it’. The innocuous message would mean nothing to anyone but him.

She received a rapid reply. ‘Be here Tuesday.’

Jayne booked into the Floral guest house where Strand had some permanent accommodation. As she expected, a message was waiting telling her what she should wear and that she would be collected at ten that evening.

“Undress quickly” Strand had ordered her after Devlin had shown her into the room, watching her with gleaming eyes as he sat on a chair in the corner. “Everything,” he ordered when she paused after stripping down to her corset, chemise and stockings. “Lay on your front, across the bed so your head hangs over the side and keep still.”

Strand opened the door. Devlin was standing there with the naked whore. Strand put his finger to his lips indicating that they shouldn’t speak. He and the whore smiled at each other and Strand kissed her full on the lips, pinching her small tit as he did. She grimaced with the sudden pain but made no sound. They walked silently into the room.

“Keep still Jayne,” Strand said feeling himself hardening from looking at the two such different asses, both of which he had fucked, licked and spanked. It was difficult to choose between the whore’s pert firm twin cheeks or Jayne’s sprawling pair of bloated buttocks.

He nodded at the whore, smiling approvingly as she climbed onto the high bed and knelt between Jayne’s legs. Sliding them further apart, she made Jayne gasp as she ran her fingers up the inside of the older woman’s thigh and across her wetness.

When Jayne felt the fingers on her cheeks, pulling them apart, a shiver of fear passed through her. “No, not yet Oliver, not yet I implore you sir!” she said, still under the impression that it was only her and Strand in the room. Surely he wasn’t going to fuck her there without some form of lubrication?

Strand ignored the protest and grabbed the young whore by the neck, pushing her forward.

Jayne’s body jerked as she felt the delight of a tongue sliding along the crease of her ass and coming to rest right on the hole. The feeling was exquisite. The experienced whore was good with her tongue and quickly lubricated Jayne’s ass before easing the tip of her tongue inside it.

“Oliver, oh, Oliver” the widow gasped.

As her first climax began to bubble inside her, the naked Strand walked round to the side of the bed and grabbed Jayne’s long black hair. When he pulled her head up and allowed her to see the young blonde, the orgasm burst through her like a tidal wave.

Strand took immediate advantage by pushing his cock against Jayne’s mouth and forcing himself between her open lips. He turned to Devlin who was waiting expectantly in the corner. “This one is mine, now. You can fuck the whore, Devlin.”

Devlin crawled onto the bed pulling his trousers and drawers off and taking hold of his fully swollen manhood. He’d never seen the blonde whore before, but already he was excited at the prospect of having sex with such a beautiful young woman; a far cry from the older slags he usually was given. He got behind her where she was kneeling between his master’s lover’s parted legs and took hold of her hips imagining the lovely feeling he would have as his respectably long and thick cock surged up her young and hopefully tight cunt. Just as he was about to thrust himself in Strand said.

“Not that whore, the other one. The fat one.”

After Devlin had fucked Jayne, the whore had licked and sucked her ass and Strand had cum in her mouth, the whore and Devlin were sent away with Strand saying to the blonde, “Devlin will fuck you now, make sure my man has a good time.”

Left alone, Jayne and Strand lay for some time as they recovered from the quick, urgent and delightfully dirty sex. They dozed on and off for a couple of hours when he had some wine, bread, cheese and fruit sent up. He used the time to bring up business.

“So madam, I gather you had a successful time with Mister ensest porno Adam La Salle.”

“Yes sir, I think so, in fact very successful.”

“Is he an adept lover, Jayne?”

“He is, yes, he’s very attentive and has fine stamina.”

“For both sexes I assume?”

“Yes, very. Is that useful to you Oliver?”

“Confirmation of a rumour is always useful, but young Adam has been known to go both ways ever since Harvard.”

“I see.”

“But you and William’s confirmation could always be useful if we need to pressure him. However, I am more interested in the lovely Amanda” Strand said reaching out and stroking one of Jayne’s small tits.

Smiling and feeling a touch of rather ridiculous jealousy, Jayne said quietly “Now sir, I wonder just why that might be?”

He smiled back “Well yes that, but also other matters that are no concern of yours at all,” he admonished.

“And what might they be, sir?”

Strands face darkened as he grabbed Jayne’s right tit and squeezed it hard and cruelly. That made her cry out with pain. “I said, madam, that they are no concern of yours.”

“Sorry sir, I didn’t mean anything,” Jayne lied, for she wanted the information knowing facts like that were always useful to trade in a place like Washington.

“So tell me about Missus Williams, does she enjoy and visit other women?”

“Not to my knowledge. Adam gave no indication that she does.”

“And in all the time you have known her, you have seen no sign?”

“None whatsoever.”

“But her and Adam have been lovers?”


“Adam wasn’t just saying that?”

“No, he was completely under the influence of opium and one does not lie or make things up when like that.”

“True,” Strand said, recalling the times in the New York opium dens when had smoked. “So when was this?”

“There seems to be two periods, or maybe three.”


“Yes, it started just after they had both lost their virginities, but then I think there was some more involvement when they were going to university or when Adam was there.”

“In Boston presumably?”

“Yes, or maybe New York. She married Samuel who she met there.”

“What about the third then?”

“I think they may be doing something again now, or have done recently.”

“Jesus Christ!”

“Have I done well?” Jayne asked looking for Strand’s approval, both because she needed his patronage and because being with him was always exciting; worrying, painful and degrading as well, but always exciting.

“Yes madam, you have done very well,” Oliver said, almost absent mindedly as the thought of Adam and Amanda together filled his head. After thinking of those two as he looked down at the naked woman at his disposal, his imagination visualised her and Amanda making love. He began to harden at the thought.

As he started to fuck Jayne again his mind alternated between that and the fact that he had proof of Amanda committing incest, which was illegal in most but not all Southern States; it certainly was in Georgia. Ok the information might not be to courtroom level, but he knew from the past that was rarely needed to persuade people to do things for you.

And as Jayne was fucked by Oliver so her mind was also whirring, so she was working out what to do, how to handle and how to use the other amazing information she had got from Adam in his drugged state.

Deep down she hated Strand. He was the cause of her husband Henry’s death some years ago and she was totally financially dependent upon the Deputy Lieutenant Governor. Whilst she felt that she was part of small group of people under Strand’s control she was wrong. He had a large number of people that by one means or another he controlled. His information syndicate, as he called it, extended throughout the South, into government and overseas diplomats in Washington and even had tentacles into such restricted places as West Point.

After guaranteeing a loan for Henry’s cotton machinery repair business, Strand had gradually applied more pressure on the rather weak-willed man who had few of the qualities necessary to run the demanding and highly competitive business he had inherited from his father. The business did not prosper from the infusion of the funds even when the loan was extended to almost one hundred thousand dollars.

“So Henry, my friend” Strand had said as he lay back in his captain’s chair behind his huge redwood desk while Jayne’s husband stood the other side. “What are you going to do?”

Strand knew what was coming and was prepared for it when Henry asked if the loan could be extended. He was quite happy to do that for he had a mortgage over the entire company that although losing money through poor management could easily be made profitable. Strand knew that with just a few meetings between him and some of his many contacts he could introduce more business to Henry’s company that would double its size. He also knew that if Henry still ran it that it would continue to lose money and on top of that he knew that Henry had one very valuable asset. He additionally escort porno knew, or thought he did that that asset, the delicious Missus Essington would, given the appropriate circumstances make herself available to him.

Henry bumbled on about extending his area of operation further north and west and gave some vague suggestions as to how he would get more business.

“But if you don’t get the additional funding Henry” Strand said lighting a pipe and sipping a whisky. “What the fuck are you going to do?”

Henry went on about he was totally confident that the bank would extend it further, but Strand knew they wouldn’t unless he guaranteed it, he had arranged that over lunch with Elias Blithers the manager of the bank holding Henry’s account at the Cotton Club in Savannah just last week.

“You won’t get it without my guarantee.”

“Oh I don’t think so, I have known Blithers at the bank for years.”

“Yes sir, you may well have” Strand said raising his voice and waving his clay pipe at Essington. “But your company was not losing a fistful of dollars then was it and our economy was not facing such troublesome times?”

Essington was taken aback by Strand’s tone and posture and in truth that frightened him. He was scared of Strand, who he had known all of his life, and deep down knew full well that he was lost without his patronage. He tried to bluster his way out of the predicament, but he was not very good at that and sounded, even to his ears totally unconvincing.

“Stop blithering man, whatever way unless I bail you out you are fucked right?”

Henry knew that was the truth and was almost in tears as he whimpered. “Yes Oliver.”

Strand had him and he went for the jugular, his usual way of negotiating.

“I am mindful to continue guaranteeing the loan and will tell Blithers to extend it, but there has to be more collateral. What have you got?”

“Oliver you already have charges over the entire business and my home, I have nothing else.”

“But indeed you do sir, indeed you do.”

“And what is that?” Henry asked bemused.

“The bountiful Missus Essington.”

“What do you mean?”

“It means my dear Henry that if you can be gracious enough to persuade the lovely Jayne to visit me occasionally, then your money worries over the business go away.”

“Are you sir” Henry said with an unwise show of strength. “Suggesting that my wife lays with you?”

“Yes Henry that is precisely what I am suggesting. That Missus Essington visits me and I fuck her.”

“Never sir.”

“I beseech you not to be too hasty.”

“I could not indulge such an arrangement.”

“Oh I think you could be persuaded to quite easily Henry.”

“I could not.”

“You have a much larger issue than the company don’t you?”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean the debts you have run up gambling with Mister Norton and whoring at several brothels as well as what you owe on the apartment where you keep your eighteen year old mistress.”

‘Oh god he knows everything’ Henry realised as Strand went on about numerous other debts. He then did start to cry.

It was less than a week later that Jayne Essington knelt before Strand in the same office where the discussion between him and her husband had taken place. They were both fully dressed but his fly was undone and she was holding his stubby cock in her small hand.

“How gracious of you madam” he sighed. “To offer to suck my cock.”

That was how Jayne Essington became one of Strand’s many mistresses. But that was not the primary purpose that he had in mind for her. He wanted her to be his whore as well. He wanted a respectable, older more ‘normal’ than the usual whorehouse whores he used to join his coterie of women that he ’employed.’ He employed them to ‘entertain’ business, political and diplomatic contacts both to earn him favours and to gather information for him. But that came later for he knew that it would be difficult to persuade Missus Essington until he had her totally under his control. It was a stroke of good fortune for him when Henry Essington was found hanged in the workshop of engineering company less than a year later.

Although she considered herself to be a sophisticated thinker, a good planner and manipulator, Jayne really was an open book. She was emotionally very expressive, she showed everyone exactly how she felt, both good and bad, was quite temperamental and very warm and friendly towards nearly everyone she met. She was popular among both ladies and men, she was everyone’s friend, was eager to please and wanted desperately to be liked, if not loved, by all. It was these characteristics that for all of her adult life had created problems with men and latterly women too. She was simply too keen to please to the extent that she welcomed people to her bed far too early in their relationship and thus, as is usually the case, the relationships didn’t last, although the sex she had with them was generally very good and extensive for both of them. Most would say that Missus Jayne Essington was an exceedingly good fuck.

These gizli çekim porno traits, though, often caused her to make poor decisions. So after Strand had made love to her again, relatively tenderly and straightforward by his standards, she felt the need to impress him.

“I found out one other gem of information Oliver,” she said, leaning her face against his chest and nibbling at his nipple.

“Really madam?” He asked now becoming a little bored. “Pray elucidate, tell me what it is.”

“Adam made Amanda pregnant and she had an abortion! That’s why she’s never had children.”


The tea went well with de Bow. He was, as she’d known he would be, charming company. Fairly, but not outrageously flirtatious he showed a genuine interest in her as a person as well as a woman, asked lots of sensible questions ensuring that their conversation rattled along at a fast pace with hardly a pause. They covered a range of topics from life in London to the current situation with the ‘labour problem’ and the twin threats of secession and war. His approach to the various issues was intelligent and thoughtful, he accepted and considered her views, something few ‘Southern gentlemen’ did with ladies and he was certainly not condescending or lecturing. He seemed as interested in her views as he was in offering his own and he persuaded her to play at least an equal part in the conversation. He used humour very effectively indeed making Amanda laugh out loud several times; overall he was charismatic and thoroughly enjoyable company. Amanda could see why he was so successful with women. As they left the Potomac Tea Pavilion de Bow draped his arm loosely round Amanda’s waist as if to guide her through the large, double doors that had recently been fitted to accommodate the new fashion in skirts. Whilst the looseness of his arm indicated it was merely a chivalrous gesture the pressure of his fingers on Amanda’s hip suggested much more than chivalry and that made her heart beat a little faster. He made it abundantly clear that he wanted to see more of her putting it to her rather flirtatiously as they parted. “In every possible way.”

“Sir, that sounds slightly presumptuous to me,” she said, covering her smile with her fan.

“No ma’am, it is not,” he smiled back, his eyes twinkling.

“No, pray why is that sir?” She asked.

“Because my dear Amanda it is not slightly presumptuous, it is totally so.”

Amanda couldn’t stop herself smiling and in part that was the reason why she agreed to have dinner with him the following week when he would be back in Washington.

Returning to her new home at six, Amanda immediately started to get ready for her dinner with Fairfax. After their last meeting at the guest house, she was acutely aware that tonight was going to be difficult for it had been arranged before she had demanded to see him urgently a few days ago, which was prior to a degree of disillusionment arising in her about him . A candlelight dinner had been planned at a house that was owned by the army and could be used by officers of his rank for entertaining. It was just across the river in Arlington, very near to the plantation owned by Robert E Lee.

Amanda had been tempted to cancel the dinner several times, but she was torn. A part of her was in love with him, but then parts of half the womenfolk in Washington probably felt the same way, she conjectured; after all he was considered to be the most eligible bachelor in the capital. Another part of her was scared of him. Scared in the context of how cold and calculating he could be, but then she rationalised the Head of Intelligence in the US Army probably had to be like that.

Additionally she did not want to lose him, both because of her love, but also because she wanted to try to help the South. That was not, she worked out, to preserve the slavery situation for she abhorred the idea that one person could own another, but more to protect the genteel and many felt sophisticated way of life. As fervent and evangelical as many Southerners were about their right to own slaves so she had come to realise there were just as many northern fanatics opposed to it. Just as in the South the burgeoning Confederacy had the Fire-Eaters, so the North had the Northern Radicals who were the driving force behind the growth of the violently anti-slavery Republican Party; they would think nothing of attacking the South and killing thousands.

Amanda was beginning to see trying to avoid war and prevent killings as her mission in life! Somewhat grandiose and maybe highly ambitious, but with her relationships with Strand and Fairfax and her contacts in both camps she felt that she could surely do something to help. She decided that she was certainly going to try her damnedest to do something and if that meant using her body then so be it.

The carriage ride seemed interminable and she found herself becoming more and more nervous the nearer they got to Fort Myer and the house Fairfax was using. She so wanted to see him, to touch him, to caress and hold him; she wanted him to kiss her, stroke her, feel her body and yes, make love to her. But she was so worried that the other side of him, the side she had only recently seen, the side that scared and worried her, the side that had got him to his high position in the army and the side she detested, would be more prevalent tonight.

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